4 Psychological Tricks That Won The Election

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four and a half years ago i made a video predicting that long shot candidate trump would beat hillary clinton to become president i talked about how he had better slogans better media strategy and better zingers i am not making that same prediction this year because trump’s campaign savviness is nowhere near where it was in 2016. but in my opinion the race is not as far apart as the polls show and the messaging in this final stretch could turn the tide in fact i don’t think i’ve ever seen two more beatable candidates than i did in the first debate which is why in this video we are going to cover the persuasion political strategy and dirty politics trump could use to beat biden i also want to show how biden can use the same to counter trump and put him away so don’t worry no matter who you support there will be something to love and hate in this video before we begin none of this analysis has to do with policy furthermore these are the moves that i believe could win the election for each side but it doesn’t mean that doing whatever it takes to win is honest or that it’s the right thing to do some of this is dirty politics so let’s start with trump’s position coming into the election he is down in the polls and between the virus civil unrest and tax returns there are a lot of attack vectors that he has to face but he isn’t the first incumbent president to have a difficult road to re-election back in 2004 george w bush was in just as bad a spot if not worse he was going up against john kerry after leading the u.s into iraq under pretenses that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction saddam hussein has gone to elaborate lengths spent enormous sums taking great risks to build and keep weapons of mass destruction but that turned out to be totally bogus just in time for his re-election campaign the president didn’t find weapons of mass destruction in iraq so he’s really turned his campaign into a weapon of mass deception so how did bush win again despite plunging america into an unpopular war that since then has cost over two trillion dollars well he changed the frame of kerry’s attack instead of addressing kerry’s criticism that he misled the nation into war bush often framed kerry’s criticisms not as being about the decision-making but about the american troops in combat and now there’s 30 nations involved standing side by side with our american troops and i honor their sacrifices and i don’t appreciate it when a candidate for president denigrates the contributions of these brave brave soldiers it you cannot lead the world if you uh do not honor the contributions of those who are with us as our troops fight a ruthless enemy he repeated this message often determined to destroy our way of life they deserve to know that their elected leaders who voted to send them into war continue to stand behind them and it worked it was close but kerry was unable to effectively hold bush accountable for his decision making instead bush made kerry come across as wavering in his leadership of those troops now trump has the opportunity to refrain incoming attacks in the similar manner instead of responding to the criticism of his leadership during the pandemic and the subsequent civil unrest he can frame biden’s attacks as a critique of doctors or first responders or fauci i’ll repeat again that this isn’t the moral move but in researching past elections i can’t deny that it has worked bush won if trump does this or anyone in your life mischaracterizes your criticisms of them a very effective technique to counter is to predict the dodge explain while you’re giving the criticism that you expect the other person to dodge the issue in their response when you call this out in advance it makes the dodge much more obvious to the audience and tougher to pull off had kerry done this it would have greatly improved his odds of being president and if biden combines this with the strategy that he had in the first debate of speaking directly to the audience via the camera it can make dodging criticisms much more difficult to do but of course this isn’t the only reframe that made bush win and it’s not the only thing that trump could do which brings us to our second point trump has a huge opportunity to attack biden as a political opportunist the bush camp frequently did take for instance this joke from mitt romney with bush by his side he’s been on both sides of most issues he’s been on both sides of what to do in iraq he’s been on both sides of how to deal with free trade both sides of the gay marriage issue more recently and he wondered whether he could pick someone with views different than his own he selected himself to do that biden like kerry before him has a long public record that has him on both sides of many issues and sometimes those positions changed following american culture rather than leading it let’s try to avoid nuance senator do you support gay marriage no barack obama nor i support redefining from a from a civil side what constitutes marriage we do not support that men marrying men women marrying women and heterosexual men and women are entitled to the same exact rights all the civil rights all the civil liberties and quite frankly i don’t see much of a distinction uh beyond that trump can hit biden here with the same criticism that bush had for kerry that his positions are held from political convenience and not of internal strength and therefore nobody really knows what he thinks only what he’ll say to get elected now i can see why people think that he changed his position quite often because he does you know for a while he was a strong supporter of getting rid of saddam hussein he saw the wisdom until the democratic primary came along and howard dean the anti-war candidate began to gain on him he changed positions trump effectively used this frame to put away lion ted as he called ted cruz in 2016. so how could biden respond first off with almost any insult that isn’t completely fabricated you don’t want to fight within the frame that has been dictated by your opponent you don’t say that you haven’t changed your mind like kerry did i’ve never changed my mind about iraq i did believe saddam hussein was a threat i always believed it was a threat believed in 1998 when clinton was president i wanted to give clinton the power to use force if necessary and you don’t deny being a political insider like hillary clinton did in 2016. i cannot imagine anyone being more of an outsider than the first woman president i mean really let’s think about now senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me uh a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment instead you reject your opponent’s frame in this case biden could reject the frame that changing your mind in light of new data is a bad thing he could reframe flip-flopping to being mature enough to update his worldview in light of new evidence and even if biden responds like this this is going to be a contentious point which is why it’s still a good angle for trump and that takes us to the third point each candidate needs to dictate the core issue that this election rides on and the core issue needs to be one that satisfies two goals first it automatically feels like you win because it’s undeniably a strength and second it needs to galvanize undecided uninspired voters candidates sometimes make the mistake of choosing a core issue simply because they’re stronger than their opponent there neglecting that undecided voters and those who may or may not show up are not emotionally connected to every issue so both sides need to avoid what i call red herring attacks these are attacks that feel like wins in a debate but that don’t win more votes for instance the electorate has already accepted that biden does not appear as high energy or vibrant as trump so it’s a waste of time for trump to push the point similarly the electorate expects trump to do everything that he can to reduce his taxes that’s who we think he is so it’s a wasted attack lane for joe biden bush jr understood this and he focused on the one important issue that his personality conveyed more than carries steadfast firmness to keep america safe from terrorism all progress on every other issue depends on the safety of our citizens the most solemn duty of the american president is to protect the american people if our country shows any uncertainty or weakness in this decade the world will drift toward tragedy this is not going to happen on my watch and of course with this framing it led to bush being the only reasonable choice i don’t see how you can lead this country in a time of war in a time of uncertainty if you change your mind because of politics be consistent when you’re the president there’s a lot of pressures and you’ve got to be firm so let’s start with trump what is the core issue that can emotionally inspire the uncommitted electorate to vote for him now this might be contentious so let me know in the comments if you disagree but my read is that it’s what his recent executive order called the scapegoating of any race his strongest position is to stand against critical race theory ideology that teaches that white people or any people are inherently racist or inherently contributing to the oppression of others he can frame the issue not as a pushback against diversity but against any ideology that treats skin color as a determinant of one’s character competence or culpability i believe that he wins the election if he makes this the key issue and takes a strong stance for joe biden’s part i believe that he really needs to avoid focusing on several red herring attack lanes taxes accusations of fascism the affordable care act these are unlikely to bring out any new votes or rile his base to get out on election day the issue for him needs to be something that hits the heart of america emotionally much like bush did with safety and in biden’s case that sole issue should be the year 2020. all he needs to do is ask americans how 2020 has been for them under trump’s leadership and funny enough after i wrote this he did so in the first debate if biden wants to ensure a victory i believe he needs to spend more time here and a particularly strong attack for him is around the word chaos the angle if i were advising him is that donald trump is very good at ensuring that he personally thrives in the chaos that he creates it’s just that everyone around him doesn’t this will resonate given all the high profile firings and arrests that have been made in his inner circle now before we get to our last point i want to show how easily biden can defuse one of trump’s red herring attacks just because this is an awesome moment in election history around ronald reagan reagan was the oldest candidate in the history of the us and he stumbled over some of his words inviting speculation into cognitive decline does that sound familiar the system is still where it was with regard to the with regard to the the progressivity as i’ve said so rather than trying to explain all this away in the second debate reagan took a much stronger route he joked it away like this i will not make age an issue of this campaign i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponents youth and inexperience that was it mondale has since said that he knew in that moment that reagan had won and keeping his characteristic sense of humor up reagan continued to joke about this throughout his presidency one of my favorite quotations about age comes from thomas jefferson he said that we should never judge a president by his age only by his work and ever since he told me that i’ve stopped worrying i just show you how youthful i am i intend to campaign in all 13 states donald trump used a similar tactic in 2016 completely diffusing an early attack on his treatment of women and you might remember this moment you’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs dogs slobs and disgusting animals your twitter account only rosie o’donnell just a reminder that literally responding to every attack isn’t always the best political play nothing makes people move along like a joke that can get them to burst out in laughter the same is true in your life but we have other videos for that that i can link to at the end if you’re interested to learn more but the last point here for both trump and biden they both need to speak in sensory language that’s because words that create images sounds and feelings in people’s minds are much more likely to move them emotionally so the candidates must ensure that people have sensory images in their head both in their criticisms of the opponent and in their vision for the future a key component to get an image in someone’s head is specificity compare john kerry here talking in abstractions that was the objective and if we’d use smart diplomacy we could have saved 200 billion dollars and an invasion of iraq and right now osama bin laden might be in jail or dead that’s the war against terror to barack obama who funny enough was campaigning on kerry’s behalf at the time but much more effectively workers i met in galesburg illinois who are losing their union jobs at the maytag plant that’s moving to mexico and now are having to compete with their own children for jobs that pay seven bucks an hour so trump needs to paint a picture of a prosperous 2021 under his leadership images of americans healthier and happier than they’ve ever been smiling and surprised at the performance of their pension funds rebounding from a difficult year now we saw a bit of this in the first debate but he will need more joe biden needs to paint a similar prosperous vision of 2021 under his leadership but i believe even more important is that he described the suffering in 2020. he asked a few questions that conjured visuals in the first debate but the more he does of this the more he makes trump feel like the worst choice the following example is not nearly broad enough so biden needs to paint a picture for the people who don’t know someone personally who has died but who still have suffered in their mental or economic health you folks at home how many of you get up this morning and had an empty chair at the kitchen table because someone died how many of you were in a situation where you lost your mom or dad and you couldn’t even speak to them you had a nurse holding a phone up so you could in fact say goodbye his own cdc director says we could lose as many as another 200 000 people between now and the end of the year and he held him he said if we just wear a mask we can save half those numbers just just a mask so now for the moment of truth the prediction four years ago when trump had just won i bet my brother that he would for sure be a two-term president i wasn’t even sure who the democratic candidate would be i just couldn’t imagine anyone beating trump’s media genius and if you’re not sure what i’m talking about definitely watch the videos that i made on him because his approach is fascinating and far deeper than most people give him credit for but this year i have been very surprised at how trump has bungled campaign opportunities that i think he would have knocked out of the park in 2016. so while i think that both trump and biden could still lock it up with the strategies that i laid out in this video my guess is that biden will win simply because neither candidate is killing it charismatically and it’s been a rough year for most americans if my thoughts change prior to election day i’ll update you but that is my guess for now one thing that you might not know is that i’ve actually been talking about politics as well as charisma and philosophy for a while on our podcast channel and if you feel like you learn new things here on charisma on command you will probably really like the podcast we chat about how to be a happier wiser and more thoughtful person and the comments and reviews that we’re getting are even more enthusiastic than the ones that i see here and i’m genuinely touched by how many people say that it is their new favorite podcast i’m going to link you to a recent episode that people said was one of our best so just so you can get a taste you can click here to check it out also a reminder for those of you who didn’t see our r rated only fans video ben and i will be personally matching donations to charity water through the link in the description it’s a birthday campaign and if you want to help someone who doesn’t have clean drinking water and have your contribution go twice as far because i’ll be matching donations take a look at that link we’ve raised water for 3 400 people and i really appreciate all of you who have donated for that thank you so so much either way i hope that you’ve enjoyed this video and i will see you in the next one



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  1. It's kinda strange to see our boy doing these analyses on elections and charisma, when it wasn't charisma that won either of these elections – combined all the non-charisma factors, it was the scandals, Covid, economic downturn, the FBI releasing data right before the election, voter suppression, disillusioned voters, ect. that were the conglomerate of the factors that sank Hillary 2016 and Trump 2020 – Hillary's bad reputation is about the one thing charisma related that did factor into one of these election results is something, though (although, also, now thinking, Trump also helped to melt his reelection chances). It's odd, considering that videos like these are well liked by the algorithm, and they do present good ways to show off the charisma techniques that can help a lot to a wider audience, by getting on the coattails of a trend, it's kinda strange when you consider that, at the end of the day, the analysis doesn't really work that well, because charisma wasn't actually the decisive factor (arguably, with JFK and Nixon, it was the decisive factor, so a historical video like that could be a good option, that's even more true to how things actually go down). Great videos, as always!

  2. And why do u think covid was used as weapon against the American people? Because Trumps economy was on fire! Illegal immigration was down 70-90%, and our foreign relations/policy was actually bringing peace, he used the power our consumerism gave us economically and leveraged it in the best interest of the American people, and commanded respect on the world stage, he was actually doing what career politicians have been campaigning on for 30 years proving what double crossers they all are. He outted how we were being sold out by bait and switch frauds. He was making them all look so bad so they sabotaged him and waged a hostile takeover seizing back power.

  3. 12:20 it always amazes me people support Bill Clinton today since even many democrats point out his many failures like NAFTA, contributing to the recession, and failure to stop Al Qaeda. Even Hillary said NAFTA was a failure

  4. @Charisma on Command, I'm curious, what would be a good way to challenge the false narrative that you highlighted about the false definition of CRT? I've noted that presenting facts does not make a dent.

  5. Aside from running a dubious e!ect1on, Trump seemed like an invincible contender with his quick witted intelligence, his positive economic record before Covid, his jokes and charisma, millennial/Gen z making funny memes on his behalf and sharing them……

    But Joe had none of that, yet he won. Joe was a total underdog. He didn’t look glamorous, he’s not aggressive and doesn’t even show overt assertiveness, he doesn’t March around like a tough guy, he’s not quick witted, he can be ditzy falling over himself and zones out a lot, and his taste/style is very old fashioned like a typical boomer (or older), yet he won. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    This statement is not attack on either of them, just explaining my observation.

    On a side note, Bush was the worst president we ever had in this country imo.

  6. Biden’s side had to lie and cheat to win. Welcome to Communism. For the young people who have been brainwashed to think that’s good, look at how many people in China and countries with communism commit suicide and depression. Watch as American becomes more and more like a 3rd World country.

  7. What actually decided the 2020 election: TIME magazine's article: 'How the 2020 election was saved', unconstitutional election laws changed by democrats in the last minute, stopping the counting at election night, sending observes home, overflooding the centers with mail in ballots from nowhere, scan, scan, scan, don't care about signature matching, threaten and bribe governors, state secretaries, judges, courts, group the media propaganda machine and social media leaders together and cover up Joe in all possible way