🔥7 THINGS you should NEVER do to a WOMAN | (DO NOT CONTINUE DOING 7th)

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today I’ll share the ultimate secret to conquer that girl you’re so attracted to without beating around the bush are you ready to know the truth then stay tuned Channel followers we’re diving into a crucial topic how to conquer a woman there’s no room for beating around the bush or ambiguities here so pay attention we’re here to debunk myths and provide solid advice today we’ll reveal the mistakes many make when trying to conquer and how to avoid them my goal is to make this video an interactive and enriching experience for you so I encourage you to participate by leaving your comments and sharing your own experiences also when we reach the end of the video I have something special prepared for you something that will greatly help you implement everything we’ve discussed so I invite you to stay with me because this is not a regular video it’s a complete guide to impove improve your social skills and attractiveness to women are you ready to embark on this transformation Journey with me and remember if you find Value here like the video activate the bell for notifications and don’t miss anything I’ll post in the coming days let’s start the first mistake you must avoid when trying to conquer a woman is the practice of giving her things why because the act of giving will not make you more attractive on the contrary it will present you as weak weak and desperate let go of the mistaken idea that showering a girl with gifts will solve your problems with women the reality is that you’re conveying the idea that you have no value by thinking you can buy a woman’s affection and that my friend is not attractive at all women don’t want to be conquered by your possessions but by who you really are giving things suggests that you’re trying to compensate for something you think you lack if you truly want to establish a genuine connection forget about gifts and focus on your value as an individual so the next time you feel tempted to impress with gifts remember that the true path of a man of value is built on the foundation of authenticity and confidence the second mistake many men make when trying to conquer a girl is to excessively flatter her excessive flattery sabotages your chances of success because women recognize lack of authenticity from miles away if you over do the flattery you become just another one in the crowd someone who repeats the same tired lines and believe me that’s not what you’re looking for furthermore flattery signals desperation and lack of experience if you try too hard to please with empty words you’re conveying the idea that maybe you don’t have much more to offer so instead of resorting to superficial flattery seek authenticity highlight specific characteristics that truly impress you and avoid avoid empty generalities women want to feel valued for who they are not just their appearance so when you feel the temptation to flatter an attractive girl keep your mouth shut it’s thought but not said remember less is more the third mistake you should avoid is idealizing a woman falling into the Trap of placing her on an unreachable pedestal is risky imagine this you meet a stunning woman and suddenly you see her as if she were a goddess what happens you lose yourself you lose touch with reality and accept everything even the nonsense you wouldn’t tolerate from anyone else the truth is no woman is perfect no woman is a goddess she has her imperfections just like you when you idealize her you dive into a state of ecstasy and infatuation That clouds your judgment and what do you do you accept everything even when she mistreats you don’t become that man treat her naturally as you would with anyone else idealizing her shows desperation for someone you barely know attractive women don’t seek flattery they seek confident men remember when you put yourself on a pedestal in front of a woman she doesn’t feel impressed but validated in her vanity don’t stoop to being a blind worshipper maintain your integrity Act Naturally and confidently don’t fear losing her only then will you strengthen your personality don’t be fooled by the illusion of perfection be real be yourself it’s the only path to genuine connection if you’re interested in discovering scientific secrets to conquer the woman you’re attracted to you’ll find a link in the description that will take you to a free class just click and watch that short video then take action the fourth mistake you should avoid is doing too much for her this mistake is very common and it’s crucial to eliminate it from your repertoire imagine the situation you carry her books fulfill all her desires act like her shining Knight in armor and what do you get in return a friend label someone useful but who will never be her sexual partner make no mistake we’re not saying you shouldn’t be chivalrous but doing too much especially without her earning it is a direct path to the friend zone a cold and lonely place where no one wants to be learn this once and for all if a woman asks you for something demand something in return don’t do things for free just because she’s an attractive woman favors are for close family and friends not for someone you barely know while you’re busy being the perfect gentleman she’s probably enjoying herself with the man she really likes don’t become the servant the Comfort friend be men with character not Shadows following a woman everywhere remember if a girl asks you for something ask for something in return don’t assume that a woman needs your favors when you fall into that Dynamic she doesn’t see you as attractive men but as obedient servants cut this tendency to do too much at the root don’t sacrifice your activities or Hobbies just to prioritize a woman your time is valuable don’t waste it on someone who won’t appreciate it stay busy building and developing your skills only then will a woman stop being the priority in your life remember a busy man is an attractive man the fifth mistake is not giving money have you thought that by giving her money and paying for all her things you’ll ease your way let me disillusion you money doesn’t buy affection and if you think that by giving her money you’ll gain something you’re completely mistaken instead of trying to buy her affection invest in yourself don’t become anyone’s provider do you know where most of that money you give goes to experiences with the person she likes the lesson is clear stop being useful fool don’t give away what you’ve earned with effort to someone you barely know and who most likely won’t give you back a penny love has no price but your dignity does so close your wallet invest in yourself and understand once and for all that this strategy doesn’t work let’s stop being the bank and start being the main attraction the sixth mistake is being too sentimental now let’s talk about the sixth mistake excessive sentimentality showing emotional weakness as if it were something positive contrary to what some may think women aren’t looking for crybabies and sentimental men don’t fall into the Trap of believing that showing your emotions excessively will win someone’s heart you’re completely wrong when you show yourself as fragile and sentimental you only manage to make the other person uncomfortable women don’t want a man who is a reflection of their emotions but someone strong confident and capable of handling situations maturely being sentimental isn’t attractive you’ll only make the woman see you as weak men but not as partners let go of the idea that expressing your emotions excessively will make you more attractive it’s a mistake so stop abruptly leave aside exaggerated sentimentality and show True emotional strength remember a man who can handle his emotions calmly is much more attractive than one who cries over everything the seventh mistake is changing for her it’s time to accept an absolute truth never under any circumstances alter your way of being dressing or thinking to please a woman do you think that by modifying every aspect of your identity you’ll gain a woman’s affection you’re completely mistaken women aren’t looking for men who betray themselves for their approval don’t fall into the Trap of believing that adopting her tastes or changing your principles will earn you point point it’s an unattractive tactic maintain your pride don’t let the illusion of pleasing someone lead you to empty your essence women appreciate original men even if that means not being liked by everyone don’t be dazzled by a woman’s Beauty at the expense of your authenticity remember you earn your own Respect by being true to yourself even if not everyone will accept you wake up and be authentic in your true identity in this journey towards Mastery in the art of Conquest you have learned critical lessons now don’t just stay with the knowledge act transform and claim your power in the game of Seduction the truth is clear the path to conquering any woman is not built with desperation gifts or sacrificing your authenticity be strong confident and true to yourself self-respect is the most valuable currency don’t fear rejection because every no brings you closer to a yes if this content has been of great help to you we encourage you to support us by subscribing to the channel see you in future videos



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