⚠️ The POWER of walking away and why it’s EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE ⚠️

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[Music] even though it appears to be a paradox knowing when and how to leave a woman can boost your attractiveness most men believe that if they walk away from a girl she will simply forget about them and go on with her life however women find it very appealing when a man can walk away a woman sees a man who can walk away as having a special kind of power that most men in today’s society do not have right now we’ll talk about why walking away from a woman instantly makes a man more attractive but before getting into that I want to say a quote from the legendary moushi mamoto where he goes truth is not what you want it to be it is what it is and you must Bend to its power or live a lie before we begin I would appreciate it if you like the video you can help me continue spreading the stoic philosophy if you are not subscribed I recommend you subscribe and activate the Bell to avoid missing any videos if you like the topic of this video please comment with a number number one if you don’t please comment with a number two to let me know so I can make better videos in the future number one mystery walking away from her immediately makes you mysterious in her eyes she will have many different thoughts now that he’s gone what is he doing who’s he speaking to is he going out with someone else is that the girl he was chatting with at the gym or does he have me in mind she’ll become very invested in you but the most important question she will be asking is will he come back to me there will be tens of thousands more women living in their heads so you can bet you’ll become this mysterious person to her she used to be able to guess everything you would do but that was before you made the strong and the right choice to leave you’ll be a mystery to her which is very seductive and attractive to a woman she will be happy to see you again and like you even more than before number two distance walking away can also be a good reason because it allows the heart to grow fonder this is a saying you’ve probably heard at least a hundred times times it implies that when someone is absent they immediately adopt the characteristics we desire this applies to all relationships not just romantic ones when we haven’t seen our friends or family in a while we want to be with them we remember all of our enjoyable times with them as well as our feelings at the time and we’re thrilled and grateful to see them again as soon as possible it’s the same in romantic relationships relationships can occasionally become very dull you may spend so much time with your partner at times that you both run out of things to say to one another and one of the greatest times to spend time apart is right now taking a break allows you both to reflect on your true desires for the relationship she will also never stop thinking about you even when you are a part give it time and all she’ll want is another chance to see you she may give you a call to let you know how much she is missing you and to make plans to get together soon thus going forward you ought to be aware of the need need to take a break from your partner if necessary you truly do learn to appreciate each other more when you act in this way if it seems monotonous and repetitive you could schedule a time apart from her once every few months when you give her some space observe how the two of you interact number three make her long for the good times it’s possible that you two have been arguing and fighting a lot there will come a time when everything will boil over you may wonder what happened to your previous friendship in light of this you two used to have a ton of fun doing things like going out to eat or binge watching a ton of Netflix on the couch at once however now that you two are together everything is a fight and you find it difficult to avoid each other what do you do next you move on then you travel alone and have some alone time to reflect on the past she was probably thinking about the good old days too if you were she’ll yearn for those days and remember how much fun you used to have together she will suddenly come to regret all of those small alter ations and come to the realization that they were all pointless all she’ll want is more of the good times and she’ll think your leaving was very brave she will make an effort to contact you once she realizes this and as soon as they begin to connect once more she will grow to like you and only want to spend more time with you Number Four challenge for her you turn into a challenge it can be discouraging to be the one who has attempted to pursue a relationship but been unsuccessful however you turn into the task when things finally turn around and you depart they may have kept you there for some time consuming all of your leisure time all of a sudden perhaps you’ve always been the one to initiate contact by text or arrange a date however you suddenly decide that you no longer want to do that put simply you’re through she will now be genuinely interested in you suddenly these kinds of women enjoy taking on challenging assignments they don’t mind if men give them everything they want and put them on a high these are hardworking women who want to succeed they wanted to take a lot of effort to get close to that significant man this implies that you shouldn’t be there for her all the time they want you to pretend that you’re not interested as strange as that may sound thus if you abruptly tell her that you’ve had enough and walk away they become frightened and begin to pursue you they will now attempt to contact you in an attempt to win you back you should go back if you really like her but no matter what you do don’t go back and start putting her on a high right away remember that she needs something to do sometimes you won’t be able to help and you’ll need to learn how to say no this will make her more interested and keep her coming back number five high value you immediately gain Great Value you immediately become more valuable after deciding to end a relationship with a woman as I just mentioned she will quickly realize that you are not someone who should be discarded you won’t just hang out with her and do as she pleases because you can leave her whenever you want to this implies that she must work for you which is a very attractive thing to women women are drawn to the excitement of hunting she will therefore truly value having you around and spending time with you if you can manage to be scarce she’s more likely to work harder and make more of an effort to get things done with you like making plans she is more likely to Value you which is a great way to make her want to spend more time with you and do what you want to do so if you ever feel like you’re being taken for granted in a relationship don’t be afraid to take a step back and see how things change never forget that a woman wants to feel that you are a valuable man and the best way to demonstrate this is by being willing to leave a situation when the time is appropriate recall the words of mamoto Musashi you have to live a lie or submit to the power of Truth it is not what you want it to be you must comprehend and abide by these words if you want to succeed in dating and relationships feel free to subscribe and like for more content the more you Reveal Your Pain the more people may want to hurt you although it does not always occur it is common for some people to take pleasure in your suffering or even contribute to it occurring or worsening unfortunately sadism and envy are common behaviors that can stifle personal growth in a variety of settings including work a circle of friends and even family as a result learning not to show your weak point can become your strong point consider yourself a tree in the middle of a storm the leaves May flutter and the branches May sway but the trunk remains firm and firmly planted in the ground this is the image of Silent resilience that we will teach here we will discuss how you can become even stronger by demonstrating that you are not easily influenced by external internal issues and how each challenge teaches you to be like the tree you are not denying the storm by acting as if nothing bothers you rather rather you are choosing not to let the rain soak you and the wind knock you down you will learn to be the master of your own fate firm strong and calm in the midst of Chaos in this video we’ll go over 17 stoic rules from epicus a great and well-known philosopher you’ve probably heard of furthermore I invite you to self- knowledge where strength comes from the Silence of the light that illuminates the path rather than the noise of thunder as a result in the coming minutes concentrate on the content rather than on daily distractions the first rule is be prepared to fail because it is the only way to progress we do the impossible to avoid being labeled as idiots epicus on the other hand has a different point of view according to his philosophy being considered such is one of the best things that can happen to you because it allows you to grow professionally and personally the stoic philosopher reminds us that overcoming is the result of a long path of trial and error rather than a spontaneous reaction for it is only through trial and error that we can refine what separates us from Excellence the second rule is always remember that death is waiting at the end of the road this is not advice that calls us to pessimism but to be aware that death is the final destination of all our actions and especially our efforts once we have this in mind perhaps we will start to evaluate to what extent it is worth spending 20 years of our limited life saving to pay for a house that as much as it weighs on us we will not be able to take with us wherever we go once death visits us just as we carry in our bag those objects that we consider indispensable for our daily life such as the phone credit cards and our toothbrush it would greatly benefit us to carry a small notebook with these stoic principles because thanks to them we will no longer see setbacks as misfortunes nor life as internal time we have at our disposal but we will acquire a more realistic view of our existence and certainly make better use of our time of life the third rule is listen twice as much as you speak have you ever considered why nature provided us with two ears but only one mouth there is no error or coincidence in this according to epicus but rather a clear purpose behind this reality we are not called to fall in love with our own voice but rather with the voices of others we advance in life by learning from others not by repeating our own speech over and over so starting today start paying more attention to what people around you say and less attention to what you’ve been upholding up to this point the fourth rule is always prepare for the worst believing that unfavorable circumstances await us in the future is one of the leading causes of anxiety and its devastating consequences we are afraid that our children will drop out of school that we will be fired that our spouse will confess to us that they have been having an affair with someone else and will ask for a divorce or that something else bad will happen to us is going bankrupt the problem is that we fear one of these issues one day and another the next and so on life’s path in addition to reserving good and happy parts for us also reserves a handful of unavoidable problems therefore we live in permanent stress caused by different stimulation each day and this is where epicus comes into the picture since his proposal is as drastic as it is effective he says think that all these things you fear so much have already happened so what could be worse in this way your spirit will develop coping strategies to move forward with your head held high the fifth rule is be aware of the threats of Fortune This wealth that we seek carries a stigma from which few people can escape and it’s not just about the people who will appear out of nowhere to take advantage of our Good Fortune such as by pretending to have feelings for us money has the power to change people and not always for the better once we have this highly sought-after resource we have something we did not know we had and it is from that point that our spirit May begin to poison itself in the face of the loss of moral values the sixth rule is guilt is synonymous with plague narrow-minded people blame others Ordinary People blame themselves but the wise see all guilt as foolishness thanks to this phrase from epicus therapists nowadays have begun to approach guilt as a feeling to be eradicated from our lives the only way to win the competition against guilt is to refuse to play with it the problem is that it results in an easy path since by blaming others or ourselves we completely absolve ourselves of the responsibility to correct the mistake therefore resorting to it is a Temptation that is hard to escape only those people driven by airm determination to overcome are capable of avoiding guilt and still manage to take responsibility for their actions the seventh rule is true wealth is found in a contented Spirit Epictetus had his own definition of happiness because of stoicism and we can see it in one of his famous quotes a wise man is one who does not fret over what he lacks but rejoices in what he has this reflection is more than a thought it is advice to learn to stop feeling afflicted by those riches that are not yet a part of our Lives because when we allow ourselves to complain and mourn for what we lack we lose valuable minutes of happiness in which we could be thankful for everything we have accomplished thus far Which is far more than our eyes are trained to appreciate the eighth rule is incorporate humility into your life if you really want to learn something it is essential that a person learns what they believe they already know through this phrase epicus calls us to make use of our humility especially in the realm of learning going through life boasting of the pride of knowledge distances us more and more from the authentic knowledge that arises from the conviction that we are completely ignorant about what we intend to learn in this way we will look at everything Through The Eyes of a child which harbor as much capacity for Wonder as they do a desire to learn rule number nine is never forget that your reactions shape your destiny we should not take our reactions lightly as they will undoubtedly determine our success or failure and epicus was unequivocal about it he taught us that we cannot control what happens to us but we can control how we respond to it Misfortune can strike any of us but it is what we do when it does that will determine Our Fate from that point forward divorce can mean entering a world of depression and victimization for some people epicus on the other hand sees it as a golden opportunity to begin The Path of self- Knowledge remember that what happens to you is not as important as what you do with it rule number 10 is make alliances with winning people it’s curious how when someone sneezes next to us we immediately move away invaded by the fear that they will infect us however we are not so cautious to avoid one of the most lethal contagion we are exposed to daily epicus left us a wise piece of advice about this surround ourselves with people who make us want to give our best because people’s behavior greatly influences our state of mind there are people who drain our energy and ruin our day While others leave us full of joy and vigor therefore one of the smartest decisions we can make is to Ally our elves with those who bring Good Vibes into our lives while we say goodbye to those who have the ability to make us regret being born rule number 11 is invest in Simplicity why live frugally when we can surround ourselves with all manner of luxuries nowadays the answer is much simpler and more logical than you think wealth does not sustain itself it requires commitment and a great deal of daily energy to sustain this system of luxuries and wealth in contrast when we choose a simple lifestyle we remove the stress of having to meet the due dates of bills loans and credit cards rule number 12 is always do your duty each of us plays an important role in society and the world and the sun does not require praise or enchantments to rise each morning but it happens every day and that’s the end of it as a result just as every part of nature does its job we must fulfill our responsibilities we fail both the environment to which we belong and ourselves if we wait for praise or praise to do our work if we know what our task is and are aware that others rely on it it is our moral obligation to complete it without waiting for someone to remind us rule number 13 is stop worrying about things over which you have no control your opinion is yours but not not your reputation you have the desire and Zeal for the hunt but you have no control over the amount of goods you have or your success worrying and becoming irritated about things we cannot control is simply a decision to waste time according to epicus we are called to cultivate those values over which we have control but it is also our responsibility to let go of what is beyond our control and allow fate to take care of it rule number 14 is do not hate those who hate you instead ignore them you are much bigger and far more powerful than the person who criticizes despises and discriminates against you so don’t waste your time hating that person because they don’t even deserve to be in your thoughts we are encouraged not to be afraid of people who would harm us because the noise represents a regrettable attempt to harm us so ignore it and develop immunity to it rule number 15 is always extract the benefit from things whatever happens it is up to you to take advantage of it or not these were the words of epicus as you can see it is not about having the option to take the good out of adversity but that doing so is our duty as long as there is intelligence in you there will be the ability to realize the advantages you can take from the situation that has struck you imagine that one day you arrive at work to find out you will be fired instead of despairing and accusing the universe of being against you you have the option of venturing into that Enterprise you dreamt of while fulfilling your work schedule alongside people you disliked therefore always try to look for the positive in a situation as this movement added up throughout your life will certainly take you further than just lamenting rule number 16 is when you allow the comments and attitudes of others to bother you you are handing over control of your life any person capable of making you angry becomes your master however that person can only make you angry when you allow yourself to be disturbed by them epic tetus makes us understand that there are many keys within us and some lead us to happiness While others lead us directly to emotional ruin and it is precisely this last key that we hand over to those who make us angry the solution to this problem is to put up a barrier that prevents us from being affected by the attitudes of others because definitely each one is the owner of what they say and also of what they decide to listen to rule number 17 is friendship is more important than wealth genuine friends are true wealth because they will be there to support us if our material Fortune Fades as a result if if you devote yourself to cultivating genuine friendships you will be making a very profitable long-term investment in addition to being incredibly useful for everyday life stoic principles are teachings that can help us navigate bad times with interest and resilience as there is no place in their Philosophy for fantasizing but only for applying what is learned and moving forward I hope you like the video and since you’ve made it to the end leave a 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