Playful Pushes: How To Charm Someone Out Of Your League

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when it comes to dating most people don’t have as many options as they’d like level with me what are my chances not good or the options you do have feel like settling and you have this nagging feeling that you want to do better then you see someone who consistently dates out of their league how do they do it in this video we’ll break down the start to several unlikely celebrity couples and use them to show you seven tips to help you date out of your league so you’re telling me there’s a chance yeah later in the video we’ll explain why leagues are problematic but for now assume out of your league refers to anyone you believe is above you in attractiveness wealth fame or social status we’ll be focusing on men interacting with women since that’s my own personal experience but similar principles will apply no matter who you like okay so let’s start with a few examples that have one thing in common see if you can guess what step one is for dating out of your league you go to one of those saturday night live after parties where all love is born and i met the love of my life here [Applause] and ariana your fiance the first time you appeared on saturday live she was the guest singer i guess yeah okay so saturday night live comedians date out of their league who else tends to there are plenty of photographers who aren’t rich or famous but date incredibly attractive models and it’s not uncommon for backup dancers to date out of their league with examples like chris judd and jennifer lopez or jorge santos and christina aguilera what do they all have in common they have access simply put most people never even have a chance to talk to jlo let alone guarantee hours on set together so what’s the advice here picking your career just to meet more people is a bit extreme but there’s another easy way to improve your access to people who are out of your league listen to how kevin fetterline met britney spears when she was the world’s biggest pop star so you just met her how uh mutual friends out at the club kevin wasn’t just some random guy he was friends with britney’s friends a common mistake guys make when trying to improve their dating lives is to only talk to people they’re attracted to but when you go out you’re much better off talking to everybody for starters it’s more attractive if someone sees you at the center of a bunch of people telling stories and making them laugh rather than stalking a loan around the venue and you never know when you’ll make a random new friend who ends up transforming your social life one other quick point on access while you don’t want to pick your career just to meet people if you’re genuinely interested in something but you worry your friends will tease you for it like taking dance classes if you’re a straight man do it anyway otherwise you’re not pursuing an interest you may love and you’re guaranteeing you don’t have access to the other people doing it but access alone won’t get you far if someone is high status or extremely beautiful even if they aren’t a celebrity they have had hundreds possibly thousands of people approach them trying to date them so you have to stand out from the average person who approaches them for instance in her heyday everyone who saw britney spears would freak out trying hard to get her attention [Music] i would do anything just to get a glimpse of her in person i’m gonna be shaking nervous contrast that with how she describes kevin’s demeanor when they met and you can start to understand why she was attracted to him he was very um very mysterious he just seemed not phased by anything and i saw her as the normal person you know i never treated her any different than any other normal person kevin didn’t treat her like a fan for a woman like britney who’s used to men throwing themselves at her that unfazed attitude set him apart from everyone else and made him attractive that said simply being unfazed isn’t always enough to attract someone so let’s go through three specific ways you can stand out in a positive attractive way the first is by playfully teasing this is a great flirting habit in general and is especially great if someone is used to being surrounded by yes men and flatterers here’s a few quick examples with craig ferguson teasing women he’s attracted to i have to say i’m from newton oh that’s the posh part of glasgow that’s she made she went in to make sure i said yeah it’s very that’s like saying oh yeah i’m from the hood and then you go which part and you say beverly hills you’re doing that to me you’re freaking me out i’m putting spells on you yeah you’ve already done that you did that when you did the knee that’s right you see me move back like that yeah yeah crawling away no no distance is hurting me it no it’s listen it has to be very cool don’t you do well in the cold i mean i like snow for like a minute like i love to ski but like see that’s not skiing there’s there’s no scheme yeah yeah this yeah i don’t know i’m not sure that’s skiing either here’s one more quick example with katie and russell from right before they started dating the footage isn’t great quality because it’s behind the scenes footage but you can see their banter is far from non-stop compliments [Music] if you like the idea of playful teasing but you worry about coming off like an check out our video featuring craig ferguson about how to confidently flirt with anyone it lays out some ways you can playfully tease and feel confident you’ll get a laugh we’ll link to it in the description and at the end of this video playfully teasing someone of high status or beauty does two things at once it makes them laugh which builds rapport and it also helps you stand out compared to the exclusively complimentary people who are scared to say anything the person won’t like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the occasional compliment compliments can be flattering but if all you do is compliment someone it can be off-putting for a bit of a cringy example imagine yourself as britney in this next clip who are the flowers for they are from is britney spears the one in old way brittany i love you this is an honor just to even be standing in front of you i’m a huge fan this is a dream come true to even be so close to you being overly complimentary isn’t the only way you can accidentally make yourself less attractive to someone another common mistake is saying what you think they want to hear for a common example of how people act subordinate to people they admire check out the scene from the movie train wreck it’s a joke but unfortunately it’s not far off from what a lot of real conversations look like when someone’s trying to make someone else like them you follow sports oh my god sports i love them who are your favorite teams the i like smaller teams like the not the big leagues i like the like um long island mediums the the acorn pine cones if your version of being nice is to be agreeable no matter what you should stop this won’t build attraction especially with someone who gets treated this way by everyone in fact if you want to be attractive do the opposite prioritize being honest above saying what you think they want to hear if they’re extremely attractive or high status this will instantly make you stand out from most people in their lives watch this for a great example with kevin and brittany this is very soon after they first met how do you feel about marriage and commitment i feel that love is love love you can hear the disappointment in her voice this was clearly not the answer she was looking for but dishonesty only made her more attracted to him i kind of was playing reverse psychology i don’t like you so i’m gonna ask you about marriage you know so i think that’s why i probably did all that which really screwed me because i ended up falling for him even more so this was doubly attractive because in addition to being honest it makes him a bit of a challenge flirting with someone who’s hard to get can be fun for someone who’s used to everyone always being available to them the number one way most people screw this up is by doing the opposite and being available at all times if you want to be attractive don’t treat someone you’ve just met like they’re the only good thing in your life it’s a bit of an extreme example here but listen to how jason sudakis hooked olivia wilde by not showing the intense immediate interest that most men were giving her at the time it was just really like cool he played it really cool once we started like texting a little bit really witty texts when he got my number he didn’t text me for a month i was like this is incredible oh yeah oh you must have been on the hook just like britney you can see olivia was hooked by the fact that jason was a challenge to get now it’s important to mention here neither of these last two examples was done to be a mind game kevin genuinely didn’t believe in marriage at the time and jason simply had other things going on listen to him explain as much to stephen colbert in this next clip i just didn’t make any sort of uh moves you know i and i and and and that’s the trick show no interest no just don’t i think so you hear that sometimes yeah but all i did was like i was just very very busy with other things a lot of dating advice you’ll see online is about finding attractive behavior and trying to copy it without modeling where it comes from and when you just copy the behavior you can end up coming across as fake which will blow any chance you have with someone so instead of trying to fake it the key is to genuinely have other stuff going on in your life this will automatically make you behave more attractively for instance most people without much going on in their life are attached to their phones so they see new texts right away then you stress about artificially delaying your response so you don’t seem needy but if you’re out surfing in the ocean or playing guitar in a jam session with friends you won’t have to worry about how long you should wait to text someone because you won’t even see their text for hours so build a life where this random person you just met isn’t the best thing in it then you’ll naturally do the most attractive thing also it’s important to note you don’t have to wait a month before you ask someone out or hide your romantic intentions here’s russell brand as a counter example both of these clips are from before he and katie started is the real winner dating but katy perry didn’t win an award and she’s staying at the same hotel as me so she’s going to need a shoulder crayon so in a way i’m the real winner tonight thank you very much actually this is an item that i like to call flimsley veiled excuse to chat up a woman by getting her on the radio show and you’re in the middle of that now it’s pretty obvious that he’s into katy but even still russell doesn’t act like getting katie is the most important thing in his life in this next clip katie seems open to his flirting but russell doesn’t immediately jump on it and act desperate to make it happen together boys rambunctious boys over there quite rambunctious i will come over there oh he should have said the word that’s the kind of friend he said the worst she said two words yeah she said it it’s all out there katie remember them vmas what we’ve done as a tangent russell’s flirting is so well received partially because of his persona he flirts with everyone so even when he’s directly hitting on you it can be hard to tell if he’s actually interested both so what is your secret uh my secret is that i know that within you there is a limitless divine beauty and within me as well and if i connect with that then we’ll be okay and you as well thank you chris for going forgiven okay so playfully tease be honest when it’s scary and don’t immediately prioritize the person above everything else in your life well how are you supposed to do that when just standing near the person probably makes you nervous the first thing to do when you’re nervous is recognize that being nervous isn’t a character defect everyone gets nervous from time to time even russell brand i was anxious and nervous on the day normally like on first dates i’m all right because first date for me used to be the only date right right yeah that said there are a few things you can do to minimize your nervousness if you’re meeting someone for the first time either because you see them at an event or because it’s a blind date one trick is to warm up socially before you talk to them turning on your charisma at a moment’s notice is a skill and not everyone is naturally good at it without practice if that’s you then don’t make the person you’re intimidated by the first person you speak to at an event warm up by talking to your uber driver the bouncer the bartender the hostess really anyone who’s around get into a talkative mood and you’ll find it way easier to start speaking to someone you’re attracted to second if conversation goes well and you exchange information don’t spend time on their social media social media plays a big role in convincing you that someone has the status power or otherworldly filtered looks that make you feel like they’re out of your league and third have standards beyond fame wealth or beauty the average person’s internal dialogue when talking to someone attractive is i hope this person likes me having standards means that part of the conversation is meant to genuinely see if you like them you’ll instantly feel more confident once you stop treating conversation like a one-sided tryout this will help your nerves and help you be more attractive it will also help you avoid relationships that ultimately make you miserable a good question to ask yourself right now is what personality traits does someone need to have to be in your life if they don’t have status wealth or good looks then don’t let anyone into your life if they don’t have those traits regardless of their status wealth or good looks this has helped tremendously by recognizing that ultimately dating out of your league is a bad goal often the goal to date someone out of your league comes from insecurity a good way to test this is when you think about dating this person do you think about how you would enjoy their company or do you think about how great it makes you look or how cool other people will think you are there’s nothing wrong with dating someone who’s beautiful or wealthy or famous but if you prioritize dating out of your league over dating someone that treats you well you’re setting yourself up to be miserable that said finding the right person can be hard if you aren’t good at presenting yourself if you’re someone who has few dating options it can be very tempting to settle for the best you can do even if you know they aren’t really that great for you if you want to learn how to be more confident and attractive in conversation so that you can have options and never have to settle you may like our program charisma university it’s a step-by-step guided program that will show you how to have a magnetic presence when you walk into a room enter any conversation with confidence and make an amazing first impression on anyone you meet it takes just 20 to 30 minutes a day and each day comes with a daily action guide so you know exactly how to put everything you’re learning into practice and it’s sequential with each day building upon the last it also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so the only way you pay anything is if you think it was worth more than the money you invested i could go on about the program but rather than tell you what i think let’s take a look at what some of the members have said about their experience after the program the first one comes from a guy who says cu helped his dating life he says firstly loving the course i have cherry-picked a few things for example the filter lesson in the conversation module this one lesson completely changed my life i’ve liked a girl for a year now but never thought much of it because i thought she was too pretty took your lessons gave things a shot and now we’re dating this next one comes from a guy who is interviewing for new jobs he says i interviewed at dozens of places for jobs after medical school at the end of one of my interview days the doctor pulled me aside and said that i had hands down the best interview out of everybody and that they would love to have me at their program they ranked me number one and it’s my current job and this last one is a comment in the course from someone who used it mainly to improve their dating life and he says life changing in six weeks i went from being socially awkward with few friends to the life of every event i attend i also went from having serious girl problems to dating the girl of my dreams charisma university transformed me from a lonely introvert hoping to better connect with people to an energy-filled extrovert who makes new friends everywhere i go and there are more success stories just like those in the comments if you decide to join the course if you want to check the course out click the link on screen now or below in the description we’ve had thousands of members go through the course and get a ton out of it and i would love for you to do the same if this is an area that you care about either way i hope that this video has helped you and i look forward to seeing you in the next one you



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