Cillian Murphy’s Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS — Best Life Advice

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if you do hold out for things if you if you really stick to your principles I mean you can’t always do that it’s impossible in this industry but if you try and be like pretty stubborn with your principles I think it pays off you know [Music] I don’t know sometimes you feel like a total waste of space really when you’re stuck at people with proper jobs and then you know what the what am I doing I remember when I was younger I was really disappointed that I had such a normal upbringing and I was like I wish I had a terrible abuse or something that I could draw on I think that’s a lot of bollocks actually I think it’s it’s what you have inside how you’re able to be creative it didn’t even come from a place of pain it didn’t come from a place of sorrow or you know it just comes from the need to perform you’re just compelled to do it you know I just love stories I love interesting characters I love people behaving in a strange way I love when you go fine is that person behaving like that so transgression is much more interesting than somebody who does the right thing all the time as an audience member I I find that much more interesting on the real drama kicks in when the stakes are raised which to me you know that is real drama when mistakes become about kind of life and death you’re fully invested in these characters people need to go to the pictures and people need some sort of Escape artists don’t let people down like politicians let people know Bankers let people down follow you to work by fluctuate but they keep making it we keep trying and they keep giving some sort of Sucker I think you know I foolishly decided to pursue a law degree but I was playing music I was playing in a band and I just started acting then those two things were happening they became much more important than going to college I didn’t really go in at all and I failed gloriously in the first year if you ever were cruising in your career and felt sort of confident in everything that you did that there would be no Challenge and and no excitement and no danger it has to feel a little dangerous I think you’ll have to feel certainly at the beginning I don’t know if I can do this and then you go at it and that drives it that that gives you the hunger and the energy to to go at it I feel I’ve been lucky in that I’ve moved always between theater television and movies so if one Avenue got a little clogged at one point I could just jump into another Avenue and right I probably have done that in the past and I think it I’ve always felt that if anyone would say to any artist we love that can you do it again right which is you know that happens not not just in our business but it happens if any time there’s a potential something being commodified or I’ve been repeated I think the artists or the creative person can the other direction and yeah but luckily I would always jump from one to the other so I’ve never I’ve never felt that way and recollaborating with people is always really good for your creative Soul like yeah you know I wonder about back in the 70s like when people came in to see a movie just totally yeah uh and it was like a fresh experience it must have been very very exciting but nowadays everybody’s just blogging about everything so you’re kind of expecting stuff nowadays which is a bit of a shame I think I guess I’m interested in duology I’m interested in contradiction I’m interested in light and shade I’m interested in the kind of in-between things of human behavior and you know villains or Heroes don’t really interest me it’s that that world’s in between and I think we’re in a good time for telling stories about characters like that I think people look for one to three-dimensional characters in in either film or television and because none of us are simple and straightforward all of us I complicated I think people identify with characters that even though they may be heightened certainly and people are extremely heightened but yet it is a story about the family and people connect to that so yeah complexity is essential and storytelling I think if your job is to portray something truthfully and honestly then if it’s happening in front of your eyes it helps you enormously and it’s a big Advantage so uh you know when The Spits fires are flying over for real and the water is on fire and the Destroyer is tipping and it’s all happening around you of course you’re heading towards a more truthful response you know so it helps also I think it also helps the viewer is there anything you ever find hard to understand about Tommy or that you’ve struggle with with how to play a certain aspect of Tommy’s character you can’t play a character no matter how far away he is from you without you know bringing something of yourself to it and the more you play it then I suppose the more part of you he becomes he never seems to sleep he never seems to eat that’s a Relentless Drive is really hard here you have to understand that it’s he’s formed by his experiences you know and he’s a leader of men or there may be somebody that can just you know grab them by the ears and go you’re gonna be you’re going to be all right let’s let’s you’re going to be okay I think the unafraid thing is is quite powerful that you know unafraid to die or accepting of death due to the to what he witnessed in the in the first World War uh and you know has he has seen things that you know no man should should see and live with and they all experienced trauma like that and now we have a name for you know PTSD but um so yeah unafraid and I think he doesn’t see a ceiling on what you can achieve in life because he knows that it can be snapped out at any moment when you’re acting it shouldn’t really be any past or future there should just be the present moment and full awareness you know of what’s happening in that present moment so I tend not to intellectualize anything at that stage it has to be purely Instinct actors do get treated um you’re used to being in a kind of a bubble when I work I work very intensely and I get get very heavily involved in it and it’s quite immersive and but then when I don’t work I don’t work at all for quite a long time as long as I can keep it going and then and then I go back into it really intensely I couldn’t work continuously I couldn’t go job to job I don’t have the capacity or the stamina creatively to do that I need to rest after a job sort of fall back in love with it again because I’m always exhausted after work I’m like yeah that’s this and my house to me alone and you know I think an actor is quite again as you guys know it’s like if you’re not careful it’s quite infantilizing you know because you’re like so I need a break from it because it is uh it’s a strange world and it’s not real and I and I love it that’s why having a family is so important because they they will always let you know about what real life is and also if you’re going to represent the average person then you gotta live as best you can as an average person I’m always very conscious of that and just want to kind of live as decent to life off screen as I can you know



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  1. Explore, work, come back home. This is what I understand by listening to him and I think that it kinda work for me as well because I am also young and introvert. And if not then it is also ok. But I always praise him as a good actor and a complete human being!

  2. Z pewnymi cechami przychodzimy na świat , nasze wewnętrzne cechy są różnorodne a kwestią jest wypracowanie pracowanie nad nimi (rozwój dziecka, otoczenie ,środowisko które kształtuje nasze cechy )

  3. I would wanna go back to age 18 when I ren away from war to Canada to act sing dance and with this knowledge now go over and do it without a question
    Aa a second language ans not too pretty alone at 18 I did feed my hunger to act dance sing but I was not supported nor taken care for.. I had to survive on my own and that was in between my insecure self then plus my injury. Now as disabeled I regret it all. Theatre was my soul.

  4. I feel like I could be a good actor, because that is what I have been doing all my life. I just see the situation and people I have been put in front of, asses it and play the roll. It's makes me really sad. But I think, I might just try being an actor and see how it goes, since that's what I have been doing anyway. I have many years of experience and people seem to be convinced.

  5. Coming from abuse is not a gift at all. It is a fight. And most fights leave people maimed, saying they are stronger is a consolation prize, it is a lie. Emotional strength, maybe, even with PTSD. lol. Society lies to you. It tests you. You were always strong or you decided to be strong. It has little to do with discipline and a lot to do with standards.

  6. I can never get tired reading,watching and listening to Cillian Murphy. He is so intelligent, nice & extremely good looking not like some cocky & dandy actors. And most important he is a straight man.

  7. I love this man's films and ofc, I met him through PB. Nice take on life, CM. Im pleased you had a nice upbringing. You are a fine actor and I love to see you doing really different things.
    Edit: you and Arthur's character gave people a much needed education about Post WW1 soldiers and "shell'shock"/PTSD.

  8. very smart guy with such an powerful and beautiful voice!…and of course I don't have to mention that he is a truly great actor, ….he was amazing in ANNA!

  9. Great speech🙌 !!! BTW what was stopping you from showing Cillian Murphy in his own speech and went up some showing random people ? You showed his face hardly 4-5 times, that was a let down in the video..

  10. He is just brilliant! 🌟 And his voice is so comforting and endearing. His mind is so rich, but honestly he could read off of a phonebook or an ingredient list and it would sound like poetry.

  11. Cillian Murphy's speech is a dose of life advice that resonates deeply. Don't miss out on this powerful insight that could change your perspective. Join me in soaking up these transformative words and embark on a journey of personal growth. Thanks for sharing this captivating wisdom that's sure to leave us speechless!