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Every Woman Longs for a man to touch them in these seven points there are seven points on the female body that are highly sensitive for a woman and that very few men know how to use to their advantage knowing these points can help you create an atmosphere charged with anticipation and desire in any woman which will make her feel very attracted to you I recommend paying close attention to because the last three points will make a woman unable to resist having a more intimate experience with you and I will also give you an extra tip at the end of the video that drives women crazy that very few men know number seven the palms of the hands become a strategic area to stimulate desire and attraction in a subtle but powerful Way by taking her hand you are tracing a physical bridge between you that goes beyond words this gesture char with emotional meaning can communicate a wide range of feelings from interest and attraction to support and security it is crucial to approach this movement with delicacy and confidence conveying Security in every contact since if you show insecurity you will end up ruining the moment by holding her hand an intimate bond is created that can make both feel more emotionally connected it is an effective way to show affection and establish a deeper a level of intimacy during an intimate conversation you can gently take her hand while sharing a meaningful moment or while walking together maintaining eye contact and a calm smile while doing so reinforces the emotional connection and the feeling of closeness additionally by feeling the temperature and texture of her hands you can perceive her emotional responses and adjust your approach accordingly number six the nape an area that many men often Overlook can become a powerful resource to increase intimacy and passion a massage on the nape can not only relieve physical tension but also awaken pleasurable and anticipatory Sensations in a woman it is important to approach this action with gentleness and respect conveying care and attention in every movement during an encounter together you can approach her from behind and start gently caressing her nape with the tips of your fingers with delicate and circular movements you can explore this area while observing how she reacts and how her breathing becomes deeper this indirect physical contact can send signals of desire and emotional connection increasing the chemistry and magnetism between both touching the nape can be a powerful tool to intensify intimacy and create an atmosphere charged with passion and anticipation number five another point that many men forget is the lower back when touching this area you are not only offering physical support but also emotional support it is a way to make her feel safe and supported which in turn creates an atmosphere of trust and closeness between you and this is something that arouses feelings of desire and attraction in a woman for example during a moment together you can approach her from behind and place your hand gently on the lower part of her back this gesture conveys a sense of protection and care which can awaken Deep Emotions and create a more intimate connection between you maintain the contact delicately and respectfully letting the touch be suggestive enough to generate anticipation but subtle enough to maintain the mystery and Intrigue this will undoubtedly make her very nervous always remember to read the signals she is sending you and be attentive to her comfort and receptivity touching the lower back can be a power ful tool to create an atmosphere charged with anticipation and desire number four another part where every woman desires a caress and which is also very important to them is their hair by caressing her hair you are not only performing a simple gesture but also generating stimulating Sensations that run through her entire body this everyday natural act can make her feel pampered and special in an instant you can perform this act by approaching ing her gently and starting to slide your fingers through her hair caressing it delicately observe how she responds to your touch she sigh relaxes maybe tilts her head slightly to offer you more access this intimate gesture can create an instant connection between you increasing intimacy and passion gradually but palpably touching the hair can be a powerful way to awaken deep Sensations and emotions establishing a deeper and more stimulant a in connection between both if you have reached this point in the video I invite you to support me with a like And subscribe to the channel so you can continue learning about the complexity of women number three we are now in the last three points so pay close attention as these are the best ones to create that intense emotional connection you want with that special woman now the back of the knees is a very delicate area and often overlooked but it is a strategic point to Foster an atmosphere of complicity and seduction a gentle massage in this area can trigger surprising Sensations and add an extra touch to the intimate experience the recommended thing is to gently stroke the back of her knees with the tips of your fingers this seemingly innocent gesture can gently awaken her sensitivity and provoke a physical and emotional response it is crucial to maintain a delicate and respectful touch letting the massage be suggestive enough to generate an atmosphere charged with desire but gentle enough to maintain the mystery and anticipation you must pay attention to her signals of comfort and receptivity and be willing to adapt your approach as necessary the massage on the back of the knees is a powerful tool to intensify intimacy and create a deeper and more exciting connection between both number two the feet are a highly sensitive area of a woman’s body and special to awaken stimulating Sensations subtly and effectively massaging her feet is not only a gesture of care and attention but also a way to show affection and appreciation towards her most men do not know this secret but you can generate desire and attraction in a Woman by gently caressing her feet with your hands applying firm but gentle pressure this gesture can make her feel pampered and love D and it can also help her relax and release the accumulated tension of the day as you massage her feet observe how she responds she sigh in relief relaxes even more in your arms or looks at you with a grateful and affectionate expression these are signs that you are doing something right and that your touch is being appreciated massaging the feet can be a very powerful way to increase emotional connection and intimacy between you creating an atmosphere charged with passion and desire number one and to finish there are the earlobes a highly sensitive area that can be a strategic point to provoke a sensation of deep connection gently nibbling this area can trigger electric and gratifying Sensations since there are a large number of nerves in the ear for this you can approach her slowly and start kissing her earlobes gently and playfully experiment with different techniques and tricks to stimulate her earlobes and find out what she likes best you can try with soft kisses delicate nibbles or even provocative Whispers near her ear to build tension between you playing with the earlobes can be an effective way to intensify the emotional connection and intimacy between both creating an atmosphere charged with desire and passion I will tell you an extra fact for this point for having reached the end of the video If you perform the aforementioned acts on her left ear you can generate an even more stimulating sensation in conclusion understanding and effectively utilizing the seven sensitive points on a woman’s body can significantly enhance intimacy desire and emotional connection in any relationship these points often overlooked or underutilized by many men hold the key to unlocking profound Sensations and fostering a deeper bond with your partner beginning with the palms of the hands the simple Act of holding her hand can transcend verbal communication conveying a myriad of emotions from attraction to security moving to the nape a gentle massage can release tension and evoke pleasurable Sensations intensifying the chemistry between partners similarly touching the lower back signifies not just physical support but emotional reassurance creating an atmosphere of trust and close caressing her hair is more than a gesture it’s an intimate connection that can make her feel cherished and special moving to the back of the knees a subtle massage can ignite unexpected reactions adding an extra layer of intimacy to the encounter massaging her feet often neglected can demonstrate care and affection leading to a deeper emotional connection finally the earlobes a highly sensitive area can provoke profound sens ations when kissed or nibbled understanding these points and their significance can lead to moments charged with desire and passion strengthening the emotional bond between partners by paying attention to her responses and adjusting your approach accordingly you can create an environment where both Partners feel understood appreciated and deeply connected these gestures go beyond physical touch they speak to the emotional needs and desires of a woman fostering a sense of intimacy and belonging incorporating these techniques into your interactions can transform ordinary moments into Unforgettable experiences solidifying the foundation of your relationship so take the time to explore and appreciate these sensitive points for they hold the key to a deeper more fulfilling connection with the woman you desire now tell me in the comments did you already know these secret and sensitive points that women have if you like the video support me with a like And subscribe now or it is very likely to be the last time you watch one of our videos I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you 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