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11 things women notice in a man at First Sight there are things that women notice in a man and it’s not a ripped body or the model of his car in fact contrary to what many think some simple attributes catch a woman’s attention and make the man stand out which is very positive in case of an approach even if you are not rich or handsome you should know that it is possible to catch a woman’s attention and still be seen by them as a very attractive man women tend to prejudge a Man based on what they see when they look at him in today’s video you will discover what these important attributes are before continuing leave your like subscribe to the channel and activate the notification Bell to receive our content firsthand one the details of the face by no means will both women and men always direct their first glance to the face and consequently to the features they see for the first time after this first analysis which can only last a few seconds a woman is already able to say whether she was attracted or not to the person she observed two smile the smile is also included in the general features of the face but receives special attention a man with an attractive smile for example but who has some Noto nice features can end up attracting a woman’s attention because this characteristic is highly Val valued three hair and beard evidently every woman will have her preference for hair and beard or even the absence of it however in both senses these characteristics are also evaluated even if unconsciously four posture and gate many men do not realize how important posture can be for example when making a first impression especially because a man can be physically very attractive and still lose many points for being too sloppy without posture or clumsy five attractive style here is a characteristic that is quite Democratic yes A well-dressed man catches much more attention from a woman than a man who does not know how to dress and on the other hand this characteristic can be acquired which is quite interesting remembering that a man does not need to wear expensive clothes or make real Investments to be well dressed after all good taste is a quality that is not related to status or social classes six Behavior you see a man for the first time you are in the same environment and what you have noticed physically in him so far has pleased you the next step look at how he behaves for a few moments it could be the way he talks on the phone the way he treats the people around him and even the way he talks to another woman men generally don’t know this but friendliness and naturalness are super observable and valuable characteristics for women seven body if for men a woman’s body is one of the first things they notice for women the conversation may not be very different normally this factor is not essential but a man with a worked out physique can end up catching the female eye because of it eight specific characteristics not all women are interested in this type of characteristic like a tattoo for example but there will always be small physical and personal characteristics that women in their IND individuality may adore therefore every woman will look for the characteristic that she likes the most and catches the attention of the man she observes nine body language the way you behave is also very relevant to female Prejudice since your body language unconsciously conveys personality traits or moods 10 eye contact they like men who make eye contact and that doesn’t mean staring it means looking people in the eye while talking eye contact is also very well regarded by women during flirting as it conveys self-confidence 11 friendliness they are easily attracted to polite and kind men who know how to respect and treat everyone well even in the approach when a man comes and touches he is usually rejected instead when you approach cordially with a good morning in a friendly Manner and with a smile on your face the chances increase that the woman will be more receptive conclusion they do not evaluate muscles but the attitudes of a man women notice your way of Behaving up to the conversation so be careful with these details in other words you don’t need a mountain of muscles to be attractive if you enjoyed the video take a moment to share it with your friends I would love to know your opinion about this video in the comments section below until next time and thanks for watching do you want to know how to seduce any woman with these Godly techniques you will learn even if you don’t know how to talk to a woman learn today with a super discount only for our subscribers the link is in the first pinned comment stop stalking women make them stalk you today promotional value in pinned comments I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you 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