How to Grow Tall for Teenagers (Reach Your MAX Potential Height)

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most men have terrible posture and this is what makes them look ugly so I want you to do my 7 Minute stretch routine that I do every night and I want you to do it alongside with me and just watch how much better you look and feel at the end of this video let’s get started we will start at the top and fix every body part on our body and work our way down with seven total stretches each equaling only 60 seconds first you’re going to look taller with the nerd neck routine we’re going to do this nerd neck stretch doing three sets of 20 seconds hold so to start you’re going to tuck your chin and make it touch your chest and hold here for 5 seconds next you will rotate your head as far as you can towards the right and hold here for 5 seconds you should feel the strain on the left side of your neck that is the neck muscles releasing then you will look towards the other side as far as you can and hold for 5 seconds and finally you will push your neck backwards as far as you can you will feel a deep stretch and you will hold for 5 seconds and then you can reset we’re going to do this two more times okay so now we do it again chin to chest you see gamer neck it’s caused from sitting on the computer and looking down for hours if left untreated you’re going to start slouching severely as your neck pushes forward and what ends up happening is that you look shorter but also less confident and that makes you look uglier we’re almost there we do one final one towards the back you hold for 5 seconds what you’re going to notice with the stretch is as you do it those tight neck muscles will start loosening up we got one more set ready let’s do it last set chin to chest if you’re doing this as I’m telling you right now you’re going to notice an immediate before and after I actually want you to go to the restroom and look at your neck I guarantee you you will be standing much taller which is the beauty of a stretch routine if you do this at night every day as I’m explaining it to you all those bad habits that you have daily will vanish and you will look taller move on to number two you’re going to use the neck curl stretch to Define your jawline we’re going to do three 20 second sets of neck curls to help your jawline have more definition let’s hit the floor okay the necrow is simple you’ll start on your back and then you’re going to press your tongue towards the roof of your mouth tightening your jawline then you will lift your head up tucking your chin trying to hit your chest and then you lower your head in a controlled manner you will do as many reps as possible in 20 seconds here we go [Music] damn if your jaw’s not on fire after that first set you did something wrong we got two more sets to go a bad jawline comes from breathing through your mouth instead of your nose and positioning your tongue incorrectly in your mouth it’s one of the most important things to fix as Studies have found that women are far more attracted to men with strong and defined jar lines as it signals their Superior genetic quality and fertility and now last set of 20 seconds here we go as you can see in the before and afters by strengthening the muscles in your jaw and neck you will fix a weak jawline as you did this stretch you should have felt those muscles burning in your face which means it’s working this will drastically improve how you are perceived by the women around you wow damn that feels tight number three you will correct rounded shoulders with a doorway stretch now to start I need you to find the doorway now to correct the rounded shoulders moving forward we’re going to be doing the same sets three sets 20 second holds now the setup is pretty simple you’re going to step about one foot in front of the doorway you’re then going to put your forearms on both sides leaning a bit forward once you lean forward you will grab one of your feet and step through the doorway and then shift all your weight forward you will feel an intense stretch on your chest pulling your shoulders back the reason why most men have rounded shoulders is from always being on the computer or always driving pushing your shoulders forward what ends up happening is that this collapses your shoulders makes look smaller and it makes your chest look smaller destroying that dominant Vaper that most men need to look more masculine immediately after just one stretch you’re going to feel your shoulder stronger now we’re going to do this two more times and all you’re going to do is alternate Your Feet Again forearms on doorway lean forward and now my alternate foot goes through the doorway now to improve stretching and also just body composition I like to use athletic gear like I’m wearing right now so right now I’m wearing Leo rever one of my favorite compression clothings to wear just cuz it not only improves blood flow but the compression clothing itself tapers your body helping also give you that dominant V taper that everyone’s looking for God feeling good bro all right blood’s flowing Shake It Off a bit we do it one more time again forearms on door Sills right alternate foot forward all right feel that stretch shift your weight forward I’m telling you if you’re listening to me right now and you’ve done this these three stretches look at yourself in the mirror it’s going to be day and night oo when you’re doing these stretches it’s almost like ah it’s like you’re erasing all the bad habits and bad postures you did for the day and it’s like this fresh reset when you go to bed and you wake up the next day you’ll be a new man let’s keep it moving number four fix your rounded back with the angel wing stretch so to do the stretch same thing three sets 20 second holds and all you’ll do is you’ll start with your arms above your head and then you will pull your elbows back down pulling on your back all the way down as your chest comes upwards almost like a string you will hold this position for 20 seconds you should feel your back muscles tight while your chest is being pulled up like a string you see according to research angel wings happens when one of your shoulder blades stick further out rather than laying flat this is what causes that rounded back but also it eliminates that Vaper that every guy wants now like I said we’re going to do this one more time so here we go now we’re going to do it again but to improve this movement or this stretch you can use very small weights or grab two gallons of milk or two water bottles just to add a little bit more strength or resistance and then just hold there for 20 seconds you’ll feel the immediate difference you don’t need a lot of weight here and again bro when you’re using compression gear like this all this hard work all these stretches are just accentuated bro this is why I love wearing compression gear here we go this brand Leo River they produce stuff for like the LA Lakers this guy’s a je some of the best compression gear in the market not only does it motivate you to want to stay active go to the gym Etc but it makes you look good it makes everything tight it gives you that nice Vaper that we’re looking for bro all right I’m going to do it one more time but I’m going to go find a flat wall and I want you to do the same thing so find a flat wall do the exact same movement but just notice how this stretch just fixed your rounded back look how nicely flat my hands will move on this wall here we go same movement you start here retract your back like this hold for 20 seconds look at how flat your back sits shoulder blades everything is perfectly lined up with this movement this is your body’s natural position and you being able to do this every day will just make you taller more dominant and also fix all the bad habits from the day let’s keep it going number five correct sway back posture so you can look more confident so you’re going to throw yourself on the floor we’re going to start on our back okay you’re going to take your your right leg and put it on top of your left knee and then you’re going to pull that toward your chest as far as you can and hold for 10 seconds see sway back posture is when your hips are too far forward resulting in a curve in your lower back like most posture problems it comes from sitting down too long which causes muscular imbalances in your core all right then you switch left leg on top of right knee to your chest as far as you can this movement will immediately start to put your core lower back and glutes Under Pressure which will help you realign your muscles and improve your posture all righto man you’ll feel your hips adjusting almost immediately all right two more sets let’s go bro just look at the before and after pictures now although there isn’t any weight this exercise can be tough compression gear does help you power through when it comes to heavy performance exercises the pants you see me wear are also Leo rever and what I love is that it helps keep my muscles tight which helps me through movements if you guys want to pick up high performance gear from Neo Riv then one it’s going to make you look great but two it’s going to increase your performance I’m going to have them linked below with a special limited time discount number six release hip impingement to grow a bit taller so we’re going to hit the floor again and you’re going to get on one knee as if you’re about to propose you will then push your hip forward and you will feel the pain on the back side of your leg including your hip or that stretch hold the position for 10 seconds and then you switch all right you might be proposing soon bro I’m making you more attractive that’s the goal here it’s good practice ah there we go 20 seconds you should already feel your hips a bit looser we’re going to do this again two more times you see hip impingement occurs when tightness in the hip causes a person to be more hunched over almost as though they need a walking stick as shown in a study published in the National Library of Medicine hip impingment often comes from sitting for long periods of the day which causes your hips to become tight and underdeveloped this will strengthen your hips but also loosen any of those B add side effects from always sitting down all right going to do it one more time you see right from the before and afters that when the hip becomes tight your body is then pulled forward which creates the illusion that you are slouching and this of course makes you look shorter when you complete this workout and stand up you will instantly feel as if you’re taller and if you were to take before and after pictures you will appear to be bigger you’re if you don’t feel that in the lower back man already you should be standing way taller you’re going to go to bed wake up a king let’s move on to the last move move number seven correct duck feet so you can walk more confidently now you’re going to need some flat surface it could be a bench or a chair that you have around you we’re going to still do the same three 20 second holds I have a bench here but again this works with a chair as well I’ll be taking my shoes off for this so you can see it more effectively you will essentially put one of your legs above you need to have that 90° angle you will then Cup right above your calf with your hands and twist inward as you push your knee forward you’re going to feel that arch in your foot instantly increase to correct the duck feet so when you do the position and you move forward you will hold for 20 seconds all right so here we go grab your calf at about 7 out of 10 strength and hold it 10 seconds per foot and then Lean Forward all right there we go then you switch feet your feet starts flat as soon as you grab it you twist and then you push forward you’ll feel your foot start to Arch [Applause] [Music] feels good you can already feel a difference in your feet let’s go for that second round you see duck feet occur when you walk with your toes pointed outward rather than forwards and if not corrected it can leave you looking less confident and weaker than walking you see correcting duck feet is so crucial because Studies have shown that when a man walks with confidence and a forward gate he is perceived as more attractive people that walk with Doc feet not only are seen as less confident but they also appear to be shorter we only got to do this one more time we’re almost there because as you can see there is a massive difference in the way your feet will be placed if you carry on with this movement and of course what will come with a lot more confidence when you walk as well and once you’re done with this stretch you will feel that your feet grip the floor differently more forward which is how they should be or in other words corrected and that’s it boys like promised I just fixed every part of your body starting from the head all the way down I want you to do this every night for at least a week save this video and then come back and tell me you don’t look more attractive more confident and more dominant



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  1. I’m commenting right now late June, and I’m currently short as hell. I do hope all these comments are real and not just genetic luck that everyone triggers after watching this video… I will be sure to update in 2-3 months if I see even any slight changes to my height and physique. I hope this works…

  2. There's a book called Height Maximization Protocol Unleashed, and it talks from increasing your height techniques to boosting your height potential, it's the real deal

  3. I am 15 rn and I am around 5'10 or 5'11 , do you think I would reach 6ft by 18?I have never measured my growth rate but my friends and family say I grew pretty fast after 13

  4. Yeah but his shit work trust as soon as I went to my bathroom and look at myself I looked hella taller all ready shout out to my boy for getting us right rn

  5. Alright, trying the posture techniques. I'll be back in a few weeks
    Edit: it’s been a few weeks but I’m definitely felling taller by about 2 inches. Thanks a lot!