✔️ ONE habit that will change your entire LIFE (Stoicism)

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[Music] the change of a single habit can transform an entire life and this habit is to learn to act through what you can control when you educate yourself to think about what you can control and focus your attention on it your actions bring results it may seem like a simple idea even obvious but one that can easily be underestimated or ignored but if you make a move deciding to take the first step and change some detrimental behaviors this can be the turning point in your life so how to learn to think like this and how to turn it into a habit the answer can be found in stoicism whose goal is to help ordinary people like me and you to achieve mental tranquility and to strengthen themselves to face and overcome challenges but a philosophy that was created more than 2,000 years ago can help us develop a habit that promises to change everything in our lives because its teachings are clear simple to understand easy to digest and possible to practice no matter your situation or what you are facing the practice of stoicism is a powerful tool for personal change offering strategies to focus on what really matters and based on these practices in this video we will talk about about how to think and act through what you can really control and if you are new to the channel help us to bring this guidance to more people who need it it’s very simple like this video subscribe to the channel and comment already thanks if something we said made sense to you now let’s go to the points that are under your control changing what you say if you are over 20 years old you will agree with me that thinking before speaking is something you would like to have learned and applied earlier in life what would undoubtedly have saved you from various confusions avoided many missed opportunities maintained some relationships and alleviated some Sorrows but the truth is that most of us react and think very quickly acting impulsively especially when something or someone touches our pride or hurts our ego when we feel in any way threatened or hurt our first reaction is to Counterattack responding in kind we create several stories in our head and a lot of arguments justifying why we should be angry or offended this generates more frustration and we end up going crazy with the situation we let emotions take over as if it were a very strong wave that passes through the whole body and we let it all out with our words we speak what we are feeling and later when we calm down we realize how much the situation could have been different if we had stopped to think calmly this happens Because deep down we still have a lot of our primitive instincts our mind responds as if we were in ancient times when survival depended on quick decisions today this speed is less necessary for our survival but it still influences our behavior and when we let emotion take over speaking without thinking we lose control over the situation epic tetus philosopher and one of the greatest stoic Masters reminds us that the only thing that sets us apart from animals is our ability to reason when we ignore it or waste it we lower ourselves to their level the next time you feel your insecurities coming to the surface someone provoking you or something challenging you stoicism suggests a different idea to stop a little before reacting when you give yourself time to respond be it a minute or 10 minutes if necessary you create the chance to formulate a thought out response instead of an immediate reaction to your feelings or choose not to respond at all often the best response is silence regardless of how hard you try to think and act focusing on what you can control from time to time you will let your emotions take over because you are a human being and we are not perfect and if it is still difficult to respond rationally even after a few minutes of reflection silence can be a true demonstration of strength in this way you develop your ability to keep calm Under Pressure creating the habit of focusing on what you can control starts with you learning to think before you speak practice mindfulness during conversations think before responding start first in calm conversations and then try in more serious conversations choosing to think before speaking helps us to evolve into our best version showing that true strength comes from controlling our own reactions not the situations around us epicus shared that philosophy is like a way of life teaching us that it is not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters when you look within yourself sincerely you can understand that how you react is what is really under your control stoicism teaches that we can learn to interact with the world in a way that better expresses our natural humanity and our unique personality thinking before acting is not about denying our Identity or opting only for silence but about learning to master our emotions and impulses allowing us to evolve into our most refined form how you act your level of efficiency in life is under your control and it is determined by what you do in your day-to-day life we can Define our actions consciously or not act based on something or let life take us both ways we are making a choice just as when we speak without thinking we give up our control the same happens when we Act without thinking yielding to our impulses and emotions as philosopher epicus teaches us when we do not make our own choices we end up living by the choices of others to change how we act every day it is important to think about the reason behind what we do often we act on autopilot reflecting what we have learned believed and valued so to change we need to understand why we act that way this means looking inward not with judgment but to ask ourselves questions about our actions and their motives I’ve told this story before in older videos but it’s worth remembering a woman Was preparing a pork leg for dinner and she cut off the ends of the meat confused her husband asked why she did that she said that was how her mother did it that night her mother came to dinner with them they took the opportunity to ask why she cut off the ends of the pork leg she replied that it was because her pan was too small so they decided to call the grandmother and ask the reason and her answer was because the pan was too small so they ask themselves these questions to arrive at these answers this first step is essential As It prepares the ground for a deep change in our Behavior understanding this clearly puts us on the right path to perform actions that better match who we want to be the second step is to set clear goals for the change we want senica said if you don’t know where you want to go no wind will be favorable this means that without a clear goal we don’t know what we want and we can’t Define how to act often we fail at something not because of lack of courage or willpower but because we can’t clearly Define what we want your goals should be specific and realistic for example deciding to cultivate more patience a well-defined goal would be to count to 10 before responding when something annoys us and try to do this at least once a day next week in a month your mental control over keeping calm will have increased and by doing this gradually you will have created the habit of remaining calm having goals makes it easier to make the change the smart system which stands for specific measurable achievable relevant and time-bound goals is a tool that can assist us this method makes the change seem more real and achievable showing a clear path to follow this means that you choose to act in a specific specific way that you can measure your progress that it is achievable that it will make a difference in your life and that it is accomplished within a set time frame when we know exactly what to do we provide our brain with the stability it needs saving energy that would be spent thinking about what we could do this process changes our level of efficiency and increases our productivity putting these changes into practice in our daily lives means trying new things and perhaps changing some routines if you want to be more direct for example you can start by practicing speaking more assertively in simple situations and beating around the bush less this helps to gain confidence and make this new way of acting a habit another example when you want to control your finances a strategy is to create a budget write down all your expenses for the month this helps you understand how you use your money hearing this for the first time may seem Petty will I have to write down the coffee or the cheese bread I bought on the street but imagine that your house has some water leaks and you only find out when your water bill skyrockets what would you do to find the problem you would call a technician to find and fix these leaks right the principle is the same with finances if we don’t know where and how we spend we end up spending money thoughtlessly you can use the smart method to improve your finances set a clear goal of how much you want to save something realistic write down your expenses to see how it’s going and commit to it for 3 months controlling how we act will influence every aspect of Our Lives moral Financial physical social and spiritual sometimes we try to change in specific areas but end up losing control in others as if we could only control parts of our lives and not the whole we want to be morally better but we don’t take care of our body and health we seek to be more positive but we don’t control our finances and spend aimlessly we we decide to progress but we constantly give in to some Vice learning to act through what we can control is taking responsibility for all our actions in life fully lastly it is important to always reflect on how we are doing celebrate victories and learn from mistakes changing behaviors is difficult it is not something that happens linearly or gradually it will be challenging and we will face setbacks facing these moments as a chance to learn helps us move forward and keep trying to improve when you develop the habit of focusing your thoughts and actions on what you can control you begin to cultivate a healthy mental perspective allowing you to progress in all aspects of your life as this habit gains strength in your life you will feel less and less irritated and anxious and it becomes increasingly unlikely that negative emotions will take root and in this way acting efficiently becomes a habit how you inter and judge what happens to you all the meditations and actions begin with training our attention on what we can control and even if we do this automatically our judgments and how we interpret what happens to us are entirely under our control with social media posts stories we are trained to judge more and more quickly and automatically I like this oh I didn’t like it how ugly how beautiful but even with this intensive training and judgment that we have gained lately ly how we judge and interpret what happens to us is under our control the first principle of practical stoicism is as follows we do not react to events we react to our judgments about them and judgments depend on ourselves Marcus aelius in meditations writes to himself about this if something external causes you anguish it is not the thing itself that disturbs you but your judgment about it and this you have the power to eliminate now in the view of stoicism our experiences of Joy sadness desires and fears follow three stages something happens we form a judgment or opinion about it and then we react based on that judgment our task is to realize that between what happens and how we react there is our judgment about the situation often this judgment may not be logical and it is possible to learn to control it by thinking more clearly this means that we have the power to change our reaction because we are the ones who decide how to interpret what happens around us it all starts with the idea that the way we see the world is shaped by What We Believe by our opinions and what we think about it in other words our reactions are based on our judgments and we have the power to change those judgments swiping the cell phone screen or choosing fruit seems automatic not something we judge but the stoics consider all of this an illusion stoicism teaches us to reflect on our thoughts helping the mind to better understand itself this idea becomes clearer when something affects us only mentally suppose someone insults you the insult only matters if you decide it does if it bothers you it’s because you chose to care about it which is your choice instead you could simply choose not to care and the insult loses its power events do not force you to think and feel harmed by them only you can do that we often think we are reacting to what happens in the world but in reality we are reacting to what happens within us sometimes changing ourselves is more efficient and intelligent than trying to change the world the stoics believe that our judgments about feelings create our experience of them a stoic philosopher reminds us that everything depends on our opinion ambition luxury greed everything is based on how we see things according to him a person’s unhappiness is directly proportional to how much they believe they are unhappy for example physical pain or a cold are real Sensations but how we interpret them how much they bother us or the meaning we give to them depends on us our feelings of pain or pleasure increase or decrease as we talk to ourselves about them or make deep often unconscious judgments try to remember the last time you were sick with a cold apart from the discomfort how much did you tell yourself I hate being sick what a horrible cold I don’t like feeling like this we make judgments so automatically that we often don’t even realize underestimating the impact they have but the stoics realize this and encourage us to pay attention to them the stoics show that we can change how we judge things and this can transform our way of living much more than we think the goal of stoicism is to make us aware of these judgments to learn to manage them as best as possible the way we interpret life events profoundly shapes how we see the world often we don’t realize that this interpretation is influenced by our beliefs and past experiences that’s how some fears and traumas are born grow and take over our minds recognizing that we have the power to change our perspective is essential for True personal transformation by challenging us to look at situations in a new light we can change our internal reality knowing that we can change this way of seeing things is the first step to real Improvement each of us has this psychological ability to change and transform this knowledge into a habit in our own lives your commitment this video took a lot of work to write because I thought about talking about the same subject the dichotomy of control in a different way so I thought about my own life and how learning to think and act through what I can control has been changing my story it has become a habit in my life and is the most transformative ogmandino a rowned American writer who overcame alcoholism by creating positive habits once said build good habits and become their hostage thinking about this the last part of our video is dedicated to the glue that makes all the change intentions become a habit your commitment the commitment you have to yourself that forces you to come here and watch this video again to absorb this knowledge and have moral strength every day to put it into practice commitment means commitment from the moment you say you will do something you no longer have the freedom to do anything else all changes no matter how difficult and time consuming are possible but for that you need to have a commitment to your own life to learn to educate your will and to have control over your desires when we better control what we say how we act and how we interpret what happens to us we have the opportunity to truly change our lives and when we change our lives we automatically change the lives of everyone around us stoic philosophy uses mental practices combined with a set of values that can guide us towards the best in US developing a virtuous life actually leads to emotional wealth a wealth that teaches us to deal with our emotions start practicing this new habit today thinking and acting through what you can control and if you’ve made it this far comment gratitude this way you confirm your commitment to change now to discover the power of stoicism in your life through six challenges is watch the video on your left thank you for watching I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you liked the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time [Music] [Music] Warrior



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