9 THINGS a man SHOULD NOT DO with WOMEN | Stoicism

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[Music] nine things a man should avoid doing with women first don’t change your life just to fit into someone else’s it’s like wearing shoes that are too tight painful and unnecessary every step you take to follow them leads you away from your own path you lose your own speed and forget your own goals as senica said trying to be in many places means you’re really in no place at all when you constantly try to meet others expectations you lose yourself so change that stop blending in like a rainbow it’s time to be proud of your own colors don’t mold your life for others it’s time to walk your own path just be yourself your life isn’t about compromises you’re here to write your own great story not someone else’s second don’t ruin your life by being excessively obsessed with someone don’t make your entire life about them like a a satellite trapped in orbit focusing too much on another person makes you lose sight of your own future dreams and uniqueness they start to fade and you only care about what they need and want it’s like giving all your water to someone else when you’re the one who’s thirsty as Marcus Aurelius said if you’re at peace with yourself you’re at peace with the world concentrating too much on someone else throws you off balance and you end up being just a shadow living by their rules you lose sight of your own value break free from their control stop being just a moon to their Planet start shining like your own Sun and light up your own path your life isn’t just a supporting role in someone else’s story you are the star of your own life always remember that and don’t let anyone dim Your Shine third don’t let anything harm your mental health or happiness damaging your own mental health and happiness for someone else is like burning your house to keep them warm harm har F and senseless when you ignore your own health to please someone else you’re giving them control over your happiness you end up trying to make them happy while you’re sad take a step back and regain control your mental health and happiness are too important to compromise they’re not things to be traded stop sacrificing in someone else’s story be the main character in yours protect your peace and happiness fiercely strengthen your mental resilience don’t let anyone steal your joy you’re in charge of your own mind you’re not someone to be trampled on Fourth don’t push away your friends or family for someone else avoid distancing yourself from them due to your obsession with someone it’s like cutting branches from the tree that supports you every friend and family member is like a branch that has always supported you if you start pushing them away for someone else’s approval you’re choosing a challenging path reconnect with those important people nurture your support network your friends and family are unique they are your foundation your support system stay close to those who have always supported you fifth don’t waste too much time on them don’t give all your time to someone as if it’s never enough it’s like throwing your time into a void every minute you dedicate to them is a minute of your life Gone Forever time is the most valuable thing you have it’s not something to gamble and someone else’s demands senica said that it’s not that our lives are short but we waste much of them putting all your time into someone else means you’re missing out on the best parts of your life reclaim your time it belongs to you not them don’t make them your everything find a healthy balance use your time wisely cherish it and spend it on things that make you happy help you grow and fulfill you remember you control your own time don’t squander it on someone who may not appreciate any of this don’t waste it on someone who may not value any of this sixth don’t share everything about your past especially your toughest moments sharing your entire past with someone is like showing them every secret and challenge you’ve faced your past especially the hard Parts is personal it’s your own story that helped you grow in tough times it’s not something to share for others to enjoy or judge Friedrich n said that when we’re weak old ideas we’ve overcome come back to challenge us talking about all your past Secrets means you’re facing old problems again now you’re open to being hurt or used keep your secrets safe within you not everyone should know them share only what’s necessary but the main parts of your story are what make you strong and protect you don’t give your protection to someone else be cautious about whom you trust your life story is yours alone own it’s not for others to enjoy just for fun seventh don’t agree to do something just to make them happy if you don’t like it it’s like putting on a mask that makes it hard to breathe just to make someone else feel good when you say yes to things you don’t like you’re not only ignoring what you enjoy but also being untrue to yourself it’s like covering your favorite colors with the ones you don’t like Albert Camu once said that to be truly happy don’t worry too much about others when you start doing things because someone forces you to not because you want to you start feeling bitter and lose self-respect so take off that mask don’t say yes all the time learn to say no to things you don’t like your life isn’t a play where you act to please others be real be honest with yourself if something doesn’t feel right don’t do it live life on your terms not as someone else wants you to live it it remember you’re the main character of your life not just a secondary character in someone else’s life eighth don’t let the fear of being alone guide your choices making decisions based on fear especially the fear of being alone is like walking in the dark without Direction when you make choices because you fear being alone you can end up in places you never wanted to be it’s essential to remember that being alone isn’t the same as feeling lonely Aristotle once said that knowing oneself is the beginning of wisdom dedicate time to understand and appreciate your own company so when you choose to be with someone it’s because they add value to your life not because you’re afraid to be without them value your own company and don’t let fear make decisions for you ninth don’t forget to celebrate your achievements even if they seem small often we get so caught up in trying to please others or meet their expectations that we we forget to acknowledge our own successes every step forward no matter how small is a victory and should be celebrated epic is taught that we should not only seek admiration from others but also admire ourselves take time to appreciate your own efforts and achievements celebrating your progress helps build self-confidence and reinforces the importance of your personal Journey your achievements are yours alone and in recognizing them remember that your life isn’t just about reaching a destination it’s about appreciating the journey and acknowledging your hard work along the way from a stoic perspective it’s crucial to remember the power of your own choices and the importance of living in harmony with your true nature stoics like epicus taught that our happiness and peace come from within not from external circumstances or others approval you have the strength and wisdom to make choices that are right for you even if they don’t align with someone else’s desires when navigating life focus on cultivating your own virtues such as wisdom courage Justice and self-control these are the true Milestones of a fulfilling life not how well you conform to someone else’s expectations or desires remember you have the freedom to choose your path embrace your uniqueness and write your own story grounded in your values and beliefs you don’t need to compromise your integrity or sacrifice your well-being for others instead take control of your life by making choices that reflect your authentic self I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I 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