Master the 13 Golden Rules for Dominating Women & Winning Hearts

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have you ever found yourself wondering how to show strength and confidence in your relationships do you struggle with setting boundaries or maintaining your individuality while dating if so you’re in the right place today we’re going to dive into a powerful topic how to demonstrate dominance in relationships I’ll be sharing 1 essential rules that can transform how you interact with your partner and ensure you’re seen as a high value man so stay tuned because by the end of this video you’ll have the tools to take control of your love life and build stronger more balanced relationships rule one establish clear boundaries establishing boundaries is where many guys go wrong in relationships boundaries are crucial because they Define what’s acceptable and what’s not in your interactions if your partner constantly makes decisions without your input or uses your things without asking it’s a sign you need to set boundaries a man of high value will clearly tell his partner what’s not acceptable for example if she offering plans without consulting you calmly and firmly explain that you expect to be included in decision making Begin by setting some basic don’ts and you’ll see the difference if you’re always ready and eager to do anything to please a girl she might end up not respecting you and could even leave establishing boundaries ensures that your needs are also considered in the relationship rule two have a busy schedule having a busy schedule shows that you have a fulfilling life outside of your relationship imagine asking her when can we go on a date and you reply next week but I’m free all week that’s not great that’s not great you should have commitments like sports Hobbies or hanging out with friends it doesn’t really matter what it is just make sure you have your own life and a busy schedule trying too hard to be available can backfire if you’re afraid to say no she might leave you for someone who can girls often look for a leader someone who can guide them so they can relax and not worry when they’re with you when you have a busy schedule it shows that you value your time and have priorities rule three trust your instincts and feelings if something doesn’t sit right with you speak up trusting your instincts and feelings is crucial in maintaining your integrity I was chatting with a female friend who said things I knew would hurt my feelings it wasn’t easy but I eventually asked her to stop the conversation to be a man of value you need to trust your beliefs and instincts and not be afraid to express your feelings for example if a partner’s Behavior makes you uncomfortable don’t suppress those feelings instead communic them honestly this not only shows that you value yourself but also sets a precedent for honest communication in the relationship rule four have plan and prioritize it don’t let your plan shift just because you’re into a girl stick to your goals and stay in control if she’s into you it’s because you’re doing something right don’t change your routine just to spend time with her if you start changing the things she likes about you she might leave once you’re no longer the person you were for instance if you have a workout routine or a project you’re passionate about don’t abandon it just because you’re in a new relationship this shows that you are committed and have a sense of direction which is very attractive rule five love yourself don’t be needy it’s okay to contact your girl but learn to be comfortable by yourself let her initiate contact sometimes if she really values you she’ll reach out ask yourself does she love you or do you need her to feel good about yourself being overly clingy isn’t great and it can come across as insecure for example instead of constantly texting her focus on your own interests and activities this not only gives her space but also shows that you have a fulfilling life on your own rule six maintain your friendships don’t ditch your friends just because you’re dating someone if you do you might end up losing the girl and possibly even your friends a guy should have his own life his own Ambitions and his own group of friends if the only person you hang out with is that girl you become too reliant on her and she’s aware of it for example make it a point to continue your regular meetups with friends or engage in activities you enjoy with them this maintains your Social Circle and shows that you value your relationships Beyond just your romantic partner rule seven speak up and set standards don’t complement the average if she’s clearly not living up to the standard don’t shower her with comp compl let her know that if she’s going to be with you you don’t settle for mediocrity she has to consistently be at her best and you can show that by expressing your dissatisfaction when she falls short and giving compliments when she does things right for example if she dresses nicely for a date compliment her genuinely but if she’s putting in minimal effort don’t feel obliged to compliment her just to make her feel good this ensures that your compliments are meaningful and valued rule eight practice saying no many suggestions that come your way might be more beneficial to others than to you if something doesn’t align with your schedule or benefit you don’t hesitate to say no a high value man has a broader perspective than most so when someone approaches you with selfish intentions say it loud and clear no for instance if she wants to hang out but you have important work to do it’s okay to prioritize your work and politely decline this shows that you respect your own time and commitments Rule n be ready to walk away if you find yourself in a situation where the girl you care about is treating you more like a resource than a partner it’s time to step away demand respect and don’t tolerate being treated like a doormat any longer sometimes to maintain your dignity you have to walk away from an unbalanced relationship for example if you’re always the one making sacrifices and she’s not reciprocating it’s a clear sign that the relationship is unbalanced walking away shows that you value yourself and won’t settle for less than mutual respect rule 10 maintain a strong presence your presence and demeanor are powerful tools even before you have a conversation she’s already forming an impression of you dressing sharply compliments your overall presence if you dress well and have a strong presence you’re set for a social boost and higher chance es of making a good impression for example when you enter a room carry yourself with confidence good posture firm handshake and eye contact go a long way in establishing a strong presence this naturally attracts people to you including potential Partners rule 11 develop an ego having a healthy ego means respecting yourself in your accomplishments girls are often drawn to guys with an ego because they like the challenge if you’re all talk and no action you won’t impress them focus on achieving real world accomplishments first for example work on personal goals such as Fitness career advancements or Hobbies your passionate about this builds a genuine sense of Pride and confidence that others will notice and respect rule 12 live independently demonstrate that you can stand on your own two feet show that you can manage on your own handle life’s financial and mental challenges and she won’t have to worry about bumping into your parents every time she visits strive to improve your situation and work hard to gain experience for instance if you’re still living with your parents have a plan for moving moving out and becoming self-sufficient this shows that you’re responsible and capable of taking care of yourself which is very attractive rule 13 dress smartly and maintain good hygiene dressing well really changes the game make an effort each morning to look your best for the day take a shower dress sharply tidy up your beard ensure you smell good good and check that your shoes are clean small changes in how you dress have a huge impact on First Impressions for example invest in some well-fitted clothes that suit your body type regular grooming and maintaining good hygiene show that you care about yourself and respect those around you so there you have it 13 essential rules for demonstrating dominance in relationships remember it’s not just about talking the talk but walking the walk women have a keen sense of discernment and if you can’t substantiate your claims you’re in trouble focus on achieving real world accomplishments and demonstrating your worth through actions if you found this video helpful make sure to hit the like button subscribe and comment below with the word 100 to confirm that you’ve received the knowledge from this video for more interesting topics check out the recommended video on the screen right now thanks for watching before ending the video I’ll show you how to hack the dating game and easily win but I do have to warn you what I’m about to reveal to you is controversial because it works by tapping into a woman’s animal brain and forces her to act on her deepest and darkest sexual desires it is possible to achieve this because what I’m about to tell you is helping thousands of Clueless aging and even unattractive guys hook up with women who are levels above their pay grade to learn about that you will have to watch a video that will teach you a simple step-by-step system that even the nerdiest guys can use to have women open their legs with this secret knowledge the nines and tens that used to turn their backs to you before you even said hi end up in your bed it shows you how to bypass a woman’s rejection mechanism and force feed feelings of dark attraction lust and sexual desire fire directly into her subconscious mind needless to say this gives you some seriously unfair power over women and pretty much allows you to sleep with whoever you want but apparently someone spilled the beans the video got into the wrong hands and now some feminist groups on social media have reported the video and almost got it taken down they even threatened to take legal action against us the reason these women are so hellbent on getting this video banned is because they know they’re powerless to stop the techniques it teaches if you use this seduction method on them they’d never even know it and the next thing they know is that they’re lying naked on your bed begging for you to them and you can use these techniques as early as tonight it really is that simple so if you really want that much power in your hands here’s how to get it all you have to do is click the first link in the description or the comments sign up to the newsletter and we’ll email you the entire video tutorial I’ll see you guys there



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