If You Don’t Respect Zlatan Ibrahimović, Watch This — Zlatan Ibrahimović’s Emotional Speech

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why be normal when you can be the best camera is a 35 year old where everybody thought I was in a wheelchair and what happened the lion is still alive I don’t know how much I’ve lived I just want to enjoy my moment I don’t want to have a headache I want to go into something but I go into something 200 percent and and I want to enjoy it because I know when I stop I will miss all of those things I will miss all everything around the football what is happening I will miss the the smell of the grass I will miss the the vibration from the stadiums when it’s full obviously I will miss the big stage of of the stadiums so I just want to enjoy my moment sometimes you’re right sometimes you’re wrong at least you’re being yourself we all do mistakes we learn from the mistakes but we will still do mistakes and being perfect what is being perfect you build up something that doesn’t exist for me Perfection is being yourself and I am being myself people like it or not I don’t care as long as I’m being myself I try to surround myself with positive energy uh Positive Vibes and push myself to to be positive to be open-minded and it was a new day is a new day you learn every day you learn something new and and discover something new so and I try to to enter everything you know with a positive mindset obviously in my profession I go in for the kill to become better and to improve myself and and to challenge myself to be a better Zlatan every day I think the mental part is 50 in everything we do either if you play football or whatever you work with because if you’re not ready mentally doesn’t matter how big talent you have or how prepared you are because if you’re not prepared mentally and the ready man in with the mental part then then it’s very difficult because I think the confidence comes from the mental part I know if I’m really mentally then the rest I have no problems because I know what I’m able to do and and we’re all professionals we all get judged for what we do our professional work is to play football in my world I get judged after every last training and every last game I do is part of the game if you come up among lions you should expect to get attacked by the Lions is normal because if you’re a cat you will run away but if you’re a lion you will stay among the other Lions that’s my world that’s where I come from because I believe in things I believe I can make a difference or or make noise and some things you do from your heart some things you do from from the brain and there is a risk in everything you do you never know how it goes but I think if you do it in a proper way and it feels real natural if you fail or not I think you should not be afraid of risking something you have to have the courage to do it and if I believe in something I will do 200 to to make it successful I say what I think I say what I believe in afterwards maybe it doesn’t suit everybody but I’m just being myself and I don’t change for nobody or or something I’m I’ve been myself since day one and I said to myself I will not change for for nobody or however successful I I will become I will not change I will be myself I mean I am the one and only no I’m very simple I need my training I need my family to be happy because if I know they’re happy I can focus on my main thing and that’s the football so I think many are disappointed that I am like that because they were expecting more crazy things to happen around me people expecting the negative things because I think that sells more they’re not looking the other side of the coin where you work hard you do the sacrifice you do the professional because that’s too clean they want to see the dirty thing after 20 years in Europe playing for the best clubs in the world best with best players in the world I’ve been winning so much I think what I collected it’s time to move to a different continent I think you say so move over to us try the MLS for me there was no question about it Galaxy was the team and I choose them so they didn’t need to choose me I chose them and I come to do exactly what I’ve been doing the last 20 23 years winning because I feel it’s in my DNA wherever I come I won and I will still do it so I’m coming to win I’m coming to help and make it better I don’t like to be among many where everybody says he’s just like everybody else no no I go out from that group where they Point their finger and say this guy is different he can do different things and that is what I work hard for I want to be as complete as possible and be able to do it better than other ones because we play soccer yeah it’s Collective yes but in the end it’s survival mode because being among many it means that another person can do your job and when I enter in a field I say to myself nobody else can do what I do nobody can do my job I’m a little bit old school and from the new school because new school I feel you get attention very fast for doing very little before you needed to do more to get a little attention and my family they don’t live in my in my shadow in my shade they are more important than my profession my kids is bigger than than my football they are important so wherever I go where is their area let’s say in their training I’m just a father I’m not a football player I am even discreet coming there I don’t want people to to even see me because it’s their area they are the stores in that environment that is important for me the kids for me is the future they’re the ones that follow you they’re the ones that take you as an example and I think it’s important to give back and all the all the love you get in the stadium all the energy you get in the stadium the adrenaline it’s like I said it’s 50 in the that goes in the head and you you just want to give back and if I cannot give it back on the field I try to give a outside the field so but we shouldn’t also forget that I’m a human being just like everybody else I have feelings I have emotional just like everybody else but I try to give back as much as possible in a natural way I don’t try to build up an image that somebody likes but it’s not being myself I need to be myself so if I’m not myself I don’t feel comfortable for me the attention is not important you can see an example is the social media and I’m not even active on that because I don’t leave a social media life like many players out there live and they want this attention and they need it my attention is the way I perform and I know how I can perform and what I need to perform I’m the best at what I what I’m able to do so all the other things around this is not important because who would recognize you if you were not the football player nobody so it’s not important for me I was not born in this world to to become friend with the whole world that people know me because I’m a football player people don’t know me because I am a person that did whatever I did outside the field and I push it even more like I said whatever the the limit was I have no limits I want I wanted to be as much as possible just to make noise and in a difference but in a positive way so that for me is very important but I’ve worked hard for it that is nothing that came on a red carpet and and that will be my legacy



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  1. He is the Legend. Yes Messi Yes Cristiano…. but Zlatan was something else…. with 1,95 cm such dribbling to bring on the pitch is just unbelievble.

  2. Since you are retired, you would do well being a speaker for the young people coming up in the world. The positive thoughts and confidence is what younger people need in the world.
    Imagine how nice this world would be if everyone gave 200% and work hard what ever you do in life it's the same.
    Mr. Zlatan please use your voice to help others.
    Thank you.

  3. 💊 Believes in being himself
    💊 Surrounding himself with positive energy
    💊 Learning every day.

    💊 The importance of mental preparation, confidence, and taking risks to succeed in his profession.

    💊 No-nonsense attitude and does not care about negative opinions or seeking attention through social media.

    💊 Family is crucial and prioritizes being a father over his football career.

    💊 Ultimate goal is to make a positive impact, leaving a legacy through hard work and pushing his limits to make a difference.