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[Music] many guys often wonder how to know if a woman likes them since women usually don’t show their feelings openly it’s important to pay attention to signs that might give Clues a woman in love might seem calm even if she doesn’t say it directly women often pick up on hints from men better than men do from women but if a woman does certain things I’ll explain it’s a good sign she likes you every woman is unique so the signs can vary but they usually show unconsciously when they like a guy in this video video I’ll show you how to tell if a woman likes you even if she won’t admit it trust me these signs are reliable especially the last two try them out and see for yourself before we begin I would appreciate it if you like the video you can help me continue spreading the stoic philosophy if you are not subscribed I recommend you subscribe and activate the Bell to avoid missing any videos if you like the topic of this video please comment with a number one if you don’t please comment with a number two to let me know so I can make better videos in the future number one she’ll want to know everything about you when a woman is interested in you she’ll ask about you in general for example about your life your past relationships your aspirations and even how you are with your family it’s a way to find common ground that connects her even more with you women value family life and the emotional bonds you have it’s essential to show an interest like hers in order to have that emotional connection bring out your stoic side here ask and carefully observe her her answers it seems obvious but not many of us pick up on women’s hints that’s why you should pay attention and study the situation calmly it’s a very genuine way to show interest in you if that woman likes you she’ll want to know all about you personally number two being close to you if a woman likes you she will want to stay close to you all the time this may seem obvious but many of us fail to see things for what they are ignoring many signals because we believe it is simply kindness but it’s an extremely important sign when a woman secretly desires us she will find a thousand excuses to be with us women are extremely subtle and cunning so no one knows what they want that is why we must cultivate the stoic Vision to notice things that cannot be seen number three alone time with you many women will seek that intimacy with the man they like and vice versa but in the case that a woman likes you secretly she has to act differently even if you’re in a group with more friends she’ll do everything possible to be with you making excuses to be close to you this signal goes hand inand with the previous one but it has something special if that woman does this what she feels for you goes beyond she’ll try to do those things that you like just to see you smile for example in some game she’ll want to be your partner or she may also use the excuse of come with me to buy this and we’ll be right back you have to be attentive like a true high value man like a stoic since behind every word there’s a feeling and it’s up to you not to harm it number four looks as they said in stoicism the true power of the Gaze lies in the depth of the Soul it reflects there’s no better sign than this looks are the mirror of our soul and when we like someone it can be seen in our eyes that girl might not tell you she likes you but you’ll be able to see it in her gaze if you notice that she can’t stop looking at you she might truly feel and finally number five she’ll seek your approval no matter what when a woman likes you she’ll want to have your approval regarding opinions or reactions it’s a sign of a cunning woman notice for example when they tell something personal or talk about something trending or some gossip if you see that woman insists on knowing your reaction it’s likely she wants to connect with you the stoic said that the Gaze of the wise seeks the approval of understanding not superficial judgment that woman will want to know your inner self through your actions and simply for that reason you should take care of of them protecting their feelings and obviously yours in other words there are many women who love in secret who can feel for you and you don’t see it knowing these signs no hint will escape you you can even build that deep connection if you like her too every woman is a world a treasure there are many people who love in secret or simply out of fear that the other person doesn’t feel the same but you have to take the leap because that’s what life is about having experiences and learning from them remember that if you these tests can sometimes seem like obstacles and can be frustrating to the point of making you question whether it’s worth investing your time in women some guys get frustrated to the point of not wanting to have anything to do with women definitively but here’s the point these tests are part of the Dynamics between men and women and any man experienced in relationships with women knows that they do it consciously or subconsciously since time in Memorial women always test the men there withth for various reasons the most common ones being because they’re evaluating their compatibility to see if you’re a good match for them they can also test your confidence to see if you’re a confident man and they can test to see if you’re really interested in them number five nice guys are left behind most women will not be attracted to a sensitive overly shy romantic or outof context man because these traits are associated with an unpredictable submissive and weak man women want to be with a man who demands respect refuses to accept anything less than what he deserves and leads without being intimidating men who are overly concerned with pleasing everyone and gaining approval lack authenticity if you identify with what has been mentioned it is time to wake up because it is causing you harm in many areas of your life number six focus on security at the end of the day in the long run what women desire is security no matter the type of woman they aspire to feel secure next to a man in all aspects of Life financially emotionally physically and spiritually yes the world has changed and women are more independent and consider themselves self-sufficient more than ever but the woman’s instinctive desire to feel protected by a man persists it’s a programmed instinct to which even the most independent woman will submit the attribute that a woman most Desires in a man whether masculinity honesty confidence emotional intelligence and stability always boils down to feeling secure making a woman feel secure is the key to her heart that’s why sometimes a woman is capable of staying with a man whom she doesn’t love or like much because he can make her feel safe number seven setting boundaries this is where many men make clear mistakes women require boundaries and the main issue is that many men refuse to set them because they believe they will lose the girl or do not want to upset her however two serious issues arise when you do not know how to set appropriate boundaries in a relationship the first is that she will continue to do things that make you unhappy knowing that she can do whatever she wants because you do not set boundaries the worst part is that she will lose respect for you she will not consider you a good partner because you do not behave like a leader the second problem is that the lack of boundaries in a relationship diminishes the excitement and consequently her attraction when there are boundaries in a relationship this creates expectations in the woman which automatically generates excitement she doesn’t know if something will bother you or not and and what the consequences will be if you bother her she needs to be somewhat careful feel like she’s walking on eggshells this is excitement setting boundaries is healthy and really generates expectations for example if you don’t like your woman talking to her ex that’s a clear expectation as soon as you set that boundary she knows there’s a line she can’t cross if you don’t like her going out partying with her friends without you that’s another line she can’t cross setting these boundaries is healthy you have the right to express these boundaries boundaries the problem with today’s society is that it thinks boundaries are harmful and believes the man is trying to control the woman but you have the right to set boundaries as long as they’re not abusive allowing the girl to do whatever she wants shows that you’re insecure and afraid of losing her you’re being weak leading requires setting boundaries you must show that you’re capable of letting her go or leaving yourself now reflecting on these seven insights about women can help us gain a better understanding of human dynamics in relationships first and foremost it is critical to recognize that gender Dynamics are complex and vary greatly between individuals while these observations may be true for many people they do not represent the entire Human Experience second it is critical to approach relationships with empathy understanding and respect for both yourself and your partner Mutual understanding communication and Trust are essential for developing healthy relationships in today’s society the dating and relationship landscape is constantly changing cultural shifts technological advancements and changing social norms all have an impact on how people navigate romantic relationships despite these changes fundamental aspects of human nature persist women like men seek connection fulfillment and Security in their relationships furthermore cultivating a mindset of personal development and self-improvement can help one navigate the complexities of romantic relationships in individuals who strive to be the best version of themselves can cultivate the qualities that attract and sustain healthy relationships this journey of self-discovery and development is not only beneficial for romantic Endeavors but also for personal fulfillment and well-being in conclusion understanding women is not about adhering to rigid stereotypes or manipulating Behavior to fit predefined expectations instead it’s about embracing diversity acknowledging individual differences and fostering genuine connections based on mutual respect and understanding individuals can cultivate meaningful and fulfilling Relationships by recognizing and appreciating the unique qualities and perspectives that each person brings to a relationship transcending societal norms and expectations I sincerely hope this message was useful to you I’d like to congratulate you on coming this far and finishing the video this means you want to grow as a person if you liked the video please leave a comment if you haven’t already subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe today and join us imagine stepping into a world where your kindness is seen not as a virtue but a weakness where your generosity is exploited and your compassion becomes a tool in the hands of others to manipulate and control you this isn’t a dystopian fiction it’s a stark reality for many who practice unguarded kindness today we’re delving into the stoic perspective on kindness and exploring the 10 ways how excessive kindness can actually ruin your life one the loss of respect consider this simple example to illustrate the loss of respect from excessive kindness imagine always lending money to friends without asking when they’ll return it initially they might appreciate your generosity but over time they begin to expect it your kindness has inadvertently taught them that your resources are always available leading to a lack of appreciation and respect for your financial boundaries the solution lies in setting clear boundaries next time a friend asks for a loan gently remind them of your policy for repayment or offer Alternatives like helping them budget this approach respects both your resources and maintains the Integrity of your relationships stoicism teaches us the importance of self-respect and the value of boundaries by setting these limits we ensure our kindness is appreciated and respected not taken for granted two being overburdened visualiz yourself as the always available volunteer at your child’s School your name echoes in every Corridor synonymous with tireless help at bake sailes plays and field trips initially this involvement brings a sense of accomplishment but soon the toll becomes evident your personal time shrinks your energy waines and your hobbies once a source of Joy now sit in neglect this is the classic trap of overextending oneself in the spirit of kindness stoicism with its emphasis on balance and inner Tranquility teaches us to avoid such extremes it’s essential to strike a harmonious balance between assisting others and nurturing our own needs reflect on the activities that align with your passions and bring genuine fulfillment prioritize these and allow yourself to step back from the rest embracing the stoic principle of moderation begin to practice saying no with Grace and conviction this is not about withdrawing your support but about redistributing your energy more widely ly by selectively engaging in activities that resonate with you your contributions become more impactful and your personal well-being remains intact this balanced approach ensures that your kindness is a sustainable gift to your community and to yourself three exploitation by others consider the friend who always calls you for favors never for a casual chat you help but it feels one-sided stoicism reminds us to be Discerning it’s time to have an honest conversation with your friend set clear expectations about your willingness to help and observe if the relationship balances or remains lopsided this approach will help you invest your kindness where it’s valued and not exploited four loss of personal goals and Ambitions imagine having dreams like mastering a new language or starting a business these goals are part of who you are yet they’re sidelined by your constant help to others your time is spent on Friends needs and family requests leaving little for your Ambitions here’s where stoicism’s emphasis on personal growth becomes vital it teaches us to value our development as much as we value helping others it’s time to recalibrate your priorities start by scheduling specific time for your goals treating them with the same seriousness as your commitments to others this isn’t selfishness it’s essential for your growth by allotting dedicated time for your Ambitions you honor your aspirations while maintaining your supportive role this balanced approach ensures you nurture your dreams without neglecting others leading to a more fulfilling life if you made it this far feel free to like And subscribe so you won’t miss any videos in the future five emotional exhaustion imagine always being the shoulder to cry on the problem solver while you’re there for everyone who’s there for you you feel emotionally drained St stoicism teaches the importance of emotional resilience start setting emotional boundaries it’s okay to offer support but not at the cost of your emotional health practice self-care routines to recharge your emotional batteries six being perceived as inauthentic when you constantly say yes when you want to say no it can lead others to question your sincerity this habit of being overly accommodating while often well-intentioned may result in a perception of inauthenticity oism an ancient philosophy valuing wisdom and self-control encourages authenticity it suggests that being true to your feelings and openly expressing your genuine thoughts and opinions is not just about self-honesty but also about cultivating respect and Trust from others authenticity according to stoicism aligns your actions with your inner values leading to a more fulfilling life this approach is not only liberating but also build stronger more honest relationship sh while it might be challenging initially to express your true feelings especially when they go against the grain this honesty can bring a sense of peace and Clarity it removes pretense allowing for deeper connections ultimately embracing authenticity brings both personal peace and enhances your relationships it shows strength of character and earns respect from those around you in a world where sincerity is rare choosing to be genuine is both revolutionary and deeply rewarding seven the development of resentment when you’re consistently compromising your preferences to accommodate others it can lead to a buildup of resentment continually setting aside your desires or choices for the sake of others might seem selfless but it often comes at the cost of your own well-being stoicism a philosophy grounded in mastering control over one’s emotions cautions against harboring such negative feelings it emphasizes the importance of ack knowledging and addressing them before they escalate the stoic approach encourages you to start voicing your preferences and assertively stand your ground in decision-making processes this doesn’t mean becoming inflexible or uncooperative but rather finding a fair balance between your needs and those of others it’s about establishing boundaries that allow you to maintain your integrity and self-respect while still being considerate of others needs initiating this change might be challenging as especially if you’re used to always yielding however it’s essential for your emotional health and personal growth by expressing your true preferences and participating actively in decision-making you not only alleviate feelings of resentment but also Foster healthier more balanced relationships remember finding Harmony between your needs and the needs of others is key to personal contentment and emotional wellbeing eight Financial strain imagine being the person everyone turns to for financial help whether it’s a friend short on rent or a relative facing unexpected bills you’re always ready to assist it feels good to be so generous to be the one who can always be counted on however over time this generosity starts to impact your own finances your savings are not growing they might even be shrinking you find yourself hesitating before checking your bank balance a clear sign that your financial health is suffering due to your constant generosity this is where the wisdom of stoicism can guide you stoics believed in living a life of moderation including how we handle our finances they taught that helping others is Noble but not at the cost of our own stability it’s time to apply this wisdom to your life start by assessing your financial situation and setting a budget for charitable giving and personal loans this isn’t about stopping your generosity but about managing it wisely when friends or family ask for financial aid consider offering support in non-monetary ways like giving advice or helping them to budget if you do lend money make it clear it’s within your means and set terms for repayment by practicing this stoic principle of moderation you can maintain your generous Spirit without putting your financial future at risk this balanced approach ensures that your kindness is a sustainable part of your life not a source of personal strain nine neglecting close relationships in the pursuit of kindness and benevolence towards everyone there is a risk of inadvertently neglecting the very relationships that form the Cornerstone of Our Lives stoicism a philosophy rooted in practical wisdom emphasizes the significance of nurturing deep and meaningful connections with those closest to us it is vital to remember that while extending kindness to all is commendable our closest relationships those with family and dear friends deserve our utmost attention and care often in the hustle of daily life and the noble Endeavor to be universally kind we may Overlook the needs and importance of those who are consistently present in our lives these are the individuals who offer unwavering support understand our deepest fears and joys and contribute significantly to our personal growth and well-being therefore it is essential to periodically re-evaluate our commitments and priorities making time for family and close friends is not just a duty but a nurturing of the bonds that sustain us emotionally and psychologically this doesn’t mean diminishing the kindness we offer to others rather it’s about striking a delicate balance by consciously allocating time and energy to our personal relationships we enrich our lives and deepen the connections that truly matter in doing so we embody the stoic ideal of living a life that is not only kind but also profoundly connected and fulfilling 10 the illusion of control you believe your kindness can solve everyone’s problems but some situations are beyond your control stoicism teaches acceptance of what we can’t change Focus your kindness where it can make a difference and accept that some things are out of your hands this acceptance will bring you peace and a more effective use of your compassionate efforts in the stoic philosophy kindness must be balanced with wisdom self-respect and self-awareness it’s about finding the middle path where kindness is a strength not a vulnerability remember it’s not about diminishing kindness but about practicing it with discernment and balance if you like the video I would appreciate a like and a comment if you are new to the channel feel free to subscribe to my channel see you next time imagine harnessing a secret power one that’s been revered by stoic philosophers for centuries today we uncover that power silence in this video we’ll explore six critical situations where staying silent isn’t just a choice but a necessity stoicism an ancient philosophy teaches The Art of Living Through wisdom and virtue Central to this wisdom is the practice of Silence let’s discover why silence is more than just a lack of words but a strategy for resilience and strength situation one when anger strikes this is a familiar scenario for many the rise of anger the impulse to immediately respond the sto stoics however offer a different approach one that emphasizes control over emotions rather than being controlled by them when anger emerges the Instinct might be to unleash a flood of words often ones we might regret later the stoics suggest a different course a pause a moment of silence this silence is not a sign of passivity but rather a deliberate act to regain control over the situation in this silence lies a unique power it’s the ability to process our emotions to delve into the true root of our anger is the anger really about the present situation or is there an underlying issue this period of reflection can be Illuminating it helps in avoiding conflict escalation and in preserving relationships that could be harmed by rash words silence in the face of anger is also an act of self-respect it is about maintaining inner peace and not letting external events disrupt your mental state the stoics were Advocates of focusing on what we can control our reactions and our mindset choosing silence in these moments is not an indication of weakness but a display of strength a strength that transcends the fleeting satisfaction of expressing anger moreover practicing silence in moments of anger is a journey towards wisdom each instance where we opt to stay silent rather than react in Anger teaches us more about ourselves our triggers and how to manage them better in the future this skill once honed not only brings peace to our lives but also positively influences those around us therefore the next time anger grips you think of the stoic way take that deep breath embrace the silence and let it guide you towards a response that is in harmony with your true character and values this approach to handling anger not only aligns with stoic philosophy but also offers a practical method for navigating one of life’s challenging emotions situation two confronted with gossip gossip is a common element in Social interactions but it presents a unique Challenge from a stoic perspective the stoics known for their emphasis on virtue and character viewed gossip as a destructive force not just for those who are the subject of the gossip but also for those who engage in it when confronted with gossip the stoic approach is to maintain silence this is not about avoidance but rather a conscious decision to not participate in a conversation that can harm others engaging in Gossip is often seen as a harmless way to Bond or share information but it can have unintended consequences it can damage reputations strain relationships and create an environment of mistrust but the impact of Gossip goes beyond its effect on others it also affects the character of the person who gossips the stoics believed in living a life of Integrity where one’s actions are in alignment with their values gossiping can be a deviation from this path as it involves speaking about others in a way that is not truthful kind or necessary by engaging in Gossip a person compromises their own principles and integrity moreover the stoics saw the act of gossiping as a missed opportunity for personal growth instead of spending time discussing others they advocated using that time for self-improvement learning or engaging in meaningful conversations that enrich the Mind and Spirit therefore the stoic response to gossip is rooted in the philosophy of self-control and virtue by choosing silence in the face of gossip one not only prevents harm to others but also upholds their own character this Choice reflects a commitment to personal integrity and a life led by stoic principles in essence avoiding gossip is not just about keeping away from idle talk it’s about maintaining a standard of behavior that is consistent with the stoic pursuit of wisdom and virtue it’s a practice that reinforces the importance of focusing on our actions and words ensuring they contribute positively to our lives and the lives of those around us situation three when you lack knowledge in the stoic view wisdom is among the highest virtues and part of wisdom is knowing the limits of one’s knowledge the stoics teach the value of Silence especially when it comes to speaking on matters where one lacks understanding or information this approach is not just about avoiding false statements but it’s also a demonstration of humility and the willingness to learn in situations where you find yourself uninformed the stoic practice is to remain silent this this is more than just refraining from contributing to a conversation it’s an acknowledgement of One’s Own limitations and an expression of the desire to learn by not speaking on matters we don’t fully understand we avoid the potential spread of misinformation and the risk of misleading others furthermore stoicism teaches that pretending to know something we don’t is a form of self-deception that can hinder personal growth acknowledging ignorance is the first step towards acquiring knowledge in this respect choosing silence when uninformed is not a sign of weakness or ignorance but rather a sign of strength and wisdom it shows a commitment to truth and a respect for the value of accurate knowledge this humility in acknowledging what we don’t know also opens the door to learning it creates an opportunity for others who are knowledgeable to share their insights and for us to learn from them in this way silence becomes a tool for personal growth and intellectual development additionally this practice of remaining silent when uninformed is empowering it frees us from the pressure to always have an answer or an opinion it allows us to be comfortable with not knowing which is a key aspect of intellectual humility this comfort with uncertainty can lead to a more thoughtful reflective and considerate approach to learning and speaking in essence the stoic approach to situations where one lacks knowledge is not just about maintaining silence but about valuing the pursuit of wisdom it’s a practice that respects the complexity of knowledge and celebrates the process of learning by embracing this approach we align ourselves with the stoic virtues of wisdom humility and intellectual Integrity situation four in the midst of conflict conflict is an inevitable part of Human Relationships but the way we handle it can make a significant difference stoicism with its focus on inner tranquility and rational thinking offers a unique approach to conflict solution the use of Silence this isn’t about simply not speaking it’s about using silence strategically to deescalate tension and promote understanding in conflicts emotions often Run High and words spoken in the Heat of the Moment can exacerbate the situation the stoics teach that in such moments silence can be a powerful tool by choosing not to respond immediately we give ourselves time to process our emotions to step back from the heat of the the conflict and to approach the situation with a clearer more rational mindset this pause can prevent the conflict from escalating and can create a space for calmer more constructive communication moreover silence and conflict is a form of active listening it signals to the other person that you are taking their perspective seriously and considering it thoughtfully this can foster a mutual respect and understanding even in the midst of disagreement it shows that you value resolving the conflict more than winning the argument stoicism also teaches that conflicts often arise from misunderstandings or differing perceptions by remaining silent and listening we can gain a better understanding of the other person’s Viewpoint and the underlying issues that may be fueling the conflict this understanding is key to finding a resolution that is satisfactory to all parties involved furthermore employing silence in Conflict situations reflects self-control a core stoic virtue it demonstrates the ability to control one’s impulses and to act in accordance with reason rather than emotion this self-control not only helps in resolving the immediate conflict but also contributes to personal growth and the development of stronger more resilient relationships in essence the stoic use of Silence in conflict is about creating an environment where resolution is possible it’s a practice that values rationality understanding and respect and aligns with the stoic principles of wisdom and virtue by embracing this approach we can navigate conflicts in a way that is constructive and harmonious staying true to our values and fostering positive outcomes situation five the art of listening stoicism a philosophy deeply rooted in self-awareness and personal growth places great emphasis on the importance of listening over speaking this perspective Champions the idea of Silent active listening as a transformative tool in personal and interpersonal development the stoics understood that true communication involves much more than just expressing one’s own thoughts and opinions it requires the ability to listen actively and attentively to others silent listening isn’t merely the absence of speech it’s an active engagement with the speaker this form of listening allows us to fully absorb what is being said understand the nuances of the conversation and respond thoughtfully active listening in silence involves several key elements first it requires giving full ATT attention to the speaker free from distractions or the urge to formulate a response while the other person is still talking this level of attention demonstrates respect and value for the speaker’s perspective fostering a deeper level of dialogue and understanding secondly silent listening involves observing non-verbal cues such as body language and tone of voice which are often as important as the words being spoken this helps in understanding the full context of the message and the emotions behind it addition Ally stoicism teaches that listening is an opportunity for Learning and personal growth by listening silently we open ourselves to new ideas perspectives and knowledge that we might miss if we were too eager to speak this approach reflects a humble acknowledgement that we do not have all the answers and that there is always more to learn furthermore the practice of Silent active listening can transform relationships it builds trust empathy and a deeper connection with others when people feel heard and understood it creates a foundation for open honest and supportive interactions in essence the art of listening as taught by stoicism is not just a communication skill it’s a life skill it involves embracing silence as a space for understanding empathy and connection by cultivating the practice of Silent active listening we align with the stoic values of wisdom self-improvement and harmonious living enhancing both our personal lives and our interaction with others situation six facing critical decisions in the realm of stoicism the act of making decisions is not just a practical necessity but a reflection of one’s philosophical principles the stoics regarded silence not merely as a lack of speech but as a space for reflection crucial for making thoughtful and considered decisions when faced with critical decisions the stoic practice of embracing silence offers a moment to step back from the immediacy and pressures of the situation this pause is not about procrastination or avoidance but is a deliberate choice to create mental space for reflection in the quiet of Silence we can weigh the options consider the potential consequences of our decisions and reflect on how each choice aligns with our values and principles silence in decision-making allows for a Detachment from external influences and fleeting emotions enabling a focus on rational objective thinking the stoics believ that emotions while a natural part of The Human Experience experience should not dominate our decision-making process by cultivating a period of Silence we can assess our choices without the clouding effect of intense emotions or external pressures moreover the practice of Silent reflection is an exercise in self-awareness it involves examining our motivations desires and fears understanding these internal drivers is essential for making decisions that are true to ourselves and our path the stoics taught that self-led is a critical component of wisdom and wise decision-making is a natural extension of this knowledge in addition to aiding in personal Clarity silence as a tool for decision making can also lead to more responsible and ethical choices when we take the time to reflect we are more likely to consider the broader impact of our decisions including how they affect others this aligns with the stoic principle of living a virtuous life one that contributes positively to society and the common good in essence the stoic use of Silence in facing critical decisions is about harnessing the power of reflection it’s an approach that values deliberation rationality and alignment with personal and ethical values by incorporating silence into our decision-making processes we align ourselves with the stoic ideals of wisdom and virtue making choices that are thoughtful considered and reflective of our true selves silence is not just absence of noise it’s a stoic tool for self-as Mastery and wisdom today we’ve learned six critical situations where silence is your greatest Ally Embrace these lessons and watch how they transform your life thank you for joining us in this journey of stoic wisdom remember silence is a lesson learned from the many sufferings of life until next time embrace the power of Silence



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