4 Proven Ways To Be More Attractive Than Most Men

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in this video we’re going to break down some clips of robert downey jr and charlie hunnam to highlight four different personality traits you may have that are psychologically attractive to a lot of women we’ll also go through how you can show you have these traits in a way that feels natural rather than tryhard or braggy you don’t need every single trait in order to track someone this video is meant to give you a menu to choose from some come through in the stories you tell others only require one sentence for you to establish and yes both these guys are handsome but the techniques in this video will help anyone to be more attractive regardless of how you look also it’s worth noting these are far from the only ways to be attractive there are many other traits we can cover in future videos if this turns out to be a topic you’re interested in okay so the first trait is best shown through the subtext of a story to learn how to work the story in the conversation watch how charlie baits kristen bell to ask him to tell his attractive story do you like animals i do want to see a picture of my cat of course i do i’ve had him 17 years i actually legit a picture of your wait what you saved his love i did he’s very cute if it feels like you’re forcing an attractive story into conversation it’s going to turn people off that’s why this method of story baiting is so effective now watch as he tells the story and i was going to bed one night and i heard this kitten crying it was pouring with weight rain and in order to get onto my roof i used to have to climb onto the garage and the roof was about two feet higher than the garage so i’d have to run and like superman style jump over notice how he doesn’t jump straight into how he saved the cat’s life you shouldn’t rush to your punch line step one for good storytelling is to set the scene to get people invested in your story but it was uh 11 o’clock at night pouring was rain i said i’m either going to kill myself with a cat so i set my alarm for 5 a.m the next morning because i was so worried about this cat and the alarm went off and i thought why am i late for work and i remembered the cat step two after setting the scene is to highlight the emotions you were going through storytelling isn’t about describing what happened it’s about creating an emotional journey for your listener climbed up no cat up there went back into the garden no cat there climbed up just to check once more and he was lying i thought it was a piece of wood he was lying like this half submerged in a puddle and i picked him up and my heart broke i literally just started crying one other quick tip if it’s a dramatic story then step three is to tell the story as if it’s high stakes watch this he was completely solid like rigor mortis had set in and he went and no sound came out i said he is alive so i brought him down and put him under my armpit trying to warm him up right you know the cat survives he just showed a photo of him but he still tells the story as if the outcome is unclear now this next part is where you actually learn something about charlie and i didn’t have a car or anything at that point i was totally broke but uh so i ran to the vet and got to the vet you ran to the vet yeah how far away was the vet was two miles away two and a half miles away with the cat underneath my arm you’re kidding and uh and then the vet wasn’t open because it was six o’clock in the morning the comedic timing at the end is great but the most attractive part is the fact that he’s a protector he’s willing to run two and a half miles to save a cat he just found if he’ll do that for a random cat imagine the lengths he would go to to help a loved one he highlights this trait again a few seconds later when he’s not willing to take no for an answer two hours later they opened and he’s like flopping around they said he’s 100 not gonna make it and i said that is an incorrect analysis my friend you are going to give him a shot and put him in an incubator and do anything you can do you’re saving this cat’s life four hours later they said he made a complete recovery come pick him up this isn’t charlie’s only story that highlights this trait on other talk shows he’s told stories of facing street hooligans and successfully fending off burglars that willingness and ability to protect yourself and the people you love is attractive now that said don’t worry if you don’t have any life experience like that because this next attractive trait is extremely easy to show and it can be done by anyone it’s being a social leader you may think demonstrating you’re a leader requires being the captain of the football team or ceo of your company but it’s actually much easier than that it’s something you can show just by how you handle a conversation robert downey jr is the king of this there’s three ways he demonstrates his social leadership first he’s willing to be the first person to get playful in an otherwise serious setting second he basically makes himself the director of any situation he’s in feel free to get joe on camera at once get in here hey get up what’s your name ashley you want to hug me come here it’s just been a great job and we’ve all made good friends and stuff you know you may not feel comfortable being that assertive and if that’s the case there’s an even easier thing you can do to be a social leader take the focus of the conversation and then direct it to someone who hasn’t had it for example watch robert make sure to bring robin in during his conversation with howard stern he’s the guy who’s busy archiving films and he has he’s archived my dad’s films and by the way i appreciate his point of view robin what do you think well it’s he’s commenting on it you’re leading the conversation because you’re directing the focus and because you’re redirecting that focus to other people especially people who haven’t been able to grab it for themselves you look better than if you were always shining the spotlight on yourself here’s another quick example in this next interview robert tom and paul had been doing almost all of the talking so watch what robert does when jimmy asks tom yet another question does robert give you guidance he is not not anymore i mean look he’s clearly his own man now i don’t want to be bitter about it you know what i want to i want to pivot on this what can you tell us about avatar and then zoey got to talk for the first time this method of being a social leader works for both introverts and extroverts since you don’t have to keep the spotlight of the conversation on you here’s one more example have the kids come into the cloud we got that in what are you saying buffalo are the kids cutting into the fun no i’m i’m enjoying it the next attractive trait you can highlight about yourself if you have it is being a successful risk taker this is another one that’s best shown through storytelling let’s look at another example with charlie hunnam first notice how he again uses the bait method to set himself up for a potential story for context kristen just asked if he really rides a motorcycle or if it was just for the show sons of anarchy i wrote everywhere at 100 miles an hour every year i went and after uh after seven years i realized you know what you really got away with a lot i mean i i had were you dangerous uh yeah i was but you know it’s so funny only once he sees that her attention is hooked does he dive into the story it’s the story of the one time in his life that he thought riding a motorcycle might get him killed i came over to get onto the exit because i was one stop away from where i was getting off the freeway in this uh brand new giant white lexus comes barreling on into where i was like really aggressively towards me and i looked over at the car and there was nobody in the driver’s seat did you notice that big pause he purposely waits a second before revealing all the details this is a great trick to steal for high-stakes storytelling the lady that was driving it had dropped her mobile phone and was bending over to pick it up and there were two bikes i mean two cars in front of me pinched in so i couldn’t get by and an suv here and i thought if she hits me and i hit this suv yeah it’s game over yeah that’s a wrap and again you see he’s emphasizing the danger in the story you know he survived but telling it in this way draws people in what do you do in this situation so i went bam and slammed my bike into her car and i looked down i mean i felt and i said oh dear i’ve just ripped my foot off and i looked down and thankfully my foot was still there but the peg was not being a successful risk taker isn’t necessarily attractive to 100 of women because nothing is but it’s attractive to a good number of them for some it’s because being a successful risk taker shows strength and a certain level of ability for others it’s because it shows you have the confidence to bet on yourself to succeed when most people would be too scared and others just find the danger of it exciting now thankfully most of us aren’t riding 100 miles an hour on a motorcycle getting into collisions so you may not have a story like that to tell but being a successful risk taker doesn’t have to mean you’ve taken life-threatening risk it can be something like quitting a boring stable job to pursue your dream career moving abroad by yourself or having the courage to perform on stage any story where you had confidence to successfully bet on yourself is going to be attractive now that said the point of the story can’t be to highlight your best traits or it’ll come off as braggy you need to demonstrate them subtly as you tell a genuinely interesting story if you don’t have confidence in your ability to tell a good story you may like the storytelling module from our program charisma university which i’ll link to at the end of this video now if you’re really struggling to think of times you took a successful risk there’s another easy way to display confidence in conversation be playfully cocky here’s an example from rdj after getting asked a question at an avengers press conference i must be mellowing with age but i want to say this very clearly the next time i’m not asked the first question [Laughter] [Applause] we all know confidence is attractive but arrogance is not being playfully cocky can build the attraction of being confident while softening the risk of being arrogant that said some women will love this type of personality and others will not so do it if it seems fun or if it suits you but don’t force it if this isn’t your style robert downey jr does two important things that help this go well one he goes so over the top with it that you can’t possibly mistake it as serious watch this award acceptance speech to see what i mean i don’t have anybody to think i’m sorry everyone’s been so gratuitous it was a collaboration we all did this together certainly not going to thank warner brothers alan horn and my god robbing off these guys they needed me avatar was going to take us to the cleaners if they didn’t have me we didn’t have a shot buddy and if that’s not obvious enough he follows it up with jokes like this to let you know he’s not actually taking himself that seriously what am i gonna do thank joel silver the guys only restarted my career 12 times since i began and 25 years ago i mean i really don’t want to thank my wife because i could be bussing tables at the daily grill right now if not for her here’s one more example of robert being playfully cocky this time at the start of an interview i am so getting wardrobe credits on iron man 4. um you’re getting all this right last question a big laugh and a playful smack is a great sign that you’re doing this well now whether it’s telling stories with a flattering subtext or being playfully cocky your biggest concern watching this is probably a fear that you’re going to come off as arrogant and it’s definitely a fair concern these tips are only meant to be part of the conversation not 100 of it robert is playfully cocky but he’s also quick to compliment others watch this but i gotta say recently i thought that thor ragnarok was so mind-blowing this taika waititi guy to me is just he’s a he’s an assassin he’s so brilliant that the standout nonsense player lately has been hemsworth i think without doctor strange we wouldn’t be able to have uh infinity war most definitely and we’ve already talked about how charlie hunnam tells stories that have flattering subtext after he baits the person into asking for it but there’s another thing he does he mixes in stories where he’s not always the winner also another storytelling trick listen to the hook he uses to start this story for context kristen just asked him if he went to any school dances growing up and i only went to one because it was the greatest uh two weeks of my life leading into the worst day of my life similar to the bait method charlie hooks by making a statement that’s high stakes but vague enough not to spoil the story the most popular girl in our school rachel gould and she asked me to be her prom date or her school disco date and two weeks before and so i just was made up i was on cloud nine yeah and uh you know we’re sort of planning the rest of our lives and you know one thing you probably noticed even when you know the story is going to end terribly for him he still tells it in an attractive way speak slowly not using filler words good eye contact this will give people the impression that even though a story didn’t work out for you you aren’t embarrassed about it and then the day before she told me she was only joking and she went with sebastian lipyat instead stories like that might not do much to help you build attraction by themselves but if you mix them in with the rest of the tips from this video it will help you make an attractive impression by showing that you’re confident enough to do more than just share your victories you can laugh at yourself and admit you have embarrassing stories from your past which softens that potential risk of appearing arrogant now like i said before if you want to improve your storytelling you should check out our program charisma university it’s a step-by-step program for building your confidence and charisma as quickly as possible and has an entire module dedicated to making you a captivating storyteller over 6 000 people have joined the program so far here’s what just a few of them have had to say first life changing in six weeks i went from being socially awkward with few friends to the life of every event i attend i also went from having serious girl problems to dating the girl of my dreams crism university transformed me from a lonely introvert hoping to better connect with people to an energy-filled extrovert who makes new friends everywhere i go another member wrote my biggest breakthrough has been gaining more confidence if you knew me a year ago you’d see a socially awkward guy but that same guy had hidden confidence in charisma that has now been unleashed if you’re reading this or listening right now think about who you want to be in a year this course will teach you how to be that person and this last one comes from another guy who says cu helps his dating life he says firstly loving the course i cherry-picked a few things for example the filter lesson in the conversation module this one lesson completely changed my life i’ve liked a girl for over a year now but never thought much of it because i thought she was too pretty took your lessons gave things a shot and now we’re dating the program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee which is for any reason whatsoever it’s a 60-day guarantee even though the course is 30 days just so there’s absolutely no risk on your part at all either you become confident and charismatic or you get every penny back if this interests you and you want to unlock your charisma and confidence then click the link on screen now or in the description below and you can learn more about charisma university either way i hope you liked this video thank you to our video editing team of therese andre and ivan for all the hard work editing it thank you so much for watching it and hopefully we’ll see you in the next one



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  1. Vet was like, damn we lost it but that dude was adamant we had to save it so go grab that other black cat from out the back can you 😂

  2. RDJ is charming, witty, devilish and has a powerful charisma.

    Charlie Hunnam is literally just blandly handsome. The self-aggrandizing story about saving a cat only makes him look good because people like animals.

  3. Give credit where it belongs. These are called DHV's and you are talking about attraction switches, as described by Erik Von Markovik, aka "Mystery", nearly 20 years ago in his Mystery Method- protector of loved ones, willingness to emote, successful risk taker, leader of men, preselected by women. Sound familiar?

  4. #1 it called “ bragging” childish- wouldn’t attract me… but if he would be telling a story NOT about himself but about somebody else: how generous someone else is that would definitely attract most people like Keanu Reeves…
    It says in the Bible too!: Prov.27:2

  5. Listening to RDJ talking extemporaneously on shows, I get the impression that his dialogue in movies is just him being himself mostly just improvising and not part of the script.