5 Habits To Boost Your Confidence Immediately

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it has been a minute and it’s good to be back so today what we’re going to be doing is taking a look at the man the myth the legend tony robbins and we’re actually going to be trying to figure out some habits to change your life for the better because quite frankly some crazy times right now you’ve probably been feeling it i’ve been feeling it and anything that can help you feel better on a regular basis is worth looking into so let’s dive into tony robbins and what he’s got to say people come to me all the time and it’ll come to my face and i’ll go i don’t know what it is i just feel down all the time why do you think i feel that way someone said i feel so up why do you think i feel so up all the time i don’t know what it is but for some reason i’m angry all the time do we get in habits of using our body our face in a certain way over and over again yes or no once you’re in that state you’ll behave in a way that creates more of that emotion this is a hundred percent the the truth anytime that i’m ready to give a speech or anything like that beforehand i get out there and i jump up and down i bang my chest i make sure that i’m communicating a lot with all of the people backstage beforehand so that i go on and it looks like i can turn it on but quite frankly i started turning on five ten minutes prior so that when i hit that moment where i need to perform and for you this can be an interview this might be a date that you’re going on one of the things that you can do if you find yourself in a situation where you have a nervous phone call coming up be it with a boss someone that you’re excited to talk to whatever is to get moving prior so i like to often do those phone calls when i’m on a walk outside or at least be moving around my apartment preferably if i had a conversation shortly before that so i’m in the mode of communicating it helps a ton and i think that there’s a lot to this two-way street between the way that you feel and the way that you move your body i watch this the first time he is so intense compared to russell brand in this one you know people negotiate well i’m able to tomorrow i’m going to do this or i’ll let me like two more minutes till i’m ready there’s none of that [ __ ] with me for decades i go i say we do i’m not here to discuss this [ __ ] with my mind there’s mind and then there’s soul and spirit and soul and spirit my soul knows and when i say jump you jump so i think this is really useful information this idea of no discussion we’re gonna do this thing that i’ve pre resolved to do i’m going to stick to my commitments there’s a lot of value in that for a lot of people at various points in their life but i will say this is something that i don’t totally disagree with if you’re a type a person and you’ve got this and you’ve internalized you’ve got to go go go go i actually think getting in touch with the part of you that doesn’t want to do the thing and finding out what’s going on when that emotional area where you don’t want to jump in the cold plunger you’re not committed to optimizing every area of your life that part needs to be listened to not because it’s complainer or it’s dragging you down but because it also has often has some very very important things for you to hear you want to come back now make a decision what makes you hate yourself is it the red shoes is it the red shoes no are you sure because they’re [ __ ] red if you smile like that too much you’ll want to stick around you’ve been so hard on yourself i love that you have such high standards but those aren’t high standards that’s called perfection and most people overestimate what they can do in a year so i i think what’s actually fascinating about this clip is there’s a there’s almost a hypnotic sense to what is happening here so look into it i think a lot of people believe that hypnotism is fake when they see it on stage it is not you can induce people into trances they become more suggestible and you can use that to help them do all sorts of things if tony had come up to him and said all of this to him in a different setting without that sort of preamble that warm up to that heightened suggestibility there’s nothing about these words that is necessarily going to break through that guy’s defense mechanism i think what tony robbins events do extremely well they take people out of their comfort zone they get them moving around and it puts them into a state where they are open to change and quite frankly this is what all of the best organizations at creating change do to people in one way or another they put them in a state where they’re receptive to change if you look at boot camp they keep you extremely tired that is not an accident it’s not because they just don’t want you to sleep it’s because that is what enables them to as they say break you down and build you back up into a soldier a decision is the first step decision is like a war i gotta do this or that all right i’m gonna make myself do this but commitment is when you now after you’ve decided you commit to do this for the long term whether it’s hard or easy doesn’t matter you’re doing this it takes it from this moment and it carries into the future even when things are difficult so i don’t know if he’s going to say it here but one thing that he said gosh i don’t know it must have been eight to ten years ago that stuck with me and really affected me was never leave the sight of a decision without doing something that carries you forward to the next time so oftentimes i’d find that i resolve to at that time in my life it was go to the gym more or eat healthy or whatever it was and i’d have these frequent moments of inspiration but they wouldn’t stick and that one idea that okay as soon as i make this decision what i need to do right now is for instance if i’m going to eat better i have to go to my kitchen and throw out all the junk food right now whatever it was that i could do to commit myself for hey lady it’s okay whatever i could do to commit myself forward counted for a ton at that time it’s okay the only thing that changes your life is making a decision so while you’re in this passionate state that’s where you make decisions you know i’m gonna interrupt right now my dog has come to say hello she’s pretty sad right now um listen to tony robbins voice oh you’re in this passionate state that’s where you make decisions so one habit that i don’t think he’s gonna say outright but i know he’s practiced is the way that you speak my gosh if you’re gonna do as much public speaking as tony robbins does you need to learn to speak from your diaphragm if you want to find out there’s basic singing lessons i can link to a video but if you’re speaking primarily and it feels like you’re speaking from your throat you will chew up your vocal cords and if you listen to tony’s voice over the course of his life it has deteriorated greatly so just to keep in mind one thing that you absolutely need to do if you’re going to be doing a lot of public speaking looking to basic singing lessons looking into speaking from your diaphragm i’ll show you the difference real quick and now when i speak from this you can hear that my voice is naturally lower versus when i start speaking up here which is my natural voice sometimes if i’m not if i haven’t done these practices and i can do this for short periods of time as can everybody uh you’ll start to chew up your vocal cords it’s something that he’s done i know he regrets it so keep that in mind i’m not here because i believe in positive thinking if you think that’s what i believe you don’t know much about me i’m not one of those people who believe you’re supposed to go to your garden and chant there’s no weeds there’s no weeds there’s no weeds there’s no ears yeah so this is one that i’ve i’ve gone back and forth on in my life but i’m in agreement i think that positive thinking shouldn’t be thrown out the window but quite frankly i think that people that all the time feel like they have to say the most positive thing do the most positive thing do their gratitude exercises all the time that stuff has a place but what sometimes stops you from doing is investigating some of the things that are consistently frustrating annoying and upsetting to you and which you put on top of it and i think sometimes tony stuff can a little bit a little bit guilty of this can be a thin veil of positivity and so yeah i’m 100 about being real with the problems in your life i think that makes a ton of sense i should work harder i should make more calls i should i should i should i should you know what people don’t do their shoulds and they get mad at themselves and they what i call [ __ ] all over themselves they beat themselves up about it what changes people is when your should becomes a must i agree and this is a big one i’ll give them credit this might be one of the the number one or at least the top things 100 agree now i think he’s going to elaborate here on how to do this let’s see it’s like if you want to take the island and you’re the head of the army and you want to take the island the most powerful way to take the island is burn the boat because if there’s no way to go back it’s amazing what happens when it’s a must if you’re a younger person and you’re in your 20s or at any point in your life where you’re trying to build something this is fantastic fantastic advice but if you’re at a point where you have been a type a achiever for some time i don’t necessarily think that raising your standards is the answer no i think there’s an interesting tension between this very western ideal of like achieve you have to go get it and how does that blend with this eastern philosophy of allow life to come your way recognize that ultimately you cannot control things and if you try to control the world around you you’re really just going to let your emotions be dictated by things outside of your control because you will never be able to one-to-one mold the world the way that you think it ought to be no matter how high your standards are so i hope that has been helpful a handful of habits for you to change your life and as you kind of saw on this there’s a handful of points where i am not 100 in agreement not to say that tony stuff is bad i think it’s absolutely fantastic i’d recommend it to tons of people i’ve sent family members to his events but i think there’s something to acknowledging and exploring your emotional reality especially if you’re a type a person that raised your standards and doesn’t accept no for an answer and it’s go go go what are you going to achieve what’s next what’s bigger i find that in my own life that has caused me to move the goal post of happiness such that my standards are rising i’m achieving at a higher level i’ve got everything on the outside going the way that i wanted to but the internal state of how much happiness am i experiencing or joy hasn’t necessarily changed and if i’m honest when i’ve been in that state what’s been driving me is anxiety what’s been driving me is a fear that i need to do more and more and more so with that in mind the part of the reason that i have been gone and quite frankly the whole reason that i’ve been gone is because i’ve spent the last several months redoing the emotional mastery course that i had before which was intended to sort of approach this problem and start to find a different way of handling things rather than achieve achieve achieve and the idea of the course redone completely i’m extremely proud of it is that it’s a 24-day course to help you feel more positive emotions and be less controlled by those negative ones and again it’s not just the positive thinking it’s not about avoiding it in 90 seconds to changing it it really is about going into it finding some of the root causes of feelings that you might not even be acknowledging addressing subconscious drivers that are controlling you limiting you in your life and getting them out of the way so i’m extremely extremely proud of this course it’s not necessarily one that i think fits with what most people are looking for but it is the one that i think has the most positive impact at least that i am capable of creating so if you want to check that course out it is up live now if you had previously joined emotional mastery it’s completely included the update is 100 new all 24 days are brand new the old stuff is still there as well so i hope that you decide to check emotional mastery out like i said i’m super proud of it it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and i hope to see you on the inside either way i’m back you’ll probably see me some a little bit more on the channel i have appreciated ben filling in for me in the meantime either way hope that you enjoyed this video and i will see you in the next one [Music] you



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  1. I think the biggest example of “burning boats “ theory is Sylvester Stallone. The guy didn’t get a job purposely ( in his struggling days) so that he could keep the fire for his dream of acting, fresh in his belly. Rest is History
    By the way, I think Charlie it’s time you made a video on Sylvester or even on Rocky Balboa . Please, do make one

  2. the only time a person is hesitating is because subconsciously they dont believe that they are not good enough to change…just do it…overtime the subconscious will delete the old program and install a new program..

  3. Anthony Jay Mahavorick (his real name) is not legend. He is rapscallion. Very impudent. He earn big money on very trustful people. So if you like him, you are trustful. He worked as doorman and now he teaching you how to live.

  4. In your 20s it is helpful to be a bit type A like Tony was with Russell Brandt. If you keep listening to your gut and evolve your plan as you learn about what you truly want then one day you'll find yourself right where you want to be. Life is a journey of discovery. We must be kind to ourselves as Charlie points out after that segment. Balance is a back and forth. Persist in your goals with love for yourself otherwise you will be incapable of showing up for others.