How To Argue With Someone Who Doesn’t Use Logic

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  1. After ruling out the interlocutor is being obnoxiously stubborn, I then truly try to see what could make them believe what they’re saying and acknowledge it. Then I tell them why I disagree with their premise, but always with respect to avoid them getting defensive. The goal is to communicate, not to berate or criticize. His point might be as valid as mine.

  2. I had a tough time understanding who was having the cognitive dissonance in almost every example. I don’t think I understood the lesson. Going to have to rewind this one a few times

  3. I think one tough thing about cognitive dissonance is that we often can sense when a debate has prodded our own CD, but the position our opponent is arguing is no more in alignment with reality than ours is.

  4. A truly intelligent person will listen to your facts. Someone who is thick just finds a tiny irrelevant detail or a ridiculous example and think they are making a good point

  5. I swear that whenever I'm discussing politics with people and they say 'so you're saying' they follow it with something that is entirely different to the point I was trying to make.

  6. Wait. What if you really want to smoke, and want to live a long life.

    In my head there is no cognitive dissonance there

    Just because you want something doesnt mean you will do everything you can to get there, for instance stop smoking.

    "Do you want to be an alcoholic?"


    "Youre irrational because you drink a beer right now"