Psychological Tricks to Make Her Obsess Over You

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ever wondered how to make her think about you all the time here’s the key understand her needs and Desires in the modern dating World leaving a lasting impression isn’t just about grand gestures but about subtle consistent actions by being genuinely interested unpredictable confident and emotionally engaging you can create a powerful connection that makes her think of you constantly let’s dive into these nine powerful strategies to ensure you’re always on her mind number one create a sense of jealousy jealousy when applied subtly can be a powerful tool in making someone more interested in you it doesn’t mean you should be deceitful or hurtful but rather show that you have other social interactions and options and options for instance you could post photos on social media with friends especially if there are women in these pictures tagging a woman in your photos or stories can make the person you’re interested in curious about your relationship with this other woman even something as simple as posting a picture with a celebrity crush can trigger a sense of competition the key here is not to lie or fabricate stories but to highlight that your social life is vibrant and full and that she isn’t the sole focus of your attention this can often increase her interest and desire to secure a more exclusive place in your life number two don’t give into attention bait when she notices a lack of attention from you she might try to gain it indirectly through social media this could involve posting flattering pictures or statuses aimed at getting your reaction by not liking or engaging with these posts you withhold the validation she seeks thereby increasing her curiosity and interest the absence of your engagement can make her think about you more wondering why you’re not responding like other men might this strategy also shows that you are not easily swayed by superficial tactics highlighting your self-control and Independence number three don’t contact her in the early stages of a relationship or even during a longer one constantly seeking her attention can make you seem too available women often find a man who is self-sufficient and not desperate for attention more attractive by refraining from initiating contact you give her the opportunity to miss you this creates a sense of mystery and makes her wonder what you are doing potentially stirring feelings of jealousy if she imagines you might be spending time with other women the psychological effect of no contact can be powerful as it often makes the other person value your presence more and fear losing you to someone else number four show her you’re still living your life keeping active on social media in a way that subtly showcases your achievements and fun moments can remind her of your value and the exciting life you lead this doesn’t mean boasting but rather sharing ing Snippets of your life that demonstrate you’re thriving and enjoying yourself for example post pictures from a night out at a nice restaurant a weekend trip or a new hobby you’re passionate about this approach makes her realize that you are a dynamic person who has a lot to offer and she might feel she is missing out on these experiences by not being closer to you number five don’t be anxious when she reaches out when she does does reach out to you it’s crucial not to seem overly excited or desperate excessive enthusiasm can signal dependency and diminish your perceived value instead keep your responses calm polite and somewhat vague for example if she sends a message you might respond with a simple hey how are you this shows that while you are approachable you are not overly invested maintain aing a sense of mystery and self-sufficiency that can be very attractive number six maintain a bit of mystery predictability can dampen excitement in any relationship by keeping certain aspects of your life private you create an aura of intrigue this doesn’t mean being secretive about important things but rather not revealing every detail of your daily routine let her wonder what you’re up to what your passions are and what motivates you this sense of curiosity keeps her engaged and eager to learn more about you balance is key share enough to keep her interested but leave enough unsaid to maintain that element of surprise and anticipation number seven create memorable experiences creating unique and memorable experiences can make her think about you long after the moment have passed this involves being creative and thoughtful about what you do together tailor these experiences to her interests and passions for example if she loves art you could surprise her with a visit to a hidden art gallery or a special exhibit if she’s into nature a spontaneous road trip to a beautiful location or a romantic picnic could leave a lasting impression the goal is is to make these moments so special and enjoyable that she Associates you with positive and exciting memories number eight master the art of staying busy it’s important to lead a fulfilling life outside of your relationship show her that you are independent and have a variety of interests and a thriving Social Circle continue to hang out with friends pursue your hobbies and engage in activities that make you happy and engage in activities that make you happy this demonstrates that you are not overly reliant on her for your happiness and fulfillment when she sees that you are busy and active it creates an aura of intrigue and makes her wonder what exciting things you’re doing when you’re not together this space allows her to miss you and appreciate the time you spend together more number nine give a nickname using a unique and meaningful nickname can create a special bond between you choose a nickname that resonates with her interests personality or shared experiences this nickname should be something she encounters occasionally should be something she encounters occasionally reinforcing the connection to you for instance if she loves a particular show character or activity base the nickname on that this creates associative memory we’re hearing the nickname in different contexts reminds her of you and the moments you’ve shared it’s a subtle yet powerful way to keep you on her mind these strategies are about fostering a deeper emotional connection and Intrigue rather than manipulation by creating a sense of Mystery maintaining your Independence and making your interactions meaningful and memorable you can enhance her interest and investment in the relationship always use these techniques with genuine intentions aiming to build a healthy and mutually fulfilling connection remember respect and authenticity are the foundation of any successful relationship before ending the video I’ll show you how to hack the dating game and easily win but I do have to warn you what I’m about to reveal to you is controversial because it works by tapping into a woman’s animal brain and forces her to act on her deepest and darkest sexual desires it is possible to achieve this because what I’m about to tell you is helping thousands of Clueless aging and even unattractive guys hook up with women who are levels above their pay grade to learn about that you will have to watch a video that will teach you a simple step-by-step system that even the nerdiest guys can use to have women open their legs eggs with this secret knowledge the nines and tens that used to turn their backs to you before you even said hi end up in your bed it shows you how to bypass a woman’s rejection mechanism and force feed feelings of dark attraction lust and sexual desire directly into her subconscious mind needless to say this gives you some seriously unfair power over women and pretty much allows you to sleep with whoever you want but apparently someone spilled the beans the video got into the wrong hands and now some feminist groups on social media have reported the video and almost got it taken down they even threatened to take legal action against us the reason these women are so hellbent on getting this video band is because they know they’re powerless to stop the techniques it teaches if you use this seduction method on them they’d never even know it and the next thing they know is that they’re lying naked on your bed begging for you to them and you can use these techniques as early as tonight it really is that simple so if you really want that much power in your hands here’s how to get it all you have to do is click the first link in the description or the comments sign up to the newsletter and we’ll email you the entire video tutorial I’ll see you guys there



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