6 Principle Men Learn Late In Life | (Stoicism)

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have you ever wondered what separates the rich and successful from broke people why do some people achieve their dreams and manifest millions of dollars While others seem to stumble and are unable to reach their goals it is not about luck or Talent it’s about making wise choices and adopting some key principles that guide them through life’s ups and to Downs in this video I will tell you six principles and if you take these seriously and Implement them in your life life you are going to evolve into a totally new person principle one no one is going to save you so take full responsibility for your life when we find ourselves in difficult situations it’s easy to point fingers at others or the circumstances surrounding us we say things like it’s not my fault or I couldn’t succeed because of this or that but here’s the thing when we do that we’re essentially saying we have no control over our own lives it’s like admitting we’re not in charge of our own Journey remember what Henry Ford the founder of Ford Motor Company famously said if you think you can do it or you cannot do it you’re right his words highlight the power of our mindset if we believe we’re at the mercy of our environment we become powerless but if we believe we can shape our destiny we take actions that reflect this belief so take control of your life stop blaming others begin with a small Choice respond to the challenge with a positive attitude don’t focus on problems rather focus on how you can solve them decide to learn something new that can help you overcome a current obstacle each small decision where you take responsibility for your outcome adds up it’s like building a house Brick by Brick each brick might not seem like much but together they create something significant taking charge of your life doesn’t mean you won’t face challenges or that everything will suddenly become easy it means you recognize that your reactions and decisions are your own you start steering your ship instead of being tossed about by the sea you acknowledge the wind but you learn how to adjust your sails principle two accept what you cannot control trying to control things outside our power drains our energy and makes us feel frustrated and stressed it’s like trying to stop the rain from falling no matter how much we want it to stop we can’t change the weather the Greek philosopher epicus said we cannot choose our external circumstances but we can always choose how we respond to them this means that even though we can’t control everything that happens to us we can control how we react so what should we do start by identifying what’s within your control and what isn’t Focus your energy on the things you can change like your effort your attitude and your actions when you encounter something you can’t control practice letting go this doesn’t mean you’re giving up it means you’re choosing to spend your energy wisely accepting what we cannot control leads to peace and resilience it allows us to save our energy for the battles we can actually win it’s like conserving water in a drought we don’t waste it on plants that won’t grow but on those that and Thrive principle three turn obstacles into opportunities when we encounter obstacles it’s natural to see them as barriers to our goals however every challenge we Face also holds the potential for growth and Innovation Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb once said I have not failed I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work his perspective on his many unsuccessful attempts before finally succeeding shows us that obstacles can lead to breakthroughs if we view them as opportunities to learn and improve facing an obstacle is like coming across a closed Road when you’re on a journey you can either turn back and give up or you can look for an alternative path perhaps this New Path leads you to discover a beautiful view or a shortcut you never knew existed here’s how you can start when You Face a challenge take a break and reframe the situation ask yourself what can I learn from this or how can this make me stronger this mindset shift from seeing obstacles as dead ends to viewing them as stepping stones that will open up new possibilities turning obstacles into opportunities isn’t about denying the difficulty of situations it is about finding value in every experience it’s like mining for gold the process may be challenging but the rewards can be invaluable principle four stop trying to please everyone trying to please everyone is like trying to stretch a single blanket over 10 beds no matter how hard you try it just won’t cover everything the American comedian Bill Cosby once said I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to to please everybody so if you try to meet everyone’s expectations you will ultimately neglect your own needs and values instead of attempting to make everyone happy focus on what’s important to you it’s essential to understand that you have limited time and energy use them where they matter most on your goals your values and the people who truly matter to you an example of this could be choosing a career path if you’re passionate about becoming a teacher because you love to educate and Inspire others but your family is pressuring you to become a lawyer for the status and income and if you try to please your family that could lead you to a career that makes you unhappy remember it’s your life and you’re the one who has to live with your choices every day prioritizing your happiness and being authentic in your choices doesn’t mean you’re selfish it means you’re living a life that’s true to you it’s like planting a garden you choose what to grow based on what you love and what thrives in your environment rather than planting what everyone else wants you to grow in the end not only will you be more fulfilled but you’ll also be better able to genuinely contribute to others when you’re true to yourself principal 5 cut out toxic people and distractions having toxic people in your life is like carrying a heavy backpack while trying to run a race it slows you down and makes it hard to reach the Finish Line these people can fill your days with negativity they will make it tough for you to be happy or achieve your goals motivational speaker Jim Ron once said you are the average The Five People You spend the most time with this means the people around you shape who you are and how you see the world if they’re always down or distracting you it’s hard to be your best self here’s what you can do start by looking at who and what gets most of your time and energy are they making your life better or worse if they are not supporting your goals and vision it might be time to make some changes spend more time with people who uplift you and activities that enrich you like pruning a garden cutting back the overgrowth lets the healthy plants flourish by choosing wisely who and what you let into your life you’ll feel lighter and find it easier to move forward towards your goals it’s all about making more room for the good stuff principal 6 sacrifice today for better tomorrow choosing short-term Comfort over long-term benefits is like eating all your seeds instead of planting them it might satisfy hunger today but you’ll miss out on the Harvest that could feed you for Seasons to come sacrificing immediate Pleasures or conveniences for future gains is a key principle for achieving aing lasting success fulfillment and well-being imagine you have a packet of seeds which are your time energy and resources and a piece of fertile land which represents your future if you choose to eat the seeds now you get a momentary satisfaction but if you plant them nurture them and patiently wait you’ll eventually have a garden that not only only feed you but also provide seeds for future planting Benjamin Franklin wisely said by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail this statement underscores the importance of planning and sacrificing in the short term to secure a better more prosperous future to incorporate this lesson into your life start by setting clear long-term goals identify the seeds you might need to sacrifice today to reach those goals this might mean studying or working instead of going out with friends saving money instead of making an impulsive purchase or waking up early to exercise for the sake of your health remember every sacrifice you make today is an investment in your future self just like The Gardener who looks forward to the blooming flowers and the Harvest to come your future self will thank you for the wisdom and discipline you show today now before ending video I want you to take charge of your life stop just watching motivational videos take real action right now give us promise and comment section that you will change your life no matter how hard it is but you will evolve into a successful person I will feature most inspiring comment in our Channel and if you want more unfiltered and uncensored 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