50 Cent FINALLY Reveals His Secret To Success [EYE-OPENING]

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that was like hustling since I was like 12. I knew I made it when I got my my mom into a space where it was better than they got themselves into like it’s a new house but they don’t have to work things like that now I feel like that’s the biggest thing I accomplished see the most expensive thing we spend is time this is why even the the biggest punishment you can receive is not she’s gonna have Peaks and valleys so I have things changed in your career at that point and you feel like is it at Ohio is it how low you don’t can’t even I never wanted to be someone different I wanted to be a better version of me like to have not have the restraints that I had you know and when you come up with our finances it seems like the biggest restraint and uh it makes you make that Financial or money focused and I feel like that’s the answer but they’ll always be new confusion or new situations that show up I believe in depression is a luxury tough situations like still look at it like I got to get up and do what I got to do regardlessly I can’t not do what I got to do so I’ll work depressed or when I’m when I’m feeling those feelings I say I just don’t feel good but I still do everything I’m supposed to do for the day you know like that just is not acceptable in in the early stages so you look and you go if you felt those feelings and you felt like you were depressed for whatever reasons you still got up and deal with you anybody who have a long enough career has peace and balance you know and then with the upsides and the downsides you you just work through it so every time you in a position where you feel like it’s going down it’s only for it to go back up again a watch that happen repeatedly it goes goes It goes down then it goes up higher than it was the last time it was up every single time I think the only thing raise people is their passion right and and when you become really passionate about something you can work at it until you’re good enough to you on that top level of performance so like if you see sometimes people it may be some sort of genetics involved with it but when you see Fighters like you see Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather senior is what inspired him and created that passion and made him turn into what he is and Kobe Bryant his dad was professional was a ball player too you got Vegas and Serene today dad helped him out and you have people around you that can help you get the right information or help you do it the right way early that you can actually become good enough to do it you start to think about what Jack genuinely after and that’s happiness you know so I’ll always pick a new goal and move forward in different ways so that I think ambition is a tunnel that you run through that doesn’t it anyone who’s extremely focused is is considered it could be considered ruthless at points because if they get in the way where I’m trying to do what I’m doing I just knock them out the way well the most ruthless people or did you run into are going to be people that are just focused and not necessarily taking your life into the celebration while they’re taking this it’s like the district attorney’s office that she wants the conviction so she can move up and her career can be good she’ll give you 100 years and he’s looking for why why so much like why you had to do that and it was like what you did it and her mind is is her doing her job and her moving up to the next level and she just knock you over because you become collateral damage when things start to spread and they’re aware that you you’re active or you’re doing what you’re doing he called me too so you know if you think it’s going to be a one-sided situation you’re wrong you just got to make sure you go so hard the very first time that there’s not a time for me to come back all we do is look at everybody have it all day come through the feed it’s crazy yeah it kind of makes people feel like there’s not much because some people look at it like you came to remind them how much you have the other way is to remind them how much they don’t have so they’re angry with you for having it I don’t care what everyone thinks about me if I did I would be a mess and you look and you say you think I care about that because when I can hold on to the success that I’ve had and the things that make me feel good if you haven’t had that success what do you hold on to when I say it back to you like the people come to you and they got anger and it it’s really coming from somewhere else like that they’re real rage is putting your middle finger up back at them because if you do they may be already at the edge and they’re gonna crash and you just cause them to crash into you when they would have crashed into something else you know yeah when I look at it like that I go let me just control when I’m aggressive about things and then when I do do it it’s calculated so now I mean it when I’m doing it when you look at cinematography itself is our imitating life yeah and when you see people uh make choices that it could have been choices instead of power but Power means the same thing in every language I think money is rude to all evil but look it’ll make you do things the lack of it but when you look up and you see uh people that have uh what you review is uh Financial Freedom from that perspective and that’s the route that they took it feels like the way to go like it doesn’t have requirements and then for a guy that when they’re starting this in in the youth they’re starting this at the age that they’re not even responsible for their own behaviors yeah a lot of the stuff that we see like the criminal activities and gang culture it’d be young guys that um they haven’t developed a concept what you’re thinking yeah yeah I don’t think they really know what what they’re doing like there’s a lot of wet pillows in prison yeah like under the circumstances of being incarcerated while they’re alone yeah they’re crying but they’re not doing it in front of anybody they already been bumped around enough they’re damaged the damage is Enough by the experience that even if they make it they won’t make it if they don’t figure out how not to be who they are right now they have to turn into something bigger and better as they go with the new information and New Opportunities new things they come because they really street they’re really out there if I could skip the hard parts that went through I’ll skip it you know this is the things that your parents saw that your people around you would try to help you to avoid you know telling you early now you don’t want to do that you know caught up to that and then it’s a lot of stuff this day like I would avoid them now look look they didn’t even they’re not a part of it may be a product of the success because it’s part of my temperament comes from it and the experience and how I view things but it’s not a part of the actual success I’m being successful doing things that are a lot different from what I was doing at that point well you just go get the information from to think outside of that environment and see the you know possibilities of different things that you might want to do and actually be able to find information to occupy yourself with with learning I learned so much about myself over that time because if you ask me to make a wish now I’m just going to wish for more wishes because I need to feel the confirmation of success repeatedly look at different points like some people get hit the lick and go away



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  1. Bro this cut must be a joke… he didnt get his mom into a better space… she was killed when he was 9 … know your facts before you cut some bs …