⚠️ 11 psychological facts about OLDER WOMEN that will surprise you ⚠️

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Do you want to be among the top 5% of men who truly understand what women desire? Most men lack this knowledge, and as a result, face rejection. But by learning these psychological facts, you can significantly improve your attractiveness. Before we dive in, please like this post, subscribe, and hit the bell icon to stay updated with more content like this. If you enjoy this topic, comment with a number one; if not, comment with a number two so I can improve future posts.

Psychological Fact #1: Women Like Womanizers

There’s a phenomenon called pre-selection, where women find men more attractive when they notice other women are interested in them. Being surrounded by women can increase your attractiveness, so consider having female friends to create this effect.

Psychological Fact #2: Women Love Their Friends More Than Their Partners

Some women find emotional satisfaction with friends more stimulating than with their partners. This connection can sometimes be confused with love, so be aware of your partner’s close friendships.

Psychological Fact #3: Women Are Attracted to Ambition and Passion

Women are naturally drawn to men who exhibit ambition and pursue their passions. It’s not just about financial success; showing dedication to your personal goals signals independence and potential for growth.

Psychological Fact #4: Women Value Humor and Wit

A good sense of humor is highly valued by women. It indicates intelligence and social skills, making interactions enjoyable and memorable.

Psychological Fact #5: Women Appreciate Genuine Compliments and Appreciation

Sincere compliments about a woman’s qualities or achievements can significantly impact her perception of you. Authentic praise signals respect and admiration, but be genuine and selective with your compliments.

Psychological Fact #6: Women Are Responsive to Acts of Kindness and Thoughtfulness

Small gestures of kindness and consideration can make a lasting impression. Acts of thoughtfulness demonstrate empathy and attentiveness, helping to build emotional connections and trust.

Psychological Fact #7: Women Seek Partners Who Display Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence involves recognizing and managing your emotions while understanding and empathizing with others. Men who are emotionally attuned to their partner’s feelings tend to have healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Psychological Fact #8: Women Fall in Love Based on Smell

A study found that if a woman likes a man’s smell, her chances of falling in love with him increase by 85%. Understanding how to select the right fragrance can give you a significant advantage in attraction.

Psychological Fact #9: Women Are Drawn to Men Who Show Respect and Subtle Neediness

Going too far too soon can lead to rejection. Instead, show respect and a bit of neediness to develop trust and comfort, allowing her to feel free to be close to you.

Psychological Fact #10: Women Feel Something for You But Don’t Always Tell You

If a woman is interested in you, it’s crucial to avoid being just her friend. Many women consider romantic possibilities if they know they have a chance, so subtly communicate your interest from the start.

Psychological Fact #11: Women Often Prioritize Emotional Connection Over Physical Attraction

Building a deep emotional bond is crucial for sustaining a woman’s interest. Women seek partners who can empathize with their feelings and share their thoughts, leading to a secure and satisfying relationship.

By understanding these psychological facts, you can enhance your interactions and relationships with women, becoming part of the select group of men who know how to attract and connect with them genuinely. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share your thoughts in the comments.


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