How To Make People Respect You Immediately

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vladimir zelinski has been extremely effective at getting people and nations from around the world to support his cause in the conflict against putin’s russia so in this video we’ll break down five leadership habits you can use to command massive respect and make people want to follow you whether you’re leading in business politics or just your social life we’re also going to touch on putin’s approach in regards to these same habits before we start though the goal here is not to evaluate personalities politics or the war itself it’s to help you become a stronger leader using relevant real world examples and to the people of ukraine and russia i wish you peace and health and i hope that there’s a peaceful resolution very soon which brings us to our first point do not simply ask people to behave in ways that are good for you show them how what’s good for you is good for them and they’ll follow enthusiastically this may seem obvious but in high stress situations we sometimes expect the other person to care about what’s good for us as zelinski does in this next clip for context he and the reporter are discussing why the west won’t enforce a no-fly zone and zelensky implies that the west is not taking into account the ukrainian people’s interest but their own the rest of the governments as i understand it think it will become worse if they involve themselves actively so it would be worse for whom for our families no for whom for them now zalensky’s implication is on the money the west cares primarily for its own interests but when trying to motivate anyone to do anything do not point out their selfishness or shame them for it that strategy won’t change the fact that people tend to act in their own narrow self-interest and it just makes them defensive instead use the understanding that they will act in their own best interests to guide them towards mutually beneficial actions zalenski has done this with his references to a potential domino effect if ukraine should fall which is a much stronger tactic to implement this in your own life take time to review what you know the other person cares about before any important conversations whether you’re a teenager asking permission to go out for the night or if you’re a ceo asking someone to join your company then avoid the words i want i need or i’d love and instead try you’ll get followed by what you know they care about fulfill their desires through your plan and you will wind up with emphatic support now when speaking to people’s interests your best bet is to approach from two angles describe the heaven if they side with you and the hell if they don’t in his instagram addresses zelinski has emphasized this citing the heaven for those who come to kiev and help me then he belabors the personal costs that will come to those who support russia yesterday this dual sided approach is incredibly important for sustaining a position of leadership if you just use the hell or negative motivation you will shake someone out of their status quo but you will not guarantee that people actually follow you just that they change something it’s the heaven or positive motivators that make them specifically move towards your suggested course of action putin’s approach illustrates this because he is clearly alluded to the hell of nuclear war should the no-fly zone be implemented but putin hasn’t attempted to describe a positive outcome should the u.s align more closely with him the lack of positive motivators has been a hallmark of communication between the u.s and putin going both ways and it’s why the u.s has yet to enforce that no-fly zone but hasn’t stopped supporting ukraine in other ways so in your own life use both a great example of quickly hitting on both in a more normal context is steve jobs appealed to john scully when he was joining apple it’s a framework that you can use if you’re ever trying to get someone to join your organization he said do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want to come with me and change the world and i just sculpt i knew i would wonder for the rest of my life you know what i would have missed this takes us to the third habit give your followers a high reputation to live up to even if they’ve only just begun to earn it this habit is about seeing the beginnings of positive character traits and calling them out before they have fully developed it’s about catching people doing noble things and highlighting those acts for instance zelensky said the european leaders who came to keeve demonstrated real leadership and called them courageous even though they were nowhere near his level of risk-taking when asked about his feelings on the youth of the world rallying around the ukrainian cause he said this [Music] is now another leader might have reasonably said that the performative stances on social media were too small that more needed to be donated rather than posted about in order to make a genuine impact but counter-intuitively people are more likely to take big helpful steps when they’ve been praised for small ones not chastised for them putin seems to recognize this as well praising the bravery of russian soldiers as citizens prepare for the impact of sanctions in your life people won’t always impress you though you will be frustrated with people’s effort or results at some point in these situations rather than criticize in the heat of the moment take all your frustrations and speak or write them out vent privately in conversation with them note any ways that they’re living up to a positive reputation and then give clear direct feedback on what behavior you would like to see changed without criticizing it notice how zelinski does this without getting heated or calling names in regards to citizens sharing details on social media that compromise the military’s effectiveness is a close cousin to this is our fourth point which is when you’re praising people it is much more effective if done publicly zolensky has done an excellent job on social media of highlighting those who have helped ukrainian cause from meta to elon musk to the specific ukrainian soldiers to whom he awards honors at the end of his addresses this habit makes everyone who sees these addresses want to do more of what it takes to earn those honors and they will work hard to do so now it is true you can get a similar effect by instilling a deep fear of making mistakes in the people around you the problem with this approach is that you may get a tremendous amount of obedience and effort but you’re likely to stifle innovation and discourage people from telling you the truth we may have seen the tip of that iceberg with russia’s spy chief as he addressed putin with the demeanor of a man who would be obedient but knew that the quote-unquote wrong answer would not be tolerated so avoid the short-term motivator of fear and instead stick to public praise whether it’s making a point to call out friends who have been helpful in front of a group or complimenting employees on team zoom calls but of course the most important piece of leadership and the part that truly inspires people is this your own behavior sets the standard for everyone around you zelensky’s refusing evacuations staying in keith and visiting the wounded has done more for morale than all the other points in this video combined that’s because an inevitability of being a leader is that your personal character gets transferred to the organization’s culture it happens more slowly in huge organizations and quickly in small ones but it’s an inevitability either way this is the privilege and responsibility of leadership your personality gets magnified so if you’re a leader and there’s a trait you’d like to see more of around you like a willingness to self-sacrifice for the greater cause you need to cultivate that trait in yourself first and you need to show it to your people you don’t have to be on the literal front lines but people must know that your dedication at least matches what you ask from them when that happens the bar raises for everyone now of course this last point especially assumes you’re already a leader and if you’d like more on how to become a leader whether that’s socially or professionally i highly recommend checking out how to win friends and influence people it’s got amazing examples that have stuck with me for years and still affect how i speak and even write emails every single day and the good news is that you can check this out for free courtesy of this video’s sponsor audible when you join using the link charisma or by texting charisma to 500-500 you get one free audiobook with your 30-day trial and i highly recommend how to win friends and influence people it’s amazing probably top five most influential in my entire life if you decide to stay with audible after the free trial period you get one free audiobook per month and access to audible plus which has a huge library of audiobooks podcasts and even guided meditations all included a lot of people say that they don’t have time to feed their brain watching youtube or reading books but when you’re listening there is no excuse so if you want to check out how to win friends you can do it while you’re exercising or even just sitting in traffic i highly recommend it check out charisma or text charisma to 500 500 to do it today i hope that you guys enjoyed this video and i look forward to seeing you in the next one [Music] you



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  1. I don't like Putin but have say that if don't have understand Russian then its very hard to understand how good his russian is. Putin has very good speaking skills, he's a very good speaker.

    The translation of slavic languages are not very good the conveying sentence structure of those languages. In russian for example you can alter the word order to alter which information is empathise, something english cannot do.

    In russian generally you empathise new information at end of the sentence. Honestly video should be done by someone who spoke Russian, Ukrainian English because that's only way that you can truly get most of the meaning that Eastern slavic speaker is trying to convey.

    Russian & Ukrainian have very different grammatical structure to English this alter how information is delivered. Subtitles & dubbing don't convey meaning of languages very well. Here's example in Russian language :
    У меня есть друг в Праге
    Literally translation
    By I (Genitive case) there is friend in Prague
    I have a friend in Prague.

  2. Putin has talked about peace endlessly…just want to make that clear…and Zelensky is the one who does not want peace…as well as USA and Nato…so, be more responsable when choosing people for your examples…

  3. Hmm… you can’t possibly be serious that the only reason American doesn’t “side” with Putin is his communication skills. That is absolutely naive and just straight up a lie. There is no inclusion here the speeches for decades from the Russian side why keeping Ukraine neutral would benefit everyone. Maybe use some other examples instead of the Ukraine.

  4. It's easy to look good when you have every mainstream media outlet trying their hardest to put you in a positive light with loads of propaganda that would make Stalin blush.

  5. Tips are great, but I think this topic requires the political context. Like Putin is an autocrat, and his personality and actions, like with the spy-chief, are a result of that. The political situation and history of his regime are vital to assess him. With Zelensky too, his country is getting invaded and he needs to do whatever possible to rally people for his support. Some topics just can't be separated from politics, not when real people are suffering.

  6. Do you really think the same principles would apply if Russia didn't invade Ukraine? This channel is sometimes BS at its highest level. Of course Zelensky commands respect. The world is supporting him because Russia has invaded Ukraine.