6 Things WOMEN LOVE | but Only 1 % Men Can do (Secret Revealed)

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a small new daium magnet can lift an object more than a 100 times its own weight similarly you can attract anyone in your life with just a few traits have you ever noticed how some men act like magnets and that women are desperately drawn to them according to human nature people are attracted to someone who possesses certain special magnetic qualities in this video I’ll show you six traits that will make you a magnet like nimium and everyone around around you will be attracted to you lesson one build an abundance mindset when someone has a scarcity mindset they see love and opportunities as limited they think if they lose one chance or anyone else there won’t be another chance for them this way of thinking makes them desperate and needy for love and attention especially around women they always try too hard to hold on to relationship or opportunities they become desperate this fear and neediness push people and opportunities away instead of drawing them closer it’s like holding sand too tightly in your hand the harder you squeeze the more it slips through your fingers on the other hand a man with an abundance mindset believes that there are plenty of opportunities for love success and happiness he knows that if one relationship or opportunity doesn’t work out it’s not the end of the world there will be other chances this belief makes him more relaxed and confident in himself which is very attractive women are always drawn to this confidence it is like a magnet women are drawn to someone who is secure and optimistic about the future so how can you develop an abundance mindset start by focusing on the positives in your life and reminding yourself that there are many opportunities out there when one door closes look for the window that open don’t dwell on what you’ve lost or what might go wrong instead look forward to what could go right celebrate your successes no matter how small and use them as a reminder that more good things can come your way this shift in thinking won’t happen overnight but with practice you’ll start to see the world as a Place full of possibilities not limitations this change in perspective is key to becoming more attractive and successful in every area of your life lesson two stop begging for love and attention when a man acts like he’s desperate for a woman’s love or attention it’s like he’s saying he’s not worth much on his own it’s like going to a job interview and saying you’ll do anything they want just because you need the job so badly people don’t really respect that kind of desperate people people always want to see that you know your own value when you beg for love or attention too much it doesn’t make people want to give it to you instead they might want to keep their distance because it feels like too much pressure and you were not worth to have it if you had enough worth it would have come to you automatically on the other hand if any Man shows he’s happy with himself and his life that he doesn’t need someone else to make him feel valuable it’s a whole different story people are drawn to confidence people always draw to this kind of magnetic person so focus on liking yourself and building a life you’re proud of with or without any partner focus on your goal and purpose this makes you more interesting and shows you don’t need someone else to fill up your time you become like a magnet that attracts people because you’re doing your own thing and enjoying it remember begging pushes people away but confidence and self-respect pull them closer it’s about being okay on your own and then when someone does come into your life it’s because they really want want to be part of your journey not because you convince them to stay lesson three become financially free and provide for others when someone doesn’t have much money life can be really tough they struggle to take care of their basic needs this situation can make anyone feel stressed and unhappy when it comes to relationships women always look for stability in a relationship it might be harsh but it is true they want to be with someone who can take care of themselves and contribute to a future together in most cases women don’t feel interested in broken people on the other hand people who are financially secure have a different experience this Financial Freedom is attractive because it suggests that the person is hardworking responsible and can provide a stable life it’s not all about the luxury or the ability to buy expensive things it’s about the security and the possibilities that come with Financial Freedom women are often drawn to men who are financially stable because it suggests that they can support a family and face life’s challenges together so how can you work towards Financial Freedom start by getting smart about your money learn how to budget and save look for ways to increase your income income try to find a better job start a side hustle and invest in business focus on building skills that can help you advance in your career Financial Freedom gives you the power to make choices that can improve your life and the lives of those around you it’s about being able to provide for yourself and others which is a very attractive quality Lesson Four stop being predictable become mysterious people people always tend to seek what is unknown to them if you are too much predictable you are a boring person people usually don’t find it exciting to be around someone when they feel like there’s nothing new to discover about them but here’s a secret people are naturally curious they are drawn to someone who has a bit of mystery around them someone who isn’t an open book from the first page when you’re not so predictable it makes people wonder what’s next it makes them interested in you so what can you do don’t share every single thought or plan you have this doesn’t mean you have to be secretive or play games it just means letting people discover the chapters of your life bit by bit not all at once tell only what needs to be said stop telling too much about your secrets this keeps people curious about you and makes them want to spend more time with you being a bit mysterious isn’t about hiding who you are it’s about letting people explore the depth of your character over time lesson five create strong goals and a purpose in life when someone has no goals in life it’s like they’re just floating without Direction it shows you are a looser because you are noting but a feather in the wind that blow in the wind without any direction without goals it’s hard for people to see what you’re passionate about or what drives you women are often attracted to someone who has strong goals and a clear purpose it shows that you’re motivated you know what you want and you’re working towards something meaningful yeah it’s not just about the goal itself but about the passion and effort you put in into reaching it these qualities show that you’re not someone who gives up easily which is a trait everyone find attractive here’s what you can do start by figuring out what you’re passionate about what do you love doing what are you good at once you have an idea set some concrete goals for yourself they don’t have to be huge just something that gives you life Direction and makes you excited then work towards these goals step by step share your dreams and Ambitions with others but make sure you’re also showing progress but make sure you’re also showing progress taking action towards your goals is key remember having a goal gives your life a story and everyone loves a person with a good inspiring story before the end I want to hear from you do you have any of these behaviors write in the comment section I will read each of your comments and feature most inspiring comment in our Channel and if you want more words of wisdom hit the Subscribe button



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  1. Absolutely 100% factual and true that's precisely why I am not married nor involved because I am secure no debts stable income enjoyment of investing in myself love clothes know how to dress still play sports work out at the gym avid reader retired just turned 70 have a side hustle play guitar and attract woman 1/2 my age

  2. I'm looking for financial freedom and previously just lost a fortune because I was scammed. I am getting over it and optimistic about the future. I will still pay all my debts with time. I dont worry about tomorrow for tomorrow shall worry about itself