How To Save Yourself In An Awkward Situation

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i just yeah i i i’m good from behind today we are reacting to cringe so we’ve got a number of videos here that we’re taking a look at we’re also trying to hat also trying to find out how to save an awkward situation just like that one so you can do it better in your life than i did right there so let’s dive into these [Music] [Laughter] clips stop dunking oh hello and welcome hurricane irma has cut a devastating path if you don’t acknowledge the awkwardness of something and you treat the situation you are in as too serious to deal with the screw-up or to have a laugh then the entire thing gets more uncomfortable it makes you more of a laughing stock he would have been much better served to crack a joke about i’m pretty sure this is the camera that i’m meant to be looking at right now but there is a hurricane coming and then roll with it from there right i’m gonna walk around and pick you up on another camera i think i wish we could start again but that’s all happened live on air so we’ll start the story again [Applause] what up guys so i am here to talk about need for speed um so right here it’s not going great let’s continue payback uh if you guys didn’t know need for speed payback i’m um yes great game but all right all set aside i’m a youtube creator the student payback is coming out i got my boy marcus executive producer here he is the producer of the game thank you nick for having me uh he doesn’t know his name if you try to power through it and you don’t know what you’re supposed to say you are much better off to stand up there and laugh at yourself you want to lower the filter when you’re talking so many people think that there’s only a handful of things that they can say in order to have the conversation work or in order for the presentation to go as planned he had the answer in his head which is hey guys it’s my first time i’m completely blanking right now there was this entire intro which i’m supposed to give but i am just going to repeat myself because i forgot what i was supposed to say but i do know that at some point i introduced the executive producer and again that’s coming off the top of my head imagining what he’s experiencing but all of that he knew at the time and if he just been more comfortable enough to sink into the situation say what was actually occurring and what was going on introduce him laugh at himself the whole thing would have gone better identity was really questioned and i think it explores that in a really smart way that’s not real that’s not real oh excuse me that is not real no talking about the safety of the nation did she really do that in a really smart way no that can’t be real uh it cuts so i can’t tell if she tried to move on too quickly cracking the joke smart really tough to say heavily father thank you thank you lord jesus [Music] oh god because joy has come not terrible to continue on he saw the problem but again with all these things if you just acknowledge it it goes away by the dawn’s early light what so proudly we have thank you good for them the rocket’s red glare you got it he handled it very very well i mean that’s tough and they they to be fair came in and saved him with the singing but he made himself a likeable person just by sitting there smiling inviting some of the laughter and again acknowledging the situation and not being too big to laugh at yourself when things screw up when people maintain that serious face as they screw it up it makes everyone in the audience very uncomfortable the laughing invites people to help you which is what you saw here dibs what is your deck name uh it flies you dies so so far i’m only halfway there it depends on who the you is referring to that’s just that doesn’t mean it depends who the u is i’ll see myself out that that’s the answer right there hundreds gathered today to say their final goodbyes to this fallen louisville police officer d d megan d mike [Music] i get the dd a little bit but mega doo doo yeah former british serviceman leslie bins turned around to save a woman who collapsed while she was on her trip track but he’s now attempting to scale the world’s highest mountain again he’s going back and joins us now in the studio ahead of his next mission good morning i think you have the wrong guest so yeah i just read the title you are todd landmann you look so heroic i i love this man i thought it doesn’t necessarily look like a mountaineer i think our mountaineer is that manner behind us the worst cringe is when people don’t acknowledge the weirdness of what just happened and they all laughed about it they cracked a joke that he’s not heroic they’ve skated through this one quite nicely you know that well uh it’s just tough that you have a camera on you we’ve all been there i feel like i see these nba guys that are going for handshakes and they wind up doing this thing i think everybody’s had a chance where they stick out their hand and the other person doesn’t see them so i forgive him that he handled it very well that’s the break we’re going to interview eric wyatt mayer who climbed the highest mountain in the world mount everest but he’s gay i mean he’s gay excuse me he’s blind so we’ll hear about that okay as we head to the break i’ll look at the six o’clock i don’t know why that’s so funny i’ve been watching too many of these um i don’t know if you guys have noticed but i’ve been knitting the entire time i’ve been here um and i actually learned how to knit for my grandmother um we got a cancer a couple years ago and there’s actually pretty much a 50 chance i’m gonna die of cancer my dad’s entire side of his family has died of cancer [Music] yeah my god i can’t breathe [Music] i believe your knitting deserves a great for that dude for stepping up man yeah so this is where you get that bystander effect thing and every single person is hoping that someone will say something if you’re sitting back praying that somebody else is going to speak when you enter the elevator or introduce themselves when you haven’t met yet at a party among common friends the best answer is always to kill the awkwardness in that situation go first open your mouth introduce yourself to that person it helps a ton so i didn’t even see who said it but good on you dude and 19 friday but tony the good news is nice and sunny for the weekend you should come around for a barbie no thanks okay okay yeah that’s all our news from now from all of us have a great weekend having you back and good night i wish i knew the details behind that interaction if he was just making an errand comment or if she was legitimately asking her out i wonder if he’s married i’ll miss you all too wish me luck same guy no wait is this the same dude the carlton supporters are very excited well they should be yeah exactly [Laughter] okay good this is going well you’re funny all right now melvin that’s what’s news this monday now the other one is making more sense why she didn’t play along with the barbecue thing because i don’t think it was an errand that’s good context so i hope this video has been helpful in some way to get you out of awkward situations and into a normal interaction or quite frankly just have your awkward situation and then move into a semi-less awkward interaction and coming at you from the future for a second here one thing that i wanted to mention is if you want to avoid these situations in the first place you very much might like our course charisma university charisma university is a 30-day video program that is intended to help you become your most charismatic and confident self in the moments that count the most and it’s the thing that i think is the most effective from taking you from all this charisma stuff being fun theory to actually living it and practicing it unthinkingly in your day-to-day life the way that it works is it’s broken into 30 days and each day has roughly 20 minutes of video plus one action that you will do throughout the day and that way by the end of it you’ve built up habits and everywhere from how to make an amazing first impression answering questions like what do you do or where are you from to how to be more confident in stressful situations whether that’s at work or talking to someone that you maybe like all the way through having flowing conversations body language leadership all of this is included in the 30 days and in terms of building unthinking habits i think it is very very well laid out i’m biased having made it myself but i think it’s fantastic and if you’re anything like me chances are that during lockdown your social skills might have fallen off a bit so this can be a fantastic way not just to take them back to where they were but even beyond that so you are your most charismatic and confident self so if you want to check that course out you can do so in the link below it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which means you can go through the whole thing twice technically decide if you like it and get your money back if it’s not for you so you really don’t have anything to lose i hope that if you’re a fan of this channel and you want to take this stuff to the next level you consider checking it out but either way i hope that you guys have enjoyed this video and i will see you in the next one take care peace [Music] you



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  1. That GDQ clip needs some context. I think it's fairly plausible that the knitting girl has been going around telling that story for the entirety of the event and the guys who are not acknowledging it are tired of hearing about it. This event is known for behavior of this nature from participants and has lost a fair bit of credibility because of it.

  2. Hi! Do you have any videos in how to read body language? Or some things you really should refrain yourself from saying? I'd love to see them, if they exist I'll probably come across them still if you don't I think it could be a good video material.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in each video

    Btw if no one noticed don't awknowledge it.

  3. So I know this kind of goes without saying, but you legit are one of the most charismatic people I've seen. I can tell it isn't just you putting on a show either! You genuinely care about people, you genuinely care about understanding how they work, and you even take the time to teach others how to use that knowledge in their daily lives to help them be successful. Keep up the great work and thank you for just being an awesome human being all around!

  4. 6:57 I thought that was pretty rude and annoy of her to demand everyone's attention during a game and ask the guy playing to STOP PLAYING. That's what they gathered for. And she's not dying of cancer, she just figures she will some day. Don't give people like that the attention they demand.

  5. Wow did she really asked a speedrunner to stop playing the game, so she can say her sob story? The entitlements is real. The beggining of downfall of GDQ started at that very day…

  6. The Gospel: We sin against God and for our sins we deserve hell. We fall short of Godโ€™s perfect standard for heaven. But the good news is we have a way to be forgiven, that way is through Jesus. Because he loved the world, he came, lived a sinless life then died on the cross for our sins, paying the price which is death. He was buried and rose again on the third day. Through Jesus we can be forgiven of our sins. If we put our faith in him we will be saved. โœ๏ธ

  7. 6:30 "We are XYZ news, where we take diversity seriously. Up next: the first ever interview of a dead person! What is it like to be dead? Have you been body shamed for being dead?" I liked the way I misheard that better!

  8. While the topics of these videos are interesting I'm watching these for the presentator. Such enthusiasm and infectious smile is forcing you in a better mood instantly.
    All in all that's literally practicing what you preach.

  9. Can anybody Explain the situation with the Zelda Speed run? I think this was some sort of fund raser for cancer, I don't understand the situation though, why would the girl ask the player to stop as if he was doing something insensitive? Wasn't that the whole point of the transmission?

  10. You gotta have the confidence in yourself to know a situation like that isn't a big deal. Get your validation from yourself and embarrassing moments seem a lot less serious, because they are!