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many of us men have wondered at some point in our lives how to know if that woman is or isn’t in love with us or how we can tell if she secretly likes us it’s true that women rarely Express their feelings openly therefore it’s essential to pay attention to the signs that could answer our questions from a stoic perspective a woman in love might show a calm attitude even if she doesn’t say it outright most women are capable of picking up on men’s hints let’s say they have a sixth sense for it whereas men find it a bit harder to pick up on them however if a woman does some of these five things that I’m going to show you believe me it’s because she feels something for you each woman is a world unto herself so the signals can vary but they all unconsciously do them when they like a man in this video I’m going to show you how you can identify if that woman feels something for you even if she denies it believe me these signs work especially the last two I challenge you to check them out subscribe number one she’ll want to know everything about you when a woman is interested in you she’ll ask about you in general for example about your life your past relationships your aspirations and even how you are with your family it’s a way to find common ground that connects her even more with you women value family life and the emotional bonds you have it’s essential to show an interest like hers in order to have that emotional connection bring out your stoic side here ask and carefully observe her answers it seems obvious but not many of us pick up on women’s hints that’s why you should pay attention and study the situation calmly it’s a very genuine way to show interest in you if that woman likes you she’ll want to know all about you personally number two being close to you if a woman likes you she’ll want to be constant L close to you all the time this may seem obvious but many of us don’t see things as they are truly overlooking many signals thinking it’s just kindness but it’s a very important sign when a woman secretly wants us she’ll have a thousand excuses to be with us women are very subtle and cunning so that no one realizes what they want that’s why we must develop that stoic Vision to notice things that can’t be seen number three alone time with you many women will seek that intimacy with the man they like and vice versa but in the case that a woman likes you secretly she has to act differently even if you’re in a group with more friends she’ll do everything possible to be with you making excuses to be close to you this signal goes hand inand with the previous one but it has something special if that woman does this what she feels for you goes beyond she’ll try to do those things that you like just to see you smile for example in some game she’ll want to be your partner or she may also use the excuse of come with me to buy this and we’ll be right back you have to be attentive like a true high value man like a stoic since behind every word there’s a feeling and it’s up to you not to harm it number four looks as they said in stoicism the true power of the Gaze lies in the depth of the Soul it reflects there’s no better sign than this looks are the mirror of our soul and when we like someone it can be seen in our eyes that girl might not tell you she likes you but you’ll be able to see it in her gaze if you notice that she can’t stop looking at you she might truly feel and finally number five she’ll seek your approval no matter what when a woman likes you she’ll want to have your approval regarding opinions or reactions we have it’s a sign of a cunning woman notice for example when they tell something personal or talk about something trending or some gossip if you see that woman insists on knowing your reaction it’s likely key to connect with you the stoic said that the Gaze of the wise seeks the approval of understanding not superficial judgment that woman will want to know your inner self through your actions and simply for that reason you should take care of them protecting their feelings and obviously yours in other words there are many women who love in secret who can feel for you and you don’t see it knowing these signs no hint will escape you you can even build that deep connection if you like her too every woman is a world a treasure there are many people who love in secret or simply out of fear that the other person doesn’t feel the same but you have to take the leap because that’s what life is about having experiences and learning from them remember that if you these tests can sometimes seem like obstacles and can be frustrating to the point of making you question whether it’s worth investing your time in women some guys get frustrated to the point of not wanting to have anything to do with women definitively but here’s the point these tests are part of the Dynamics between men and women and any man experienced in relationships with women knows that they do it consciously or subconsciously since time immemorial women always test the men there withth for various reasons the most common ones being because they’re evaluating their compatibility to see if you’re a good match for them they can also test your confidence to see if you’re a confident man and they can test to see if you’re really interested in them number five nice guys get left behind if you’re a sensitive overly shy romantic and outof context type of man most women won’t be attracted to you because these characteristics are associated with an unpredictable submissive and weak weak man women want to be with a man who demands respect who won’t tolerate anything less than what he deserves and who leads without intimidating men who are overly focused on pleasing everyone and seek approval lack authenticity if you identify with what’s mentioned it’s time to wake up as this harms you in various aspects of Life number six focus is security at the end of the day in the long run what women desire is security no matter the type of woman they aspire to feel secure next to a man in all aspects of Life financially emotionally physically and spiritually yes the world has changed and women are more independent and consider themselves self-sufficient more than ever but the woman’s instinctive desire to feel protected by a man persists it’s a programmed instinct to which even the most independent woman will submit the attribut that a woman most Desires in a man whether masculinity honesty confidence emotional intelligence and stability always boil down to feeling secure making a woman feel secure is the key to her heart that’s why sometimes a woman is capable of staying with a man whom she doesn’t love or like much because he can make her feel safe number seven setting boundaries this is where many men make definite mistakes women need boundaries and the main problem is that many guys don’t want to set boundaries because they believe they’ll lose the girl or because they don’t want to upset her however twoo serious problems occur when you don’t know how to set boundaries correctly in a relationship the first is that she’ll continuously do things that make you unhappy knowing that she can do anything since you don’t set boundaries and the worst part is that she’ll lose respect for you she won’t think you’re a good partner because you don’t act like a leader the second problem is that the lack of boundaries in a relationship diminishes the excitement and consequently her attraction when there are boundaries in a relationship this creates expectations in the woman which automatically generates excitement she doesn’t know if something will bother you or not and what the consequences will be if you bother her she needs to be somewhat careful feel like she’s walking on eggshells this is excitement setting boundaries is healthy and really generates expectations for example if you don’t like your woman talking to her ex that’s a clear expectation as soon as you set that boundary she knows there’s a line she can’t cross if you don’t like her going out partying with her friends without you that’s another line she can’t cross setting these boundaries is healthy you have the right to express these boundaries the problem with today’s society is that it thinks thinks boundaries are harmful and believes the man is trying to control the woman but you have the right to set boundaries as long as they’re not abusive allowing the girl to do whatever she wants shows that you’re insecure and afraid of losing her you’re being weak leading requires setting boundaries you must show that you’re capable of letting her go or leaving yourself now reflecting on these seven insights into women can lead us to a deeper understanding of human dynamics in relationships firstly it’s crucial to recognize that gender Dynamics are complex and Vary widely among individuals while these observations May hold true for many they don’t Encompass the entirety of Human Experience secondly it’s essential to approach relationships with empathy understanding and respect for both oneself and one’s partner building healthy relationships requires Mutual understanding communication and Trust in contemporary Society the landscape of dating and relationships is continually evolving cultural shifts technological advancements and changing social norms influence how individuals navigate romantic interactions yet amidst these changes fundamental aspects of human nature remain constant women like men seek connection fulfillment and Security in their relationships moreover fostering a mindset of personal growth and self-improvement can enhance one’s ability to navigate the complexities of romantic Relationships by continually striving to become the best version of oneself individuals can cultivate the qualities that attract and sustain healthy relationships this journey of self-discovery and development is not only beneficial for romantic Endeavors but also for personal fulfillment and well-being in conclusion understanding women is not about adhering to rigid stereotypes or manipulating Behavior to fit predefined expectations instead it’s about embracing diversity acknowledging individual differences and fostering genuine connections based on mutual respect and understanding by recognizing and appreciating the unique qualities and perspectives that each person brings to a relationship individuals can cultivate meaningful and fulfilling connections that transcend societal norms and expectations I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior [Music]



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