Priyanka Chopra’s Life Advice Will Leave You Speechless | One of The Most Eye Opening Videos Ever

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bold people make history so if you want to be the lead actor of the of your movie which is your life you’ve got to take choices that might be contrary to what you’ve heard [Music] when I was younger um it was really romanticized that you’re going for it and just keep going and you know it’s like you have to work 24 hours do four movies in one time you know five shifts don’t sleep don’t eat and the more a person does that the more successful you will be but as I have seen and lived more life I’ve realized having a work-life balance is really important but to have a sense of passion when you wake up in the morning for whatever whether it’s your job whether it’s your life whether it’s your hobby to have a sense of passion gives you a sense of purpose and having a sense of purpose really leads to success I think you know I was learning the craft I’d never been to school acting school or anything so you know my my observations were just you know what is everyone else doing around me how can I learn and I think that’s something I still have I’m a student of life I don’t expect that I know everything so when I ask for something it doesn’t come from a place of I expect this done it comes from a place of here’s why it needs to be done you know like I come with reason um because I don’t like being told no to so I I make the situation such that it’s hard to say no or I’ll be like this is why it’s necessary here’s why we should make the change I’m not someone who likes conflict I love collaboration I learned and I tell young girls that specifically girls um but mostly for young people confidence is it’s self-taught it’s doesn’t it’s not something you’re born with it’s not something that you’ll always have there’ll be days where you’re completely underconfident and don’t feel the best my job I don’t have the luxury or yours to be able to go to set and be like I’m having an underconfident day we still have to do this we still have to perform and I would like to tell my younger 19 20 year old self that you know life is all Hills and Valleys it’s never going to be a smooth Road you will have up you will have down but when it’s down you will go up so when you are up be prepared for a down and it’s okay surround yourself by people that prop you up surround yourself by people who are genuinely happy for you it’s not all the followers not like the people who you know you think are your friends that you may party with but the ones that pick up your phone call at two o’clock in the morning the one when someone is sick in your family that will sit with you for hours overnight you know those are the ones you collect those are the ones you remember and those are the ones you keep for the rest of your life that’s the biggest riches in the world whenever life has been tough and it’s been tough many times it’s been almost down and out and you don’t want to get out of bed and you don’t want to see anyone I grew up in the public eye so I kind of realize that my best person was me I had to rely on my skill set whenever I was nervous or I was scared I I started focusing on whatever was the goal in that moment I never thought the canvas could be as big as this this was not ever a aim or ever even a thought I came from a family of doctors Physicians military most of my family has been in the service my father and my mother both were in the military so it wasn’t a realistic ambition at that time I come from a small town in India my parents both highly Progressive always pushed me towards whatever dream I wanted to have I kept looking at the next rung of the ladder and then slowly I looked back and I was like 60 feet above it is up to us and our generation to be able to cut those ties and change it for the next Generation so that they don’t inherit the equity on light skin they don’t inherit the gender equality that we probably thought was normal I thought it was completely normal and absolutely okay to sit for hours and hours on set while my male co-actor just took his own time decided whenever he wanted to show up on set is when we would shoot it was normal you know when fairness commercials came by and it was a really big shiny brand it was it was normal for actors to male and women to say oh wow I have glowy white skin now there was nothing wrong around it when I was 21 22 I did think that I was dark-skinned I did think that I was not pretty enough I did think that I would have to work a lot harder even though I thought I was probably a little bit more talented than my co-actors or who were lighter skin I thought that was right I thought that because it was just so normalized so when I was younger I didn’t have the um mental equipment to be able to deal with how that made me feel I felt smaller I felt invisible I felt like I didn’t deserve to be treated the same way as everyone else because I thought that that’s what my reality was when you fail whether it’s in class or whether it’s you know in your whatever like any dent hurts when you work really hard and you failed it hurts and especially in my job right like my job is so inconsistent think about it I don’t know where my next check is coming from till I sign my next turn so unpredictable that it’s not like a nine to five it’s not like I get a salary every month like think about the basic of that it’s really a simple terrifying thought to do build a 22-year career with that kind of inconsistency takes a lot and it I think it’s easier for me when I’m more realistic about it and I’m like you know what that didn’t work how can I make it better I have to know that to be able to be better I cannot be deluded I don’t like being deluded and I don’t like deluded people and it’s just like you can never please everyone and I realized that very early in my career as a public person when I was younger in my 20s I really needed everyone to love me because I was a public person I was a new Entertainer I was like why why is this person hating me for this reason or why is this being written about me for this reason but I quickly realized when you’re a public person you are consumed by people you’re literally dinner table conversation I realize that the only way to protect my sanity and myself was to surround myself by people that are genuinely happy for me that genuinely love and care about me and my support system whether that’s my family my friends my team is very strong so that I don’t need my validation from people I don’t need my validation from the comments on social media I’m not working every day to be famous I’m working to make movies to make art for people to watch what I do and the byproduct of that happens to be Fame so once I’ve made that distinction and then bifurcation I think it became a lot easier for me to live a normal life and and to just be a normal human being what I would have told that girl is just breathe and just chill a little I was very hard on myself because everything that I sort of everything that I’ve made so far you know with the encouragement of my family has kind of been self-made you know I’ve I had to learn on the job nobody I didn’t know anything I came from in high school in an engineering background or I wanted to be an engineer um and life just kind of had other plans and you know you kind of are you gonna swim are you gonna sink and I will always swim so I’ve just kind of it’s I think that what I would tell I used to really take it very seriously I berated myself a lot and I was hard on myself and I would tell my younger self chill out time heals everything it’ll all be fine and what she would probably tell me is to not get caught up in my schedule and in the multiple things that I juggle and not forget the excitement of doing what I’m doing sometimes it’s hard you know after you do it for such a long time you have to remind yourself to be excited and be inspired and feel sort of alive instead of it being a job I think like you’ve got to sometimes you have to push the envelope there’s been too many generations that have been defined by what people think you know we can achieve or you know limitations that have been imposed because of people not being able to think or dream big enough and I think it’s every generation’s responsibility to show the endless possibilities to the next I think it’s so crucial if you have a choice in your life to end up with someone who is not like enthused by your dreams is at least interested in them is at least excited about them or you know is at least um encouraging like that’s that’s exciting um because you know everyone’s busy and everyone has a thing in their lives but to take to make the effort to make you feel like your dreams are as important as the other one is such a gift in life we never have to choose one thing so that we need to take that pressure off of our backs that you don’t have to be on one solitary Journey you can choose to be on any Journey at any time as long as you take the pressure we put too much pressure on ourselves to function we create boxes and glass ceilings for ourselves because we’re like oh this is the only way I can be and that’s how you’re successful there’s no black or white in the world everyone lives in Grays for me what has always worked is having the small next dream The Next Step you always have to take a step up in the ladder to be able to get to the top you can’t get to the top by flying up human beings don’t fly and then slowly you’ll turn around and say oh whoa look at this Legacy I’ve created but if you have unachievable dreams something that seems too out of the ordinary then you’re waiting for a miracle and miracles don’t happen very often you have to create it for yourself so what’s the next step in your big dream so if you want to buy a car say for example you have to figure out how much it’s for so you have to work backwards from your goals so if my goal is one thing I’ll work backwards and what is the first step in that goal I’ll take that then the next step in that goal and slowly you’ll buy your car my mom said that to me when I was very young she said if you’re gonna tell the truth or if you’re gonna tell a lie just know that um you know whatever you do you have to stand by it The Good The Bad Ugly it’s all yours the sum of the opportunities I chose is the reason why I’m here today and I don’t take that for granted at all and that’s my purpose is to make sure that you know every single day is spent with a pursuit of excellence in um every single choice that I make



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  3. I see a resemblance of my character in her. I would say give yourself 20 yrs to work hard, chase dreams, earn all the money, status, position and fame you wanted. Then slow down, enjoy the little things in life, spend more time with family, kids and friends, explore, try out and experience everything you wanted to. If you have plenty, give back some.

  4. These people come from trauma free family nevef go through chidhood trauma fully supported parents and ghen keep lecturing us on life to b honest they are very fat far away from truth

  5. Aweome talk 👍. I did it my way, too. Hear Frank Sinatra sing " My Way" and " The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston. I took off to the USA from Bombay in 1969, a female at 21, with a tuition scholarship only from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a suport from my brother for a year and was then on my own. Took off to Berkeley CA, in 1970 where the biggest revolution of the youth took place rejecting the conservative, imprisining thinking and lifestyle of the majority of the older opressed generation which was the exact reason I left India at that time. I did it "My Way" and found the
    " The Greatest Love of All" in the eyes of my beloved Guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba who helped me to Realize the greatest love of all inside of me. I now since last year, after 54 yrs of living in the USA, reside in a little town with the least of material comforts but with the richest vibrations of Love from the Samadhi of the the Greatest Love that walked on earth in my experience.
    Live fully and Love fully.