If any women Says you These 10 Things ( Leave her immediately)

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actions speak louder than words this age old adage holds especially true in relationships where understanding a person’s true character and intentions often requires looking beyond their words to their actions have you ever wondered how to tell if your partner is genuinely committed to you certain behaviors can reveal deep issues and Signal whether your relationship is on Solid Ground here are some detailed insights into red flags to watch for and what they might mean for your relationship rule one I’m busy right now when someone frequently says I’m busy right now it can be concerning while acknowledging the demands of work and balancing professional and personal commitments is crucial a genuine interest in a relationship should lead to making time for each other despite busy schedules if your partner consistently claims to be busy especially when you reach out via messages or calls it may indicate a lack of prioritization and commitment healthy relationships are characterized by Mutual effort to connect and spend time together no matter how hectic life gets if she often uses busyness as an excuse to distance herself it is essential to address the issue through open and honest communication about expectations and the importance of shared time this Behavior if unaddressed can suggest deeper issues regarding her commitment to the relationship rule two it’s always about her another concerning behavior is when the focus is always on her relationships thrive on open communication and mutual interest if she dismisses your thoughts and feelings or shifts the conversation to unrelated topics it suggests a lack of empathy and consideration for instance when you share meaningful experiences or achievements and she quickly redirects the conversation to something trivial like celebrity gossip it diminishes the importance of your accomplishments a successful partnership involves genuine interest in each other’s lives dreams and aspirations constantly redirecting the conversation to her interests shows selfishness and a disregard for your feelings if this Dynamic is present it is wise to re-evaluate the relationship a supportive partner should celebrate your successes and show genuine interest in your life rule three my ex used to do that if your partner consistently references her ex it can create unnecessary tension and make you feel insecure this behavior is evident in various situations even during mundane activities for example if she frequently comments on how her ex used to do things differently it can be disheartening and cause you to feel compared and inadequate continuously invoking past relationships suggests that she may be attempting to cope with unresolved emotional issues or seeking Comfort by comparing your actions to those of her ex being used as a cushion rather than being chosen out of genuine desire can lead to a detrimental imbalance in the relationship if You observe a pattern of her regularly mentioning her ex it is crucial to consider the possibility of being a rebound and to protect your emotional well-being by re-evaluating the relationship rule 4 it’s your fault blaming you for everything even when it’s not your fault is another red flag healthy relationships involve Mutual responsibility and the ability to engage in constructive conflict resolution if your partner refuses to apologize or take responsibility for her actions it indicates emotional immaturity for instance if you are expected to beg for forgiveness when you make a mistake but when she does something wrong it mysterious iously becomes your fault this creates a toxic Dynamic the absence of genuine apologies and the tendency to shift blame onto you can be detrimental to the Health and Longevity of the relationship a successful relationship a successful relationship relies on mutual appreciation and the willingness to forgive mistakes if your partner constantly avoids admitting her faults and prefers blaming you instead it suggests lack of emotional maturity making it necessary to re-evaluate the relationship rule five pointing out flaws constantly pointing out your flaws without offering constructive feedback can erode your self-esteem and create a negative environment in a healthy and thriving relationship Partners should uplift and encourage each other’s personal growth for instance if she continually tells you that you are a flawed person without providing guidance on Improvement it creates an atmosphere of negativity and insecurity feeling comfortable in your own skin is essential when you’re with your partner it’s alarming if she consistently highlights the negative aspects of your personality rather than helping you become a better person a supportive partner should contribute positively to your life fostering an atmosphere where you feel encouraged to be the best version of yourself if your partner constantly brings you down and discourages you from improving it’s a significant red flag that should not be ignored rule six I have no one else when your partner relies on you excessively for emotional support using phrases like I have no one else it can lead to an imbalanced relationship while it is natural to support each other it is crucial to recognize the boundary between being a partner and being a partner and being a therapist your job is not to treat her mental illnesses or become a solution to her problems if she acts helpless in front of you and expects you to solve all her issues it can create a dynamic where she depends on you for everything such relationships can become exhausting and lead to resentment instead she may need professional help to address her emotional and mental health issues recognizing this early can prevent the relationship from becoming one sided and unhealthy rule 7 it was nothing serious downplaying infidelity with statements like it was nothing serious is extremely distressing discovering that your partner has been unfaithful is one of the most traumatic atic experiences in a relationship when confronted with such a situation the response from your partner becomes critical in determining the future of the relationship if she attempts to minimize the severity of her actions it raises significant concerns trust and faithfulness are foundational pillars of any successful relationship dismissing the gravity of infidelity and insisting it with inconsequential undermines the emotional connection and can have lasting consequences if your partner is unwilling to acknowledge the depth of the issue and actively work towards rebuilding trust it becomes necessary to re-evaluate the relationship to protect your emotional well-being rule eight you’re being too sensitive dismissing your feelings with statements like you’re being too sensitive raises concerns about her empathy and emotional intelligence communication and understanding are essential for fostering a healthy and supportive relationship if your partner dismisses your genuine struggles and refuses to apologize when confronted it is a troubling sign a supportive partner should offer comfort and encouragement during times of difficulty not belittle or insult you for your honesty mistakes insisting that you should display unwavering mental fortitude can be emotionally damaging if she consistently makes insensitive remarks and fails to recognize the impact of her words on your emotional well-being it is crucial to prioritize your mental health by considering the viability of the relationship rule 9 obey me demanding obedience and restricting your personal freedom is a significant red flag healthy relationships rely on mutual respect and individual autonomy while it is reasonable for couples to consult each other on various aspects of their lives the key lies in maintaining personal freedom if your partner insists on dictating your every move and requests obedience it signifies an unhealthy power Dynamic for example if she asks you to abandon your hobbies or you quality time with friends it is a clear infringement on your personal space such controlled tactics can be suffocating and limit your ability to enjoy a fulfilling life if you feel chained down and restricted it is essential to re-evaluate the relationship to preserve your personal freedom and happiness rule 10 you are cheating constant accusations of cheating without evidence ER Road trust and create a toxic environment trust is a Cornerstone of any successful relationship while a bit of jealousy can be normal baseless accusations are detrimental if your partner constantly questions your Fidelity without cause it signals deeper trust issues for instance early signs such as snooping through your phone reveal a lack of trust disproving these accusations can be emotionally draining especially when met with resistance a healthy relationship should be built on trust understanding and effective communication if your partner constantly questions your Fidelity without cause it is important to address the underlying insecurities or trust issues if efforts to resolve these issues prove futile and the relationship becomes emotionally exhausting consider whether it’s in your best interest to move on and find a relationship founded on trust and mutual respect as you reflect on these insights consider your own relationships have you noticed any of these red flags in your current or past Partnerships how did you address them and what were the outcomes remember understanding these behavioral cues can Empower you to navigate relationships with greater Clarity and confidence what steps will you take to ensure your relationship is built on a foundation of trust respect and mutual understanding before ending the video I’ll show you how to hack the dating game and easily win but I do have to warn you what I’m about to reveal to you is controversial because it works by tapping into a woman’s animal brain and forces her to act on her deepest and darkest sexual desires it is possible to achieve this 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  1. When she starts acting funny its all ways another man women or allways looking for the big better deal and there is all ways someone with more than you

  2. Great video, my ex had almost all of these issues last 3months of our relationship, and damn, it hurt really a lot, then she told me "You are a great guy but not for me". She changed completely as a person, but I know this, when your dog barks at you, someone else is feeding, this is also for relationships, but, lesson learned. Anyway, these videos help a lot of people, great job!