5 Badass Habits That Make You Look Like The Man

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[Applause] whether you love him or hate him it’s undeniable that conor mcgregor’s charisma made him incredibly popular with five of the top six pay-per-views in mma history so in this video we’ll break down some common patterns from his most savage moments why they made him so popular and even how you can adapt some of the psychology into your own life the first common theme you’ll see in many of conor’s most popular moments is he projects a self-confidence that many fans admire look into my eyes little man a little brazilian move on my hair you’ve got nothing to say face to face some might see conor’s popularity as evidence that people are drawn to jerks but that isn’t the case what people are drawn to is that he has self-generated self-esteem [ __ ] what people said i never did i never do that’s easy enough to say but as an example watch his reaction when he hears one of his opponents say they don’t like him i’m never just like somebody that much i’m ever thought most people worry about being liked sometimes even hiding parts of themselves hoping to make a better impression in contrast conor is unapologetically himself his speech after winning the lightweight belt is a great example of this i’d like to take this chance to apologize to absolutely nobody [Applause] in your own life being unapologetic 24 7 is a recipe for disaster but many people will say i’m sorry for things that aren’t their fault or that they don’t think we’re wrong just to try to people please or avoid conflict it’s an exaggerated scene but sadly too many relationships look like stews from the hangover and make sure to call me right when you get to the hotel not like that conference in phoenix i to wait two hours for you to call me yeah i was the keynote speaker i was late to the podium still yeah you’re totally right i’m sorry [Music] what is the matter taking ownership when you screwed up is a great way to keep relationships and even earn respect but apologizing just to avoid conflict is a surefire way to lose respect from people another reason some people love conor’s trash talk is because he’ll say and do things they wouldn’t have the courage to do themselves the absence of fear when most people would be afraid tends to earn you respect conor projects fearlessness in three ways the most obvious one is he talks about it you’re afraid we followed him afraid with aldo i fear no man i’ve said this before if you bleed oxygen it’s fair game i will come and take you away i don’t fear nothing this is the easiest to do but also the least convincing to other people conor also does things most people would be afraid to do like stealing the belt from a man that hadn’t lost a fight in 10 years [Applause] the third way to convey fearlessness is with your body language in the face of confrontation conor keeps his shoulders back his head up and his eyes locked on whoever is challenging him this is a nice habit to build because in addition to making you look more confident getting yourself to stand up straight with your shoulders back and your chin up will actually make you feel more confident in the moments that would normally make you nervous another thing that conor does that projects confidence when trash talking is maintaining the spotlight until he decides to let it go for example watch him here with chad mendes chad tries to cut him off multiple times but conor keeps talking as if chad isn’t there he’s [ __ ] he’s too small he’s too small it’s as simple as that the power i’m pretty sure along with the precision you look absolutely demolished you’re cutting too much weight he has a few scrambles in him and then he will break then it is then i’m going to pick him apart cutting someone off is a subtle display of power if it’s allowed to happen the person who got cut off is deferring to the person who interrupted them here’s another example with cowboy cerrone where connor’s talking about moving up in his weight class that 155 division and i see them all stuck in the mud in there so we’ll see over time but guess what have i been wrong yet have i been wrong yet no this does not mean you should go around shouting over other people but it does mean you’ll generate more respect and show more confidence if you don’t let other people cut you off the best way to handle this is to finish your sentence without trailing off whenever someone tries to cut you off that way you can still have a free-flowing conversation and people can interrupt but you aren’t instantly yielding the floor anytime someone interrupts you the last way conor projects confidence in his trash talk is by giving specific predictions for his fights that’s what i see the fight player now i feel him overreacting over extending and then being k out unconscious i said i’d knock him out in the first round and i knocked him out in the first round you can call me mystic mac because i predict these mac things i’m going to carry you know you inside one round most fighters when asked to predict their fights say something vague like i think it’ll be a great fight or i think i’m going to knock him out there’s nothing wrong with that but it doesn’t make a statement conor’s predictions built a mystique around him and made people want to watch to see if he was right this is something muhammad ali was famous for and since conor is a huge ali fan i think it’s probable that ali was his inspiration for making these types of predictions well henry cooper’s nothing but a [ __ ] he’s a bomb i’m the world’s greatest he must fall in five rounds but if you talk about me i’ll cut it three we’re not encouraging you to do this but it’s worth noting making bold specific predictions is all upside if you get it right people think you’re a genius but if you get it wrong people don’t hold it against you that’s why political pundits sports analysts and stock pickers do this all the time so don’t trust someone just because they got a guess right about the future they likely have a bunch of misses you haven’t seen mystic mac himself was way off on both of his diaz predictions but predictably it didn’t hurt his popularity at all now it’s worth mentioning that at the height of his fame conor’s confidence actually started getting him into trouble because it morphed into a false sense that he could do no wrong when you can rack up 400 million dollars in revenue for the company in back-to-back events you can do whatever book you want i’m living the whatever book i want life that’s the life i live whatever i want this eventually led to a downward spiral for conor where he threw a dolly at a bus sucker punched an old man in the side of the head and got into a bunch of civil lawsuits the second common theme from conor’s most popular savage moments is he is an expert at using humor to his advantage the obvious benefit of this is that fans like him because he makes them laugh these custom made suits aren’t cheap you know what i mean this this solid gold pocket watch three people died making this watch you know what i mean but his humor has another benefit by making other people laugh at you he’s hoping to get in your head and make you lose composure in the fight one way he’ll do this is by throwing a spotlight on your insecurities his chin his chin is deteriorating every single contest he gets in he hits one knee he does a gust of wind and he does the chicken dance you know what i mean once he finds a weakness that seems to hit home he’ll often double down on it i’m really coming along as a fighter and i feel like i’m hitting my stride right now and it couldn’t be better you get wobbled in every fight those then every fight you get dropped to one knee in every fight every single fight you get dropped another common tactic conor will use to get his opponent angry is to trash talk where you’re from if this was a different time i would invade his favela on horseback and kill anyone that was not fit to walk but we are in a new time so i whoop his ass in july don’t get me wrong i like the kid he’s a quiet little hillbilly from the package of nowhere you know i’ve nothing against that guy you know what i mean i’m sure he grew up in in in a circus or affair you know he’s a nice little kid both of these are standard bullying tactics and most people will look down on you if you’re not a prize fighter that said conor does this on purpose because he thinks it makes his opponents fight worse here he talks about the toll of this mental warfare on jose aldo every single movement i make will get an overreaction off of him because he’s emotionally invested in it there’s too much in front of him it’s all piling on him so i i feel if i just go he will react a million times in fighting winning is everything and while winning conor’s worst behaviors were forgiven but most of us aren’t fighters and unlike conor we want people to like us so in your own life do the opposite of conor and aim to take shots that will make people laugh along with you the best way to do this is to tease something the person isn’t sensitive about for example watch floyd mayweather’s reaction when conor compares the two of them 28 years of age i’m getting fight checks and promote checks when floyd was 28 he was on oscar de la hoya’s undercard floyd has made over a billion dollars so he isn’t worried about how he was doing at 28 years old now all that said conor does have another way he uses humor that can work well for anyone almost any time he uses humor to dictate the frame of a conversation here’s a quick example after conor is asked a question at a press conference who do you think would give you the hardest fight out of anybody on stage right here right here the heart is hitting 145 pound the real heart hardest hitting 145 right here this guy tko’s people when i knock people out they don’t move obviously he’s trying to establish the frame that the best fighter is the one that hits hardest and you can tell from his little smirk at the end he’s thinking i got conor on that one watch how connor responds who is that guy [Applause] no damn not who i am connor uses humor to completely dismiss jeremy without having to address his argument the best part is conor later admitted this reframe wasn’t even true i hate cause i knew who jeremy was you know jeremy was a good fighter and was a former lightweight then down into the federal division good power in his hands when you’re being insulted taking control of frame to dismiss the other person is great but when talking with or about people from your friend group your other option is to go with a positive reframe here’s a great example where eddie alvarez tries to insult conor’s coach he’s an author of a book best selling book we do it all we do it all it’s a bestseller by having positive reframes you’ll get the benefit of making people laugh and make the subject of the joke like you more so more often than not you’re better off making jokes that have a positive punchline this is true for jokes about other people and for jokes about yourself one quick thing it’s important to remember when talking about conor’s savage moments a major factor of cotter’s appeal was he backed up his trash talk with dominant victories and exciting fights some of his most savage moments happen to be in the octagon hands at his hips station looking to finish the fight let’s see wow jose aldo jr connor relax and smiling oh no he slapped him chris getting loose getting better here in this round though oh man until then oh he’s done he’s done history has been made it’s also important to recognize that conor wasn’t disrespectful all the time he was always respectful after the fight which gives the impression that a lot of the pre-fight stuff was just for show honestly i feel for jose he’s a he’s a phenomenal champion he was a phenomenal champion he deserved we deserve to go a little bit longer a toughness and that durability that he has crept back in the later rounds but i’m still happy to come away to win so tell the fight he’s a hell of a competitor brought the best of me he was making me troll when he was patient with his shots i’ve got to get mumbo respect fair play dumb great career he’s had showing respect after the fight framed his trash talk as a fun act rather than a real representation of conor as a person that changed a little bit with the khabib fight when conor trashtalk had a lot more anger in it if he’d won he might have revealed it was an act and been humble and respectful but we’ll never know and as is it soured some conor fans because his funny light-hearted jokes started to blur the line into arrogance but in his next fight he was back to showing respect what a phenomenal legacy donald has and it’s an honor to share the octagon with that man seriously i mean that this template is a solid one to follow in your own social life at the start it’s great to be fun and funny focusing on poking fun and making people laugh but if you don’t switch over to being genuine at some point later in the interaction you’re less likely to form real connections with people beyond his trash talk and flashy wins conor’s incredible success is also due to the fact that he advocates for himself and explicitly asks for what he wants here are a few quick examples from throughout his career [Applause] what’s next for me is i’m gonna go backstage sit down with mr lorenzo for [Applause] but i have my eye on that 155 division and i see them all stuck in the mode in there i don’t i’m looking around i don’t know what anyone else has for me around here i might have to jump up and drag floyd mayweather out bad see what he’s at again by contrast look at what thiago santos said through a translator after losing a close split decision to jon jones that many people thought he won no i’m just thankful i want to thank everybody i want to thank gft i want to thank american top team dan lambert cocktail maca all my team you know this was a chance given to a very poor boy from the city of god and i’m very thankful for that opportunity that level of gratitude is fantastic to have it makes him extremely likable and is probably great for his happiness unfortunately because of it thiago lost out on a ton of money and another chance to fight for the belt he didn’t have to go full conor and insult jon but it would have helped him a lot to call for a rematch after such a great performance this has huge real world parallels pay scale surveys show only 37 percent of workers ask for raises but 70 of employees who do ask for a raise are given one and in dating obviously you’re much more likely to go out with someone if you have the confidence to ask them out if the idea of advocating for yourself and asking for what you want makes you nervous i recommend checking out our course charisma university in my opinion it’s the absolute fastest way to build deep confidence we actually guarantee it’ll make you more confident and charismatic in just 30 days or you can get your money back over 5000 people have joined the program here’s what just a few of them have had to say before cu i sucked at having conversations and i had low confidence around people but i am way more confident now having gone through the daily action guides and i can see a big difference in the intention and respect that i get it makes life so much more fun i don’t think it’s an overstatement to say charisma is literally a gateway to getting anything you want in life so thank you for making charisma university another member wrote after completing only just a few cu modules my biggest breakthrough has been gaining more confidence just starting the course gave me the confidence that i can improve if you knew me a year ago you’d see a socially awkward guy but that same guy had hidden confidence and charisma that has now been unleashed i can’t wait to see how much more i can grow as i complete the other modules if you’re reading this or listening right now think about who you want to be in a year this course will teach you how to be that person and this last one comes from a guy who says cu helped his dating life he says firstly loving the course i have cherry-picked a few things for example the filter lesson in the conversation model this one lesson completely changed my life i’ve liked a girl for over a year but never thought much of it because i thought she was too pretty took your lessons gave things a shot and now we’re dating cu comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee which is 100 for any reason whatsoever and it’s 60 days even though the course is only 30 days just to make sure there’s absolutely no risk on your part at all either you become more confident and charismatic or you get every single penny back if this interests you and you want to unlock your confidence and charisma click the link on screen or in the description below to find out more about charisma university either way i hope that you’ve enjoyed this video and if you do join charisma university i look forward to seeing you inside you



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  1. i just appreciated the comedy when conor says "a gust of wind a hits him and he does the chicken dance" ..even though ive heard it many times, this time it hit different, lmao.