You need to know when to LEAVE a relationship (stoicism)

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[Music] have you ever found yourself in a situation where your patience was seriously tested whether it be facing complicated family issues an overwhelming and draining relationship or a job where you have to deal with difficult clients or bosses imagine the last time you went through that the feeling of wanting to throw everything away and walk away for good today I bring you some questions that can help you make a definitive decision on how to act in those situations we will dive into an ocean of stoic and philosophical wisdom finding comfort in the teachings of those who once walked the Earth and left us a legacy of invaluable knowledge let’s begin by understanding the meaning of walking away according to stoicism and philosophy amidst life’s constant tumult where waves of challenges and adversities seem to crash against the fragile vessel of our existence emerges the stoic art of Detachment this is not a cowardly Escape but a strategic Retreat and adjustment of our sails to navigate a more weily the turbulent waiters of Fate as a beacon in the dark KN stoicism eliminates the pathway offering a compass for those seeking Serenity amidst chaos we are not bound to live in a difficult and complicated environment especially if we see no solution for it do not disturb the Tranquility of your spirit with what is beyond your control advised epicus the former slave who became one of the greatest stoic philosophers his words echo through the centuries reminding us that the power to maintain inner calm lies not in external circumstances but in the strength of our own minds consider the story of Marcus Aurelius the philosopher Emperor whose Reign was marked by Wars and plagues in his work meditations he writes as a man seeking to advise himself sharing the wisdom he found in stoicism except without Illusions depart without despair he teaches highlighting the importance of facing reality as it is without letting our emotions dominate us the decision to walk away therefore is not taken in the light of rejection or contempt but under the clear light of reason it’s recognizing when our presence in certain situations or Rel relationships harms us more than it helps when the cost to our inner peace and virtue becomes too high what really harms us is not what happens to us but our reaction to What Happens here lies the essence of stoic Detachment the refusal to allow the external to disturb our internal equilibrium however this Detachment is not an end in itself but a means to a greater end the return to ourselves the reorientation towards what truly matters as another another great stoic said we need to make difficult decisions if we want to change our lives and no one will do it for us by walking away we gain the necessary perspective to face our struggles with renewed courage and Clarity this is the sublime Paradox of stoic Detachment by retreating we advance we withdraw not to abandon the battlefield of life but to strengthen ourselves to learn to distinguish between what we can and cannot control stoicism invites us on a journey of return to our Center a place of unshakable Tranquility even in the face of the most violent storms so while the world around us may seem in constant tumult armed with stoic wisdom we can find refuge in our own internal strength happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle some things are under our control and others are not teaches epicus with this understanding we can navigate life’s complexities with calm and determination not avoiding the storms but learning to trust ourselves amidst the chaos and moving forward with the certainty that better days will come the limit we must endure in a relationship job or family the stoics believe in the yearning for virtue and self-control as the greatest Goods when a relationship work environment or family Dynamic compromises our ability to live virtuously or disturbs our inner peace it may be time to consider detachment the limit is reached when we continue to suffer damage to our moral Integrity mental or physical health despite our best efforts to remedy the situation in the existence of life we often find ourselves in a Labyrinth of relationships work and family where each moment seems to pull us in opposite directions the stoic philosopher clad in the armor of reason and bearing The Shield of virtue walks serenely through this Labyrinth Guided by the light of wisdom today we accompany the philosopher on his journey to understand the limit we must endure in our interactions with relationships work and family where does the limit of our tolerance lie the philosopher Ponders as he contemplates The Horizon illuminated by the dawn’s light is it at the point where the Brilliance of virtue blinds us or at the crossroads where our obligations to others compromise our internal Tranquility reflecting on relationships the philosopher recalls the words of tetus we don’t demand that things happen as we want but we wish them to happen as they do in a relationship whether it’s romantic friendly or professional the limit is reached when the harmony between accepting the other as they are and maintaining our own Integrity breaks true connection the philosopher reflects does not lie in possession but in mutual respect and the ability to walk together even in different directions in the work envirment the philosopher turns to the reflections of Marcus Aurelius do your work with heart and finish it work in its Essence should be an expression of our virtues and capabilities the limit manifests when work ceases to be a source of personal growth and becomes a prison of self- neglect we must work not just to live but live to work in a way that fits with our own life concludes the philosopher finally when considering the family our philosopher remembers the words of Cicero our happiness depends on the internal Harmony of our mind not on external circumstances the family A Safe Harbor of affections and challenges can sometimes become a battlefield where we are tested to the limits of our patience and understanding the limit the philosopher reflects is where unconditional love meets respect for our own journey and growth to love is not to lose oneself in the other but to find oneself in a dance of individualities that respect each other if I am in an environment where I am not respected then I must ask myself why I am still here thus we conclude says the philosopher turning towards us with a Serene gaze that the limit in any sphere of life is reached when our capacity to be virtuous and maintained Serenity is compromised then with courage and discernment we recognize these limits and if necessary walk away to not lose ourselves in the storm and with these words the stoic philosopher leaves us at the edge of dawn with the promise that in every challenge lies an opportunity for growth and in every end A New Beginning how to endure separation and break ties in a world of constant movement and change the moment to part ways to break ties presents itself not as an end but as the beginning of a new chapter in the infinite Narrative of human existence Through The Eyes of stoic philosophy this transition can be seen not only as a necessity but as an opportunity for growth and strengthening of character it’s not what happens to us but how we React to what happens that matters said epicus one of the greatest stoic philosophers this Maxim resonates with particular intensity when we Face the challenge of Separation ties whether emotional professional or familial shape our existence intertwining deeply in our lives yet there are moments when these very ties bind us preventing our progress separation viewed through a stoic lens requires a clear understanding of our own nature and what is truly under our control Roman Emperor and stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius reminds us to accept with Serenity what we cannot change when ties become chains wisdom lies in our inability to change the heart or mind of another focusing instead on changing the one thing over which we have total control ourselves the process of breaking ties is often accompanied by a storm of emotions pain mourning anger and sometimes a surprising relief however for the stoic each emotion offers fertile ground for examination and introspection so as we Face separation we are called to re-evaluate our perceptions and beliefs Transforming Our pain into wisdom and our losses into life lessons so how do we endure separation first by recognizing that everything in life is impermanent as noted by senica another prominent stoic writing about the brevity of Life urging us to live fully and knowing that each encounter each connection has its time and place separation reminds us of this fundamental truth teaching us to appreciate the present without clinging too tightly to the transient secondly by practicing Detachment detaching does not mean ceasing to love but loving without possessing appreciating without depending it is recognizing that our happiness and peace should not be indissolubly tied to people places or things stoic Detachment encourages us to cultivate an inner fortitude a Serenity That Remains unshakable in the face of Life storms and finally by transforming adversity into virtue each separation each Breaking of ties carries within it the seed of new growth on the path the path becomes the way observed Marcus Aurelius in facing the pain of Separation we are challenged to practice patience compassion both for ourselves and for others and courage Transforming Our most painful experiences into opportunities to deepen our Humanity therefore breaking ties is not an end but a beginning a journey towards a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us it is a new beginning to live with greater authenticity courage and above all wisdom the difficult decision to walk away or not deciding to walk away is complex and requires considerable introspection and courage stoicism suggests that this decision should be based on a careful analysis of whether the situation allows for the practice of virtue and the maintenance of inner peace the key is to ask ourselves whether staying in the situation contributes to our well-being and personal growth or if it only serves to perpetuate suffering we must also be prepared to accept the consequences of our decision maintaining an attitude of Serenity and acceptance whatever we choose walking away can can be an act of authenticity and bravery a step towards a life more aligned with our deepest values and aspirations however it can also be a painful and challenging process especially if it involves leaving behind people or situations to which we are emotionally attached ultimately the decision to walk away or stay must be made with honesty and Clarity of Mind always seeking the path that brings us closer to True fulfillment and happiness I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you liked the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time [Music] Warrior for



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