6 Social Skills That Will Make Women Addicted to You

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your social skills can be improved if you look at three major areas your social actions which are the things you do your social performance which are the things you say and your social adjustment which is how people perceive you so today I will show you how to master your social skills to make women addicted to you let’s start by fixing category number one your social actions first you will use the right gaze for the right woman there are three types of gazes you can use when you’re talking to a woman depending on the situation you see when most men look at a girl they’ll either not hold eye contact or they’ll just look straight into her eyes which is just awkward so I want you to use one of these three gazes instead the first one is the business gaze which is best used when you’re speaking to a girl in a professional setting like work to use the business gaze you will focus your eyesight in the upper region of her face including her eyes and her lower forehead the second gaze is what you call the Social gaze this is the Gaze that you will use when you’re talking to a girl in an informal setting it could be a party a work event or a dinner to use this technique you will want to look into the middle region of her face which includes her eyes all the way down to her upper lip and third you have the intimate gaze which you can use in any setting however you should only use with girls that you like and want to signal to her that you’re sexually interested to use this gaze you will open up your eye contact to include everything from her eyes all the way down to her upper chest and particularly you want to focus in that middle lip region number two use the Right Touch for the right woman now building on that last tip you can also use specific types of physical contact depending on the woman you’re talking to so I’m going to show you exactly where to touch a girl based on science I don’t want you to catch a case here you see during a study published by Oxford University researchers conducted a survey of over 1,500 women they asked questions to see where women felt okay being touched depending on who was touching them then they created a heat map to show you where it’s okay to touch a woman that made her feel comfortable which is crucial for you developing your social skills in other words if you catch any Flack from what I’m about to show you you can always just say you found it in a study but it’s super simple and this is fail prooof I promise you as you can see from the heat map if you’re a stranger you should only limit yourself to touching her on her hands situations like this would include meeting someone for the first time that first interaction that first handshake if you are a friend or that girl already knows you then it is safe to proceed a little bit further and touch her hands arms shoulders and face and you can test if she’s even comfortable with this you can say something simple like oh you have something on your face do you want me to get it for you if she says yes then that means that you’re at that friend level of comfortability from her part but if she says no then that means she probably sees you as a stranger and isn’t comfortable around you at this point you have now mastered the fundamentals of social actions eye contact and touch which is what you do but there are still two more categories to become truly charismatic your social performances and your social adjustments and trust me coming from a guy that used to be awkward these last two categories are what’s going to take you from a guy that she just knows to a guy that she wants let’s move on to category number two which is social performances or what you say number three speak like Elon Musk to become more attractive let me get to it I know I know let me get to it you see you might think that social skills depend on just what you say but that way of thinking is incorrect because a recent study proved that it is what you don’t say that has a larger impact on how you social I I picked this trick up by watching interviews on how Elon Musk responds to questions you see researchers have found that when men use fewer words and spoke less they were far more attractive to the women around them so to speak less and use fewer words when talking to a girl I want you to use the deep breath technique in the middle of a conversation look Elon mus does this when being asked a question by Joe Rogan this is some of fuel this yes did you catch it he take takes a single deep breath right before responding to that question during this breath he has taken the time to think about exactly what he’s going to say which results in him speaking less but also being direct with the words that he’s about to use so to use it yourself when you’re ask a question in any setting with a girl take a second to breathe in through your nose you look away and then use those seconds to figure out what you’re going to say in a way that is quick and direct however here’s another trick Elon did that you probably never picked up on notice how awkward he used to be in interviews before look at the difference from the clip that I had just shown you it’s not just the social skills that change it is also his appearance the man regrew his hair whether through a hair transplant or through medicine it is important to understand that the way you look affects how you deliver things so you need to upkeep your appearance and if you’re losing hair this is one of the quickest ways to reboost your confidence this is why I always talk about keeps because if you’re like me and you start early I’ve been using two ingredients for well over a year to not lose my hairline because both my brother and my father have lost their hair if you also do the same thing your chances of keeping your hair will increase making sure you look confident four use the halo effect to your advantage the halo effect is when someone Associates positive things with an attractive person and negative things with an unattractive person even for the exact same actions for example a handsome dude asking a girl out at seen as confident but an unattractive man doing the same as Seena is creepy so here’s how to make sure you use the halo effect to get it to work for you and not against you first men that are great with women signal that they have Superior genetic quality however showing that you have Superior genetics is very difficult if for example you have a receding hairline like I just mentioned since two and three men will start experiencing hair loss by the time they reach their 30s meaning that most of you watching will face this problem sooner or later and it’s not just me saying this Studies have proven that men with receding hairlines are perceiving received as less successful than those with hair so to look your best you need to make sure you always have a full head of hair and you have two approaches you can either prevent it or you can treat it I focus on prevention by using products from keeps as they use the only two FDA approved clinically proven ingredients to help stop hair loss and in some cases even regrow some of that lost hair and prevention is always better as a matter of fact both my father and my brother have received hair transplants I showed you that with my brother I don’t want to have to pay for a surgery it is so much more affordable to start prevention early and the cool thing with keeps you do everything from the comfort of your home from the consultation with a licensed professional to receiving the ingredients that you need directly to your door now up until this point if you have followed everything I have said you will have mastered social actions and your social performances so now it’s time to focus on your social adjustment which is arguably the most important important of the three social adjustment is the degree to which you achieve your goals that most people want to achieve for themselves such as having a large Social Circle or having great health or a great Physique in other words they increase your Social Status this takes me to number five test your testosterone levels at home for free you see a key component of social adjustment is your health which ferment it is closely linked to your testosterone levels so I’m going to show you how to test your testosterone levels at home and then how to increase it naturally first let’s see what your testosterone levels are you see as outlined by leaders and male fertility if you wake up with morning wood every day then you most likely have high testosterone levels but for those who don’t or for those who want to increase it even further you will want to avoid xenobiotics xenobiotics are compounds that act like hormones in your body and make everything worse one of the most common places that you can find xenobiotics is in the form of BPA chemicals which can be found in plastic water bottles and tupperw so the fastest way to increase your testosterone is is replace any plastic Tupperware and any plastic water bottle with BPA free containers you will then see a drastic increase in the amount of morning wood you’re going to start having which you will leverage into confidence because the higher testosterone levels you have the more motivated and confident you are leveraging that heal in your social situations now I do have to give you a warning if you have too much testosterone which it’s all good there’s only one downside you will start overproducing DHT DHT is what is responsible for all of our men’s hair loss this is why all of us end up with no hair and end up in Turkey if I can save you money on that surgery I would rather do that that’s why I choose prevention by using keeps I used the only two FDA approved medications that are clinically proven to stopping hair loss and I get everything delivered to my house that way I get to keep my hair today and if you want to take action and start keeping your hair go to keeps.com TMF you’re going to get a limited time offer and start taking action today number six improve your social Presence by making five new friends the people around you will have a drastic impact on how you are perceived by others if they are wealthier or better looking you too will be perceived as wealthier and better looking so here’s how you improve your Social Circle there’s a book called play well with others in there the author and his team conducted a study and found that people with five friends or more were 60% happier than those without so we’re going to set a benchmark for having five new friends the key however ever is to make sure that those friends are high quality so you are perceived as more socially valuable to do this first sign up to a martial arts gym then while you’re sparring while you’re training you can always ask your training partner for advice on how to get better and then once you have a good enough relationship with them and you know what they do with their life you could start asking for more advice like on business I’ve met several Executives as I would go to my jiu-jitsu classes here in New York City then I also want you to start attending wework spaces co-working spaces or luxury cafes as you start going more and more and more you’re going to start seeing the same faces then start singling out the ones you believe are more successful and you can always approach them with something simple like oh can I borrow a laptop charger or a phone charger and over time you can say hello and eventually offer to buy him a cup of coffee just to talk and network this is how you build a powerful Social Circle and if you listen to me and master those three categories of social actions social performance and social adjustments your social skills will be so great that you will make any woman obsessed with with you



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  1. Fuck hair. Don't use Keeps, you'll lose it any way. Nobody moans about the Rock, David Goggins, etc. Stay hard. Don't be a poser. If your hair decides to fall out, embrace it. Be bold, and bald. Don't use Keeps. It won't work.

  2. Hey it's a pleasure to meet you but i apologize for being negative towards your work and content we all have bad days and we all make mistakes, but hey i gotta surivive this Sargeant and hoping to not charged with harassment lol

  3. Let me summarize the Video. All of your problem will vanish if you grow hair, so you should buy anti-hair-loss products and be the Gigolo in the neighborhood. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Just to argue. I have many friend with completely baldness and girls are dying for them. They gained a bit muscle and also some studies proved that the bald guys look like more muscular and dominant than the guys with hair. Also some guys look more Mature. Just saying for all guys who has baldness. If you cannot grow hair, its not that important. Just make a style with it, Be a Viking…. Gain some muscle, and lose some weight….. Ladies will react for your dominant look… Trust me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I grew in a family where I was sealed in a bottle, my only friends I knew where the kids to the friends of my mom and dad. I did not really socialize that much. I was made to understand that the kids in the neighbourhood were not up to our standards, cause at the time my dad worked as a diploma, so "He did not want his kids playing with neighbours and so on." The only type of fun we had was going to visit our cousins every Sunday after church, and when the family friends came around with their kids for us to play and all of this has eaten me up until now. I don't greet neighbours because of the psychology I grew with, which is if I talk to any stranger I am being scolded at. I am 26 years old, and believe me when I say I find it very difficult to speak to some person physically. It took 6months for me to start dating, because I lacked social skills. Some times when I am in a conversation with some person, and I am silent for too long, they feel uncomfortable, and often call it rude. I am working on getting out of this prison I have put myself in, and I would not like for my kids to act the same way. I want them to grow up able to know what life is about, but not misuse the opportunity given to them. I want them to be open and be able to share their thoughts on what they want and how they think things are to be done. I want to make sure they understand my reason for telling them no to something and I would want to also understand their reason for telling me no. I want my kids to be happy, to be free, to not feel imprisoned, and also not to misuse their freedom.