Why do high value men IGNORE women? | 8 REASONS YOU SHOULD APPLY

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have you ever wondered why some women treat some men like trash while those same women desperately chase after other men if you think the answer is money or appearance you’re wrong there are plenty of handsome guys out there who can’t even get a single date and there are many rich men whom women only use for their money like fools so what’s the real Secret the answer is simple high value men know how to ignore women the truth is 90% of men are simps and are desperate to get a woman to talk to them high value men are the opposite these men know exactly how to ignore women and that drives them crazy you see women crave attention and once you stop giving it to them you immediately Stand Out Among the majority of other men however you need to know how to do it there’s a psychology behind knowing how to y ignore women and by the end of this video you’ll learn exactly how to apply it for yourself eight reasons high value men ignore women hash one free attention when a woman turns on her phone she receives countless notifications from men who want to give her free attention this inflates her ego before she’s even brushed her teeth however a high value man doesn’t give free attention he may meet a woman and introduce himself to create a spark of connection but after that the free attention stops now he’s on her radar but he treats her like she’s nothing special this leaves the woman confused as to why he’s not constantly pursuing her like other men think about it if 90% of men are giving her free attention every day why isn’t this man why is he so special and the woman will wonder why she’s not special enough she’ll go out of her way to get that attention because she can’t accept that he’s not giving her the validation she normally receives don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you should play mind games with women while you play video games although these Mind Games might work they’re not productive what I’m saying is that you should truly value your time and attention a high value man has better things to do than inflate a woman’s ego he leaves those tasks to baa men while he gives her a dose of reality that will humble her hash two busy with purpose these men have their own important goals that they’re determined to achieve when you’re that ambitious you don’t have time for meaningless flirting or empty relationships instead high value men dedicate their energy to creating a life they can be proud of they don’t sit around waiting for luck to find them instead they make things happen their effort and ambition are very attractive to women something low value men who give attention everyday lack subscribe so we can get their quickly hash three be bold fortune favors the Bold high value men know there are great rewards for those who take risks they’re not afraid to approach a woman when they see one waiting passively Is For Fools it doesn’t work it’s the path that will lead you to years of frustration and constant struggle with women listen being passive is the woman’s path not the man’s high value men take what they want from Life they don’t let life happen to them before even talking about how to ignore a woman you need to be able to approach them as a man first hash for know how to be alone we all know guys who are always in a relationship all their relationships fail and they’re always in a new one these men fear being alone pathetic high value men aren’t afraid to be single because they know they’re complete without a woman women consense their confidence and that attracts them they’ll chase after the high value man while he ignores them and only chooses the highest quality woman he likes hash five ignore her if she starts fights stop rewarding bad behavior high value men don’t engage in silly arguments and fights if you feel like she’s looking for excuses to have irrational fights with you then don’t get involved this is usually a sign that she doesn’t respect or value you and it’s time to ignore her by doing so you give her a wakeup call that makes her real realize she can’t have random outbursts without consequences avoid showing her your attention and care until she acknowledges her mistake and then explain your point of view hash 6 be direct high value men are straightforward and blunt for them it’s better to be rejected than to waste time playing with a woman when a woman plays games with this man he simply ignores her or stops responding she’ll quickly realize that she needs to behave well with him because he knows what he wants and will replace her if she wastes his time most guys waste time being vague and acting like friends they argue everything with a woman and use emojis when writing messages a high value man is concise and direct there’s no need for back and forth messages or beating around the bush leave that for the simps and disan don’t change your plans for her men often cancel all their previous commitments to accommodate an attractive woman although this may sound nice and there’s nothing inherently wrong with it you also need to show her that you’re not desperate for her attention high value men don’t cancel important things it’s attractive to a woman if a man has his own life and his social life doesn’t solely revolve around her when she understands that your time isn’t easily given when she asks for it she’ll see it as a sign that she needs to work harder to win your attention eight mindset high value men know their worth and know they attract women they don’t see women as superhuman creatures above them because of their mindset they’re completely relaxed when they’re around women their attitude is confident which is extremely attractive to women most average guys get nervous around an attractive woman because they lack the mindset of a high value man it’s often said that mindset is everything and it’s true if you truly believe you’re at the top of the food chain in the dating Market you’ll start to behave that way if you’re strong in all areas of life it’s hard for a woman to impress you remember this by the way if you want to improve in life don’t forget to show a little love by clicking the like button and subscribing I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finish the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior



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