WATCH THIS EVERY DAY – Motivational Speech By Robert Downey Jr. [YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS]

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guess what it’s gonna go pretty well it’s gonna be a lot of ups and downs I’m not going to tell you the specifics because you get too scared so just appreciate Where You Are well how many times did you hit bottom would you say uh how many grains of sand in the desert sir yeah but you never know when it’s going to be your time in the barrel and and I’ve been on both sides of that coin I need to be kept uh right sized because I can easily fall into self-seeking and depression and self-pity and judgment and all that stuff it’s kind of a it’s a bit of a default but I spend enough energy and I’ve had enough uh help over enough years to actually just say oh that’s that’s just awful destructive behavior when you’re 25 and you’re given the keys to the kingdom you’re going to probably come out of Center maybe out of fear maybe out of confidence when things finally started catching up with me being able to learn Implement and not as my dad always says kid make new mistakes once I was able to make new mistakes which was in my uh late 30s completely different ball game it baffles me confidence what is what does it really mean there was a period of time where I felt like I did uh I did the first Iron Man and then I was doing the first Sherlock and I had my shirt off and I’m saying martial I was like I was all over the place and it just felt like I was I was hitting triples no matter what I did and um and then people are like are you really as confident as you seem and I was like I guess right now I am yeah there’s been times when I felt I’m in possession of it and then you want to let go a little bit because it’s only ever the moment in life guiding you the wind is so at your back that you’re like wow are you just are you just you know jumping over the waves and all that by yourself and you’re like you bet I am but there’s a physics to the moment man moment machine whatever and the wins at your back and then the wind does what wind does and it changes and if you’re left there thinking what you know so I think it’s great to be in full possession of what you would call Supreme confidence and then see what happens if you don’t hold on to it so hard because it’s great but it is a bit of an illusion because like everything else it’s always changing and every day the reset button the space bar gets pressed and it’s like now what prison culture is really uh something that’s hard to explain it’s opened my eyes to a lot things are are violent and there’s certain things that you do when you enter that system that you wouldn’t care to do on the street but it’s part of the deal there’s a morality Clause here on on this planet and it’s a big price to pay and I think having a moral psychology is uh is job one so sometimes you just got to go yeah you know I effed up actually I asked Mel to present uh this award to me for a reason because when I couldn’t get sober he told me not to give up hope and he urged me to find my faith didn’t have to be his or anyone else’s as long as it was rooted in forgiveness and I couldn’t get hired so he cast me in the lead of a movie that was actually developed for him and he kept a roof over my head and he kept food on the table and most importantly he said that if I accepted responsibility for my wrongdoings and if I embrace that part of my soul that was ugly hugging the cactus he calls it he said that if I hug the cactus long enough I’d become a man of some humility and that my life would take on a new meaning and I did and it worked all he asked in return was that someday I helped the next guy in some small way little things are easy to change Big Things become a inconvenience to the higher good and at what point do you want to pull the air brake on something where the trains you know already leaving the station it’s really difficult and the more stressed out I think anyone is the more they try to bring their own world view to Bear to soothe themselves and to try to fit in but it’s the this question to me is the only question that that I feel I need to keep asking myself can you get quiet enough to actually connect with the other flailing human beings that are actually trying to do something valid together if I’m noticing anything now it’s that it’s that we need to shift and we need new challenges and just like MMA and society and politics things are moving and morphing and the information age is making things so everything’s learning and growing from everything so quickly and improving or disproving or or uh discounting whatever’s happening next well I was talking to my shrink on the ride down here today and as usual the topic of the day is the topic it always is which is we don’t really know what we’re doing when we’re doing it and if we get comfortable with that then we’re going to be less shocked by the awful results yeah you know so I here’s all I’ll say you want to talk about validation and mentors and and people who have been with me at critical times I mentioned some male directors all of them together could not hold the candle to the power of partnership when you find somebody who without meaning to you just kind of get each other and then you kind of you cash you cash in all your chips and you say we’re going to do this difficult thing which is called relationship building and I might have been dead as a doornail in Ojai if I hadn’t met her who knows because she’s the only person in my entire life and career who I can nail it on a take I need to be taken care of I need to be validated in my personal life I try to be this as a dad without being rigid I try to just hold my space so that it’s something that is consistent enough for someone else to rely on and have a deep abiding trusted if I’m completely uh trustworthy if my word is bond and if I suit up and show up no matter what and you can count on me that gives the others so much freedom because they’re not having to entangle with my inconsistency or my neurosis



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  1. Thats what i feel now in my life i hope i take rdj past history and apply it in my life,not just bcus i can relate to a drinking problem where i somehow always sabotage myself and end up relapsing 😢😢

  2. Hard earned wisdom. The depth of his suffering is reflected in the depth of his wisdom and empathy.

    His father gave him an amazing education in the art of cinema, but also a h*llish burden to bear by making his son an addict by the age of 8.
    Downey is a walking miracle.