“Emotional” Giannis Antetokounmpo Motivational Video (MUST WATCH)

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my amazing mom she’s my hero you know my mom was selling stuff in the street I have money to buy a plate of food and she always saw the future in us she always believed in that she was always there for us she’s the foundation of this family back in the day we had to work until we saw something you got to do it every day you got to work more than anybody else just believe on what you’re doing keep working you know don’t let nobody tell you what you can build what you cannot do every year you work you work towards something two years ago right which is to get a promotion to be able to uh take care of your family provide the house for them or take care of your parents you work two years ago it’s not a failure it’s steps to success there’s always steps to it you know Michael Jordan played 15 years won six Championship the other nine years was a failure there’s no failure in sports you know there’s good days bad days some days some days you are able to uh be successful so that you’re not some days it’s your turn so this is not your turn and that’s what sport is about you don’t always win some other other people’s gonna win and this year somebody else want to win similar that we’re going to come back next year try to be better try to build good habits uh it was kind of hard you know I was I grew up with my family I never left the country before that right to me get getting drafted and uh just not having my family around it was uh the first moment stuff my dad’s not sure with me but uh you know two two years ago and um you know I had to go in my head that I’m going I’m gonna be the best player in the league yeah I’m gonna do whatever it takes to help my team win and I’m going to MVP and uh everything every day that I step on the floor I always think about my dad and that motivates me and they pushed me to you know play hard in it move forward even though when my body’s sore even though when I I don’t feel like playing I was gonna show up and I was gonna do the right thing you have a good parent your parents is the future for you and she always saw the future in US you always believe in us she was always there for us you’re my you’re my true hero you’re my true hero when you focus on the past that’s your ego I did this you know um we’re able to beat this team for all we did I did this in the past I want that in the past and when I folks in the future is my pride like yeah next game game five I do this and this and this right you know I’m going down that’s your pride attack like you it doesn’t happen like you’re right here and um I kind of like try to focus in the you know in the moment in the present and that’s humility that’s being humble that’s not setting no expectation that’s going out there enjoying the game competing in a high level and I think I’ve had people throughout my life that helped me with that but that’s a skill that I’ve tried to like Master it and uh it’s been working so far yeah so I’m not gonna stop gotta take everybody uh you got to be consistent you got one more than anybody anybody else out there because of my personality being low profile and do not want to put myself out there as much as other players want to put theirselves out there and um what I said is that if I cannot be the face of the league being myself and do what I do I’m good without I’m good you always think about you know my childhood uh myself just being you know raised and born in Greece but definitely when I see that the energy of like I know that my parents are extremely proud and you know my dad watch from above I know he’ll be with a smile in his face definitely not gonna change my personality change you know who I am I’m not gonna chase for nobody and not from the NBA not not for the media enough for anything I know where I came from I know where I started from um I know what me and my family have been through something that I take pride why are you so careful with your money it was a lot of people think that I’m cheap but I’m not I spend a lot of money in my family but I’ll spend money on myself um but I’m just careful with my money because I know they’ve got the value of money you know a lot of people out there think that you know a lot of NBA players just spend their money and blow through the money do whatever they want but uh you know the way I grew up and the way that it’s been fold every day and work every day to have money uh even though now I’ve signed had a million dollar deal I got money from endorsements uh I I think I never lost that bad money and I hope I never lose it I hope I give people around the world from Africa from Europe give them hope you know that it can be done it can be done eight years ago eight and a half years ago if I came to the league I didn’t know when my next move will come from you know my mom was still in stuck in the street like and now I’m here sitting in the top of the top you know and and I’m extremely blessed as my dad told me you know always want more but never be greedy my goal is to win a championship and we’re going to do whatever it takes to make that happen I never thought you know I’m gonna be 26 years old you know with my team playing the NBA Finals just playing and like I was just happy just being a pie like you know not even winning just being a part of this of this journey you know and uh but I never thought ever when I’d be 26 you know I’ve been sitting this year with this right here and this right here man it’s been it’s been uh we’ve come a long way it’s gonna happen for you you might not make it in your career might be best it might be anything just believe on what you’re doing keep working you know don’t let nobody tell you what you can be what you cannot do you know people told me I can’t make free throws I made my free throws tonight and I’m a freaking champion



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