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hey have you ever stopped to think if that person you really like is actually starting to like you for real not just a playful Crush but an intense and true feeling that makes the heartbeat faster just thinking about it well you don’t need to wonder anymore today we’re going to explore together the seven signs that indicate she’s completely in love with you are those little gestures she makes even without saying a word that show how much she cares from the way she gets excited when you’re together to how suddenly you become her priority in life let’s explore all these signs together in the end you’ll be an expert at understanding what she’s trying to say without needing words so sit back relax and get ready because we’re going to decipher the secret code of women’s hearts and you can trust me after this video you’ll know exactly how to identify if she’s in love with you oh and before we start make sure you’re subscribed to our Channel and activate the notification Bell so you don’t miss any new videos let’s go there hey imagine you’re out walking with her when suddenly you notice a change in her demeanor she starts playing with her hair playing with her jewelry maybe she even stumbles over her words what’s going on here well my friend these are the classic signs of nervousness she’s got a ton of butterflies in her stomach and they’re fluttering every time you look at each other her body is screaming that I’m completely in love with you even if her words try to hide it you see when a girl really starts to like you for real it’s like a switch flips inside her suddenly your mere presence is enough to leave her all flustered and not knowing what to do she’s hanging on to every move you make every word you say and all that nervousness is like a bright sign that you’re not just another one in line for her so if you notice that she gets a little nervous around you don’t be scared it’s not because you have something in your teeth but because she’s noticing how much she’s starting to like you and that’s exciting and scary at the same time now let’s talk about that weird little Deja Vu they’re exchanging messages keeping everything on a Cool vibe when suddenly she drops a strange one that seems to come out of nowhere wait you’re not even dating yet so where did that come from the thing is when a girl is falling for you her heart starts to take control of the situation she thinks about you all the time dreams about the next encounter and occasionally those feelings slip out before she can contain them this I miss you might seem premature or even a little clingy but it’s actually a big compliment it means you’ve already carved out a serious place in her mind and heart she craves your company as much as chocolate after a hard day so relax if she suddenly drops a strain one it’s not a red flag it’s a green signal that she’s starting to emotionally invest just go with the flow respond if you feel the same and enjoy knowing that she’s thinking about you 24 hours a day that lingering gaze thinking about you they’re sitting face to face having a good chat when you realize her gaze is fixed on you for a good while it’s not just a friendly look there’s something more intense there like she’s diving into your thoughts congratul ations buddy you’re on her radar that look is what a girl gives you when she’s completely Enchanted dreaming about how it would be to be by your side she’s got hearts in her eyes and doesn’t even try to hide it when a girl is starting to fall for real she’s like hypnotized by you remembering every detail your personality your laugh even how you move your hair when you’re thinking it’s all etched in her mind like a tattoo and sometimes she gets lost in it forgetting to even blink so if you catch her looking at you like that consider it a big compliment she’s thinking about a future with you and she likes what she sees just smile and enjoy that connection The Accidental leg touch when you’re sitting close with your knees almost touching suddenly you feel her leg brushing yours it’s so quick and subtle that it almost seems imaginary but then it happens again and again sending a jolt through your legs make no mistake buddy those accidental touches are anything but accidental when a girl is interested in you she’ll find any excuse to get closer no matter how quick she’s testing the waters seeing your reaction to proximity each touch is like a secret message uh I want to be close to you in a language only bodies understand she’s eager for that contact even if it’s just the lightest brush of one leg against the other so if you find yourselves playing footsie or you feel the spark of her hand on your knee don’t overlook it she’s taking it slow but with determination and if you feel the same energy there’s no harm in returning the gesture with a playful touch your phone vibrates and you think another boring message about anything but surprise it’s her sending a super funny meme that only you two would understand or a link to an article she thinks you’ll like with a comment about how it reminds her of you when a girl is starting to like you she goes out of her way to keep the conversation going even when you’re apart and it’s not just empty words she sends things that show she’s connected that she remembers details about you every message or meme is like a way of saying I’m thinking about you without saying it directly she’s looking for any excuse to pop up on your screen just to remind you of the connection you have if you’re enjoying our content help us out by leaving a lik so YouTube We share it with more people who need it so if you’re getting a bunch of personalized messages from her consider that a clear sign that she’s thinking about you all the time it’s not just to feed your ego or pass the time she’s investing in the bond you share one inside joke at a time an inside joke at a time she’s always there when you call you decide to take a step forward and invite her for a coffee already prepared for that situation of trying to find a matching schedule but Sur R she accepts right away ready to drop everything just to meet you when a girl is starting to really like you she puts you at the top of her list suddenly nothing matters as much as being by your side she doesn’t beat around the bush or make you jump through hoops she moves Heaven and Earth to be with you if you notice that she’s always available when you call even last minute consider that a giant green signal she’s sending you a clear message you you’re her priority and the rest can wait she’s eager to enjoy every moment with you and won’t let anything get in the way so don’t hesitate to suggest meetups she’s probably counting the seconds until she sees you again she notices when you change your look decides to make a change in your appearance cut your hair or try on new clothes and while many people don’t even notice she picks up on it instantly uh you cut your hair it looks great oh this shirt is new the color really brings out your eyes when a girl is interested in you she pays attention to every detail of your appearance she watches you like you’re a map memorizing every little bit so any change you make will set off her radar her noticing your new look is a way of showing she’s attentive to everything interested in every detail of you it’s like she has a superpower just for things about you and anything out of the ordinary will trigger an alert in her head so if she’s the first to complement your new look or your new clothes don’t think it’s just empty talk it’s a sign that she’s very attentive to you and she’s absorbing every change you make after exploring all these exciting signs that someone is falling for you I hope you feel more confident and prepared to decipher the mysteries of the heart if you notice these signs in someone special don’t be afraid to open up to that possibility and enjoy every moment of this exciting journey and of course don’t forget to share your own experiences in the comments below I’m eager to know what you think and if you identify with these signs thank you very much for watching Until the End subscribe to the channel and activate the notification Bell to keep receiving new content I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior



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