⚠️ 10 psychological facts about OLDER WOMEN that will surprise you ⚠️

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[Music] here are 10 psychological facts about women that you should know if you want to become the lover they desire 94% of men do not know these facts and are rejected when they try to conquer a woman watch this video because by knowing these facts about them you will be part of the 6% of the most attractive men in the world before we begin I would appreciate it if you like the video you can help me continue spreading the stoic philosophy if you are not subscribed I recommend you subscribe and activate the Bell to avoid missing any videos if you like the topic of this video please comment with a number one if you don’t please comment with a number two to let me know so I can make better videos in the future psychological fact number one women love their friends more than their Partners some women are capable of loving their best friend more than their boyfriend it has been proven that women’s friends have the ability to stimulate their emotions more because when a woman leaves her partner at home to meet with a friend her mind enters a more sensitive State as she heads to that encounter with her friend she has no Prejudice she knows he won’t judge her and will support her emotionally with their friend they receive an emotional satisfaction that makes them confuse this feeling with love so it’s better to prevent your girl from having any trusted friend because there can be a betrayal at any moment unless the friend has wings of an Angel psychological fact number two women like womanizers there’s a phenomenon called pre-selection that reveals that women find men three times more attractive when they notice the interest of other women in them this also happens when a man is surrounded by more women so I suggest you get some female friends and start going out with them and observe how other women look at you these friends don’t necessarily have to interest you more than just for company and to create that pre-selection effect on you that will increase the interest of other women in you making it easier for you to flirt with the woman you really like the alpha if you know how much you help me by liking this video you would do it right now did you already do it okay let’s continue psychological fact number three women love men who understand their language women appreciate it when you notice the signals they emit through their body language consciously or unconsciously as not all men know how to read these signals or the language they use most to fall in love women tend to be more shy than men they’re afraid to express their love for you first they detest re ction and therefore avoid it at all costs the idea of a man rejecting them doesn’t even cross their minds that’s why they use their body language to tell you how they feel if a woman makes a gesture to intentionally make you fall in love she expects you to play along and if she sees that you don’t catch what she’s trying to tell you with the signal she simply stays silent and forgets about it if you’re interested in learning about these signals in women’s body language ask me in the comments the the next piece of information is a very interesting strategy that you can use psychological fact number four women fall in love based on smell a study found that if a woman likes a man’s smell her chances of falling in love with him increase by 85% according to the federal University of Rio De Janeiro women have 50% more neurons in the olfactory bulb than men making them more sensory lovers that is why if you understand how to select the right fragrance you will have a significant advantage in the game of seduction stay until the end of the video to find out which fragrances stimulate their senses the most psychological fact number five they are drawn to men who have their way if you go too far with a woman at first you will almost certainly face rejection however if you show respect and a little neediness for her she will make herself available to you develop trust with her and feel free to touch her it’s always a matter of reading her body language and recognizing the signals or gestures she uses when she wants to be close to you psychological fact number six they feel something for you but don’t tell you if a woman interests you it’s essential to avoid being her friend from the moment you meet her according to a study 68% of women admitted to considering having a love affair with a guy if they had known they could get their way that’s why I suggest you make it clear from the beginning not directly but by subc communicating that you like her if you want to know how ask me in the comments psychological fact number number seven if she teases you she’s interested in you if a woman teases you and gives you nicknames it’s very likely that she’s attracted to you and uses this playful way to build trust with you because when it comes to falling in love women don’t know how to act other than through body language in this kind of playful teasing I suggest you help her achieve her goal if you’re really interested in her by showing interest in her as well one strategy you can use to take advantage of her game is to play along with her by telling her what she wants to hear you can say something like I know you call me that because you like me do you think I haven’t noticed the way you psychological fact number eight women experience more Sensations with a man who connects with them when you understand the psychological complexity of the female mind you can enhance her satisfaction when engaging in Intimate activities because women are less physical than men and operate more with the mind and Sensations that’s why I suggest you be less direct with women and be more subc communicative strive to be a little more emotional so that you can easily connect with them take your time with her before doing anything together ask her questions that prompt her to express herself emotionally and this will make her feel that you understand her very well and believe me she will fall much more in love with you with the following piece of information you must be very careful psychological fact number nine women accept dates just for food according to statistics conducted in the United States surprisingly 38% of women accept dates just to get free food highlighting the complexity of recognizing the motivation behind a woman saying yes to a date so I recommend that before asking a girl out make sure she’s really interested in you ask me in the comments if you want to know how to tell if a girl is interested in you remember at the end of the video I’ll tell you which fragrance you should use to stimulate her senses psychological fact number 10 when they are upset they prefer you to approach them if a woman is upset with you she will feel better if you try to figure out why she is upset by paying attention and showing empathy understanding them can be difficult at times but they were born with the ability to experience emotions they are not as emotionally stable as us men both positive and negative emotions stimulate them that’s why they often fall for the guy who mistreats them I’ll explain it later for the time being get used to the emotional games that women enjoy playing regarding psychological fact number four about which sense stimulates women here are some of the aromatic Essences that most stimulate women Jasmine and lavender in 2017 a study was conducted with two groups of men and one group of women each of these women spent time with two men individually one of them wore a perfume lacking these two fragrances while the other wore a perfume made with a Jasmine based Aroma it was found that Jasmine based fragrances efficiently stimulate women and make them feel more attracted to the man wearing them you can find several perfumes with these fragrances on the market such as Chanel blue to Chanel thank you for watching the video Until the End please like this video subscribe and leave your comment until next time epic tius the great stoic philosopher said that the goal is to surround yourself with people who pull you up and inspire you to be your best you’ve undoubtedly heard the expression you are the average of The Five People You spend the most time with today we’ll look at that concept through a stoic lens before we begin we will explore the seven categories of people that might impede your development in stoic philosophy and how to negotiate these difficult situations I’d love it if you could get the video so you can help me to spread the stoic philosophy if you are not already subscribed I encourage that you do so and activate the Bell so that you do not miss any videos number one the victim consider life to be a game of chess with each player having the same pieces and the same aim the opponent’s king is checkmated you plan ahead of time make some sacrifices and take some chances the victim on the other hand blames the board the pieces or even their opponent for every bad move they make they’re always in Checkmate not as a result of their choices but as a result of an outside power power acting against them their story is a never-ending tale of adversity with themselves as the powerless protagonist I can’t advance in my career because my employer dislikes me or I can’t get in shape because I have poor genetics now it is critical to recognize that some people experience actual challenges as well as systemic issues however the victim in question utilizes their situation as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for their actions or lack thereof you can become inmed in their plot possibly as a supporting character who is always needed to save them assume you’ve spent numerous hours listening to a buddy blame their NeverEnding line of unsuccessful relationships only on their ex Partners this not only wastes your time but it may also subtly persuade you to adopt a victim perspective in your own life so how do you proceed when dealing with a victim it may be tempting to become their rescuer providing unending guidance and emotional support but the stoics would advise against it they would advise you to set a clear boundary to preserve your mental health you might use a technique called compassionate Detachment show empathy and kindness but don’t try to save them they must handle their own difficulties provide a listening ear but avoid being their continuous problem solution Marcus Aurelius famously remarked that the finest retribution is to be unlike the one who committed the Injustice if you find yourself drawn into the victim’s narrative fight the impulse to become one yourself instead take charge of your own game board make your moves and remember that being permanently in checkm is frequently a choice not a fate in the chess game of life keep your pieces going ahead make strategic sacrifices when required and play for development and knowledge rather than Vengeance or pity number two the drama magnet consider your life to be a ship cruising over Peaceful Waters until you come across the vortex known as the drama magnet this person appears to have an endless succession of crises disputes or controversies and they have a disconcerting capacity to drag you into their Vortex of instability you could be drawn to the intensity of the drama magnets at first mistaking it for passion or excitement however you’ll quickly find that being in their Realms is taxing and risky much like piloting a ship through a storm what makes working with drama magnets so difficult is that their problems frequently feel like your own their Anarchy is contagious you can even find yourself engaged in disputes in which you have no prior involvement consider the following scenario you have a buddy that frequently clashes with other people in your social group they’re not talking to Kate today Mario will be next your buddy seeks your help but you see that this cycle never stops and you find yourself at odds with Kate or Mario because you attempted to interfere in this scenario instead of providing advice or choosing sides try introspective listening and echoing their thoughts back to them for example if they remark I can’t believe Kate said that about me you may react so Kate’s words have betrayed me this strategy enables you to offer emotional support without becoming involved in the drama yourself another strategy which may appear paradoxical is to become selectively unavailable stoicism teaches us to value our time which sometimes means being unavailable for other people’s problems especially if they reoccur without resolution turn off your phone during specific hours set out time to focus completely on your job or personal growth and make it clear that you are not to be interrupted during these times senica true pleasure comes from enjoying the current moment without worrying about the future this is very useful when dealing with drama magnets instead of worrying about the next catastrophe focus on the current moment where you have have control enjoy your life and don’t allow it be disturbed by someone else’s drama make a point of sailing your ship peacefully avoiding whirlpools that jeopardize your journey to personal progress and calmness number three the complainer we’ve all got that friend family member or co-worker that always finds something wrong with everything whether it’s the weather their job or even the cuisine at a renowned restaurant they never pass up a chance to show their displeasure you may be wondering why this matters to me I can simply disregard them that however is easier said than done consistent exposure to such negativity drains your mental well-being it’s like a leaky faucet gradually emptying your store of emotional Vitality stoicism instructs us to focus on practical Solutions rather than issues consider the following scenario you’re working on a project with someone who is often complaining each meeting devolves into a tiring round of complaints with little useful discourse as the team’s morale deteriorates you get distracted from discovering practical answers and you may become progressively disgusted with the project and potentially with life in general so how can stoicism assist us in dealing with a complainer there are numerous approaches you may take first restrict your contact with this person whenever possible possible if that isn’t possible maybe because they are a family member or coworker your second choice is to mentally detach yourself from them during their rants consider their criticisms to be a passing storm noisy and disturbing But ultimately insignificant in comparison to the immovable Mountain that is your own inner peace your third option is to redirect the conversation or change the subject to something more constructive Marcus AR you control your thoughts not external events when you realize this you will discover strength this Timeless stoic wisdom urges us to vigilantly defend our mental Serenity ensuring that the negativity of chronic complainers does not distract us from our stoic path of perseverance and virtue number four the naysayer consider yourself an artist working on a canvas each brush stroke enhances the color depth and vibrancy of your vision enter the skeptic they go into your studio take a look at your work and instantly start criticizing it are you certain about the Hue that doesn’t appear realistic you already know that most artists never get it perfect their remarks like gray paint Strokes begin to diminish your colorful canvas this isn’t your typical constructive critique however it may be useful instead it’s a continuous Aura of skepticism and hostility assume you’re enthusiastic about exploring a new job path you’ve done your homework spoken with industry experts and perhaps even attended a few basic courses when you express your excitement with the Skeptics they rapidly list all the reasons why it won’t work the market is overcrowded do you have the necessary skills what if you fail too soon their uncertainties begin to feel like your own and The Confident your eyesight is beginning to sway how do you deal with a skeptic especially if they are close to you rather than simply presenting your objectives or aspirations one uncommon yet successful technique is to ask them for advice people in advisory roles are less likely to oppose your ideas directly and may provide more useful comments instead of absorbing their negativity another option includes changing the script through a technique known as positive confrontation encourage them to come up with Solutions if they suggest you’ll never be able to change occupations at this point respond with an intriguing Viewpoint how do you believe someone could effectively change careers this not only deflects criticism but also stimulates more positive discourse remember the teachings of epicus the stoic philosopher because we have two ears and one mouth we can listen twice as much as we can talk listening does not imply taking in everyone’s criticism it entails distinguishing useful input from noise take a step back listen think and continue painting your own life with the colors that speak to you when the doubters begin to obscure your canvas with their shades of Doubt don’t allow anyone transform your colorful creation into a monotonous gray landscape number five the time Vampire consider your everyday routine to be a well-crafted symphony when each instrument symbolizes a work or responsibility they form a wonderful balance until the time Vampire joins in shrieking Off Pitch drowning out your song and converting your beautiful Masterpiece into discordant cacophony vampires are not always evil in fact they may appear rather benign it could be a coworker who constantly interrupts with trivial questions transforming your productive workday into a series of fragmented moments or it could be a friend who invites you to countless social events that you don’t want to attend making you feel obligated to attend and draining your time and energy these interactions may appear little in the moment but the cumulative effect may be tremendously disruptive so how can you prevent a Time vampire from ruining your Symphony the Pomodoro Technique a time management tool that includes splitting your work into 25-minute segments typically separated by brief breaks is one effective option you make it plain that you are not to be bothered During certain intervals this creates a barrier that prevents your most productive periods from getting eaten away if you are dealing with a social time Vampire remember that saying no is not just acceptable it is necessary for you your well-being instead of detailed explanations a simple I appreciate the invitation but I can’t make it would work according to senica refusing an invitation is a confirmation of your own needs and priorities not a rejection of the individual life if lived well is long enough stoicism emphasizes that time is one of our most valuable resources and it should be used carefully it’s the canvas on which we paint the portrait of our life and we should be very picky about who and what gets a brushstroke make sure that each note instrument and Melody in your life’s big Masterpiece coincide with your greater purpose don’t let a Time vampire’s cacophonous incursion disrupt your Symphony as we approach the conclusion of today’s examination of the characters who might derail our road toward stoic resilience and wisdom hold the Baton firm firmly and conduct your life with purpose ensuring that every moment is a note beautifully played in your harmonic Masterpiece number six the toxic positivist when you’re going through a difficult time they’re the ones that encourage you to Simply Be cheerful dismissing your sentiments and experiences with a flippant wave of sparkly optimism consider your life to be a garden flowers are present but so are weeds and bugs a poisonous positivist on the other hand refuses to see anything that isn’t a budding Rose aphids will appear on your leaves just concentrate on the flowers they tell you not to bring negativity into your garden while it may appear to be encouraging their approach may leave you feeling rejected and removed from reality you’re upset bewildered and looking for emotional balance if you’re going through a difficult breakup the advice of the toxic positive IST the water is teeming with fish simply grin and be happy excessive optimism ignores the intricacies of human emotion and the realities of life’s obstacles how can you grow your garden without allowing poisonous positivists to trample it with their indiscriminate sprinkling of Positive Vibes the only option is to engage them in a conversation that includes both light and shade look on the bright side they say and you have your health yes I’m glad for my health but it’s also fair for me to be furious about this particular situation both are compatible you may also use what psychologists refer to as emotional granularity which is the capacity to feel and distinguish between a wide spectrum of emotions both good and negative because of X I’m feeling a little down today which is okay referencing stoic thinking may be a freeing confirmation senica once remarked that genuine pleasure is understanding our duty to God and man and enjoying the now without worrying about the future take note of the balance between comprehending unpleasant obligations and enjoying the moment a stoic attitude does not focus only on the good or bad rather it Embraces life’s complexities with Serenity so the next time a poison as positivist dumps confetti on your well-kept garden take a step back and realize that a garden requires both sunlight and Rain to thrive accept your entire emotional range and continue to nurture your garden with the richness and complexity it deserves number seven the manipulator consider your life to be a script for a movie you’re the main character and you have an idea of how your narrative should play out where the twists will come from who you’re allies and mentors will be and what your final Act will look like enter the manipulator the Shady producer who quietly rewrites your script without your knowledge until one day you discover your tale has deviated from its original path the manipulator is an expert in emotional or psychological manipulation they may use flattery guilt trips or even deception to guide you in a path that favors them you could have a buddy who constantly gets you to pay for dinner by saying something like you know I’ve been having a rough month and you’re so successful it wouldn’t mean much to you but would make my day better over time you realize that your generosity has been used but calling them out seems awkward since they frame it as a favor to a friend in need handling a manipulator may be difficult fogging is a technique used by certain Specialists to oppose their techniques this strategy entails accepting any truth in the manipulator’s assertions but refusing to be affected by emotional persuasion you may react if they claim you’re so successful you should pay for supper you are right that I have been performing well but let us share the bill as usual another strategy is to establish and enforce defined limits if the manipulator asks you to lend the money or commit to duties that you don’t want to do learn to say no assertively maintain a cool tone and straightforward communication I can’t lend money but I can offer emotional assistance that maintains the connection while setting a limit borrowing inspiration from stoic ideas epicas cautioned us that while we cannot control our external circumstances we can always control how we respond to them the manipulator profits from your predicted emotions they use your generosity remorse or need for acceptance by responding differently you reclaim control of your script so if you come across a manipulator in your life remember that you’re the one with the pen your story line is yours to write and while the cast may include a variety of characters your journey should always be guided by your own values and decisions reclaim your script and don’t allow anyone change the course of your life let us not Overlook the importance of self-awareness it’s simple to spot these Personalities in others but the more difficult and instructive challenge is to look for them in yourself are you accidentally performing one of these roles in the life of someone else remember that stoicism is about more than simply managing the environment it is also about knowing and developing oneself if today’s debate prompted a discovery and Epiphany or even just some contemplation please share your thoughts in the comments below write your opinions share your experiences and let’s have a conversation that benefits us all so until the next time may your decisions reflect your values your actions reflect your knowledge and your life be the Masterpiece you were born to make in the intricate tapestry of human emotions love is often idealized as the Pinnacle of human experience yet lurking in its Shadows is a darker more Insidious aspect here love becomes a prison rather than a Haven a sort of pain instead of Joy this is the realm of toxic relationships where the beautiful potential of Love Is overshadowed by manipulation control and emotional harm toxic relationships often begin like any other brimming with promise and excitement in these early stages it’s nearly impossible to discern the warning signs as the intoxicating blend of passion and intensity masks the underlying issues however as time progresses this mask slowly starts to slip revealing the troubling Dynamics at play these relationships are marked by a consistent pattern of behaviors that erode the foundation of healthy interaction one of the first signs is constant criticism Partners in a toxic relationship often find themselves on the receiving end of Relentless criticism both for significant issues and trivial matters this constant negativity slowly chips away at self-esteem making one question their worth and abilities control is another Hallmark of toxic relationships it can manifest in various forms from dictating how one dresses to controlling their social interactions and financial decisions this control is often Justified under the guise of care or concern but in reality it is a means of maintaining power and dominance in the relationship emotional manipulation is also a common tool used in toxic relationships this can involve guilt tripping gaslighting and other tactics designed to make one question their perceptions and reality the aim is to keep the partner disoriented and more easily controlled one of the more Insidious aspects of toxic relationships is the isolation it often leads to by gradually eroding the individual support network the toxic partner ensures that their victim becomes increasingly dependent on them this isolation makes it even harder for the victim to seek help or escape the relationship the impact of such relationships on M health is profound victims often suffer from chronic anxiety depression and a pervasive sense of hopelessness the stress of living in a constant state of tension and walking on eggshells can have long- lasting effects on both mental and physical health despite these clear signs of a harmful relationship many struggle to leave the reasons for staying are complex and varied in some cases the fear of being alone is paralyzing Society often stigmatizes singlehood creating a situation where being in any relationship no matter how damaging seems better than being alone another reason for staying is the cycle of abuse and Reconciliation toxic relationships are often characterized by a cycle where periods of abuse and turmoil are followed by apologies affection and a temporary return to a more loving and peaceful relationship this cycle can create a confusing mix of Hope and despair making it difficult to make a clear decision about leaving there’s also the factor of investment many people in toxic relationships have invested significant time emotion and resources into their partnership this investment makes it hard to walk away as doing so can feel like admitting that all those years were a waste understanding these Dynamics is crucial for anyone trapped in the cycle of a toxic relationship recognizing the signs and acknowledging the damage being inflicted is the first step towards making a change it’s about realizing that the love one deserves should not come at the cost of their happiness health and selfworth the complexity of toxic relationships often leaves individuals entangled in a web of confusion self-doubt and fear understanding why one stays in such a relationship is as crucial as recognizing its toxic traits a significant factor is the fear of loneliness many individuals remain in harmful relationships due to a deep-seated fear of being alone this fear is often in intensified by societal pressures that valorize romantic relationships as the ultimate goal the idea of being single is sometimes painted with a brush of pity or failure making the prospect of leaving a toxic relationship seem worse than enduring its trials another potent factor is the Hope for Change love in its most altruistic form is seen as a transformative power this belief can lead individuals to hold on to the hope that their partner will change that the relationship will evolve into the healthy supportive Union they once envisioned however change in a toxic relationship often becomes a one-sided effort with one partner constantly trying to fix or improve the situation while the other Remains unmoved the psychological phenomenon of cognitive dissonance also plays a role when one’s actions conflict with their beliefs it creates a state of mental discomfort to ease this discomfort individuals often rationalize their decision to stay overlooking the negative aspects and focusing on the occasional positive moments dependency both emotional and financial is another reason people stay in toxic relationships over time the toxic partner may become the center of one’s world making the idea of Independence seem daunting Financial dependency can be especially challenging as it involves practical considerations like housing income and even the well-being of children the impact of a toxic relationship on self-esteem can’t be overstated constant criticism emotional manipulation and neglect wear down an individual sense of self-worth this erosion leads to a belief that one doesn’t deserve better or couldn’t find someone else who would treat them well it creates a cycle where low self-esteem keeps one trapped in the relationship which in turn continues to diminish their self-esteem leaving a toxic relationship requires immense courage and support it often involves relearning one’s value and rebuilding a sense of self independent of the relationship this process can be facilitated by reconnecting with friends and family who were pushed away engaging in activities that were once enjoyed and seeking professional help to navigate the emotional complexities building a support network is vital friends family and counselors can offer the perspective and validation needed to reaffirm that leaving is the right decision they provide a safety net both emotionally and at times practically the journey towards leaving is not linear there will be moments of Doubt possibly even a desire to return to the relationship this is normal and is part of the process of disentangling oneself from the intricate emotional ties that have been formed self-compassion is key during this time understanding that it’s normal to have mixed feelings to grieve the relationship and to fear the unknown is important this journey is not just about leaving a person it’s about stepping into a new phase of life one where self-respect happiness and healthy love are Paramount the journey out of a toxic relationship is a path of self-discovery and healing it is a journey marked by resilience courage and the Reclamation of one’s identity and self-worth the final steps of this journey though challenging pave the way to a life of Freedom respect and healthier relationships embracing the decision to leave is the first step in this Final Phase it requires a deep acknowledgement of one’s worth and the recognition that enduring toxicity is not a requisite for love this decision often accompanied by feelings of fear and uncertainty is a powerful statement of self-respect and a testament to one’s strength the process of healing and rebuilding after leaving a toxic relationship is gradual and multifaceted it involves reconnecting with oneself reestablishing one’s identity apart from the relationship and relearning what it means to be in a healthy nurturing partnership this period is an opportunity for growth and introspection a time to address the wounds inflicted by the relationship and to nurture oneself back to wholeness seeking professional help can be incredibly beneficial during this time therapists or counselors can provide guidance support and tools to navigate the complex emotions and challenges that arise after leaving a toxic relationship they can assist in untangling the Deep rooted path patterns and beliefs that may have contributed to staying in the relationship and help in building new healthier relationship Dynamics rebuilding one’s life after a toxic relationship also involves fostering new relationships and rekindling old ones it’s about creating a support system of friends and family who offer love understanding and encouragement engaging in new activities hobbies and interests can also provide a sense of fulfillment and joy helping to redefine one’s sense of self and purpose the Journey of healing is not just about moving past the relationship it’s about embracing a future where healthy love and respect are the Norms it’s a time to set new boundaries develop a deeper understanding of personal needs and desires and learn how to engage in relationships that are supportive respectful and uplifting in closing the path away from a toxic relationship leads to a newfound Freedom a freedom to be oneself to love and be loved in healthy ways and to live a life unburdened by the chains of emotional harm it’s a reminder that true love should Empower not imprison uplift not demean and bring joy not sorrow remember the darkest side of love is not the end of the story it’s a challenging chapter in one’s life that opens the door to a deeper understanding of love relationships and most importantly oneself As you move forward hold on to the belief that you are worthy of a love that nurtures respects and truly cherishes you



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