Wim Hof’s Greatest Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

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I lost a lot a love of my life the mother of my children the one with whom I should have been all my life she was suffering from mental disorder schizophrenia manic depression and nobody could help her she went away I was broken inside but I had no time nor to heal nor to sit there with my grief because I had four children very little money left behind and there are the challenges came and when the challenges came then television came and television is crazy because they begin to challenge you so when they challenge me I could do everything I got 26 World Records but numerous more challenges done and they are all a led to the extremes of water mind and a body is able to do even past what in science was thought possible they gave me a cold water upon the skin I could do nothing just use my mind and I made the skin temperature not going down that is the power of the mind making having physical consequences in the body to defy stress coming in just using the mind this was unknown in Psychiatry if I would have had that knowledge back then with my wife then I could have treated her naturally but I had no power then but I pledged my oath to my wife if I’m able to get out of this grief to get out of where you have been then I will show the world and all the people who are suffering mentally I will be able to pass on a natural way of how to get out of your grief how to bring your a spouse or husband out of there and be a good parent love is the greatest power of the universe and that we lost a tribal sense of helping each other and so all the problems in the world we have a system inside in willful possible command if we only exercise and awaken to it to handle anything that comes to us because that’s the way we were built not hopeless full of Hope and not 20 of the brain capacity within our Command but hundred and there it is and with 100 we find Freedom because we can go anywhere without fear because we are in control the understanding of the viewer of The Listener that we are built with the capacity to neurologically grow into our brain and grow grow like like excited a children that that is the feeling of life should be instead of depression for God’s sake depression what is that it is a big problem and it’s a and we got so much technology how poor we are in our the quality of our own life we go to the Moon we go to Mars but we don’t know how to stop out immune diseases cancer depression and name it and more and more angsta anxiety fear for death fear what is the soul it’s still unknown and I tell you it is the time for the soul we think we can handle our physiology my conviction is once again we are meant to be able to tap in any time into our system to make us happy strong healthy your purpose if you get into the DNA into the encrypted quotes damaged by trauma of your ancestors who passed on in Generations their trauma in the genetics then you feel relieved you feel enlightened so if we go for the best within ourselves for a freedom a failed state of being a very powerful being that is not being withhold without by anything if you like that then you have to go and deal with the encrypted codes in the DNA and release it not if being profane and shallow but going into the depth if you look deeply within yourself and find out why you are here what follow and that you have a great impact possible by standing up and do things out of the box and do it be audacious have no fear children know they are naturally still at the core we got alienated they are still there they are born with it we should never go away because that unconditional love unconditional power to be healthy strong and health and happy doesn’t need six cars or ten houses no it’s already there and with that we don’t we go away from this possessive way of thinking and and insensitive trying to find a position to secure our life and all that fear-based no you have the full control of your own mind we were born with it and we never are going to teach our children again to become narrate in their Consciousness but learned from the beginning to expand to it all and that’s the real School of Life and wherein this soul is a flower and it’s amazing the love is stronger than the mind so don’t mind learn to love life like you love love once you get a hold of that you learn to activate those Powers you learn to be better than the food you learn to create energy you learn to be stronger in the fight you learn to not freeze but to express yourself you learn that the the the the the creative power with the pro celebrating the love with the with your person your sexual partner to have children or to experience love you can do that with life itself and this is what happens you learn to tap into the feeling pure feeling without label it’s like a poetry you you dance and and there’s this big and there it is no that is the passion it’s not just words it’s not an ABC it it the words come but the feeling is the driving force and it’s inside giving testimonial of the beauty of life itself in all its unlimitless the brain itself the mind the seed of the mind and the unlimited power of the mind it all gets to us we become like children again and I’m 62 but I am a child of God of being here right now and I love it because I love life I challenge it every day I have no boundaries and I’m going to change the world this is where we got with our extension tools our measurement devices microscopes and all those things we learned to take that as the truth so I go through the truth through what we think is the truth because we left our simple uh belief in our the power of our mind just to create happiness strength and health and guarantee it for our children no we had to take the land and more and more and produce and more and more and go to the moon man this world is beautiful make up this world a beautiful place instead of the pollution that is existent right now and exploitation and insensitivity we have to stop this that is craziness the world is sick the world needs to stop and to begin to see that we are simple beautiful beings with the power of intention and it’s called love to guarantee love composed by happiness strength and health and are confident guarantee that we are able to stand for that and to give that to our children we have to go back to the inner nature the way Nature has meant it to be we alienated there from and now we got to go back that means going back to love strength health and happiness that’s my story



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  1. For thousands of years Hindu Yogis, Buddhist Yogis and Jain Yogis used the same mental techniques to do such things. Wim Hof is an inspiration he has challenged the science and showed the truest power of the Human Spirit. πŸ™