Seduce anyone with DARK Psychology (but Only 1% Men Can do) | The Forbidden Art of Seduction

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man always loses to woman it is an undeniable fact of life we get pushed around treated like we do not matter and left wondering what went wrong it is time to flip the script we need to understand how to turn the tables let us talk about eight dark psychological tactics that can help you persuade any woman you like these tactics are not about manipulation but about understanding and leveraging human psychology use these strategies wisely and responsibly number one use scarcity scarcity is a powerful psychological principle when something is limited or hard to get its perceived value increases apply this to your interactions with women limit your availability do not always be at her backck and call make her realize that your time is precious this does not mean playing hard to get all the time but rather showing that you have your own life your own priorities your own priorities by doing this she will start to see you as a high value individual here is how you can do it do not respond to her messages immediately take your time if she asks you to hang out sometimes say you are busy do not always be available for her this creates a sense of scarcity she will start to see you as someone with a life with things going on it makes you more attractive because you are not always there it makes it want to work for your attention remember people value what they have to work for number two foot in the door technique this tactic involves starting with small requests and gradually increasing them it is a classic psychological trick Begin by asking her for something minor it could be a favor a piece of advice or her opinion on something once she complies with these small requests she is more likely to agree to bigger ones this method builds a sense of commitment and makes her feel more invested in you imagine you are at a coffee shop with her ask her to pass the sugar then maybe ask her opinion on something trivial slowly you can ES at to bigger asks perhaps ask her to accompany you to a social event by starting small you create a pattern of compliance she becomes more comfortable saying yes to you this is because once someone agrees to a small request they are psychologically more likely to agree to a larger one later on number three become mysterious mystery is intriguing do not reveal everything about about yourself right away share details about your life gradually keep her guessing keep her guessing keep her curious when she is curious she will want to know more she will keep coming back for more this does not mean being deceptive or withholding important information but rather pacing the way you share parts of your life and personality let us say you had an exciting weekend do not spill all the details immediately drop hints leave out some parts make her ask for more when you are mysterious you become like a book she cannot put down she wants to keep turning the pages to find out what happens next this keeps the interaction Lively and engaging remember curiosity is a powerful motivator use it to your advantage number four master Push Pull technique the push pull technique is about balance give her attention but not too much show interest but also focus on your own goals and life this creates a dynamic where she is never quite sure where she stands with you it keeps her on her toes keeps her engaged she will appreciate the moments when you are fully present and crave them when you are not for instance spend quality time with her make her feel special then focus on your hobbies your friends your work this Push Pull creates a sense of unpredictability she will cherish the moments you give her attention because she knows it is not always guaranteed it keeps the excitement alive she will be more invested in trying to win your attention because it is not all always freely given number five create the triangle of Desire the triangle of Desire is about showing that other people find you attractive when she sees that others are interested in you it boosts your appeal this does not mean flaunting other women in her face but rather letting it be known that you are a desirable person this can be subtle a casual mention of someone showing interest in you or an anecdote that highlights your desirability let us say you were talking about a recent event casually mention that someone at the event found you interesting do not make it the focus just a passing comment this plants the seed in her mind that you are desired by others it makes her see you in a new light she will start to view you as someone worth competing for this enhances your appeal and makes her want to to secure your attention even more number six Show competition similar to the triangle of Desire showing competition involves making her aware that other women want to be with you this triggers a sense of competition in her she will want to win you over to be the one who stands out this does not mean creating jealousy or playing mind games but rather subtly demonstrating that you have options you might mention that you have plans with a female friend or that someone has shown interest in you recently do it subtly without boasting the idea is to let her know that you are a desirable person with options this makes her want to secure her place in your life it triggers a competitive Instinct she will work harder to keep your interest and stand out from the crowd number seven make her feel special everyone wants to feel special give her your undivided attention when you are with her make her feel like she is the most important person in the room listen to her engage with her show genuine interest in what she says when she feels special she will be more drawn to you more likely to invest emotionally when you are together put your phone away focus on her make eye contact listen actively to what she says show empathy show interest ask her questions remember details about her life this makes her feel valued she will appreciate the attention and care you give her it creates a strong emotional connection she will associate you with positive feelings and will want to be around you more number eight use humor and playfulness humor is a great way to connect with someone it lightens the mood creates a fun engaging Dynamic be playful tease her in a light-hearted way make her laugh hearted way make her laugh when she Associates you with positive emotions she will want to be around you more humor builds report break down barriers and makes interactions enjoyable cra jokes be silly do not take everything too seriously a playful tease here and there can create a fun Dynamic humor helps in breaking the ice and making the environment more relaxed when you make her laugh you create a bond she will look forward to spending time with you because it is enjoyable humor is a powerful tool to create a positive memorable experience these eight dark psychological tactics can help you persuade any woman you like remember it is not about manipulation but about understanding human psychology and using it to your advantage treat her with respect be genuine and use these tactics wisely when used responsibly they can help you build a strong meaningful connection with the woman you desire by focusing on these tactics you can change the way you interact with women remember the key is balance use these strategies to enhance your interactions not to control or manipulate treat every woman with respect and genuine interest these tactics are tools to help you understand human behavior better and build stronger connections use them wisely and responsibly before ending the video I’ll show you how to hack the dating game and easily win but I do have to warn you what I’m about to reveal to you is controversial because it works by tapping into a woman’s animal brain and forces her to act on her deepest and darkest sexual desires it is possible to achieve this because what I’m about to tell you is helping thousands of Clueless aging and even unattractive guys hook up with women who are levels above their pay grade to learn about that you will have to watch a video that will teach you a simple step-by-step system that even the nerdiest guys can use to have women open their legs with this secret knowledge the nines and tens that used to turn their backs to you before you even said hi end up in your bed it shows you how to bypass a woman’s rejection mechanism and force feed feelings of dark attraction lust and sexual desire directly into her subconscious mind needless to say this gives you some seriously unfair power over women and pretty much allows you to sleep with whoever you want but apparently someone spilled the beans the video got into the wrong hands and now some feminist groups on social media have reported the video and almost got it taken down they even threatened to take legal action against us the reason these women are so hellbent on getting this video ban is because they know they’re powerless to stop the techniques it teaches if you use this seduction method on them they’d never even know it and the next thing they know is that they’re lying naked on your bed begging for you to them and you can use these Tech sakes as early as tonight it really is that simple so if you really want that much power in your hands here’s how to get it all you have to do is click the first link in the description or the comments sign up to the newsletter and we’ll email you the entire video tutorial I’ll see you guys there



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  1. Stupid and manipulative even though you claim it's not. If you really care about someone just be honest and not play games. I recently dumped a so-called male friend who did all these things. Any man who follows this advice deserves to be alone or in an unfulfilling unhealthy relationship.

  2. Got my settlement. Got 10 years of divorce under my belt and my bank account has never been happier.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€β€β€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚