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greetings and welcome to empowers Method we are the number one channel for exploring Curiosities that will leave you impressed with every fact we present it is important that you pay close attention because in today’s video we will reveal psychological facts that every man should know about women and sexuality but before we begin I invite you to support us with a like and to subscribe by activating the Bell so you don’t miss any of our Publications let’s get started did you know that when a woman masturbates thinking about you it means she is truly in love the increased blood flow during sexual relations causes many women to become red in the face chest and genitals some worry thinking it’s an allergy but it is completely normal a survey revealed that women after the age of 30 prefer to experiment with anal sex lack of lubrication is one of the main sexual problems for women fortunately it has an easy solution since natural lubricants or even saliva can be used anal sex despite always being present has always generated some controversy there are women who claim to Love It While others do not even consider it if a man licks a woman’s vagina and plays with her nipples it means that man really cares about satisfying her there is no standard of Beauty for vulvas all are different in shape color size appearance and structure according to surveys and studies women think about their appearance an average of 10 times a day a study conducted on people between 50 and 60 years old revealed that up to 91% of men and 86% of women are sexually active and one in three people in this latter group have sex at least once a week research has discovered that if you squeeze the base of the penis you won’t ejaculate no matter how close you are in fact this trick is used by actors in x-rated movies off camera music after having sex with you girls usually look for you to talk to them women take much longer to get aroused watching videos so take your time the only physiological response in a human body that cannot be voluntarily stopped once it has started apart from orgasms is a sneeze 93% of men between the ages of 18 and 56 watch x-rated movies according to surveys 85% of women get aroused when men suck their fingers paired men masturbate more because having more regular sex increases their testosterone production and as they produce more testosterone they also get aroused much more most women experience the greatest amount of pleasure during intercourse when they are orally stimulated more than during penetration feeling cold feet is an obstacle to reaching orgasm a survey found that wearing socks increased the number of women reaching climax from 50 to 80% it is estimated that 60% of women between the ages of 45 and 60 fake orgasms with their Partners to avoid being one of those unlucky men I suggest you take a look at our course a low blood glucose level can make it less likely to feel the need for sex so ice cream will be a successful dessert on your next date after the age of 50 60 and even 70 people experiencing certain changes in their sexuality believe that good sex has come to an end but it is not so with the right information creativity and sense of humor any problem has a solution the average age of sexual activity onset in men is 16 years in women it is 15 years according to a survey many women admitted to regretting having a date with a man they met online so be very careful the smell of pumpkins can stimulate blood flow to the penis aiding an erection 35% of people under 35 check their social networks right after having sex the average length of the vagina is 8 to 10 cm which is why an average penis is more than enough to generate pleasure in women if you know how to do it right music an ideal position to last long for both is both sitting she will wrap her legs around his back until their pelvises fit and penetration occurs total freedom of arms in this position can be used to hug the other person and feel greater physical contact approximately 25 to 30% of women have never reached orgasm if your penis curves downward the best position is doggy style this combination of position and downward curving penis facilitates squirting 18% of women can achieve vaginal orgasms without a man’s help that is when they penetrate themselves with sex toys or their fingers and 80% of women experience an orgasm through clitoral stimulation deep breathing during sex helps to briefly shut down the ejaculatory reflex which will make you last much longer an ideal position for those with a smaller penis is lying doggy style which is similar but with the woman partially lying down down and with her legs more closed this position is so pleasurable for the man that you might need some of those tricks to last longer in sex such as our course from the age of 50 onwards intercourse is an option but does not have to be the only way to enjoy with your partner in fact intercourse when considered the essential element for having sex causes many problems such as anxiety you have to learn to play other things if you have erection problems avoid void a sedentary lifestyle a good morning walk and a lowfat Diet will greatly improve your sexual potential it is perfectly achievable for women to have anal orgasms through G-spot stimulation via the rear a small penis is considered to be one that measures less than 12 CM and large is any that exceeds 17 cm to keep excitement at a high level taking small breaks is Best Stop penetration movements for a moment to kiss or give a little oral sex oral sex is more pleasurable for the woman if the clitoris and anus are combined at the same time short and deep movement is very effective for controlling ejaculation while long and deep increases the level of excitement for the man from the age of 45 onwards to enjoy satisfactory sexual relations the absence of fatigue and stress is very important the age at which a man is most potent and achieves the most orgasms is between 15 and 25 years old while the fullness of sexual life in women increases between 35 and 50 years what do you think I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior for



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