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hello welcome to a new video you’re about to join us on a journey during which we will reveal a series of quite curious and important facts about women at the end of this video I will tell you the most aphrodesiac and interesting facts that you have never heard before starting I invite you to subscribe and activate the notification Bell as it is the only way we have to notify you every time we upload a new video now let’s begin in general there are three types of women who will always give you oral pleasure married women Unfaithful women who want to give pleasure to other men women who want to explore and those who are specifically hired for it if a woman kisses your neck with her tongue it means she really wants to give you oral pleasure many commercial lotions have chemicals that can be harmful to your intimate areas coconut oil is a good homemade lubricant that can be well tolerated during the exploration of the cave one of the best ways to touch women with your fingers is to wet them well and then place your index finger to one side of her little cave and proceed to excite this area repeatedly until she reaches enjoyment when a pleasure session is at a high level of excitement it is the time to deploy all your creative repertoire start experimenting with more active man roles a bit rougher using strength in in a controlled manner there are three positions that can make a woman feel great during the act and I cannot forget to tell you in the first place is the position where she sits facing you and you Explore her which allows stimulating her little cave before continuing if you are a man over 35 years old and you are located in Mexico the United States Colombia or any part of Latin America and Spanish speaking you cannot miss the irresistible offer we have in our course where we will teach you how to conquer a woman and achieve the most pleasurable session with that girl you want so much to have in your arms check it out by clicking the link in the description of this video now let’s continue as we were saying another example of creative positions is the doggy position where she gets on all fours and you Explore her from behind this position also allows stimulating her little cave oral pleasure is a position that many women in love and that can even leave them wanting more there are people who perform male oral pleasure with protection to avoid oral infections placing the condom with the mouth will seem like a common practice among expert couples if you take the protection and use it at the exact moment from the age of 30 women love to experiment with new things when having relationships pleasure from behind is one of them what are the five parts that women like a man man to touch tell me your answer in the comments box when a man learns to stimulate the cave while massaging the little butt it is most likely that he will achieve that the woman has a squirt due to the overe excitement of enjoyment that they receive did you know that 42% of men expel very quickly when a woman touches their glands unlike what many women think life liquid does not necessarily taste bad if you have life liquid in your mouth and it repels you to take it you can spit it out but you don’t have to swallow it most women who were unfaithful to their husbands were because they did not perform oral pleasure well if you want to do it well so they don’t cheat on you with a tall blonde and blue-eyed guy do the following ideally start licking with the tip of your tongue the lower part of the lips 18% of women can reach the happy moment without the help of a man that is by inserting themselves a toy or fingers and 80% of women experience the happy moment through the stimulation of their little cave most women experience more pleasure during the act when they receive oral pleasure not through exploration women love when the tip of the tongue makes circular movements if you also insert two fingers to excite the inner part of the little cave better women fall in love and do everything for the man who satisfies them correctly in bed some women refrain from confessing to their partner that they give themselves self-pleasure either for fear of being judged as easy or perverted or to avoid making him feel bad thinking that he does not satisfy her enough staying for a prolonged time without having pleasure can affect your pleasurable desire and the elasticity of your reproductive organs noticeably this can be reversed but it requires time and effort after expelling there is a recovery period between 10 minutes and several hours to be able to have a new lift a low blood glucose level can make it less likely to feel the need to have pleasurable relationships so eat dessert with that woman on the next date Gallant start by putting into practice these three deep exploration positions that I mentioned below and she will be all yours the wheelbarrow sit at the end of the bed or sofa and have your partner lie face down with her hands on the floor in front of her with her little cave on your buddy this position might be a bit strenuous for your partner but you can help her bear most of her weight on you and only use her hands to stabilize herself iron the woman lies face down with her knees slightly bent and hips slightly raised keep your weight off her by supporting yourself with your arms or if you like the body to body sensation grab her by the hips and push them from there Nirvana 98% of women reach the happy moment with her this is the best posture it looks a lot like the missionary with the difference that you will be together much longer the little cave contains 8,000 sensitive nerve endings double the nerve endings of the glands of your body when a woman is excited and does not end in a happy moment she may suffer a decrease in pleasurable appetite stress and physical discomforts in the Central Area women can also expel but not like men at the same time as the happy moment it consists of an expulsion of a large amount of transparent liquid from half a liter to a liter and that when dried does not leave a stain pleasure from behind despite always being present has always generated a bit of controversy and there are women who claim to love it and others who do not even consider it couples who want to have children have to maintain pleasurable relationships without protection for an average of five and a half months before achieving it there is greater sensitivity of the little cave after the happy moment it is also an organ that rises like the Buddy responds to mental and tactile excitement and fills with blood when excited well it seems we have run out of time tell us which facts you like the most I want to know your opinion in the comments remember that you have our course available where we will teach you how to conquer a woman and achieve the most pleasurable session with that girl you want so much to have in your arms check it out by clicking the link in the description of this video I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior [Music]



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