Kevin Gates’ Life Advice Will Leave You Speechless | One of The Most Eye Opening Videos Ever

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if you’re watching this right now anybody at home don’t be sorry everything happens happens for a reason man when you follow your heart you always win no matter what it is lately I’m working at combating depression combating super attempts people that want to commit combat and bullying I’m a designer I’m a lifestyle curator I’m just big on that like emotional intelligence being addicted to self-improvement like that’s my thing on it like learning how to surrender I know I’m so great but at the same time I’m only like a little piece on the board taking myself out of the equation and looking at how we affect each other as a whole because when I say I’m great we great in order for me to see greatness as somebody else I got to see greatness in myself I operate out of the spirit of love everything I do out of love even if you play I’m gonna just love you to death but it’s all love with me without being tested you never know that your true strength or your true Inner Strength whether it be psychologically whether it be mentally or physically or emotionally you gotta tense yourself and always push yourself so you know I’m truly strong you really are I always been a sacrificial lamb and I ain’t even playing victim I know I’m more to deal with I know I don’t communicate for fear of people judging me or fulfilled you taking my vulnerability and using against me I don’t get close to people fulfill you taking my loyalty and using against me because I could be honest with you every time I went to jail it was for somebody else every time I went to prison was the best time it was the best thing because I always got greater through my isolation I learned it through isolation you you elevate when you isolate you elevate cause you had one with yourself you in tune with yourself you’re not being openly stimulated with social media you’re not none of that you just really just with yourself and that Oneness you become god-like in a sense I live life at an accelerator pace and I did have positive male reinforcement in my life even though a lot of the males in my life made a lot of the wrong decisions but the intentions was pure because that’s all they knew they had no choice but that and like I say big brother don’t get it twisted I’m not perfect I make mistakes every day I break down I get angry I do all of that everybody do that but I have ways of dealing with it let’s just say this Kevin Gates says things that people are afraid to say doing better than what I used to be doing because it’s a continuous charity like it ain’t never gonna stop like it don’t I might have a bad day tomorrow I might say I ain’t go crazy right but we still gonna keep going like our 10 people healing is a journey if you don’t just heal in one session yeah you gotta always put in the work like I ain’t supposed to be sitting here keep myself inventory while I’m talking to you but I do that because I got to because I’m human and I don’t judge people because I know I ain’t got no regular judge nobody we just think best of ourselves but I had made a bottle of myself I never do no more negative self-talk I never doubt myself beat myself up for past mistakes and what’s been helping me when I do myself inventory checks like any mistake like you ever made a mistake and you think back in kind of cringe like man I should dig I go back and forgive myself yeah because I like the exhibit emotional intelligence with anything that I’m dealing with in life okay yeah I like emotional intelligence because I was just reading that every time we have an emotion it’s related to a chemical release in our body that causes that emotion that we’re experiencing at the time so instead of asking me why am I feeling like this how I’m feeling why am I experiencing this emotion it helps you navigate emotional intelligence like if somebody disrespect me did he really disrespect me was it an imminent threat what morals or principles did I compromise by him doing what he did like I asked myself why was it triggering is it something that happened is it a past traumatic reaction as opposed to a response so it’s just about emotional intelligence for me keeping itself inventory because a lot of times we don’t understand we don’t understand Fiji we don’t understand that we don’t understand the emotional detox and I’m not going to say I let bad experiences frame me like I learned from somebody that don’t change who you are change who you good to but my thing is I just do it in a broader Spectrum now so I don’t hone in on just one individual but if I I’d have had people around me that I’d have gave them the game I like really gave him the game and like I’m super proud of them whatever whatever but sometimes some people could love you so much they could love you so much that their pure existence will be shattered if you don’t disappear they got people like that like they can love you so much and relate everything you do so much but by you still existing it shatters who they want to be and it’s been like that my whole life in my neighborhood not the cop been in the streets my whole life so I got a bunch of like people that y’all watch me do these things in the streets and emulated me and everything that y’all do from accident to walk talk everything when I cried three four times a day yeah I don’t care I haven’t been through so much paraphragmatic experience that we suppress as men we have to be so tough all the time that we never release the years it is I’ve been through the worst of the worst you know because I always looked at having a family like winning right that’s how I always looked at that like wife children that’s winning to me like having a million multiple females that were never winning to me that’s the person that always been was family and children like that’s how I was raised kind of old-fashioned so even in my situationships I end up this is my first time saying this I’m just saying it because I’m in front of you even with a woman that I’m dealing with I kind of deal well as if like she my significant other my partner like like because that’s when I was looking for that love in all the wrong places before I started putting that love back into myself it’s so easy for me to pour into other people and when I do finally point on myself I kind of feel wrong for doing so one of the biggest things about me I learned how to just laugh at myself because I used to operate out of the field what people think about me or what they gonna say I like carry your credit and not just laugh at myself now I just be afraid to make mistakes in front of people try to try to make every answer sound politically correct and I no man I’m living life people are perfect people are people people feel real emotions they have real thoughts it’s okay to have fun it’s okay to loosen up it’s okay to get if I was living um you don’t take a chance you ain’t had a chance you’re making a plan to lose right took in advance to pay them back I made it in advance to move I know how to stand and greet a man whenever he walk in the room because it makes me feel good to give another man that respect the world isn’t as it is it’s SBC is as we see we are reflections of one another your spirit is already holding right out of five billion sperms you was the one that made it and if you stop evolving then you die yeah you got to keep growing you got to keep growing if you stay staging you you stop growing and anything not growing is dead when you leave the only thing that be left the only thing left that you leave behind is your name so I’d rather a good name over multiple riches and things of that nature best things in life are really free it’s just it’s once we change our perspective that’s when Miracles really start to happen in our lives [Music]



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  1. I just want to thank Kevin Gates I said 25 years behind bars of my life thinking I was impressed and others I stumbled across Kevin Gates in my life has changed forever I have a family now kids and I haven't been incarcerated in over 7 years 7 years

  2. If feel he needs to get right with Jesus Christ before handing out deep advice he’s been teaching people wrongly when it comes to the word of god which is the most important thing in this world (Church of Christ) It’s okay if you disagree but I’ve been listening and he wrong about a lot of stuff, I do pray for him and Kanye West.

  3. The fact the he’s so HONEST and can be vulnerable and let the world into his world 🌎 regarding his struggle with depression says a lot about HIM. That’s why I am able to connect to him . I understand in more ways than one. Keep operating out of LOVE ❤️

  4. My dawGGG!! I'm gonna comment on every one of your posts or reels. My Nephew Freddy G Willams loved you, he put me on to you, and alot of other pieces of wisdom. He was shot by some cowards in the back. His mom is left to take care of his kids. If you ever feel charitable find his mom Margrey Ann Williams Laurel Hill NC is an Honest , hard working grandmother that deserves a break. He was a True General, and he got to a point where he Only fucked wit you 💯 Kevin Gates!

  5. First and foremost, I am on my journey to peace, self preservation, and rebuilding myself from the inside out. For years, I deflected from doing the hard work on myself by pacifying myself with things. On January 28, 2022 I discovered Kevin at the most crucial time in my life. I’ve learned to love the stranger that was once myself. I have learned to pour into myself instead of bankrupting myself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and certainly financially by pouring all of me into others. If I’ve learned nothing else from Kevin Gates, I learned that Takers recognize Givers. I’ve been off of social media for six months, and I don’t miss it. I took the advice and totally disappeared. I moved to a new city, changed all access to me. I needed to focus on me. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ for me instead of the world.

  6. Kevin I can't begin to tell you how ur music and quotes help me I love listening to them I can relate to you I know ur probably never see this but if you happen to man ur so much more then and artist to me ur absolutely one of my heros much love Kevin

  7. I’m in love with this man… and not on no sexual agenda no emotional attachment but I love this man… he just gave me something special to me that just prompted and promoted and projected and motivated me so much… I just cried for this whole video from listening to his song “ pose to be In love” to hearing him now stalking a female to allowing her to leave and still be Able to stand up and keep the strength to keep a emotionally change himself and a put out of a vibration that just shook my whole soul… I’ve been alone from a toxic relationship with a woman that I gave it all up for that cheated on me brought trumped up charges with the police moved in with the man she engaged the situation with excluded me from seeing my daughter 😢I have had no power over my life in 6 months a hermit in the a down depression wondering why am I alone where is my support am I not good enough did I not do enough did I not help out family friends like do I not deserve to live… but I understand that I’m out here made for greater not for u or u or u for me.. to become a millionaire in the 5 dimension to know that im ascending to a high self to become a higher power to build great vibrations higher energy to become the best I can be…. KEVIN GATES I love u brahu made me love me it’s amazing my mind is blow that wen I cried and I felt so weak I’m crying right now texting but I have smile on my face I’m laughing just thinking about the worst I been threw has. When the best I ever encountered in my life…. Ur a prodigy maybe even a prodical son #RespectGiven #Respect Earned