How To Express An Unpopular Opinion

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bilber is one of the most popular comedians alive today despite having said about a hundred things that would get anyone else canceled no means no that’s another one no means no it’s like no it doesn’t all right look look no means no no that means no all right but no stop it what are you doing oh my god today we’ll go over how bill manages to say these controversial things without hurting his relationships or popularity learning just a few of these habits will let you go into any conversation with confidence knowing you can share your opinion without losing people’s respect also one quick note this video is about psychology not any particular belief so if you strongly disagree with anything bill says in these upcoming clips then they’ve been picked well the first and most obvious thing bill does is make people laugh if you can get someone to laugh they’re more likely to be okay with what you said even if one said differently they would hate it but how does he get you to laugh while he’s saying something you might otherwise disagree with here’s an example where bill shares a potentially unpopular opinion an nfl player hitting his wife would never make him stop watching football i was talking to my buddy the other day like what they would have to do to get me to stop watching you know i the commissioner could literally punt a baby across this office with his wingtips on i’m still gonna watch on sunday bill has a lot of different ways to make people laugh but one of the easiest is to create a ridiculous mental image something that catches you off guard and is specific here he shares another potentially controversial opinion he thinks divorce payouts are unfair to the higher earner uh are you with your girlfriend living tonight yes i am i’m technically married but i’m married how like i want to be married yeah which is i don’t sign that behind the music contract where you know everything works out until it doesn’t work i love how when you get a divorce all of a sudden it costs like 50 grand a month to give a kid froot loops note that specificity you want to drill down from breakfast to cereal to fruit loops just like he did before with shoes to dress shoes to wing tips this is a pattern you’ll see throughout the video here’s one more quick example you can see conan lose it right when bill paints a specific over-the-top mental image for context bill is explaining why he thinks it’s absurd that most people felt sympathy for charlize theron’s serial killer in monster she was a serial killer yeah you know what i mean like when you saw the jeffrey dahmer movie it wasn’t like ah somebody shoved a tuna fish sandwich up my ass and i confused people with food so i like did he make like a big excuse for him you know she was a psycho killing people and she should have died even when they’re murdering people it’s somehow our fault it’s unreal why would having a tuna fish sandwich shoved up your butt make you want to eat people conan might have pushed back on a genuinely presented argument about society’s views of male and female serial killers but instead he’s dying laughing at the absurd specificity of a tuna sandwich in the ass triggering cannibalism you can use this trick anytime you want to make someone laugh the second thing you’ll notice bill does when he’s about to cross the pc line is begin by validating the other side this is called pacing their reality you partially affirm what they believe before going into your own controversial take for example here’s a bit bill does about domestic abuse before he says anything spicy he makes it clear it’s obviously bad for a man to hit a woman how do you not know not to do that [ __ ] do they really have to keep talking about it who it’s like wife beaters watching for oh ah now i get it upside daisy sweetheart here we go there you go it’s only after he’s made it clear that he agrees domestic abuse is bad that he goes into his potentially controversial opinion so at the end of the hour they come to the logical conclusion they’re like there is no reason to hit a woman there is no reason to hit a woman and i was just like really i could give you like 17 right off the top of my head really no reason how about this you marry a girl you fall in love you buy her a house you go to work every day paying off the house you come home one day she’s banging the next door neighbor hands you divorce papers you got to move out sleep on a futon and still pay for that house that she’s going to stay in no reason i’m not saying you should do it but there’s plenty of [ __ ] reasons in that arc of a story after sharing his unpopular opinion that it doesn’t justify it but there are reasons it happened he circles back and addresses the most likely objection to his view then extends an olive branch to meet on common ground look i realize i’m coming off pretty ignorant right about now i realized that let me extend an olive branch then okay i realize that there’s some animal guys out there okay horrible guys you know have a rough day at the factory come home tune a casserole and just start swinging all right i realize they exist they should be buried underneath the prison okay so if i can admit that ladies can you at least admit that every ass kicking doesn’t just fall out of the [ __ ] sky so to recap validate the other side where you can voice your own unpopular opinion address the most common objection and then try to end on common ground this will allow people to agree with your unpopular opinion without feeling like they need to change any of their high level values now that was all done during a stand-up comedy special but in the flow of a back and forth conversation you don’t have to do all four at once you can start with just the first two steps and let the other person raise their objections before you try to meet on common ground for example here’s bill discussing the metoo catchphrase believe women with conan it’s like that believe women it’s like all of them how about how about 85 i’ll give you 87 all right again he starts by validating the other side yes most women should be believed then he gives his non-pc take that all is going too far but that last 13 percent that keys your car lets get on fire and puts a family pet in a in a pot of stew who put a pen and a pot of stew glen clothes the fear most people have in sharing an unpopular opinion is that it will make people like them less this is because people often interpret an opinion that’s the opposite of one they hold as a direct attack on their beliefs and therefore their identity bill has two easy habits you can steal to help soften that feeling of being attacked the first is acknowledge you’re not an expert bill’s a stand-up comedian and so when he goes on these talk shows it’s often with a bit that he’s thought through quite a lot but he makes it clear he’s not an expert and he could be wrong we’re all gonna we’re all gonna get we’re all gonna get replaced by like robots that’s what i think like eventually you think we’re all gonna be replaced by robots yeah according to my youtube and wikipedia research i’m not going to sit here with no medical degree listening to you with no medical degree with an american flag behind you smoking a cigar acting like we know what’s up better than the cdc no i’m just saying that i i was on you know the internet and i was reading that a lot of the money goes into their pockets so i was like all right i want to agree with that and say that that’s true and then repeat it on people often mirror each other in conversation so if you acknowledge you’re not an expert it’s much easier for the people around you to do the same the second thing you can do is verbalize if you see the other person getting uncomfortable it shows you’re socially aware and tuned into their reaction for example here’s a clip where bill is describing a lesbian he saw the hard hat and like that surveyor thing you’re feeling now they’re getting like all like they’re backing off like is he saying is he saying there’s something wrong i’m saying no she was dressed ridiculous the woman who happened to be a lesbian it was funny the way she was dressed gee i’m gonna be washed up in six months here’s another with conan you can see things are a little bit uncomfortable but after he calls it out it releases the tension and gets a big laugh always working on me like like my wife is some completed work you know it’s just like when’s the the light gonna you know shine on you this crowd has hated me for three minutes you probably noticed bill often pairs this with some type of self-deprecating humor which works well because he’s a comedian and his goal is to make people laugh in your own life you can go that route or you can simply say something like hey i can tell this is starting to be uncomfortable for you that wasn’t my intent do you want to just move on to another topic whether they do or don’t it will help your relationship and help the conversation go well if they see you prioritize the relationship over making your point it shows your goal is to discuss an idea not fight a person this ties directly into a mindset bill has he’s willing to back off an opinion for example watch him talk with conan about the joe biden photo controversy he gets the classic bilber anger at first but by the end he makes it clear this isn’t actually an opinion he’s going to fight you over he just looks like he’s posing and people like oh what is he doing yeah why is his hand there did he just sniff her it’s like how bored are you this is why nobody of any like any reasonable decent human being is going to run for president it’s the millennials you’re a bunch of rats all you’re doing is trying to get people in trouble so it’s the millennials that are making it impossible for anyone to run for president right now i get i don’t know what it is like i don’t know you just said that’s what it was look that was a long time ago this can be hard to do while talking about triggering topics but if you can keep it in mind it will be fantastic for your happiness and the quality of your relationships now one thing we were going to touch on today was bill’s hilarious use of anger after all rolling stone did dub him the king of rage comedy but bill seems to think his anger is more of a curse than a blessing i don’t want to be this guy you know i’m halfway through my life at this age you know and i’ve been an angry son of a [ __ ] and i got to turn this around man i’m embarrassed with my b i don’t want to be that guy you die as the angry guy that’s the worst dude to diet you got all of this [ __ ] that you’re sitting on so you’re sitting on all that and you haven’t addressed it so then it just it the only way for the steam to come out is like for you to snap or whatever so which is really not fair to the people around you that last part is true of carrying around repressed anger sadness or anxiety it hurts your relationships with other people and your ability to be happy and to achieve your full potential if that resonates with you and you want to learn how to release your anger sadness or anxiety you might be interested in our course emotional mastery it’s a five-week program that is designed to help you master your emotions so that you consistently feel better than you might think is currently possible this increased joy also naturally bleeds over into feeling more confident so you can put an end to those moments where you feel controlled by fear of rejection failure or conflict the way it works is by focusing on your relationship with yourself this means exercises that get you in touch with feelings you may have been repressing for a long time so you can raise the baseline level of joy that you feel on a day-to-day basis if this is something that intrigues you and you’re curious and want to learn more the best way to check it out is to check out the course directly with the link below and you can do that knowing that the course comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee that is absolutely for any reason at all there’s nothing you have to do no hoops to jump through you just go to the billing section inside the program hit refund and you’ll get all your money back i do hope that you check it out because it addresses how to live with more joy in your life and how to be less controlled by negative emotions if you’d like to join now go click the link below before we wrap i want to give a special thanks to our amazing editing team of therese andre and ivan we all hope that you enjoyed this video and we look forward to seeing you in the next one you



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  1. He is so damn witty because he’s right! And we know exactly what he’s talking about. Even women. We get it. He calls himself out all the time and he is us, but it’s ok.

  2. 95% of the people you'll meet don't want to hear any of your opinions, even if they're the most popular ones. You got unpopular ones? Put them on a blog. No one will interrupt you, and only like-minded people will seek them out.

  3. Love Bill Burr, but a lot of what he says would not go down well if said by a woman. Especially about punting a baby. It's funny, but women would be considered awful for even joking like that.

  4. The first thing I did to locate this video after a lot of time has passed was to look through your channel's playlists. It is not one of the 12 videos in the Comedy playlist. Certainly this is important for stand up comics, particularly in this post-Will Smith vs. classy Chris Rock and post-no name vs. Dave Chappelle era.

    It's so dark… Is anyone here? Why is my voice echoing? It's because the video is old, right? No one reading these comments anymore? 😮 😳 Okay, could ya just put this video in the Comedy playlist? I was feeling alone and unheard before but now I'm feeling like I'm not alone in this creepy cavernous void within youtube and I gotta go!
    Update: Wait, wait, wait – I just saw a Dave Chappelle video that's not in that playlist either. "How to be Effortlessly Hilarious with Dave Chappelle's face on the thumbnail, his eyes are definitely expressing a shared curiosity as why he's been iced out of the Comedy playlist. Updating your playlists could only increase views. So do it, k?

  5. At his best I think Burr's true comic genius lies in the analyzing and unpacking of unconsciously held beliefs. Unfortunately I think he has begun relying too much on the shock angle in recent years.

  6. Non PC opinion? Or just greet jokes based on facts and critical thinking ? 😆 I am a woman but I roll my eyes every time I hear “ believe women “ – do you know how many psycho women are among us? Amber Heard anyone ? I am not saying sexual harassment and the lack of consequence isn’t an issue – but we need a better slogan here …

  7. The thing is, Bill never actually says anything controversial or unpopular. He mostly just explores every angle of a potentially controvertial or delicate topic, but what he's saying always makes sense and it's not offensive at all.

  8. See theres a formula which has been perfected over the last 40 years, and according to the formula, theres gotta be somebody in various positions to keep the people entertained and distracted. When Louis C.K. fell off…Bill Burr finally got his time to shine. Just like when Kat Williams dropped off…BOOM! Kevin Hart is all over the place doing more successful standup than ever, then immediately went into more films than ever. The system at work.

  9. I am not an expert, I mean I am a stoner who has occasionally slept with a bunch of prostitutes but it seems like whores are cheaper than wives..

  10. As to your Number one Fear:Ie: People won't like me if I voice an unpopular/non-PC belief/opinion. My simple reaction is this. I don't give a damn if even MY OWN MOTHER likes me. Why would I care if some carbon based shmuck likes me or not?