5 Manipulative Tactics People Use To Screw You Over In Negotiations

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Bobby Axelrod from billions has more money in power than most of us can imagine and it’s not just because he’s a good investor Bobby is a brilliant negotiator capable of getting people to give him almost anything he wants buy them all every single last one of them that’ll be expensive mother that’s a good thing I’m a rich man so in this video we’re going to cover five tactics Bobby uses in almost every negotiation and how you can use them to negotiate better whether it’s at work in your romantic relationships or with friends the first secret to Bobby success is he nails down what people need before he negotiates with them for example watch how axe negotiates after initially agreeing to pay this family twenty five million dollars for their building which is why I am presenting you with a check twenty five million dollars minus sixteen which leaves you with nine million this is [ __ ] we will walk out of here if you don’t honor the full amount oh you wall how is act so confident that he can chop almost two-thirds of his initial offer and still get what he wants after reviewing your holdings your business interests your debts I know that this cheque is the only thing standing between your family and bankruptcy act sets himself up for success by doing his research and when he can’t find out on his own what someone needs it’ll just ask like here what do you want it’s a simple thing to do but most people don’t do it instead most people assume that the person were negotiating with once what we would want in their shoes this is a major mistake and one Bobby’s rival Chuck makes often watch Chuck try to blackmail one of Bobby’s employees by threatening to reveal that he’s cheating on his wife finding the photo stream in her inbox almost happy pictures of you and Carson and Anna I’m I just burger unfortunately for Chuck he starts negotiating before fully understanding what bill values and it blows up in his face I wrote a letter to my wife the whole story I just sent it so in your own life rather than guessing what the other person wants take the time to find out for sure for example let’s say you want more money instead of just guessing what your employer wants and silently working at those assumptions set up a meeting with your boss to let him or her know you’re interested in earning a raise then ask them what is a reasonable time frame to earn a raise and what would I have to do to earn it you can even start by asking what is a reasonable timeframe to get a raise and then ask what would I have to do to earn a raise faster than that now you have clear targets to hit and when you hit them you’ll be in great shape to negotiate for more money 1 Sachs knows what the other person wants from a negotiation he’ll use his body language to manipulate your emotions if ax wants to capture the attention of a room and convey that he’s the one with the power he’ll stand while others sit this literally forces people to look up to him but there’s one number that really matters to me 16 you’ve been brought back to life as promised but it’s not free he does this because we tend to respect and fear people who tower over us it’s no coincidence that fortune 500 CEOs are on average two and a half inches taller than the average men so if you’re going to give a presentation of people who outrank you stand when people physically look up to you they will subconsciously feel your position is stronger and take you more seriously this is not mean to stand all the time in fact if ax is certain that he’ll have everyone’s attention without needing a height advantage he will set himself up to be splayed out sitting while others are forced to stand this splayed out setting position makes you think he’s confident and that he feels unthreatened going forward you might want to consider vetting your information splaying out over the couch works for Bobby because he has a captive and desperate audience so he can sit there comfortably and make them come to him to hear his pitch positioning yourself like this at a networking event or party wouldn’t be nearly as effective because without a captive audience the person sitting while others stand is likely to be ignored now while both of these strategies have their place they’re inherently a bit adversarial so acts as a third position he uses when he wants to make someone feel like they’re on the same team working towards the same goal together and this is the one you’ll want to use most often he sets them up at eye level and side by side with him like here with Wendy this is called same side same team and it’s the best way to handle a one-on-one negotiation so if you notice someone is looming over you and you start to feel uncomfortable invite them to sit next to you or stand to be at their level and especially with team members or even on dates positioning yourself to be sitting next to each other or on adjacent sides of the table one Zack’s has done his research and set the tone of the negotiation with his body language it’s time to strike a deal axe tries to get the most he possibly can from people by using exploding offers to create panic in the other person axe loves these now-or-never traps offer 63 million cash take it or leave it on the call no negotiation I’m counting to five and then it’s off the table one will do it if axe gave people time to consider his proposals they might be able to go out and find better options instead he limits your focus to just two choices get what you want or miss out and regret it forever I walk out that door today we are friends for life or you don’t exist to me ever again this style negotiation is incredibly effective you see it often from companies giving job offers that explode after 24 hours so you don’t have a chance to find another job or even in romantic relationships when someone says they’ll stop seeing you unless they get a commitment that they want but this tactic comes with a cost the other person may end up resenting you for placing time pressure on me as tempting as it is you should avoid using this tactic you’ll get yeses from people who wouldn’t have agreed if they weren’t under time pressure and those aren’t the business agreements or relationships you want your life and you may scare off good people because they don’t like your aggressive style on the flip side axe never allow someone to time pressure him into a deal no matter how bad his situation seems he’s always willing to walk away from the table especially when someone tries to change the terms at the last minute because they think they have leverage on him watch what happens when an investor tries to sneak something in at the last minute I need total transparency and you’re gonna give it to me because you got nothing else I can’t do it I won’t do it go I pass acts is willing to kill the only offer he has and bet on himself to find a better option here’s another example where truck tries to change the terms on an axis settlement put the money on the trusts fine but you never train securities again not for institutions not for individual investors not even for yourself in both instances the other person thinks they have acts in a bad spot and they try to add a last-minute term after having already agreed to a deal this is a huge red flag and one that should trigger you to immediately walk away from a negotiation if the new deal ends up being the best you can do you can almost always come back to the table again after you’ve had time to assess things now in your own life it can be extremely tough to do it acts does and walk away with nothing so whenever possible try to line up multiple options before you enter a negotiation that said one huge mindset that will help you a lot in business and in your personal life is realizing there are infinite options available to you at all times so if you ever feel stuck taking an offer you aren’t truly excited about remember that just because you haven’t seen the better offer doesn’t mean it’s not right around the corner one year from now is much more likely that you regret agreeing to a bad deal then that you regret saying no to a deal the last thing Bobby brings to every negotiation is this mindset Bobby wants to win and he wants to win by giving as little as possible like when he cut his offer from 25 million to 9 or this funny example negotiating employee compensation I should not throw out the first number because I have a tendency to undervalue myself I’d like to make you a PM portfolio manager I would have gotten Prime Minister but there you go under valuing and the money meet the new salary same as the old salary I’m a PM it’s worth noting that in the long run this tactic actually hurts acts more than it helps him it may maximize what you get in the short term but life is long and you run the risk of offending the other person like he does here with Taylor 15 million dollars you aren’t going to start with a performance review or hell of a year 15 I was thinking 50 I’m thinking that the final number will be something just shy of half of what you’re looking for I don’t agree this isn’t heavy betting on the open cuz we don’t both have to agree I say what it is you take it Taylor just ran axe capital for a year and made act 700 million dollars given that would it really matter if he gave them 50 instead of 25 axes mistake here is thinking of this as a one-time game yes for this one day he makes himself an extra 25 million by disappointing them but he also sets himself up to eventually be betrayed by his most important employee unfortunately this is how many people think about negotiations they try to get the best possible terms for themselves on any particular deal without considering if it will make the person want to work with them again instead think of any negotiation as an iterative game there will be future rounds so if you can get yourself more in the long run by giving someone more in the short run do it if you want to learn more about negotiation I highly recommend Chris Voss’s never split the difference Chris is a former international hostage negotiator for the FBI and he shares his field-tested approach to high-stakes negotiations which you can use at home and at work and if you want to listen to the book for free you can thanks to our sponsor for this video audible when you sign up for your free 30-day trial of audible today you get one free audiobook I recommend never split the difference and also unlimited audible originals you can do that at audible.com slash charisma or by texting charisma to five hundred five hundred it’s a great way to take your dead time like commuting to work or doing house chores and use that time to better yourself so again you can get never split the difference for free with an audible trial at audible.com slash charisma or by texting charisma to five hundred five hundred either way I really appreciate you watching this video and I look forward to seeing you in the next one you



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  1. Good insights.. .. and useful tactics.. but lets not forget Ax is a fictional character.. and the script is what makes him win these negotiations.. .. But good videe.. useful tips !

  2. πŸ˜‚ Lol. Axelrod CHARACTER is based off the REAL Wall Street Billionaire Steve Cohen. 😎 So now check him out and tell me if he fiscally resembles Damian Lewis, which in real life is first and foremost a loyal husband. πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

  3. at 6:16 Chuck wasn't trying to use the pressure to force Bobby out of trading because he thought Bobby's cornered, he knew Bobby would never agree to give up trading so he manipulated him into NOT taking the settlement deal to hit him with a bigger shot eventually. So yeah, Bobby walking away from the table was actually Chuck's plan

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    Me: Pfft Idc πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    Info: The average height of Fortune 500 CEO’s is 6’0” tall

    Me: I’m 6’0” betch! πŸ•ΊπŸ»

  5. Most of these are loser moves. If you got the power you don't need psyco tricks. The best here is to get the boss to define his expectations. If you can get it in writing even better. This will never work in a hierarchical job. Like government or military.

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