5 Social Mistakes That Make People Not Want You Around

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shark tank has had roughly a thousand pitches air so far and one stands out as possibly the worst ever manish you already get the out of here oh um okay well if you are you all out we’re all out this pitch goes so badly that after dared manish even started to get death threats now this video isn’t a critique of manish we don’t know anything about his personality based on a tv show but there’s a lot we can learn from this pitch specifically we’ll go over five common mistakes that instantly make people like you less we’ll also review what you can do instead to make better impressions in business meetings job interviews and even when meeting new friends or going on dates let’s start by looking at the first 10 seconds that’s where manish sets the tone for this interaction [Music] hi sharks my name is manish sethi and i’m from boston massachusetts and i’m seeking 500 thousand dollars his first mistake is looking down when he walks into the room when he does look up to make eye contact he doesn’t smile and he speaks with a flat voice this may seem like nitpicking but studies show that first impressions form in the first seven seconds of an interaction which means an interviewer potential client or date are all deciding if they like you before they actually know much about you those first seven seconds are an easy chance to give yourself an edge for a quick comparison watch another entrepreneur from the same episode hello sharks my name is aaron marino and i’m here today seeking a 100 000 investment for 10 equity stake in my new company pete and pedro erin makes eye contact and speaks through a smile and you can see mark and barbara smiling back just from mirroring his energy now when manish gets into his product idea the sharks start to get interested but his demeanor hurts him again watch pavlok helps you become aware by alerting you when you do behaviors you’d like to reduce then simply press the button and pavlock releases a mild electric sensation that helps you reduce cravings you can laugh but it’s actually something very serious i am laughing it releases a mild electric sensation manish gets defensive at their laughter but he didn’t have to when someone laughs at something you say or do you get to choose if they’re laughing with you or at you his mistake was reacting like they were laughing at him rather than scolding the people he’s trying to raise money from manish could have smiled laughed along and said something like i know it seems ridiculous but wait till you see our testimonials the room would be feeling good and he could transition right back to his presentation so far things haven’t gone great but it’s not awful these next two clips are where manish starts to permanently lose people in a study that we based our first experiment with it was a aversive conditioning study that was done in 1990 1988 with 832 subjects so okay so wait so wait let’s let’s qualify for five you said we based our first study on right suggesting that sure that you did the study right so i’ll tell you about a study we did right after but you can actually look through our evidence pamphlet where we have 21 clinical trials the experiments and trials manisha is referring to are not specific to pavlok and you can see on mark’s face that he thinks monique is stretching the truth you see something similar a minute later what percentage of time does it not work uh it doesn’t work if you don’t want it to work so it does oh wow yeah of course this is a very common mistake made in the business world and even the dating world you think admitting your weaknesses makes you look bad but it’s actually trying to hide your weaknesses that makes people dislike you people can partner with you knowing you’re imperfect but if they think you’re lying to sell yourself they never will the other less obvious mistake minish makes is not answering the question behind the question mark’s real question is before i invest in this how do i know it actually works look what manish had in his back pocket but never said damon wasn’t there yeah so that’s really unfortunate which is part of the yeah he used padlock and he got over two serious bad habits um and because of that they couldn’t have him on the show with me and that wasn’t it was like the worst because he literally uses the product imagine if manish had said i don’t know the exact percent of time it doesn’t work but we have a 4.5 star rating from our customers and the reason damon isn’t here is because he’s a customer and he credits pavlok with getting over two bad habits he would have gotten a very different reaction this happens all the time in all of our lives when an interviewer says tell me about your last job there’s a question behind the question they don’t just want to hear about your last job they want to hear why your last job prepared you to do this one well when a first date asks you where you’re from or what you do or why you’re single what they’re really trying to figure out is if they’re attracted to your personality and if the two of you are a good match answer the question behind the question and things will go much better for you now let’s look at when things go really badly from a niche if you use it on sugar after about three or four days on like a cookie or tortilla chips you’ll start to notice the flavor changes now what’s interesting about it in the first start your nose is the flavor changes yeah you can see his frustration is starting to leak out you can’t be that stupid robert do you even think there’s any legitimacy can i just listen to it calm down oh my gosh you guys are making me so eddy all right let me talk about we make you a dc you guys make it happen all right denise you’re a strange dude at this point despite the tough questions no one has dropped out but they start to specifically citing his presentation and not his product as the reason why i find your presentation is exhausting and complicated and i couldn’t imagine having the energy to deal with this doesn’t sound very positive barbara i’m out mark cuban lays it out well here if you would have just said you know what this is a reminder and everybody is different so we have different ways to remind you right but you went so over the top with nonsense it is everything but a legitimate product and for those reasons i’m out despite all this manish still gets an offer from kevin he says manisha is hard to listen to but that he likes the product idea it’s manisha’s response to that offer that gets him thrown out of the room it’s an offer it’s an offer this is the problem um mr wonderful like i just i i can’t work with you not a great start and it only gets worse from here manish went into the meeting knowing he would never accept an offer from kevin he should have planned what he was going to say if this happened instead we get this why don’t you want the structure of that offer it’s the structure’s actually quite good it’s the person i would take an offer from anybody besides mr wonderful and not surprisingly that doesn’t go over well with any of the sharks manish you’re in get them out of here oh are you all out yeah we’re all out done money all right very much kevin’s anger isn’t because manish turned down an offer that happens all the time on the show it’s because this feels like an attack on his character manisha is being critical of kevin as a person instead of pointing to a specific past behavior so how should manish have handled this first let’s watch him explain the real reason he said no why did you turn down the offer the reason why is because mr wonderful is on tv saying that 3.5 billion people living in poverty living on a dollar a day is a good thing he’s like it makes them strive to work harder and i’m like i don’t want someone like that working in my gun imagine if after getting his offer manisha said mr wonderful i think you’re a fantastic investor but i heard you give a speech on poverty that makes me think we aren’t a good fit it’s more accurate to how many feels and doesn’t make him look bad to the other sharks or the viewers the key to having any hard conversation like this is to separate the person from the specific behavior you don’t like so in your own life don’t call someone a bad roommate or a bad friend instead call out their specific behavior and how it makes you feel now a fair criticism here is yeah but you’ve had time to think about this manish was scrambling to come up with something on the spot in a high pressure situation it’s not fair to expect him to have the perfect answer and you’re right so if you know an important conversation is coming sit down beforehand and think through the tough questions and situations you might find yourself in give yourself infinite time and calm nerves so you don’t have to rely on being quick on your feet if this all seems like a lot to take in and you want a more linear step-by-step guide to mastering these skills you may like our program charisma university it’s a 30-day program guaranteed to make you more confident and charismatic for example one day of the program will teach you how to craft fascinating answers to the most common questions like where are you from and what do you do in another day you’ll learn quick easy exercises to boost your confidence in moments that normally make you nervous you can read more about the program with the link below but i think the best way to let you know about the program is just to read what past members have said so here are a few things that cu members have written in i am way more confident now having gone through the daily action guides and i can see a big difference in the intention and respect that i get it makes life so much more fun i don’t think it’s an overstatement to say charisma is literally a gateway to getting anything you want in life another member wrote my biggest breakthrough has been gaining more confidence if you knew me a year ago you’d see a socially awkward guy but that same guy had hidden confidence and charisma that has now been unleashed if you’re reading this or listening right now think about who you want to be in a year this course will teach you how to be that person this last message is from a guy who’s seen improvement in both his business and social life he says the way i enter a room now whether it be a party or a business meeting i notice the presence the comfort and authority i bring into it and i feel that other people feel it too i’m like a magnet i’ve received a lot of feedback from family friends and random people i’ve just met they can let their guard down and talk about things they haven’t dared to talk about with anyone else to add lastly my success rate with women has increased by an order of magnitude you can see more success stories like those in the comments if you decide to join the program if you do join it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee given that it’s only a 30-day program that gives you plenty of time to go through the entire thing and see how it changes your life if you don’t like it you can get every penny back no questions asked that’s how confident we are that you’re going to love charisma university if you want to learn more click the link on screen now or below in the description we’ve had over 5 000 people go through the program and transform their charisma and i’d love for you to do the same either way i hope you enjoyed this video and i look forward to seeing you in the next one you



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  1. Kevin IS a completely obnoxious a**hole, and I don't blame him for not wanting to have anything to do with him or his money. Maneesh isn't subtle or polished and didn't communicate well at all, but I'd take him over The Ultimate Kevin any day.

  2. Seriously I thought he handled it well! They were jerks because his presentation wasn’t very good this is when you swoop in and get a better deal but their egos got involved and they were offended😢😢😢😢😢😂😂😂

  3. Maneesh didn’t seem able to pivot and allow for interchange with the sharks. He get allowing himself to be derailed by side comments and Shark playfulness. He needed to relax

  4. This guy was not enthusiastic about his product. He came in looking to be beat up. If he had approached this as an opportunity for these guys to hear about a fantastic idea instead, he would have met their eyes, talked up his product, and opened up his posture as he gave them his great spiel. Telling them how it had met expectations in his test market would back up his claim. Then, he could talk about the issues that he had with marketing and product development. His knowing that he would not fit well with that investor guy could have been brought up when he introduced himself. For example: "I know that some think that poverty is incentivizing, but I would rather work with people who choose to give back to the community, like I will."

    Instead of being truthful, he just came off as a guy who is hiding something. He won't be fun to work with if he can't even try to appeal to his audience.

  5. I never liked shark tank because it's less about the product and numbers and more about social dominance.

    Imagine if no one listened to Einstein or Edison because they couldn't talk to girls.

  6. This video makes me lose some faith in this channel. This presenter isn't the greatest, but it's the product that turned the sharks against him. They hate this type of product and no presenter is going to sell them on it no matter how jovial they are.

  7. I don't know. I think that guy was being real. He was nervous and showed it. I'm sorry but our world has gotten so phony that even seeing negative real is better than happy fake to me.
    People don't see it because they're constantly being fed fake and then they only want fake. Stop watching all that stuff for a while and you'll see what I mean.
    I think that's the only reason they didn't like him in my opinion.
    It's also the reason why people are so easily deceived these days.

  8. It’s not fair and it is unrealistic to say that one should try to anticipate what people might say and formulate answers beforehand. I have been in court many times; (not in a criminal situation), and I have lost sleep before each trial trying to prepare answers to possible questions. Never once, did I have a chance to use any of my prepared thoughts…not even close! It always went in a direction that I could not predict and I was left to think on my feet, every time. I think the better advice is to tell people to NOT try to anticipate questions or prepare potential answers, but to get some sleep, not think about what might happen and remember to breathe! The MOST important thing is breathing. People hold their breath when they are nervous.

  9. First thing I learned to do in my 101 college psyche class. Raise your eyebrows while smiling when meeting someone. Gives off a, "Wow, there you are." …. "I'm so excited to meet you" impression.

  10. At 1:53, that's just rude. I know you can have them go from laughing at you to laughing with you but to laugh at him like that was unnecessary. Listen and then give your opinions out. Don't interrupt.

  11. Too bad he didn't pass out the wrist zappers at the beginning and tell them they are programmed to zoink them if they say 'no' to the pitch. Let's make this social stuff simpler and more direct, yes?

  12. This is a really bad example. Cuban HATES products that can't be mathematically quantified. And he'll do everything he can to poison the water for the whole room when one appears. The presenter would have done better if he'd asked Cuban to leave the room before pitching to the rest of the sharks. Instead he tried to politely tell Cuban to F himself and it went downhill from there. Participating in a shouting match with Cuban couldn't have resulted in him getting a deal.

  13. His presentation was horrible. However, I couldn't work with O'Leary either. He's a pompous azz. Would've been something to have seen them sit down for discussions on business plans and strategy though! Fireworks lmao!

  14. I call bs. Why is this guy's reaction bad but Kevin's was completely fine? It was and is all about power, but I applaud his standing up to his principles and Kevin – rather than knocking him for it.

  15. omg, the sad part of this that's probably not intentional, his reaction to the laughter was a defense mechanism (I know why he reacted that way cos I was like this through my early teens as a bullied school child). It seems as though he's never got rid of the insecurity of either his appearance or being either an immigrant or standing out.

    All he needs to realize is that; 1 – it's going to happen 2 – if it does happen there's nothing he can do about it 3 – It's ALSO HAPPENNING TO EVERYBODY ELSE
    so why worry?
    I wonder how I'm going to teach this out of my children, it can really hinder your progress in life; clearly!

  16. I never heard of this guy (and obviously never seen this episode) but what struck me when he walked in front of the judges was THEIR reaction (or lack of it). I actually had to rewind thinking I missed something, and the only thing I noticed the 2nd time around was that he DID smile, just not a big toothy grin…it was a closed mouth smile. I have to finish watching the video, but so far it seems the show has it out for him.