🙋‍♀️ If she greets you like that, she loves you too much | STOICISM

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do you want to know if a woman likes you in this video I’ll show you some gestures that will help you understand if she likes you and how you should act stay until the end because the last gesture is the most revealing don’t forget to subscribe for more content like this number one blushing and playing with hair let’s start with the first gesture let’s say you meet a girl and greet her from afar if she blushes looks at you and plays with her hair while smiling that’s a good sign often shy women show interest with subtle gestures so pay attention don’t expect them to approach you because many times they think it should be the man who takes the first step number two jealous attitude now if you’re talking to another girl and the woman you like approaches with a slightly angry attitude maybe she greets you coldly and then leaves it’s a clear sign of jealousy she’s marking her territory be careful with this because it can be a bit toxic make sure to handle these situations with caution and respect number three cheek kiss if you offer your hand to greet her and she kisses your cheek that indicates she wants something more with you this gesture can be direct but it can also be playful if it happens to you you must decide if you want to move forward or not keep in mind that every woman is different some are more expressive and others more reserved number four quick greeting what if you offer your hand and she quickly releases it this may be because she feels anxious or nervous to calm the situation be kind throw in a little humor and show there’s nothing to worry about if she’s shy she may not be sure how to act number five avoiding eye contact if she greets you but can’t look you in the eyes it may be because she likes you a lot but feels intimidated one way to make her feel more comfortable is by placing your hand over hers to give her confidence Don’t Force the situation but show that you’re there for her number six unusual physical contact finally if she touches the right side of your lower back while walking this is a big indicator that she likes you a lot it may be a sign that she’s been trying to get your attention in other ways but you haven’t noticed if you want to respond positively you can hug her with your arm over her shoulder to show that you’re so interested I hope these tips help you better understand how to act when a woman likes you remember it’s always important to be respectful and sensitive to her feelings if you like this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe for more relationship and communication advice see you in the next video



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