WATCH THIS EVERY DAY – Motivational Speech By Sadhguru [YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS]

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if you just become stagnant in your life monsters will rise in your mind if you don’t act slowly they start eating you up in so many different ways these monsters that human beings create in their own minds doesn’t matter in what kind of comfort you are living in who you are in the world [Music] you may be living in a palace but monsters won’t go this is the problem with the entire world anything that you gather can be yours can never ever be you however pretty your body is however sharp you think your mind is once you’re lost into something that you are not you cannot see life the way it is every Point you’re thinking this is it and realizing that is not it so do you want to spend your life like this and you sit on the death bed and realize this is not it that’s late that’s really being late so investing some amount of time to turn inward to just figure what is the nature of my life don’t think this is always teaching us something spiritual this is fundamental people think if they have a job if they have a steady salary and maybe a partner or children or home or car they think they are having a wonderful life but just look at their faces they are driving their dream car and they are stuck in the traffic are they laughing in joy are they extruding Bliss that in my dream car I am sitting and the traffic is giving me more time to sit in my dream car they are just abusing themselves and everybody else and the Creator so I am saying their idea of Wonderful Life exists if you are enjoying things that other people don’t have I don’t call this Joy I call that sickness you enjoy what others don’t have sickness or no it doesn’t matter who you are right now you want to be something more there’s no question about that if that something more happens today in three days you will want to be something more you will see even if you become the queen or king of this planet you will look at the Moon you look at the planetary system you look at the galaxies if I make you the king of one Galaxy you will look at other galaxies because there is something within you which is longing to become Limitless something within you which always wants to expand Beyond its boundaries things are always trying to draw boundaries because survival depends on boundaries this Instinct comes to us through our evolutionary development we are trying to draw boundaries on one level when we successfully draw a boundary we feel suffocated and then we want to expand the boundary this is the human struggle if we do not real realize the possibilities if we do not realize the many possibilities of what a human being can be do you consider that a loss or only if you lose something it’s a loss most people think only if I lose what I have it’s a loss loss of possibility is the worst loss not realizing the possibility is the biggest loss because everything has been lost without you knowing you lost it human intellect is the only thing that’s destroying this world isn’t it either you destroy somebody or yourself why is it that we don’t give a sharp knife to a child’s hand not because a knife is dangerous because the child is unconscious and he may either harm himself or somebody else this is not a land of belief systems this is a land of seekers never ever where anybody encouraged to believe anything so first mistake you make is you believe what I say I am constantly reminding you don’t believe a goddamn thing that anybody says but don’t be foolish enough to disbelieve it either all you have to do is experiment with it does it work or doesn’t work if it works you keep it otherwise rubbish it what’s the problem now about somebody being hungry somebody being homeless somebody being in a war zones all kinds of horrible things are happening on the planet I am not ignorant of it I am not living in a temple I am more of the world than you are every day I want you to understand I am running a volunteer organization with over 4 000 full-time volunteers and over 3 million part-time volunteers doing variety of work huge projects over a dozen businesses and the spiritual moment okay now I want you to understand more things are going wrong with my life on a daily basis than anybody’s life those who are reasonably well have never cared to reach out and do what needs to be done in the world in many ways they’re making sure those people don’t get it in the year 2012 we have produced enough food for 18.2 billion people we had only 6.6 billion people in that year but still 50 of the population is malnourished and hardly eaten anything this is not because there is no food because this is because you and me have not cared so is it true nobody stabbed you in the last 25 years yes but is it also true you are suffering various things of tension stress anxiety this that is it a product of your mind or somebody else poking you from outside instead of seeing when there is a problem you need empowerment not incapacitating yourself I am talking about empowering you so that your damn intelligence functions for you not against you the moment your intelligence is working against you no God in the universe is going to help you and can help you if your intelligence is turned against you you are a finished case so I am saying first let your intelligence work for you if it works for you there are many miraculous things that you can do for all those people who have still not eaten properly for whom basic things have not been taken care of that’s our business because somehow we’ve landed in a place where you and me are at least eating well once we are in such a privilege we must use our intelligence to see what is the best thing we can do in the world there is a whole culture of doing something for your satisfaction or doing something because you want to buy a ticket to heaven I want people to come to a place where you being fulfilled should happen within you if you want to go to heaven please leave but if you want to be a solution there’s another way to work I fed two children and I feel very happy so all right I appreciate that I’m glad for those two children but this is not a solution this is only for satisfaction to all of you thinking oh okay some big corporate leader I’m saying all of you are in a certain level of capability who should see how to bring a solution not do something for your silly satisfaction you can be satisfied by eating food by simply sitting quietly by sleeping well doing whatever satisfaction need not come through somebody else’s suffering somebody’s suffering that is not the basis of your suffering and if you buy a ticket to Heaven through that suffering I don’t know heaven will turn into hell for probably for you emotion is a very important part of your existence because of this silly school education that you’re getting do you think emotion is not important but even today most of your life is decided by the intensity of your emotion you may think you’re very intellectual but still your anger or your love or your anxiety or whatever nonsensical emotion you have is much more intense stronger and more decisive than your thought process for most people well people get elected into office because of other people’s emotion so emotion is a very juicy part of your life and that is one thing that you can drive up to high intensity to rev up this body to a very high intensity takes a lot of work a lot of work if you want to rev up your energies it takes a lot of work if you want to rev up your intelligence or your intellect to a very high intensity takes a lot of sharpening and work but emotion is something that most people are capable of living it up to high pitch only thing is they may be revving it up in the wrong direction in an unpleasant way their emotions are unpleasant that’s their problem keeping your emotion Pleasant see people who are in love people who are devotees of something they have the best experience of life because their emotions are sweet doesn’t matter who’s doing what your emotions are sweet your experience of Life is Beautiful once your life experience is beautiful all the other concerns are just playing so you being in love is important somebody is in love or not I am loving so much are they loving me that much or this much if you think like this you have made your entire life transactional in transactions you will gain ones and lose another time endlessly trouble and never walk in this calculation you make your life very ugly to be with people without any sense of what will I get you do not know the joy of it it’s tremendously exhilarating because when you don’t care what you get life becomes very easy and you’re free



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