15 Minutes for the NEXT 15 Years of Your LIFE — Kevin Gates

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the young people that’s watching all over the world when you look at Kevin Gates be inspired by my greatness but also understand that I’m not Superman I’m not a God I’m only a human being so I do have character flaws I do make mistakes I promise that I continue to be as honest as possible with you for the rest of my life or for as long as I’m here I love you all people want to tell you that I want to kick you when you’re down I ain’t been and I ain’t breaking I ain’t fooling we do not surrender we do not Retreat we live by this we die by this stand on what you believe in and when you stand for what you believe in you accept whatever come behind it I’m not allowing nothing to distract me right now for me I gotta focus on me it ain’t that I’m giving so much of myself I’m really venting because I don’t have no therapist so the microphone is my therapist and I noticed that through people watching me heal they’re learning how to heal themselves in their own ways so is that it’s relatable because there’s so many men and women that suffer from the same that I’m suffering from her people her people man I’m just saying about that I’m destroying on the inside right now and I don’t know why people like to walk around and say everything just great that’s a lie I woke up a straight Grouch this morning but guess what I did think to make myself feel good I did things to make myself feel good I put positive energy into myself so that when I come here I wouldn’t project negativity into the universe because anything that one person do we all feel it it affects everybody see when you get by yourself sometimes the thoughts be so loud you you can’t even stand your own self it could trick your mind but you can’t trick your heart so I operate out of the hard chakra out of love so anybody I meet I’m gonna greet them with love and humility no ego I’m not here to compete with nobody I’m just here to get what I could get and when I say get what I could get it be the situations you walk into that seemed like nothing gonna come out of it but it’d be the most refreshing the most rejuvenating you ever had a conversation with somebody you felt drained after absolutely you ever had a conversation with somebody you feel energized after yeah because it was positive energy so you never know what gems you’re gonna get it’s a journey yeah it’s like a treasure hunt with me I’m just picking up little pieces along the way see I’m in tune with myself now and I’m getting more and more in tune with myself this is a relationship we getting to know each other me myself and I so I’m in a beautiful relationship with myself I learned different things about myself every day I go off of what’s good for the soul there’s two type of people on earth I don’t get off into what race you are because it don’t matter it’s real people and fake people how you know real people from fake people real people do real things fake people do fake I I can’t judge nobody because I don’t know what my blessing gonna come from it be the people you least expect that give you your biggest blessings so I don’t judge nobody everybody deal with their depression differently I used to deal with mine with pacifiers entertainment drugs like you just do everything and we feel like this normal we normalized it because I didn’t want to deal with the issue I was suppressing but now I deal with the issue you got to feel it to hear that I go back and revisit the situation I see how it made me feel because anything that ever happened to me in my life was a great teacher whether good or bad so I go back and I put a positive affirmation to it what good came from this situation because I used to hold a lot of resentment about me being locked up in 2016 I’m like man I took everything from me nah that wouldn’t happen this couldn’t be taking place I’m thankful for that situation though and the most blessings I get the more humble it make me God keep me humble so I never had to be humbled again and the beautiful thing about Kevin Gates is the world got to see me go from being one of the most low vibrational on drugs people on Earth Watching Me come home out of prison fat aggressive miserable watching me just turn my life around my transformation it’s beautiful sometimes when I look at old pictures of myself I’d be like damn I used to be that person I’m on my mission I know my mission and I fell in love with that mission I see what my mission is I’m doing it right now I ain’t want to come do this but it’s the things that you don’t want to do and be the best things for you the days I don’t want to go to the gym that’s the days I have my best workout and I train myself to be like that now because we are creatures of habit I’m tired I’ma lay down no you’re not tired do something to give yourself energy because it’s the food that we eat that make us tired I’m out here every day it’s a blessing like you you were only victim of the energy that you project when I move I move with love I move I’m peaceful and humble at all costs but no surrender no retreat we walk with those who walk with us have you ever heard of the term an emotional detox I just discovered this on my journey you know most of the emotions that we go through like traumas and life is a journal now to thank the nation most of the traumas that we go through we Harbor in our gut I never knew this we Haul the emotions and our gut that’s our first brain is the CPU central processing unit for the body and it’s certain yoga poses and yoga stretches that I do that I was in I was in one of these poses called a pigeon pole and I just started crying let’s never taught his children how to detox emotionally forever like I wouldn’t even been able to come in here and be like vulnerable it take more strength to be vulnerable than anything on my journey with having these emotional detoxes it allowed me to really process my emotions in the right manner see I’m not too hard for myself like that’s a car with his act and the worst thing a man could be is a coward to his own self I don’t care about what nobody think about me or what nobody say I live life every day you looking at my life for your source of entertainment my life is not your Source entertainment last time I checked I’m grown either you love me or you don’t the people that hurt me the most is my own people they they hurt me the most been my own people people that look like me like it’s a lot of Muslims that love me but there’s also a lot of Muslims that judge me you can’t have tattoos that’s Haram this this that Haram that means forbidden you can’t do this and this man you know who helped me like really get back on my feet since my last tour it been Jews and transgenders like the people that the world would say is the worst people them the people that helped me like I’m doing business they bring like I got a Pioneer Jew he bringing me coffee deals and all of this we doing all these Investments this lady she a transgender she say baby you can use my warehouse if you want to put all your Merchant up just gave me the warehouse man the words you say they speak to my spirit I love who I love who you all love what you stand for it be the people that the world say is the most worst people people on earth been the people that help me and it’s my own people that judge me and kick me when I’m down and I always got something negative to say about me always in my business keep my name and Miss like like didn’t they say black lives matter I don’t get mad when I don’t support it who they matter to we kill each other all day who they matter till we talk behind each other back we always but like sometimes when you forgive people it’s not to rectify the AFL or get the matter resolved it’s to resolve the matter internally I’m forgiving you for me not for you I’ll probably never deal with you again but I forgive you but it just showed me I can’t be looking for myself inside of other people and we do that a lot of times I can’t expect you to be the way I’m built because I’m cut from a bandana a lot of these dudes cut paper so I can’t expect you to be like me and I understand that and I respect it I just know how far to go with you know trusting people is scary say what you want about me I don’t even entertaining I wasn’t made for everybody to like it it ain’t been a time that I wasn’t scared or I didn’t how I feel it’s okay to have feelings but I operate and I face that field with bravery I’m gonna preach to you with my actions when I utter with my mouth my actions must prove and the greatest teachers teach what I was speaking and that’s just always been my philosophy because I’m still learning and one of my biggest lessons is I’m learning to love the stranger that was once myself like my mind don’t even think prison because I’ve mastered that in the facility I go to I’m going to be in a leadership position because I know how to do that that’s not nothing that’s that’s Child’s Play to me the hardest thing is to can you come out here from nothing and be greater than what you was before this is the first time I could say I’ve been proud of myself a lot of my results came from um beating myself up being hard on myself that was a way of like um dealing and working through like a traumatic past and I just got to the point where I’m able to laugh at myself I’m back able to stand up and do it from a standing position you know you do it on your knees but I’m able to stand up I was doing that first but I had kind of ripped one of my ab muscles my body wasn’t ready I was doing it prematurely so now I’m to the point where I could do it like standing up and when I was doing it at the gym I had kind of like slipped a little bit and I laughed at myself yeah it’s so good to be able to laugh at myself and not be embarrassed and not care about what other people think so for the first time I really been like happy and I’ve been I’ve been cautious of what I speak to myself Muhammad Ali I’m gonna show you how great I am he suffered they made it hard for him but he smiled he found a way to smile through it all yeah he suffered he died doing what he loved and I had really had put it in my mind like this music I love it I’m gonna die for it but when you live in your spirit and in truth you make all of the wrong people uncomfortable anyway hey I wasn’t made for everybody to like once you change your perspective that’s when miracles happen it was a blessing for me because I gained a greater understanding of myself I don’t have to engage with the world I create my own world around me doing better doing what I used to be doing because this is a continuous Journey like it ain’t never gonna stop like it don’t I might have a bad day tomorrow I might say ah you go crazy but we still gonna keep going I got 10 people healing is a journey you don’t just heal in one session you gotta always put in the work like I ain’t supposed to be sitting here keep myself inventory while I’m talking to you but I do that because I got to because I’m human and I don’t judge people because I know I ain’t got no room to judge nobody Kevin Gates says things that people are afraid to say we just think less of ourselves but I had made a bottom myself I never do no more negative self-talk I never doubt myself beat myself up for past mistakes and what’s been helping me when I do myself inventory checks like any mistake like you ever made a mistake and you think back and you kind of cringe like man I should have did your spirit is a hurry to hold it out of 5 billion sperms you was the one that made it and if you stop evolving then you die yeah you got to keep growing you got to keep growing if you stay stagnant you you stop growing and anything not growing is dead when you leave the only thing that’d be left the only thing left that you leave behind is your name I’d rather a good name over multiple riches and things of that nature best things in life are really free it’s just it’s once we change our perspective that’s when Miracles really start to happen in our lives I believe that a man should take responsibility for the action I believe that whatever happened with me I’m gonna take my responsibility for it and we’re gonna get it done whatever I got to go through come on because this ain’t gonna be the first struggle or the last one that I go through my life has been constant struggle that’s all it’s been and I Prevail because I’m persistent and I don’t stop and I don’t get tired of going hard for what I believe in the word love is a misspelled word for unemployed emotion you got to show me you love me you can’t tell me you gotta show me this this new trend now this alpha male this alpha female [ __ ] going on and it seems like they competing with each other but man it’s not supposed to go like that it’s the holy divine feminine energy and sacred masculinity together as one we we balance each other out Mother Earth father sky that we work together you know because I went through that I’m hurt man I I was dying on the inside but guess what I worked through it I worked through that I’m not about to judge everybody based on one bad experience I’m gonna take my time in here and then when I’m ready when I’m ready for the world I’m ready for the world again I believe communication is what keeps the marriage together communication love trust honor respect like you respecting your partner when you start in titles I don’t like titles when you do that husband and wife you got to live up to the title it’s a friendship it’s a bond and that’s the loyalty and things of that nature but I also say this you got to be loyal to yourself first also can’t obligate yourself to a false cause a lot of people a lot of men we as men as being providers A Lot oftentimes we do that so My Philosophy is this I’m not here to give marriage advice I tell people either you grow together or you grow apart that’s it once you stop growing together it’s over with I don’t think you could ever be recountable because y’all on two different Journeys now it may come back around at the end but like I say I’m not here to tell people stay stay together and stick it out I’m not I’m not an advocate of that I haven’t seen a lot of people suffer in silence especially me especially me and I’ve seen a lot of men suffer inside without being tested you never know your true strength or your true Inner Strength whether it be psychological and physically or emotionally you gotta tense yourself and always push yourself so you know how you’re truly strong you really are



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  1. Damn you took all that I am all that ive been through all that I felt all that im becoming ..you spoke for me. Expression is 💯❤️ Ty u inspire me to believe in myself no matter wtf life thrown my way I get up dust my self off for another round I'm a go getter not a quitter…..I've seen some pretty dark days but here I am shining like the star God blessing me to be ..God before all & much love & respect to your amazing come back & success❤❤❤

  2. Thank you brother . So many of us out here hurting . Getting ride of the hate for ourselves and people that the world says are different I man has to find his strength.