What Every Man Needs to Know About Women

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most men think they have to be attracted to get girls you don’t and to prove it to you I have spent over a week studying Pete Davidson a man that’s not conventionally attractive but this is some of the women he’s dated why because he understands women in a way he probably don’t I’m going to show you exactly how he does it and show you what every man needs to know about women using scientific evidence one women respond to dominance here’s what’s interesting Pete Davidson he doesn’t look intimidating or dominant I want you to look at the pictures of Pete Davidson and all his ex-girlfriends Can you spot the similarity in all of them time’s up probably didn’t get it but let me show you you see women are naturally smaller and weaker than men and so over time Evolution has led them to seek dominant men who are in control science shows us that when a woman is asked what they want in a man women always choose dominance based characteristics like confidence and assertiveness for Pete Davidson and every single picture he is in front of the girl leading them to their destination he is dominant in control and as you can see in all of the girls faces they love it so next time you’re walking with the girl somewhere you always need to remain half a foot ahead of her so you are the one leading to the destination number two women respond to pre-selection pre-selection is when a man becomes more attractive just because of the women he has dated beforehand Pete Davidson benefits massively from pre-selection and I’m going to show you how you can do it as well even if you have haven’t dated beautiful women in the past during a recent study women were asked to rate the attractiveness of a man’s face then those women were shown what other women scored the same men and then they were asked if they wanted to change their score in almost every situation the women changed their score after seeing the rating of other women whether it was higher or lower for Pete Davidson he consistently has other women talking about how great he is to date I mean just look at what Kim Kardashian said Drew him to her he is has got got to be literally the best human being I’ve ever met like the best heart people always say like oh he’s so funny and it’s like has to do with how funny he is that’s like fourth on my list of why I like him I would say the perfect word to describe Pete is genuine imagine that imagine a 10 talking that good about you and I text him I wasn’t even thinking like oh my God I’m going to be in a relationship with him and she doesn’t even stop there she keeps going heard about this bde need to get out there like I need to just like I was just basically DTF and that is on top of what Ariana Grande had already said about the dude’s noodle but we’ll get more on that later so your goal should be how do you get more women to talk about you well it’s easy you’re going to start by asking the most attractive women in your school at work wherever you’re at for their phone numbers then when you get the number obviously you’re going to say hey I’ll text you later but then you’re not going to text a single thing see this is what’s going to happen that girl is going to go to her girlfriend and tell oh so and so asked for my number he probably likes me but he never messaged me that will make them interested in you as a matter of fact obsessed with you don’t believe me look at what she said about Pete but Pete does not come to my Afterparty everyone was at my Afterparty does not give me the time of day so a few days later I called the producer at SNL and I was like hey do you have Pete’s number and they were like yeah that dude just pulled a high school level trick on a 40-year-old woman it works number three women respond to big noodles there’s no two ways about it women want a man with a big guy downstairs but look at what Ariana Grande said about it when she was asked how long one of her songs were going to be now yes it was a sub tweet but that thing went viral at the time and then Kim followed up with this when I turned 40 everyone said it’s the best sex of your life oh and Grandma kept on telling me 40 is the best sex and I was like okay I’m ready good for Grandma and so far this guy keeps winning I remember when we SP just spoke about pre-selection well that comes into play with your big guy downstairs as well this attribute is what’s helped Pete so much but here’s the thing according to studies women don’t want a 10in noodle instead almost all prefer something in between the 5 to 6 in region which is about average and here’s a trick on how to make it look bigger simply take a razor I don’t want to be biased here but use my lawn mower 5.0 for manscaped cuz I mean we do the best trimmer in the market and carefully remove all the hair downstairs in that area the key here is removing all that hair all that extra volume will give the appearance of having a bigger noodle which can increase the chances of having other girls talk about you Number Four Women respond to an average appearance see most men believe that women want the best looking guy is possible but science says otherwise science says women prefer average faces as being more attractive when it comes to dating the key here is that you don’t need to be super attractive to get a girl you need to just make sure you’re at least average and Pete Davidson does this really well by manipulating his facial hair when it comes to facial hair Studies have found that women prefer light stubble followed up by clean shaven face followed by a full grown beard and then last the scruffy facial hair in order of attractiveness so if you want to get to at least average you need to highlight your most prominent facial features first you need the right leg and like we said the most attractive one is light stubble which usually is around 7 to 8 mm on a razor so grab any hair trimmer here I’m using my beard hedger from manscape and I’m just going to turn the Reel and set it into around 7 mm guard and then just shave your entire face if you use a quality beard trimmer it should do an even trim where it looks like you have around a 10day stubble it’s clean and tidy of course not everyone’s beard and face is the same for you it could be 7.5 or 8.5 but this this is why I like my beard trimmer from manscape because it’s the only trimmer in the market that has 20 different guard settings already built in so I can go everything from 05 which is the closest shave possible all the way to a 10 and everything in between no other trimmer gives you that amount of control now if you do have patchy hair I’m sorry to say you’re going to have to go for a clean shaven look which Pete Davidson rocks consistently to do that it’s simple ditch the clip card so remove it all together and it should bring you down to a 0.5 to a 1 mm which is a close shame that you can do every single morning to look clean second once you have the perfect length you’ll want to grab a razor and then shave under your cheekbone for example take a look at this before and after picture by removing hair he has made his cheekbones appear more defined and that gives your face more structure and as you can see in this picture Pete Davidson also has Define cheekbone so for you to do that I want you to grab your beer trimmer again our beer trimmer from manscaped when you take the guard off you get the closest shave possible from pretty much any trimmer on the market which is A5 mm this is essentially the closest shape you can get other than just using a straight razor on your face and it’s quick easy and I never get Nicks or cuts and finally you will want to clear off your neck hair so you can have a defined jawline again Pete Davidson who has an average looking face has a Define jawline so for you to get an average you’ll need to do this for this part it’s super easy keep your beard trimmer without a clip guard you don’t need a clip guard here you want to at the closest setting possible and then I want you to open your mouth as wide as possible almost think as if you’re like at the dentist when you do that an imaginary line will appear right under your jaw anything under that you will want to trim and that will give you that perfect jawline so if you want to start developing at least an average looking face yo get the best trimmer in the market get our trimmer from our company manscape I’m telling you right now I’m being biased but also it is the best trimmer you ever find if you guys go to manscape.com /mf you’re going to get a special discount plus free shipping it’ll be linked down below at this point you understand four things every man should know about a woman that you can use to your advantage including women respond to dominance women respond to pre-selection women respond to an average size Noodle and finally women respond to an average looking face but there are two more powerful techniques that I’ve seen Pete Davidson use I’ve never seen other men do which make all sense why he’s so good with women even though he’s not that attractive this takes us to number five women resp respond to insecurity you see true confidence isn’t you doing something without any insecurity confidence is doing something in spite of your insecurity so here’s how you can be more confident even if you’re insecure Pete Davidson although he is famous still has insecurities about being skinny and pale the difference between Pete Davidson and most men however is that one he doesn’t let his problems or insecurities stop him from going after women and two he accepts his insecurities and uses it as humor for his Advantage for for example take a look at what pain Manning said about Pete David’s appearance I just met this guy Pete Davidson backstage before the show great guy he asked to take a picture with me and I didn’t even realize he was one of the comedians I told him don’t give up kid whatever disease you have you can beat it bro like that was funny and most guys would feel upset by being skinny or being overweight or being too short but that was a funny joke and he took it on the chin you can see he even plays it off perfectly by laughing It Off and even congratulating the dude on just roasting him so here’s how you can do the same the next time you’re with friends and one of them makes a joke at your expense rather than getting upset I want you to do the exact same thing laugh like it was the funniest thing you just heard and then even congratulate the dude on having a good one by doing that women around you will see that although you have insecurities you’re also able to take a joke which is what true confidence is and Six Women respond to small gestures you see there are three types of men the first type uses large expensive Gest gestures to prove to a woman that he cares the second type does absolutely nothing for a woman thinking that he’ll look too weak by being too nice to a girl both of those guys they’re wrong you see the third type of guy will use small gestures that are inexpensive to show that he cares about a woman Pete Davidson is that type of guy just take a look at what Kim Kardashian says about Pete and how the other women react to it I woke up in the morning with dried pimple medicine on my nose and like he put it on for me in my sleep because he knew so cute he knew that I really that is so F needed it to go away and I was like I definitely notice that Kim is happier I think that she’s so much nicer now you know how smooth that is the dude just put pimple medicine on her nose that was free to do so next time you’re talking to a girl I want you to subtly bring up that you had some sort of candy it could be a chocolate bar after lunch and you could do this with anything I’m just using candy as an example so she’s going to ask oh what type of candy was it what type of chocolate bar you can be like oh it was a Hershey’s bar and it was a it was a febles bar right then you can go and say what’s your favorite chocolate bar she’s going to give you her favorite candy or chocolate bar and the next time you two are at lunch at work or at school bring that bar it’s going to cost you 50 cents but she’ll notice you remembered that small gesture she will become obsessed with you and now you finally understand the six most important things that you need to learn about a woman and can take action today to make her obsessed with you



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  1. Let me give an honest opinion. Please take it as a constructive criticism. This is to fight the misinformation that youngsters are exposed to in social media. I hope humans share some values whether one lives in USA or in rest of the world.

    1. Please stop using celebrities as role models. Pete worked for SNL show and Kardashian was a host in that show. They were well aware of each other and wanted to fool around. Nothing grand. Women in show business have a limited option of men as they cannot move in public without getting bothered by paparazzi or the fans. How can ordinary men and women relate to their hookup?

    2. Posting certain pictures about Pete being ahead of his girlfriends is half truth. If one searches, there are other pictures that don't have that dominance. You could have indicated his tall stature compared to his girlfriends as a sign of dominance which is acceptable.

    3. Pete earns through self-deprecating comedy. His profession requires him to make people laugh. He did not complete college and does not engage in jobs that ordinary people often take pride in and develop a sense of self esteem. Pete doesn't take himself seriously or the dozens of relationship he engages in. Other people with some self esteem look for real relationships. Even then Pete's expression on a show that is supposed to be a roasting show doesn't serve any purpose. People often use harsh comments or bullying to refer someone's physical appearance that they can hardly control. And that hurts even more when it's done right in front of one's crush. Very useless advice.

  2. I seriously don't understand what makes Kim a 10? What am i missing? She has no clean moral history whatsoever. Is it money, looks, family line or what? What about her compared to other women?

  3. Ill tell this guys, be yourself…All he says is 100% bullshit…Dont focus on your hair or how you look , I mean Hair and etc…Focus on your body, and Moneeeyyy money, guys just check out Andrew Tate…

  4. You win you loss, you loss you loss and the second one is pain free and cheaper. 1st make something out of yourself 2nd find a women who has so tuff and went through so much that she can eat move man a life, usually those type of women are asset instead of P in the A and she will first work on herself and will be a support for you . don't forget that behind every miserable man is a measurable women unless he is single and a loser .

  5. 9:52 it reminded me an event like there was a girl in my office 3 years back, she was on her period she told me to get some medicine for her I brought Kit Kat along with medicine, she called me that evening and said "it made me feel so special when you gifted me chocolate" and I was thinking it was not that expensive why she is feeling so happy… It could be the reason