If You See This, You’re Being Lied To

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if you can’t tell when someone is lying it opens you up to being manipulated cheated on or stolen from and having no idea until it’s to late so in today’s video we’ll go through nine tricks to spot a liar we’ll do this by breaking down some clips of actors lying about the movie Spider-Man no way home fair warning there will be minor spoilers now this may surprise you but most unpracticed Liars actually try to avoid outright lying watch this quick clip of Tom Holland to see what I mean and notice his body language uh any chance there’s a Multiverse in which Andrew Garfield Spider-Man and JY McGuire Spider-Man and your Spider-Man all meet together clashing that would be dope CU and then you could sort of just say that everyone just comes from a different universe but would you want that though would you want that’s maybe that’s a better question would we want that Tom tries to avoid Lying by avoiding answering at all but while it’s easy to hold back your words it’s much harder to hide your micro expressions in this case Tom fidgets with his hands which could be a sign that the question makes him nervous he’s also fighting back a smile when someone’s trying to hide something they’re excited about it’s not uncommon to see a quick repressed smile there’s also a darker more Sinister smile that you may see when someone’s lying to you it’s known as dupers Delight a quick smile that comes from the thrill of deceiving you this next clip is of a mother who killed her own children in an interview from before she was the suspect notice how out of place her smile is given her words when I go to bed I cry at night even now I still cry I dream about that is a bizarre sentence to say with a smile look for it again in this next clip she’s talking about how much she allegedly loved her children yet she has to fight back a smile right after she lies and says they took it from me they give me satisfaction they give me stability they give me a reason to live and a reason to be happy and and that’s gone they took it from me but children are so easy to conceive if you see someone bite back a smile when it seems inappropriate you may have caught duper’s Delight some other sign to look for are increased blinking rapid shallow breathing a leg shaking or hard swallows but before you assume someone is lying based on their body language it is extremely important to establish a baseline of their normal behavior first this is why FBI investigators will start with questions completely unrelated to the case you need to understand what someone looks like normally before you can catch them lying so to dive into the next way to spot a lie let’s start by looking at an honest answer from Andrew Garfield just to establish a baseline for how he acts during inter have you seen the trailer have you seen I know you’re a Spider-Man fan because we’ve talked about when you were Spider-man but have you seen the trailer to this new one I have and I’m excited and I I think that Tom Holland is just the perfect Peter Parker and Spider-Man you saw there he answered definitively and with no hesitation now contrast that with this next clip when he’s asked if he’s in Spider-Man no way home photo going around on the internet of you and Toby Maguire on the set of Spider-Man uh yeah the new Spider-Man movie and uh and and I was like wow not sure about that Andrew gives a soft response with way less conviction than normal he’s also hesitating and dragging out his words which are both ways to buy time to figure out what to say next a soft denial alone doesn’t prove someone’s lying but he quickly follows up with another sign of lying deception testing deception testing is when someone changes the details of their story as they try to find the most convincing lie as an example listen to how Andrew first answers this next question have you seen the photo what what are you talking about well if you show me the photo I can tell you whether it’s it’s me or whether it’s a real thing but I see the so that’s his first try then he realizes it’s unrealistic he wouldn’t have seen such a viral photo of himself so he changes his story yeah yeah there been erased but it it was around around and we all saw it and uh I heard about it and I did see it and it’s a Photoshop in your own life when you suspect someone is lying ask them questions that get them to repeat different aspects of their story and then take note of what details change when this soft Denial on Jimmy Fallon didn’t convince people Andrew actually switched to Tom’s approach and avoided answering at all um this Spider-Man Photoshop thing um that we talked about on Jimmy Fallon listen at this point people just H like I’m I’m done like you we’ll all find out when the movie comes out this is a strategy you may see in your own life someone will act annoyed by a question in order to avoid answering the question take it as a red flag if someone tries to get you to stop asking questions by making you feel like the bad guy for asking them in addition to a soft response you also want to look out for what’s called an indirect response so again just have something to compare to take a look at this clip from Emma Stone this is a direct denial there also are rumors that you’re going to be involved have you heard these rumors I I I have heard those rumors I don’t know if I’m supposed to say anything but I’m not that’s what Andrew said too so you’re in good company I mean okay all right cool like what you’re supposed to respond as a as an Alum you saw a change of tone but she gives a very straightforward no I’m not compare that to Andrew who uses an analogy to avoid directly saying he isn’t in the movie like I feel like I’m in a game of [ __ ] werewolves or Mafia where I’m like I’m not the werewolf I promise you I am not the werewolf and everyone’s like you’re the werewolf you’re the [ __ ] werewolf one indirect response on its own isn’t always a tell but keep an eye out for if someone will only give you indirect responses for the record my friend on a stack of whatever you have there you are not as of this taping in or have any knowledge of being in the next Spider-Man movie I feel like like I feel I feel like I like hav I just said that you also probably noticed he stammers in his answer which he doesn’t normally do see if you can spot the next sign of deception yourself since we’ve isolated it to this clip it should be obvious I want to get really clear I want this is this the unequivocal yes no answer I did not get a call does that sound familiar I did not have sexual relations with that woman we’ll call this the Bill Clinton method it’s when someone technically tells the truth while they’re trying to deceive you in Bill’s case he argued sexual relations didn’t include receiving oral sex in Andrew’s case maybe he found out from his agent via text or email in either case if someone uses slippery language or answers a question other than the one you asked it should make your ears perk up there’s one more sign most people don’t consider when trying to spot a lie and that is a bigger laugh than normal especially when it’s in response to a question again it’s all about comparison to Baseline let’s compare two laughs from Andrew garfi first a genuine laugh and second an over-the-top laugh did anything ever happen to you during a live performance where there was a mess up where you’re like this is going to be tough to work through we know what’s up do you know what’s up are what I’m telling you is you’re going to be you’re in the new Spider-Man no way home on its own a big laugh doesn’t automatically mean someone is hiding something maybe they just found it funny but it should Peak your curiosity if you see a big laugh laugh after a sensitive question big laughs before a lie happen for two reasons to release nervous tension and to stall while they think of a response the last potential tell to look for is shrinking body language this can be things like hunching forward looking down or hiding your hands in Andrew’s case you see him look down a lot in interviews when talking about Spider-Man no way home but he does this in other interviews as well so while avoiding eye contact could mean someone is hiding something in Andrew’s case it’s more of an overall habit that’s something in general that you want to be aware of a lot of these tells that make you look like a liar could just come from a lack of confidence speaking hesitantly and without conviction looking down fidgeting no one thing in this video guarantees that someone is lying but if you catch several of these in the same conversation let it be a red flag now on the other side of things if these are nervous habits you worry you might have especially in moments like when you’re talking to someone you really admire or are very attracted to then you may like our program Charisma University it has a onewe step-by-step guide specifically designed to help you build strong confident body language habits and another onewe guide to help you build a deep unshakable confidence you’ll feel even in situations that used to make you nervous overall it is the fastest way I know of to become more confident and charismatic you can read all the details in the link below but I figure the best way to let you know what the program is about is to have past members speak for themselves so here are just a few things that people have written in the first is from a guy who was interviewing for new jobs he says I interviewed at dozens of places for jobs after medical school at the end of one of my interview days the doctor pulled me aside and said that I had hands down the best interview out of everybody and that they would love to have me at their program they ranked me number one and it’s my current job another person wrote in about their social life saying it has truly been incredible I’ve instantly had results that seem insane more meaningful connections my friendships have improved and my interactions with total strangers are a new exciting fulfilling thing I want to recommend this to everyone this should be in our basic education system and this last one is from someone who says it’s been lifechanging your course has been lifechanging to the point where I wake up in the morning feeling like I’ve transferred to a new person’s body the person I kept dreaming about becoming before I found Charisma on command it is incredible I found myself and I found what makes me happy if you want to join but you’re not sure if it’s right for you you should know it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee it’s 60 days even though the whole course is only 30 days because we want to make sure that every single member truly feels like they’re getting massive value from the course so you can take the whole program and then decide if it’s worth the investment if you want to learn more go ahead and click the link on screen now or below in the description either way I hope you enjoyed this video and I look forward to seeing you in the next one



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  1. The example where Andrew stated he did not get a call was used as an example for lying and I'll admit I didn't hear the question, depending on the question it wasn't "technically true" it would just be true. There's no such thing as technically true, it is or it isn't. Look, i'm a very literal thinker and it's not my responsibility to assume and answer the question you meant to ask but didn't. I will answer the question you ask, it's not my fault nor problem if you don't know how to ask the right question. I may know what you mean or I may presume to know, but I don't allow assumptions to be in my responses. Lying by definition necessitates an intent to deceive and no matter how much I may assume what you're meaning to ask, answering the question you actually asked is not lying. It's not my place to dictate to you your question, that's your responsibility. We have got to stop letting people accuse others of lying just because they either don't know the definition or know how to structure a question properly.

  2. It was the Werewolf analogy for me that got me suspicious, because I love that game and when you are the werewolf, your whole goal is to go around saying “I’m not the werewolf!”

  3. 4:05
    I use this method to determine when my sisters are lying to me. For instance, I saw a cat crossing the street next to the house my younger sisters were hanging out at.
    the number one rule that my mom gave them was to not go into that house and I questioned them as we were leaving, specifically about the cat. They both gave different answers and then slowly and vaguely continued until they both agreed on an answer. Then I explained that their answer was wrong and that the cat was a completely different color than the fake cat they were making up.
    It was also kind of obvious when I heard them scheming how best to lie to me and mom on the way home.

  4. One funny thing is that I have severe ADHD and pretty bad Tourette's syndrome, so I will fidget uncontrollably in every conversation and argument regardless of whether or not I'm lying.

  5. Poor Andrew. I feel for him. I can imagine how hard it must've been for him to continue to deny being involved with the movie, especially since he's a super fan of spiderman. He's definitely a lovable guy. If I was Andrew, I would've avoided interviews altogether.

  6. This is the first video I've come across where the editor's missed some words. I was considering the university for my kids but hope those are family friendly.

  7. You should make a video about the science of positive motivation, what works best to motivate people do actively be a better person, and some examples of positive and negative reinforcement that support this claim of successful motivation techniques

  8. My ex wife doesn't have the best memory so when I suspected that she might be lying to me about something, instead of confronting her and making direct accusations I would play along like I believed her so she let her guard down and I'd ask a bunch very specific questions and I'd remember every little detail about her story.

    Then like 6 months later and she forgot all about what happened then I'd ask her the same questions and compare her responses to the original answers and she could never remember the original story.

  9. Mom: where is your father?! It's already midnight and he should be home

    Me trying to lie because Dad told me not to be a snitch: well I'm not sure if I can tell where he is but I CAN tell you where he could be. Maybe at work? at his friend's house? the bathroom? went out to get some groceries? Who knows right? Haha he could be anywhere

  10. So i watched this a few many times practiced and then on someone I tried all this now that someone is very angry that I m interviewing them like fbi and I don't know if they were lying
    Rookie mistake y'all watch out for it create conversation in asking and keep conversation light enough to change topic or laugh what you saying

  11. There are many, many things at play when trying to determine if someone is lying and this video misses the mark on most with the one exception of establishing a baseline.