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are you ready to learn the secrets of compliments that make women’s Hearts shine in today’s video I’ll tell you the 10 best compliments to give to women these are words that will make a difference and make them feel radiant we’re not just talking about saying you are beautiful but about diving deep into compliments that truly touch the heart it’s not just about what you say but also how you say it if you want to stand out from the crowd it’s important to pay close attention to this when it comes to compliments sometimes the simplest words have the greatest impact you are my favorite person to spend time with sounds simple but the effect is immense with this phrase you are saying that among all the people in the world she is the one you enjoy being with the most that’s incredible this compliment is especially valuable in long-term relationships you know when things start to get a bit routine it’s like this compliment is a shot of energy reminding both of you of the spark that still shines between you the key to an effective compliment is to be sincere specific and transcend appearance when you express that she is your favorite person to go out with you make her feel amazing and strengthen the bond between you so don’t hesitate to spread these generous words as it is very likely that she will return them with even more more affection I feel much better when I am with you here is a compliment that goes straight to the heart I feel much better when I am with you this has nothing to do with how she looks or the cool things she has it’s about how she makes you feel as a person it’s a powerful way to say that she brings out the best in you when you tell her this you are acknowledging that she elevates you that she brings out qualities in you that you might not have even known were there it’s a compliment to her way of being to the influence she has and to the positive impact she has on you so if you feel more confident more attentive or simply happier when she is around don’t keep that to yourself let her know this kind of compliment not only makes her feel good but also strengthens the emotional connection between the two of you if you are enjoying our content help us by leaving your like so YouTube can promote this video to more people who need it it another compliment that women love to hear is when you say I have learned a lot from talking with you it’s more than just a phrase it’s an important way to show someone that you value what they have to offer it’s not just about showing what you know but also recognizing their knowledge everyone wants to feel valued especially in a relationship however it’s essential not to use this compliment superficially do it specifically and sincerely for example if she is passionate about politics and you’ve had enlightening conversations tell her that she has broadened your view of the world or if she is a music enthusiast and has shared some amazing tracks let her know that you appreciate her musical taste the secret is to go beyond the words showing that you value her opinions and that you are there not only to teach but also to learn alongside her the next compliment that few people know is to say you look amazing as always it’s a delicate way of complimenting a woman’s appearance especially when you are still getting to know each other you don’t want to suggest that she is only beautiful with makeup but you also don’t want to seem disinterested when she dresses up so what’s the solution keep it simple and classic with something like you look amazing as always this compliment is like a multi-use tool it works in practically any situation whether she is fully dressed up or cas visual with this phrase you show that you find her attractive no matter what it’s a safe but powerful way to make her feel good about herself without running the risk of saying the wrong thing and when you say as always you are making it clear that you always find her attractive which is always a plus Point another compliment that any woman likes to hear is when you say you are different from everyone I have met and that is very special you are not like other girls we we are talking about recognizing what makes someone unique in your eyes it’s about valuing the special qualities that make her stand out when you say this you are showing that you appreciate who she really is not just the version she shows on a first date it’s a way of complimenting those unique things that she may even consider strange but that you find amazing so the next time you notice something special about her don’t keep it to yourself let her know this will make her feel feel seen and valued in a way that few compliments can achieve have you ever found yourself in a relaxed moment with your partner and she tells an incredible joke that takes you by surprise it’s in those moments that you realize how funny she can be and believe me showing appreciation for her sense of humor can strengthen the bond between the two of you even more however sometimes it may seem that only men are expected to be the comedians in the relationship but the truth is that women love to make others laugh just as much as we do so how can you show that you find your partner funny let’s explore some simple ways to appreciate her sense of humor and create a genuine atmosphere of relaxation in your relationship the next compliment when you speak is you are really talented at what you do here is a compliment that will brighten her day you are really talented at what you do now this is not just about recognizing her performance at work but about valuing her passion What Makes Her Shine let’s say she is an artist or maybe she is succeeding in her own business praise her for it show that you are paying attention to what really matters to her if she is stuck in a job she hates skip the conversation about work and focus on what she loves to do outside of that job this compliment does two things it shows that you are tuned into her life and it makes her feel valuable for her skills and passions and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to be good at what they love to do your hair lips or eyes are incredible you’ve already told a woman that she is beautiful which is great but let’s take it a step further be specific about what you find attractive in her believe me the details matter and she will notice that you are really paying attention for example if she has eyes that Mesmerize you tell her they are captivating if you can’t take your eyes off her lips let her know that they are incredible and don’t underestimate the power of complimenting her skin hair or Nails many women put a lot of effort into these areas and recognizing it is very nice but a quick word of caution avoid compliments that may seem sexualized especially if you are still getting to know each other stick to features that won’t make her feel uncomfortable being specific shows that you are interested in her and not just any other woman for you who have followed the video Until here we have a special novelty in the comments below discover our exclusive material by clicking on the pinned Link in the comments don’t miss this opportunity because it will be available for a short time the next compliment I admire the way you work this is a compliment that sometimes goes unnoticed but it is very important I admire the way you work this is not an empty word it is a sincere recognition of her effort and motivation especially at work or in something she loves to do when you say this you are showing that you recognize and value her skills and talents this type of compliment goes beyond the exterior it’s about recognizing her as a whole person with dreams and striving to achieve them and let’s be honest who doesn’t like to be recognized for their effort so if you see her working hard on projects or excelling at what she does don’t hesitate to tell her that you admire the way she works this will make her feel valued and show that you are attentive to more than just her appearance you know what’s great asking what do you think sometimes the best compliment is not a phrase It’s a question specifically what do you think now you might be wondering how a question can be a compliment well when you ask her opinion on something she knows a lot about you are basically saying that you value what she knows and thinks whether it’s about her work a hobby she loves or even a topic she likes to discuss asking her opinion makes her feel important and valued it’s like telling her that you think she is smart and has something valuable to contribute so the next time you need to make a decision or are simply curious about something she knows a lot about don’t hesitate to ask what she thinks it’s a subtle but powerful way to to show that you care about what she thinks and that’s a compliment any woman would love to hear of course you now have some Sensational compliments that go beyond the common you are beautiful and it’s really amazing remember the key to a great compliment is to be sincere and specific and go beyond appearance show her that you are paying attention to who she is inside not just outside this will make you stand out from the rest if you found these tips helpful don’t forget to like And subscribe for more relationship advice until next time keep shining in the Game of Love I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior



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