8 dark psychology tactics women use to control you

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narcissistic women have a bag of tricks to manipulate and control understanding these tactics can help you protect yourself let us dive straight into the ways they trap you number one they will try to make you feel insecure about things a narcissist thrives on making you feel small she will pick at your insecurities to weaken yourself esteem maybe it starts with off-hand comments about your appearance or she criticizes your achievements making them seem insignificant over time this constant barrage of negativity wears you down you start doubting yourself your confidence erodes she might also compare you to others highlighting their successes and your perceived failures this tactic keeps you constantly seeking her approval you become reliant on her validation in reality she is the one creating this insecurity by making you feel less than she keeps you under her thumb it is a twisted way to make you feel that you need her to feel good about yourself number two they will intentionally test your boundary narcissist women are Masters at testing boundaries they push limits to see how much they can get away with it starts subtly maybe she asks for small favors that inconvenience you or she dismisses your opinions and decisions as time passes these tests escalate she might invade your personal space or demand excessive attention each time you give in she learns that your boundaries are flexible this encourages her to push further by continually testing and breaking down your boundaries she gains more control eventually you find yourself doing things you are not comfortable with just to keep her happy standing firm and clearly communicating your limits is essential if you do not she will keep testing until you have no boundaries left number three they never admit to lying even when there is obvious proof narcissists hate being caught in lies when confronted with undeniable proof they still will not admit it she might twist the story claiming you misunderstood or she will outright deny the facts making you question your reality this gaslighting tactic is designed to confuse you by refusing to admit her lies she maintains control over the narrative you start doubting your memory and judgment the constant denial of Truth wears you down making it easy easier for her to manipulate you her refusal to own up to her lies is not about protecting herself it is about maintaining power over you she wants you to believe that your perception of reality is flawed and hers is the only truth that matters number four deflective blame deflective blame is a common tactic used by narcissists when confronted with their wrongdoing they shift the blame onto you she might accuse you of overreacting or being too sensitive or she will bring up past mistakes you made to divert attention this tactic keeps you on the defensive instead of addressing her behavior you are forced to defend yourself it is a way to avoid accountability and make you feel like the problem by constantly deflecting blame she creates an environment where you are always questioning yourself you start to wonder if you are the one at fault this self-doubt makes it easier for her to control and manipulate you remember a healthy relationship involves taking responsibility not shifting blame number five withholding intimacy withholding intimacy is a common manipulation tactic a narcissist woman uses this to control and punish you when things are going well she might be affectionate and loving but the moment you displease her she withdraws this Sudden Change leaves you confused and desperate to make things right she uses intimacy as a reward and a punishment by controlling when and how she shows affection she keeps you on edge you start to associate her love with your behavior you believe that if you do everything right she will love you again this cycle of withholding and giving intimacy keeps you trapped it is important to recognize this manipulation and not tie your selfworth to her approval number six when called out they play the victim narcissist women are Adept at playing the victim when you call her out on her behavior she will flip the script suddenly she is the one who is hurt and misunderstood she will use your words against you making you feel guilty for confronting her this tactic is designed to deflect blame and shift Focus away from her actions by positioning herself as the victim she manipulates your emotions you start to question whether you were too harsh or unfair this confusion keeps you from holding her accountable instead you find yourself apologizing and trying trying to make things right she exploits your empathy making you feel responsible for her feelings it is a clever way to avoid taking responsibility for her behavior number seven dripping guilt tripping is a favorite tool of narcissist women she makes you feel responsible for her happiness and well-being when you do not meet her expectations She lays on the guilt she might say things like if you loved me you would do this or I guess I am just not important to you these statements are designed to make you feel bad and comply with her demands by making you feel guilty she controls your actions you start doing things not because you want to but because you feel obligated this guilt becomes a powerful motivator keeping you in line with her desires recognize that her happiness is not your responsibility do not let her manipulate you into feeling guilty for not meeting her unreasonable demands number eight they pull you away from your friends and family isolation is a powerful tool for narcissists by pulling you away from your friends and family she cuts off your support system it starts suling she might criticize your loved ones or make you feel guilty for spending time with them over time she creates situations where you feel torn between her and your family eventually you start distancing yourself from those who care about you this isolation makes you more dependent on her with no one else to turn to you become reliant on her for emotional support it also makes it easier for her to control you without the perspective of loved ones you start to believe her version of reality reconnecting with your support system is crucial do not let her isolate you from those who genuinely care about you understanding these tactics can help you break free from a narcissist’s grip it is crucial to set firm boundaries maintain your support system and recognize manipul for what it is do not let her trap you in a cycle of control and abuse remember a healthy relationship is built on mutual respect honesty and support before ending the video I’ll show you how to hack the dating game and easily win but I do have to warn you what I’m about to reveal to you is controversial because it works by tapping into a woman’s animal brain and forces her to act on her deepest and darkest sexual desires it is possible to achieve this because what I’m about to tell you is helping 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know their powerless to stop the techniques it teaches if you use this seduction method on them they’d never even know it and the next thing they know is that they’re lying naked on your bed begging for you to them and you can use these techniques as early as tonight it really is that simple so if you really want that much power in your hands here’s how to get it all you have to do is click the first link in the description or the comments sign up to the newslet and we’ll email you the entire video tutorial I’ll see you guys there



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  1. You can't control me on my own man. And I will not stand for any nonsense from a woman. I will send her packing faster and she can say oh s***😂😂😂😂😂😂