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seven indirect signs that you’ll notice in a woman if she wants you women are very subtle when it comes to expressing what they Desire with a man and because of this many men miss out on opportunities to have an encounter with a Woman They crave when a woman deeply desires to be with a man she can’t help but send these seven signals knowing these signals will ensure you a place in that woman’s bed as you’ll be able to act in time with confidence and in the right way I recommend paying close attention until the end of the video since the last signals are the most revealing number seven when a woman is interested in you various ways of expressing it tend to emerge and one of the most common is through physical closeness this gesture can manifest in different ways such as when during a date or gathering she chooses to sit very close to you or or seeks to touch your leg in a soft and subtle manner it’s important to understand that this type of physical proximity goes beyond mere trust it’s a way of conveying her desires towards you indirectly but clearly therefore if you perceive these signals and notice them combined with other signs of Interest like finding excuses to stay close to you it’s time to act responding receptively to this signal allows you not only to recognize and fulfill the woman’s desires but also to strengthen the connection between you ignoring this signal or questioning her actions could mean missing out on a valuable opportunity to progress towards a more intimate encounter bear in mind that if she initiates this type of physical closeness and you don’t receive an apology from her at the moment it’s because it wasn’t an accident she does it with the intention of catching your attention expecting a response number six when a woman is interested in having an intimate encounter with you she often resorts to subtle touches as a sign of her interest if for example you’re on a date with her and while conversing she places her hand on your forearm while talking animatedly about a topic she’s passionate about this gesture may seem casual but it’s actually a way of communicating her desire to be closer to you physically another example would be if you’re sitting together on a bench and she leans her head towards you letting her hair brush against your shoulder while laughing at a joke of yours this subtle physical contact suggests that she enjoys your company and is open to Greater closeness remember that these subtle touches may vary depending on the situation and the woman’s personality but in general they signal that she’s comfortable with you and desires to explore a closer connection it’s important to be attentive to this signal and respond by showing your own interest and affection towards her if she’s of interest to you number five another signal that a woman often resorts to when she needs an encounter with a man she’s interested in is that she often seeks to establish prolonged and intense eye contact you can notice this in various situations such as when you may be in a gathering and while talking you notice that she holds your gaze for longer than usual with an expression of interest and attraction in her eyes another example would be if you’re at a dinner and while conversing she looks directly into your eyes with a soft and seductive expression showing genuine interest in every word you say this prolonged and deep eye contact suggests that she’s seeking a more intimate connection with you remember that eye contact is a powerful form of non-verbal communication and when a woman prolongs and intensifies it it’s a clear sign that she’s open to the possibility of exploring an encounter with you if you also desire an encounter with the girl in question I recommend that you don’t look away and respond with confidence and Assurance number four this signal is one of the most revealing if you notice that a woman starts to highlight her physical attributes it’s an indirect sign that she’s interested in you this strategy is common among women who want to seduce as they know that men tend to be attracted by a woman’s physical appearance imagine you’re on a date with a woman and suddenly she starts adjusting her clothing suggestively or asks you to pay attention to a specific part of her body like her neck or her lips these actions may seem simple but they are clear indications of her interest in having an intimate encounter with you it’s important that you pay attention to this signal as it’s a key way in which women Express their desire discreetly don’t ignore this subtle gesture as it could would be the first step towards deepening the connection between you two these signals along with the following ones you’ll learn are enough to delve into more intimate topics with that woman especially if you’ve reached this point in the video I invite you to support me with a like And subscribe to the channel to find out if you really like this type of content number three when a woman is attracted to you and is interested in having a private moment with you it’s common for her to lean her body towards yours during your interactions this signal can be seen in everyday situations you may be in a cafe and while conversing you notice that she slightly leans her torso towards you showing genuine interest in what you’re saying and a willingness to get closer physically another example would be if you’re walking together and passing through a narrow place she moves closer to you almost brushing her shoulder against yours this subtle leaning of her her body towards yours indicates that she’s seeking a closer physical connection with you remember that these gestures may vary depending on the situation and the woman’s personality but in general the Leaning of the body towards you during conversations is a clear sign of her interest in getting physically closer a woman doesn’t usually approach a man by mistake so don’t hesitate if you notice this subtle signal number two another signal that is often revealing is when you notice an increase in the frequency of her caresses you might notice that she seeks more opportunities to hug you prolonging physical contact and expressing a desire for closeness you may be walking together and she seeks to intertwine her hands with yours more often than usual showing a desire for a deeper physical connection you might even notice that during a conversation she gently Strokes your back or legs seeking to establish an intimate connection through physical contact these physical gestures show her interest in you in a more tangible way and not only suggest that she’s open to exploring a more personal encounter with you but also demonstrate that it’s something she desires don’t miss the opportunity to advance in the encounter if you notice this revealing signal number one the last and definitive signal you’ll notice in a woman if she desires you is if she often resorts to talking about Hot Topics this may surprise you as it’s not common in all women when a woman starts talking about her experiences or desires with you she doesn’t do it simply because she’s open-minded or too trusting she does it because she has a clear goal in mind if you find yourself talking to a girl and suddenly she starts talking openly about her fantasies or past experiences in her relationships it’s because she wants you to imagine yourself with her in that situation if you notice that the conversation is deepening more and more in this type of topic it’s a clear sign that she’s trying to arouse your desire and attraction towards her it’s important that you recognize this gesture as an indirect but clear way of expressing her interest in having an encounter with you if you notice all these signals in a woman and you don’t do anything about it I hope it’s just because you’re not interested in the girl and not because of Doubt because when a woman sends all these signals rest assured that she wants you now let me know in the comments if you already knew these signals and if you’ve ever noticed them in a woman if you like the content please support me with a like And subscribe to the channel to reach more men who need this information I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person person if you likeed the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior



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